Thursday, August 18, 2005


I was thinking about goosebumps today.

And not just because the air-conditioning in my classroom is set to an extremely low temperature.

When was the last time you got goosebumps at room temperature?

One of my most vivid memories was when I watched the 'aur paas' scene in 'Dil Toh Pagal Hai'. I believe with all my heart that there isn't (and will never be) a sexier scene than that in the entire history of Bollywood. And even now, every single time I watch that scene, I get 'em goosebumps. Bigtime.

How does Shah Rukh do it?? In the scene, you can see the absolute control he has over Madhuri's feelings and actions. (He says 'aur paas' and she can't help but go 'aur paas'!). And at the same time you see in him, the same vulnerability as her. Now that is total goosebump material! Oh man, I'm craving to watch it again now!

And I can't believe I lent my DTPH DVD to my marketing manager this morning. Damn!

I realise this post may earn my blog heavy shelling with anti-Shah Rukh comments.

So here's a message for all you Shah Rukh hating guys: Yes, agreed he hams. But he can turn my knees to jelly with just one 'aur paas'.

You can't.


ahaan said...

Hi Sayesha , Tell me do u really think that the "aur pass aur pass " scene was the sexiest.....:-):-)
Cuz i am sure u havnt watched movies like murder and all.......

Sayesha said...

My definition of 'sexy' is very different from other people's. A sexy scene to me, is not a sex scene. 'Goosebumps', not 'gross-out' is the keyword for my definition of what is sexy :)

And so, I stand by my statement that the 'aur paas' scene was the sexiest ever, and no Mallika Sherawat can ever change that.

ahaan said...

hey must say this is the quickest reply that i have got till now .

Sayesha said...

Haha! Yeah, I reach home around 11 plus, after my class. Then I am online for an hour or so... if anyone posts a comment, I reply immediately :)

Anyway, lately my blog has become like MSN messenger for pple! :P

ahaan said...

yeah looks like ur online conversation with virdi ...was cool . i did checked ur earlier post abt the mystery guy ....
Hey so suspense reveal kar diya kya ???

Leon said...

You know what.. A lot of people have told me I resemble SRK to some extent.. minus the hamming part..

So my "aur paas" should give you goosebumps too.. :D

aur paas.. aur paas.. aur paas..

raven said...

now thats called pre-emption :)

..and what do i do if i dont know whether this is just another crush or i've already fallen bigtime. the only thing i know is that i like her...and that i get goosebumps sometimes (rarely would be a better word).

sneha said...

yaaa agree that srk's sexy. but dont u think john" much much sexier?????abhishek tooo

Manish said...

Well that scene was well enacted since both r such a good actors!

Still I believe that there r so many movies from late 60's till date which have even greater romantic, sensitive moments than this one! Some scenes which straightway comes into mind is
Teesri Kasam, Kaghaz ke Phool Khamoshi, Baazaar, Junoon ohh the list is endless.....

virdi said...

the movie MURDER sucks big time... the scenes in it are not Goosebump material but they say: come duck me!!
sayesha>> Shahrukh is a great actor in just one movie... Swades!! he hams in every movie... from Baazigar to KKKG... Thats all i have to say about that..

renegadefade said...

common.. DTPH sucks big time. it was just a bunch of songs connected with a flimsy story amidst some high kicking, sorry excuses for dances which were quite possibly inspired by aerobics routines.

Sayesha said...

Naah, not revealed yet. Let it go guys, don't make a big deal outta it :)

Nice try. Try that when you meet me and watch me run in the opposite direction screaming, "Halpp!!! Creeeeeeeeeeeep!"

Wow, guys get goosebumps too?
If you're confused, and she's someone who knows you well, just tell her exactly what you feel. That you don't know what it is, but you like her. If she's mature, she'll know how to handle it the right way. (I hope she IS mature and doesn't slap you or stop talking to you, man. Some girls can be so silly.)

