Monday, August 29, 2005

All in a moment's work

Some things are instantaneous. And there's always a very specific moment when they happen.

Like getting crushes.

And getting over crushes.

There's always that one moment when it happens, and that one moment when you get over it.

When I was ten, there was a guy in the same class as me, but in another section. The only time I saw him was during the morning assembly, and after school when we hung around in the school grounds waiting for the school bus. And I remember very clearly what the moment of my crush was. He was at the cricket ground, teaching a six-year-old first-grader how to hold a cricket bat. And as I stood behind a tree and watched him, just like that, in that very moment, I got a crush on him.

A couple of days later, for the first time ever, I heard him speak. And just like that, the moment I heard his voice, crash went my crush. There was just something about the way he spoke, that in a moment, I just lost my crush for him.

I proceeded to develop a crush on his best friend, who had just moved into my neighbourhood. That also happened in a moment. The moment was when he came to me and asked me, "Hi. What time does the school bus reach your bus stop? I'll be taking the bus with you from tomorrow." There was something so innocent in the way he looked at me and asked that question. That was the moment of my crush.

A few days later, he came to my house to return a comic book I'd lent him. I remember the day very clearly. I was cleaning my bicycle. It was upside down, and I was using an old toothbrush to clean the insides of the mudguard, when I saw him (through the bicycle spokes) walk up to me. In yellow shorts. And I strongly suspect they had tiny red flowers on them. And that was it. It was the end. That was the moment when my crush was over.

Fast forward to the present. Cute French exchange student who breathes life into some of my most dreary lessons just by his mere presence, interrupts the hapless professor to enquire why the campus does not have condom-vending machines.

And just like that, my crush evaporates.

All in a moment.

Is this what differentiates a crush from a non-crush perhaps?


Anonymous said...

sounds like the time i fell for this really sweet lookin fella at the supermart .. the crush ended as i saw him pickin up condoms next to the cash counter!

Sayesha said...

Hahahahahhahaa! I SO totally get what you mean! Hahahahahaha! :D

ashy said...

You reminded me of all my crushes since I was in Nursery class ;-)

And all my teachers(english, chemistry and finally the Operating System's teacher) which I had crush upon.

Thanks for bringing back those memories from the back of my head to my heart !!

Lucia said...

wow, that is exactly how i go through when i get my mini-crushes, and then lose them...but then i guess that is why they are called crushes for a reason...

bananapen said...

Yup, I guess crushes are defined by people whom you like for particular reasons (like their appearance, voice or behaviour). And when that image of them is shattered, that's the end of it. Whereas when you fall in love, you sometimes don't have an answer as to the "Why?".

Arun said...

so u say tht ur crush for tht french guy was jzt lost because tht his stupid qn?

virdi said...

1st thing... anonymous ki maa ki aankh...

and 2ndly... i had gazillion (thats 1 and 765893 zeros) crushes after i fould the one...

sayesha lage raho... and u never know he could be just across the building...and i hope he doesnt propose this way... and dont give him the reply as stupid as Kajal...

whats the problem with girls?? if guys wont ask about condoms then who will??
PS: thanks sayesha now the link thing is working.. :-)

desi diva said...

Hey girl..I can relate. I think if most guys were mute I STILL would have crushes on them. But then they do that thing with their mouths and utter words and the fantasy is over:( I just started blogging too..yes, another desi gal on the net sharing her woes! check me out.

naari said...

Well its like the time you walked into a 1st year class and promptly fell head over heels for the cutie cutie Jinn professor and the day you knew he was married with 3 kids, the cruch ended;)

Sayesha said...

Hahahahaha! I think one of my first crushes was in my primary school days. This new guy had joined my school and scored higher marks than me in Maths. And I instantly developed a 'wow-you're-brainier-than-me' crush on him.

I promptly got over my crush when I outdid him in the next exam. ;)

I get mini-crushes like ALL THE TIME! Thank heavens they disappear quickly.

