Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Celebrations at Sayeshaz

Hey you,

Remember why today, the 10th of January, is so special?

Maybe you forgot. But I am a girl. And girls generally don't forget these kind of things. Today is our anniversary.

We have completed a year of togetherness. It has not exactly been smooth sailing. We have been through laughter, tears, frustration, anger, hopelessness, anguish, and what not, but we made it.

Frankly speaking, I had not really thought we'd get here. I thought we'd give up midway somewhere. But we didn't. And I'm glad.

My experience of life with you has been a very beautiful one. It has brought about wonderful changes in my life. Through you, I have met wonderful people who have
now become very important parts of my life. The insane amounts of time we have spent together has often made me wonder if I was ignoring others in my life to be with you.

Through you, I have discovered myself. Seen my best side. Seen my worst side. Learnt to handle insane amounts of happiness without going crazy. Learnt to cope with maddening grief.

And I have emerged stronger and happier out of it.

Today is a day of celebration.

A year of togetherness.

My blog and I.


And today's the day to wonder -- how did I get started on blogging?

A year ago, I remember two of my friends discussing their blogs. I got curious, it sounded like quite the "in" thing to do.

"Hey, what's a blog?" I asked.

"Errr... it's like... it's an online journal kinda thingie."

"Online journal? If it's a journal, why is it online?"

"Err... people just like to write stuff online I guess..."

"But if it's online, other people will read it!"

"Err... yeah, that's the point."

"But why??"

"Err... I dunno! That's how it works!"

"Oh.. so what do you write?"

"Errr... stuff..."

"What kinda stuff?"

"Err... anything you like! Get a blogspot account, Sayesha! Then you'll know!"

And I went and got myself a blogspot account. (The last time I had gotten myself something just because someone had told me to, was when I'd opened an orkut account. Then I got some really weird messages such as "I am wanting to do friendship with you. If you are also wanting, mail me at blah blah.") I realised I was "not wanting to have an orkut account anymore". I shut it down and vowed never to open any account without being sure of why I wanted it.

And yet, there it was, my blogspot account.

I stared at my profile without a clue. No idea what a blog was. No idea what to write. Not a single thought in my head.

Finally on 10th January 2005, I came up with my very insightful first post. It took me a while to think and write it, but I think it expressed my thoughts very well. You must read that post, I really like it. It's very dil se.

The whole of January 2005, I struggled at writing blog posts. Frankly speaking, I don't like any of my January posts. Actually I wanted to delete the entire month of January, but I decided against it because I am not ashamed of those posts. I just think that they suck bigtime. In fact, I have a disclaimer for archive readers. Come to think of it, why would I wanna put readers through the torture when I myself can't read them again?! :O

So in celebration of my anniversary, out of my 240 posts to date, here
are the posts written in 2005 that are closest to my heart, classified by the type of drinks served at Sayeshaz:


Sayesha on the rocks -- Thoughts, theories and fundas

The unbalanced equation

The new perfect

May I have a word with you?



My TCTSTFTS theory

Of sole mate and soulmates


Of comments and commentators

It's not you, it's me

My thumb-drive theory

All in a moment's work

Who's reading your blog?

Just like that

The moment

Tequila shots - Gulp it, enjoy it, forget it!

The unfair sex

Things will work out in the end

How many uncles does Lily have?

Dear editor

Indecent proposal

Detox diet

The Grand Hyatt knows what I did last summer

A case of borderline obesity

A tale of kindies

Sleeping with a stranger

Baby's day out. Sayesha freaks out.


No control

Too close for comfort

What was that again?

Sayesha Neat - The real stuff

Welcome to Sayeshaz!

Gimme a single reason

The Sayesha kind of love

Red roses -- from a gal to a guy

Don't kill me before I die

My andekha anjana

An open letter

Things that sound right in my head

An apology

What's your formula?

Just bossing around

A tight slap and a tight hug for you

My little space

Split personality? Me?

Crappy jobs I've had

Things that make my life worth living

The real Sayesha

Old wine - Tales of childhood

Growing up in India

Conversations with grandma

But I wanna make it rain

Bringing up Mom and Dad

Mom vs Hyderabadi shop owner

Home for dinner

Gang wars

The perfect example

:) and yet :(

Dehleez ke diye

Manaofying 101 lessons by Dad

Mera kuchh saaman

The untold tales

Of cars and Sayesha

All grown up

Pardon the long list, but as I was making it, I realised that this blog is all about my heart and the feelings in it.

