Friday, July 08, 2005

Of comments and commentators

As I mentioned before, many of my blog posts are inspired by comments on the previous post. And after reading Anonymous' comment and others' retorts on my last post, I am inspired.

I have decided to come up with a list of the many possible types of blog commentators that I think exist in the blogsphere:

For the mere sake of simplicity, I shall use the pronoun 'he' throughout, without any hidden implications. So please refrain from attacking me on that.

The casual reader
He drops by your blog now and then, and reads a post if the title sounds interesting, if it's not too long, and possibly if it is accompanied by an interesting picture. The post has to be significantly significant for him to post a comment.

The friend
He is your friend. Reads every post because he knows you very well. If he is not in the same city, he reads it just because he knows that both of you are too busy (read 'lazy') to email each other. Comments once in a while. Your blog becomes a way of staying in touch.

The banterer
He reads all your posts and comments on almost all of them. He grows to become a part of your blog, and often, the reason why others visit the same post again and again. They love to read his comments and other banterers' responses, and to generally "see what's happening" on your blog.

The loyalist
He reads all your posts and likes your writing (most of the time). He checks your blog several times a day, often leaving a permanent window open. He feels a certain sense of ownership and loyalty towards the blog. And if someone is out of line on the comments page, he will rise to the occasion with aplomb to defend you.

The silent reader
He reads all your posts, but never ever posts a single comment. He is the answer to the surprisingly large number of hits on your page compared to the number of comments.

The 'almost there'
This chap is gonna set up his own blog any moment. He is extremely tempted about the idea of having his own blog, but for some reason does not have one yet. Looking at your blog gives him hope that he will have one some day. He is a deep thinker, a characteristic often reflected in his long and well thought through comments on your blog.

The judge
He like to judge. Often, he is obviously angry with you over something, or has a grudge against you. He reads every one of your posts, and waits for the kill. Once he finds a weak point he can use against you, he goes all out. And yes, he prefers to remain anonymous.

The mistake finder
He reads all your posts. However, he only leaves a comment if he manages to spot a mistake (not typos, but factual errors) that you or a commentator posted, and he thrives on the joy of being the one who spotted it.

The 'I've given up' blogger
This dude used to blog regularly before giving up one fine day. Now he reads other people's blogs and wonders how they sustain it. He hopes that one day, he will be inspired enough to resume blogging.

Which one are you?


Anonymous said...

No ... No... No... Sayesha Mirchandani .....

This is not a very good post .... Now all your readers are reading the blog and going .... hmmmm , which one am i ....

Introspection is not a good thing for human beings.... We fail miserably ....

And then we become defensive and accusatory ....

Khair! koi baath nahin, aapke readers aapko maf karthe hein

The devil is singin
You're the piece of gold the flushes all my soul....Extra time, on the ground....You're my Playground Love.

Sahil said...

I'm clearly not the "Almost there" type.

So which one do you consider me to be Sayesha?

...and i'm not fishing for compliments.

Sayesha said...

Haha! It's really not for me to say, but if you ask me, I would say that on this blog, you are the banterer and loyalist rolled into one.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr Gupta has his blog ..... Huh, didnt notice that ....

By the way Sayesha forgot to ask , did Horse Face act all Mother Goose during the trip with his Butterfly shirt ....

Devil is singin
Suddenly something has happened to me , as i was having my cup of tea

Sahil said...


I think there should be another category for people like me (though i'm told i'm one of a kind).

The friend whose not quite the friend.

This is the person who has grown way accustomed to Sayesha. Treats her like one of his good friends, and feels really comfortable around her. Feels like he knows her for years. Has never met her in real life, and may not ever either. Don't even know her full name for that matter, and is completely uninvolved in the personal life of her. Feels protective over her and wont stand anyone saying anything negative and undeserving about her.

And last but not least, because of her, wishes he lived in Singapore.

...and i'm sure i'm not the only one in this category.

Anonymous said...

This is interesting... I think I don't fall into any one category but I'll ask you to tell me in which category do I fall :).

Sayesha said...

Only you would know how often you visit this blog. But as far as I see it, you're probably the casual reader. Or you could be the silent reader, who shows casual reader characteristics once in a while :)

Ram C said...


I can categorise myself into a casual reader, let me be honest. If I feel that I can definitely comment on the subject, I will do it.

Sometimes, when I see post on too much of technical things - which I don't use that often, I refrain from commenting - rather than saying this is too good.

anyhow, you have made this interesting.

-Poison- said...

too narrow a classification...

monkey said...

*slowly raises my hand* i am your silent reader :)

anubhav said...

Interesting post...i think i'll be the casual guy, but i want make a point here; a casual guy could be a casual visitor and he might comment whenever he visits..

and also the type of commentator a person is depends on the blog he is commenting as much it depends on the commentator himself..

and finally these were just general observations..

Sayesha said...

I agree. This list is, of course, not comprehensive. And a person is, more often than not, a different type of commentator on different blogs.

Ram C said...

Thx for blgrlg me, Sayesha.. I'hv conferred the honour on u as well.

Kaps said...

I am a casual reader....but laziness is taking it's toll on me....might become a silent reader soon.

Ayn Zoya said...

"The silent reader"

Nice blog!

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm a first time reader. Got here from your comment on Anil's Blog. You certainly know how to banter like a pro. :-)

Sahil said...

hahaha - i think all your silent readers, one by one, are coming out of the closet.

Though there are probably those silent readers who still remain silent. Come on, here's your chance to shine. ;)

Anonymous said...

i'm a bit of the "silent reader" and "almost there" blog commentators! altho' i MUST say, this is my first comment! talk about inspiration!! i LOVE reading ur blogs!! keep updating!

Anonymous said...

none of these!

visit your blog once a day, have a good laugh, comment ... may be.

generally ... i think unwanted seeking of metadata is useless and counterproductive. The usefulness of it is far less than what we think. It's a tough art.

Anonymous said...

i duno which categ i fall into but I guess I jus enjoy reading ur posts. Urs is prob the 1st blog I check in the morn for updates :)

nmk said...

I think the answer to that question is a bit like Shakespear's poem about the seven stages in life.

Different people at different times play different roles.

You have also missed out an important category (the one which I fit into). The "bored at work so must read blogs" category. I almost always end up at blogs from work and since I seemed to be bored everyday, seem to visit familiar blogs and post coments to fill the time.

Aekta said...

Good post :) Came here from Desipundit. Am definitely the casual reader :)

ritzkini said...

"I've almost given up" types...cant keep up with the competition from you-is liye...

Anonymous said...

hmmmm.....I smell a business opportunity in turning into "The banterer".

Now only if I can figure out how to cram Google Ads into my comments


Leon said...

I guess I would fall into 'the silent reader' and until recently 'the almost there' category. :-)

Nice blog btw..

Shuuro said...

Hi, Just found your blog(haven't read rest of your blog entries). It is interesting to read that you have categorized different blog commentators, though this isn't complete as you acknowledged. On other note, For most of the commentators if not for the subject & rationale of a blogger's topic then gender of blogger plays important role in creating interest among people towards female blogger for different reasons. :)

Here is the critique(if you excuse profanity in it) on different categories of bloggers:

Perhaps this could provide you inspiration to your next blog! :)

Boogerworm said...

Hi, I am the silent reader minus "never ever posts a single comment"

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