Yeah, I suppose if we really like the person, and it's not just a crush, we would be more willing to overlook the yellow shorts with the red flowers! :P
(omg I think it was red polka dots, not flowers! omg!)

Right you are, sir!
ps: Hehe I just checked your profile to ensure you're not him! :P

Still abusing the anons, eh? :) Lage raho! :)
About the condoms, I guess a crush is a fuzzy, dreamy thing... the sex talk just does something yucky to that warm feeling of having a crush on someone. At least for me.

Desi diva,
I agree! I have seen SO MANY guys who're the ultimate crush-material and then they open their mouths and the mental level shows, immediately crushing the crush!

Hahahahahahhahaha! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA! :D
I'd completely forgotten about him, thanks for reminding me! Hahahahahahaha! (Sorry, can't stop laughing!)
ps: Hey, his name was 'Tjin'!!!!
(Do you remember how incredibly cute he was?? Whoala!)

Ro said...

you prefer 'no condoms'? dint peg you as being that naughty

Sayesha said...

Jesus Christ, Ro!!
'No sex' is more like it!

I just don't get why everything has to be about sex. Why can't you just look at your crush or the one you love and feel happy and not think about sex? I get grossed out when pple bring in sex (or sex talk) into innocent crushes and love...

Guess some guys would think I am weird, but sorry that's how I am.

Anonymous said...

LOL! U gave up on a boy cuz his voice!!! WTF?!? And then u crushed on his friend? LOL! ;-) PEACE & HOLLABACK

Anonymous said...

I agree bout dat sex thing! Love is love... And I feel what u said! ;-)

Sayesha said...

Quz Boss,

//U gave up on a boy cuz his voice!

I so did. I can be incredibly heartless and dismissive when it comes to my crushes. All the guy needs to do is one "wrong" thing, could be what he says, what he wears, the way he emails, the way he looks at me, anything! And bam, he's outta my crush zone like he never existed! scary, huh? :P

ps: Happy belated birthday, girl! :)

Starbreez said...

What a way for a crush to go poof. Kudos for differentiating vividly between crushes and the truer deal. :p I ran out of crush-ees after university ... and a large part of that is I hope due to the gender ratio in my first workplace, which you should be well aware of, heheheh.

Jagan said...

Crushes are just to keep you entertained.I wrote a similar post on my blog.Gr8 minds think alike ah ..;-) or is it fools seldom differ ?

Sayesha said...

Crush-ees are all around us, even without us having to lower standards... you never know when it will hit you! Coupla weeks ago, I woke up with a crush on a guy I have known for years!

//Gr8 minds think alike ah ..;-) or is it fools seldom differ ?

I'd like to believe it's the first, but it's most probably the second! ;)

Sahil said...

> In yellow shorts. And I strongly suspect they had tiny red flowers on them.

So this crush of urs was gay??

Well said though. Surprisingly, I don't think I ever had a 'crush', I had a few infatuations in my time though. The difference between the two being - a crush is someone you can get instanteously over, but an infatuation takes some time.

Arnav said...

I am sure you would have talked of crushes from your last two years in school if I wasn't around :):):) Kitna mazaa aata.

Yellow shorts with red flowers/polka dots! Really! You have known (and had crushes on) some interesting people!

By the numbers people are claiming here, I suddenly realise that I've had a really boring life. My crushes could be counted twice over on my fingers! :(

Angelsera said...

nice post :)
reminded me of all the times I had crushes also...

I remember having a major crush on a guy when I was in uni...everyone ard me seemed to know abt it...Then one day I just got over him.Just like tt.

justme said...

KABHI KABHI EK MULAKAT KHAFI HAIN OR KABHI BAHUT SI MULAKAT HO JATEE HAIN.. courtesy HUM TUM..!! some its one moment for others its years before they realise..!! one can never be so sure wen it comes to d affairs of the heart ..can we??
blog rolling ya.. hope to see u around..
P.S. U were on GET AHEAD.. dats cool!! congrats!!