John is super sexy. But I can't remember him giving me goosebumps in any 'sexy scene' as such! 'Sexy' by my definition, not Ahaan's! :P

Again, to me, sexy scenes are different from romantic scenes. :)

Yeah he hams. And I am SO glad he does not give YOU goosebumps, man! :O

Awww come on, don't dismiss a good scene because you hated the movie :)

viv said...

I get goosebumps too... but not when I see sexy movie scenes...

I get them when I see someone doing something amazing... like the other day, at the Jagjit Singh concert, there was this violinist who played a most wonderful piece. That gave me goosebumps. Sometimes, when I see an athlete come through to victory against all odds, it gives me goosebumps.

//So here's a message for all you Shah Rukh hating guys
You think only guys hate SRK? :P
Maybe some women would be pissed off because he dates only Karan Johar... HAHAHAHA! Just kidding! Sorry sorry...

Jagan said...

Hmm...well , me too thinks that the scene is pretty good ...but I think its bcos of Madhuri ;-) .

Arz000n said...

I need to watch DTPH first to understand what kinda goosebumps you talking about...hehehe

Leon said...

Leon: Hey, you calling me a creep without meeting me first? :p

Also, if I remember right, SRK was holding on to Madhuri's hand like his life depended on it. Running off wouldn't be too easy.. ;-).

**I liked that 'when' you meet me part instead of 'if' you meet me.. :-).

Drops Of Jupiter said...

Totally agree.. I was so taken over by that of my favorite movies of all time too. And so sexy. SRK is the best.Gives me goosebumps every time.

mjey said...

I can't really remember that scene from DTPH..but one that gave me goosebumps was in KKHH in a song scene when Kajol's top part of the saree falls and SRK luks..then luks away..then luks again and she luks and hides her emotions......oooooo! That was awesome with the right music it really gives me goosebumps.....

tulipspeaks said...

Shah Rukh Khan..the only Hindi actor i am so familiar with, whose movie i will never miss..although i don't understand a word of Hindi..thanks to the english subtitles

nice blog.. :)

Sayesha said...

Gosh! Server was down, no net since morning. That kinda thing can just kill me, man! Crazy day today. In uni now. Toggling between homework and blog :P

I agree with you. When I hear patriotic songs I identify with, I get goosebumps too! 'Yeh jo des hai tera' from Swades and 'Chale chalo' from Lagaan had that kinda effect on me.

But of course, the DTPH goosebump experience is a completely different one! :)

//because he dates only Karan Johar
I will hunt you down and kick your ass if you make one more statement like that about two of my favourite guys!

Whatever works for ya! :)

You are so deprived! DTPH has some of the best scenes of Bollywood! Watch the lakeside scene too (had mentioned in an earlier post). And also the 'tumhe kuch nahin hota?' scene! Whoa!

Haha! You wish! The ten-fold-baby-smooth hand is not so easy to grab, dude! :)

(Sahil, dude I can't seem to get over your hilarious description of my hand!)

And yes, the 'when' was intentional. I would want to meet everyone I've become friends with on this blog. The least I can do is try, and not just sit on my ass, waiting for 'If we meet'.

Long time no see! Welcome back! :)

Frankly, I was a bit yucked out by that sari pallu falling scene. Wasn't really necessary I thought. Kinda belittled his feelings for her.

Thanks! :)

Sushant Bhatia said...

But he can turn my knees to jelly with just one 'aur paas'.

You're such romantics,
Falling for funky antics.
Can't you see the irony,
Oh wait! Your looking at Shah Rukh's heiney. :-)

Sushant Bhatia

...I couldn't help it..that poem just blinked itself into existence in my mind. I blame Jeanie! hehehe

Leon said...

My next trip to India will be via Singapore even if I still live on the east coast!! :-).

sumedh said...

*my two bits*.

Rahul said...

Seems, you like that movie. I don't know how I sat through the entire length.