And everything here is close to my heart :)


Anonymous said...

Me first!

oxymoron said...

me second!

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

BRONZE!!!!!!!!!! Now, lemme read. ;)

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

AHA! Important day, indeed. Hmmm...I'm still pretty new at 'Sayeshaz'. So, I guess I'lm gonna read atleast some of those posts tonight, especially the tequila shots and the old wine ones. Titles sound interesting. :D
Oh yeah, CONGRATS! Where's the partyyyyyyyy???;)

amit said...

anniversary ki shubhkaamnayein..... humari treat kahan hai....:0

vaise the no. of drinks offered in Sayeshaz in terms of variety is very large n i really liked them. vaise to i m a teetotaler ( nearly one), but aaj lagta hai hangover hone wala hai.... aaj ka poora time bas in posts ko padne mein nikalne wala hai.

Shriedhar said...

Happy anniversary!

I wanted 2 go thru ur whole blg wen i get time. Wid ur selection n classification my wrk is made simple.. :)
vl read wen time permits .

Anonymous said...

hii.. happy aniversary sayesha.. :).. have been a silent reader of ur blog n simply looovvee it -- S

Chugs said...

congrats! been enjoying your blog for sometime now. keep it going.

bindu said...

Happy Anniversary Sayeshaz!
my days don't pass without reading your blog.
keep the wonderful art of writing from the heart!

chitra said...

Yeah.. congrats Sayesha !! Looking foward to more blogs from you :).

Suds said...

Happy anniversary... Keep bloging. Enjoy...

Sayesha said...


Bhidu, post toh padh le pehle! :)

#The Girl,
Thanks thanks! Party's going on man! You're IN the party RIGHT NOW. Okay someone look after this girl, she's already drunk! :D

Thanks! Arre! Isko bhi hangover hone wala hai! I knew I should have employed more bouncers for tonight! :D

Thanks! :)

#Silent Reader,
Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

Thanks, girl! Am honoured :)

Thanks! :) Hope to continue blogging :)

Thanks! :)

!xobile said...

arre waah!
mera 100 huva to toone bhi aniv. bana lee! sahiiiii
mast sayesha.. generally speaking.. tu write mast.

par ab itni saare links dedi!! konsi konsi padu!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Congo rats chapaat 2 you SC!
and a general shabashi chapaat
and a bitter acidic chapaat too ..
and a healing chapaat for the acidic one.,,,,

bas bas bahut huva.. varna mai MC ban jaunga!

Global Indian said...

Congrats Sayesha!

One year of regular updates to a blog is a long time!! I generally dont read the blog entries that are longer than 2 paras. But this blog is an exception. Keep going.

Thanu said...

COngrats on 1 yr anniversary.

Hope to see lot more years of great writing.

-thanu (Have read all ur posts.)

Clueless said...

sayeshaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! congratulations on one year of writing and managing the best blog on the net right now!!! :D

i loooooove all ur posts...dont comment on all of them, but rest assured that i read each and every one of them. Its become more than a hobby; its a routine now.

A toast then, to Sayesha and her beautiful world. To many more years of the funny, witty, thoughtful, insightful, crazy and wild posts and the style that no other blogger can imitate. To my inspiration.

To Sayesha. Cheers. :)

Aethyr said...

three cheers to ur blog..
long live the "sayesha's world".!!

Vikram H said...

cool!!! Great going!! you're blog is one that i will keep looking forward to all the time!!

//your personality seems radically different from what i had understood after reading your previous posts!!

Huh? What do you mean? What had you understood earlier? What am I now?? Confused...//

As for that, i just meant that i didnt know that u had such an innocent and naive side to yourself! :)

popsicle toes said...

And i thought at first you were talking your boyfriend!
~ Sylvy

Planck said...

Hey sayesha. Congrats on your anniv.
Keep writing.

And ya, Kindly visit my blog.

Lalit Singh said...

Happy Budday Blog
and congrats Sayesha.. and we understand they are all close to your heart... after all you have a big heart(..dil big hona chahiye)

Nandya said...


Harshi said...

Cheers Sash!!!
Here's to a beautiful one year, and many more endless ones to come.....

I am so very glad I chanced upon your blog, and stayed. I had to. It pulled me completely.

Sash, I see this blog, as not just a part of you, but also a legacy to the world....