Casablanca said...

I wish I found it as easy to get over crushes as most of you make it seem!
Also, not sure why so many people here sound so "nostalgic" about crushes... as if they dont have crushes anymore? 16 or 60.. I'm sure that skip of a heartbeat is an awesome feeling ;)

Arz000n said...

Oh boy....tht was some sweet moments of your cruch I came to know about :)

Awesome one Sayesha

I think crushes do take place all the time....its just that everyone is having some quality to impress others. It depends how much of that small quality is exposed to you.

Take care

virdi said...

sayesha>> there is difference between crush and infatuation... according to sahil... there is no difference practically speaking.. according to virdi... the girl should be a bomb... the bomber the girl the more the XXX feelings for her... ;-)

sahil>> may be the guy was gay, may be he was just another simple guy looking at the other guy's bum. like me looking at this guy's bum

sometimes a guy's bum can be more appealing than a girl's bum...


SplitPersonality said...

Are bhai vridhi.. ok will comment on ur gay attitude on your blog..
Sayesha.. U know one thing some time these crush or infactuation what ever.. can wash (crush) away one or 2 yrs of engineering??
Any way... good to know that u got so many crushes..
btn... any permanent crush??

priya said...

Today i spotted this angel in a grey t shirt... sighhhhhhhhhhhh :-)
dunno how long he's gonna look like an angel though ;) might pop any min...


tulipspeaks said...

crushes!! oh is the current talk going on in my blog..everyone wants to know about him :) and crushes in sayesha's blog too? geee..what a small world!


Sahil said...

virdi man.... tujhe kya bolun samajh mein nahin aata.

u check out other guys' asses and ur proud of it?! One totally mast character u r man!

ashy said...

Sayesha>>Since I've been reading your blog, it's only fair that you should know mine.

Sayesha said...

//So this crush of urs was gay??

Are you gonna look him up? Dun bother, he's not your type.

Chal tu bhi yaad karega! You remember Abhi from my class? Green eyes, super arrogant, loadsa attitude, never spoke to any girl though they were dying to? Well, I had a massive crush on him, but consciously got rid of it 'cos we became friends.
ps: We're still in touch over the phone... I should tell him one of these days :)

Uni crush?????? That means I know the guy!! Who who who?? :P

You're right... kabhi kabhi saal lag jaate hain, to discover that one person who was always there with you...

Hahahaha! Yeah, I used to think it's a teenage phenomenon, but I still get crushes! :P

True, one small trait can be one big crush-material! :)

I see you're having fun with the link function ever since I taught you eh? ;)

This was a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the total number of crushes I have had so far!!! :O
Permanent crush? well... That's a thought...

You have access to way too many hunks, man! Send some over!!

Yeah man! Looks like it's the "in" thing of the day!

You dun talk about guys checking out other guys' asses!

Thanks! :)

virdi said...

hehehe... showing off the link wala funda.. hehehe... thanks thanks.. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sayeesha..

You really write very well. You can't believe, I have added your blogs to my favorites and this will one of the first few things i read in the morning.

How can you express yourself so well? Give me some tips to start writing..

Sayesha said...

Chal tu bhi kya yaad karega Sayesha ne kya sikhaya tha! :P

Well, I am no pro to actually give you any tips but all I can say is -- write from the heart. Don't look for seven-syllable-words to "beautify" the post. Simplicity is beauty. And simplicity of thoughts is the most beautiful. Write exactly the way you think, and you will discover so much happiness within you and around you, it will amaze you.

I am still basking in that amazement! :)

Sahil said...


// >> So this crush of urs was gay??

//Are you gonna look him up? Dun bother, he's not your type.

No I'm playing matchmaker for Soldier.

//You dun talk about guys checking out other guys' asses!

Kyun - aap ne theyka ley rakha hai kya?