Anyways, the way you describe the scene I think Madhuri acted better than Sharukh :-)

Jasmine said...

*anti-SRK comment*


patiala pataka said...

SRK is the best PR guy for Bollywood and he has improved a lot, however DTPH is the worse movie he has acted in, I also think DTPH is a STUPID movie..whats with all the dancing...hahaha...sayesha no offence just kidding

priya said...

im on ur side sayesha.. the guy's got something :).. thts magnetic.. its getting kkkkkkinda stereotyped though ..;)

Sahil said...

where's my comment that I just posted?? U haven't deleted it I hope. If you have... tum bahut pachtaoge Sayesha ji. Is baar maaf kardiya.. but aiynda aise hua na... I'll bring ur blog down! :P

...the description of ur hand wasn't 'hilarious'. Fact is fact man... bhool gayi woh chandni waali raat already?

and I gotta agree that SRK does have a certain charm. Though too bad he can't pull it off anymore.. buddha ho gaya.

Sayesha said...

Men, oh you jealous men
Can't stand SRK 'cos he's ten on ten!

That's awesome! Keep me posted, I will arrange everything!

Grrr back to you, man!

Madhuri acted that way, 'cos there was no other way to act, man. His charm was irresistible.

Et tu, Jassus?? :O

Pat Pat,
I love DTPH! :)

Yeah I agree, he's not always brilliant, but when he is, he SO is! :)

What are you talking about?? I don't delete your comments.

//bhool gayi woh chandni waali raat already?
Hahahahaha! Chandni wali raat it seems. In your dreams, buddy! :D

//buddha ho gaya
Look who's talking.

sherene said...

I've been a regular 'silent' reader of your blog, since the S'pore Desi Bloggers' Meet, and I never really quite knew what to say among the deluge of comments on ur blog, so I mostly slunk off :P

But a true-blue, die-hard, ever faithful SRK fan cannot keep shut any longer :)

Loved that scene in DTPH (not one of my fave SRK movies though) and the scene in KKHH with the silent, rain-soaked dance...SRK & Kajol click onscreen incredibly!

Drops Of Jupiter said...

Arrey I was always there..just don't comment too ofen. ;-)

PuNeEt said...

I was a big fan of SRK during my teens... his dialogues and style has helped me a lot...
(u know for what ?)
I like that scene... but wont rate it the best...



David said...

I gave a woman goosebumps the other night, though I don't remember how. It was a pretty tame moment, but suddenly the skin on her legs was raised.

I remember how it felt to run my hands over it. How her excitement became temporarily infectious, until my hands made her ticklish and the spell was broken.

What's a Shah Rukh?

Sayesha said...

I SO agree! :)

All rightie then! :)

So you received your training from the chick-magnet guru himself, huh? And I thought all long-distance courses are useless! ;)

//suddenly the skin on her legs was raised

Please please tell me for heavens sake that you meant 'hair' and not 'skin'!!! :O
(Though I dunno which one would horrify a guy more)

And there's no 'a Shah Rukh'. There's only 'THE Shah Rukh'. Google him and discover the secret of what makes girls weak in the knees.

Starbreez said...

My favourite part in DTPH is actually the expression that SRK gives M Dixit and her reaction when she turns around and realises he was watching her mimic him in the studio. Hee!

Sayesha said...

Yeah man, there are so many awesome scenes in that movie...
hey girl, let's have a screening once I move into my new place, what say?

patiala pataka said...

There's Shah Rukh in Mangal Pandey!

Sayesha said...

Pat Pat,
Really?? I hope he doesn't say 'aur paas' to Mangal Pandey! :D

The Light-House. said...

I can say i have seen DDLJ a dozen of times.I can count 9 times on the fingers tips at any moment of the day.The movie was the best SRK ever acted.Well it was like a "sholay" for him.No matter what people say he is numero uno.

Sayesha said...

Cool! Finally a guy says it!! Yeayyy! :)

Anonymous said...

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