Bhole said...

Saalgirah mubarak ho :)

240 posts in a year? WOW!

Baki ke 125 days ke saath naa insaafi kyun ;)

a jane said...

Hic! Hic!! More OJ please...to wade thru all the old and new posts! Yaar, i don't have time to read the posts and you are bringing on the new ones with the speed of a bullet train!
Sayesha Express, keep goin', man!! Congrats on your blog's 1st birthday!

Vikram said...

Congratulations Ms. Sayesha.

Newspaper reporter style

"Sayeshaji, kaisa lagta hai ek saal ke baad? Aur ek important question - vikram aapke blog ka sabse best commentor hai na? huh? huh? huh?"

Angelsera said...


Its been *hiccic* great hanging out at Sayeshaz..*hiccic* ..oops I think I had too many *hiccic* drinks..

Eclectic Blogger said...

Congrats on turning 1..

viv said...

Congratulations! I think you've done a fantastic job with your blog... and personally, I like the fact that most of your posts make me think.

Safar bahut lamba hai, magar hum sab saath hain... So, keep writing!

Here's to Sayesha and Sayeshaz... *clink*

oxymoron said...

post padhne main time lagta hai! isliye, first get gold, silver n bronze and then proceed to the post ;)
interesting first post.
i'll read the other "collector's item" posts over the time.
anywayz here's for ur 1 yr:
happy bday 2 u,
happy bday 2 u (sing along)
happy bday 2 Sayeshaz
happy bday 2 u....
many more posts 2 u
many more posts 2 u (y ain't u singing along?)
many more posts 2 sayeshaz
many more posts 2 u!

phoooooosh (thatz the sound of a champagne bottle opening)

Rays Of Sun said...

tere yeh saare fonts bloated kyun hai??
BTW, bhool gayee..Happy Anniversary darling! SO treat kahan de rahee hai??
Sorry!! 1 saal ke bacche ko hum treat denge...Lets get high on Tiramisu!!!
Waise, I have to still read Jharkhand 2 and 3 and this wholeeeee thing.....

tinku said...

Oye Party sharty, free ki beer!!! *hik hik*

Roses are red, violets are blue
Congratulations to you

*cough* *cough* thats all my talent allows


croondoodle said...

googled my way in here almost a year ago while searching for something else and ve been smitten since then =)...
hum khush kismat hain to read all your wonderful thoughts! Thanks for sharing.
Blogte raho! Mubaarak ho!

soumya said...

Happy anniversary Sayesha...May u celebrate many more such anniversaries...Keep writing...
I've read all ur posts and I really can't imagine that u were doubtful of reaching the one year mark...U are too good...No doubt about that...As many already pointed about, reading ur blog is routine now...I was out of town on vacation during christmas and more than once I was thinking "Oh! there'll be so many posts to read in sayesha's blog when I get back...What'll I do?"
Great job...Keep going...

Naveen said...

great going! one year and counting. amazing.

lil _kath said...

Wow congratz...good job girl^_^
keep on writing coz my day will not be complete without sayesha's blog,hindi music and coffee in the morning^_~ haha..

luv u,

Rohit Talwar said...

oyeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! MUBARAKAN!! PARTY SHARTY?

and...r u mad?!...i loved your posts this month too!!!

stay cool!

Jay said...


Unbalanced Equation ... WHOA!! Profound!

ritzkini said...

Congratulations chick !
a year old,huh ? good for you !
"bibijee,fontwaa mein problem huyi gayi...tanik sambhalooo..."
*talking to blue-lite ricks in bombay does teach you bhojpuri/bihari/whatever...:)*
cheers and happy birthday !

Anurama said...

Congrats Sayesha.. (where's the bday cake?)

Vidya said...

Happy Anniversary Sayesha...

Am a Week old to your blog, but already completed most of the posts..very interesting...already my teammates started asking to which blog you are hooked to....

Chints said...


trups said...

good going! keep writing :)

PuNeEt said...

hey Congratulations...

thats indeed great...

Am lucky to know you thru blog...

ab ye khawish hain ki
ye silsila chalta rahega :-))

Congrats... Keep Blogging
U have got a fabulous way of expressing urself

Keep rocking


The Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Sayeshaz!



Sayesha said...

#Ze Ex aka MC,
Thanks thanks! :)

//konsi konsi padu!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saari ki saari baithkar padh abhi! Warna kaan ke neeche ek chapaaaaaaaaaat! :D

#Global Indian,
Thanks! :)

Wow, you've actually read all 240 of 'em? Whoa! Girl, you've got patience! :D

Hey baby girl! Thanks! And nope, you're not touching any alcohol at the bar! Here's your glass of OJ. Sit back and enjoy! :)

//the best blog on the net right now!!!
//To many more years of the funny, witty, thoughtful, insightful, crazy and wild posts and the style that no other blogger can imitate. To my inspiration.

Whoa! Easy there, girl! :P

Thanks! And I noticed you're the only commentator on my "very insightful first post"! :P

#Vikram H,
Thanks thanks! :)

//that i didnt know that u had such an innocent and naive side to yourself! :)

Arre I am still innocent and naive, okayyy?? :D

#Popsicle toes,
Fooled ya! ;)

Thanks! :) I do visit your blog! :)

Hehehe... thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

Thanks, babe. I'm so glad you stayed too! :)

Thanks! :)

//Baki ke 125 days ke saath naa insaafi kyun ;)

Baap re! I'm already getting scolded for writing like an express train, lagta hai is saal slow down karna hoga! :P

#A Jane,
Sayesha Express will slow down this year, don't worry! And here's your OJ! Bring your glass over! :D

Thank you ji! :)

//Sayeshaji, kaisa lagta hai ek saal ke baad?

Ufff... thak gaye yaar! :D Lekin it was a fabulous year! :)

//vikram aapke blog ka sabse best commentor hai na? huh? huh? huh?

*Sayesha looks at her nails coyly*

Depend karta hai. Mere birthday par kya de rahe ho?

Sheesh, another drunk one! Comfort Cabs better give me a frequent caller discount! :D

Blog says thank you! :) Yeah, my super-smart blog can speak at the age of 1! ;)

Thanks, Viv. :)

//I like the fact that most of your posts make me think.

Am glad they do :)


Arre wah! Tu champagne lekar aaya! Sahi hai! I don't drink champagne, but I'm sure others will! :) Thanks for the song, kya surili aawaaz hai re! Wah! ;)


Thanks! Treat? SIngapore aao, mere haath ki pav bhaji khao! :)

Bloated fonts?? Kahan? Theek toh dikh rahe hain! :O

Masha allah! Kya sher kaha janaab! Dil garden garden ho gaya! :) Thanks thanks! :)

Thanks! :) Hum bhi hope karte hain ki hum is saal bhi blogte rahein! (Now you sound like a night watchman -- "Blogte rahooooo!!!") Hahahaha! :D

Thanks, dear! I think you guys kept me motivated to continue, otherwise I seriously don't think I'd have managed the 1-year mark! :)

Thanks! :)

Thanks, baby girl! :)

Party sharty? Kaha na, Singapore aao, phir hogi zabardast party! Filhaal, enjoy your virtual OJ at Sayeshaz! :)

//r u mad?!...i loved your posts this month too!!!

Arre I was talkin' about Jan 2005. Those posts suck. BIGTIME! :D

Thanks! :) That's one of my fav posts too :)

Thanks! :)

//"bibijee,fontwaa mein problem huyi gayi...tanik sambhalooo..."

Sheesh, you too? Why can't I see any problem with fonts?? :O

Arre?! You guys are supposed to bring the cake and surprise me. I'm just supposed to yell, "OH MY GAWDDDD this is such a big surprise! I SO did not expect this!" And then "hehehe... iski kya zaroorat thi.. hehehe" ;)

Welcome to Sayeshaz, am glad you like it here! Thanks! :)

Shukriya shukriya! :)
ps: Meri naukri ka kya hua bhai? :D

Thanks! :)

Thanks yaar! :) Am also lucky to know such a sweet and happy guy like you :)

#The Anon,
Thanks! :)

spamtaneous said...

congrats :)
365 days and 240 posts :o ... i think u shud get a boyfriend now... lets get together...what say? ..next year same date we will celebrate our anniversary :)

Sayesha said...

Thanks! :) And I can't believe you're still trying! Hahaha! Yeh ladki itni aasaani se patne wali nahin hai! ;)

Aethyr said...

wow...am i the witness to a love story waiting to happen...
I love playing witness...
BTW i came to ask for updates..whenever i check regularly (every 15-20mins ) u dont update..i want to be first ...

Archana said...

Congratulations and wishing you many, many, many more years of happy togetherness :-D.

Sorry to throw in the crib note but I should point out that I never got a "Welcome to Sayeshaz" when I hopped onto to your blog for the first time. Poor me :-(! *Pout*

Vikram said...

//Depend karta hai. Mere birthday par kya de rahe ho?

oh no! 'budday' kab hai? mereko yaad nahi rahega :D...ek kaam kar tu...budday se ek din pehle, ek post likh daal (apne bday ke baare mein...hehe)...tab yaad rahega..:D

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

*Hic*, *hic*, *hic*.....stumbles...
Oh geeeez, I'm tooooo drrrrrrunnnkkkk....read quite a lotta postsssssssss.......*hic* old wine was niiiice....*hic*
Awesome parttyyyy....keeeeeep bloggingggggg.....will come back when I'm soberrrrr. *hic*

-The drunk girl who sold the world.

Psst: Your blog is in danger 'cause you just served a lotta drinks to a minor. :P

croondoodle said...

=) Inshallah!

Deepa said...

Continue to rock!

Vikram H said...

hahaha...ok ok....granted...i agree you still are innocent and naive! ;)

Ginkgo said...

ya Rite...

wat a way to make ppl read all the older blogs :-P

Happy anniversary :-)

But then If I wish someone for anything...I expect...na na I DEMAND a treat ;-)

Angelsera said...

yday I was thinkig how 'Sayeshaz' wud sound if I was really drunk.

'Sa' wud become 'sh'
'ye' wud jus b 'e'
shaz wud prob b 'zaaz'


geez...how jobless can I get in the middle of the after noon :S

Raj said...

Hey, sorry for being late in wishing on your blog's first anniversary.

Congrats! and in typical report card style "Keep up the good work!"

I also feel bad abt having started to read your blog only in october. I feel ike i've missed out on lots of stuff. I'll try to catch up. Your blog is like a daily dose for me now. So don't stop blogging ever!!!

Oh, and there are lot of lalloos on orkut. One of my friends recently got a msg saying "Your eyes look so lonely. Are you looking for someone?" and I have been teasing her ever since.

dotty_pixie said...

a very happy anniversary to you and your blog..may u have many more years of togetherness..:)
and i agree with you..it's surprising how close to your heart a public journal can become..it's a personal thing and yet it's so easy to share it with others.
a very happy anniversary again..:)

Sayesha said...

//wow...am i the witness to a love story waiting to happen...

Haha! Nothing of that sort. Spammy and I have a love-hate thing going on... hum dono ka chalta hi rahega. Till he finds a chick and leaves me alone! :D

Thanks! :)
Sorry baby, shaayad bar ki bheed bhaad mein I did not notice you! :(
Here's a double welcome for you! :D

#Viks ke bache ke baap,
Kaise dost ho? Hamara birthday bhool gaye? Shehzaadi ka hukm hai ki saare archives padho aur woh post dhoond nikalo jisme shehzad ki saalgirah ka zikr hai.
ps: Shortcut --> Be smart like Kini and figure out! ;)

#The Girl,
Baap re! Tujhe toh bahut chadh gayi! I noticed tuney toh basement ka stock bhi khaali kar diya, saare archives pee gayi re! Satrah saal ki bachi! You'll get me into trouble! :D


Thanks, girl! :)

#Vik H,
Gosh... I had to force you to say it, didn't I? :D

Thanks! :)

//wat a way to make ppl read all the older blogs :-P

Don't read na! Who's forcing you to read? :D

Gosh you're fultu talli too! :D Yeh aaj kya ho gaya, ladke saare sober hain, ladkiyan talli ho rahi hain! :)

Thanks a lot, dear, for your support! :) Hope you manage to read everything! :)

//"Your eyes look so lonely. Are you looking for someone?"

HAHAHAHA! That's gotta be the lamest line ever! :D

Thanks! I echo your thoughts. :)

pingoo said...

Happy Happy Anniversary :).

Vikram said...

//ps: Shortcut --> Be smart like Kini and figure out! ;)

I know it now. Realized it yesterday. :D

ritzkini said...

I am smart ??!! I AM ???!!
whatever...yeah,tell me something i dont know...next time..ok..

Sayesha said...

Thanks! :)

Learning from the pro, eh? ;)

Oye thodi tareef kya kar di, tu toh sar chadh gaya! :D

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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