Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Life cycle

Sayesha, your life used to be so simple. What did you do to it??

6:30 am - I wake up.
7:30 am - I catch the bus to work.
8:15 am - I reach office.
12:30 pm - Everyone goes for lunch. I am either at my desk, calling up house agents, or viewing houses. (??!!)
1:30 pm - I am back at work.
4:00 pm - I am off to class.
5:00 pm - I am working in the train.
5:45 pm - I reach university.
6:00 pm - I pack/skip dinner.
6:30 pm - I start lessons.
9:30 pm - I end lessons.
9:45 pm - I catch the bus out of uni.
11:00 pm - I have a house viewing. (??!!)
12:00 mn - I reach home.
01:00 am - I crash.
6:30 am - I wake up.

And it starts all over again...


But it's not all bad.

God bless the incredibly cute French guy in my class.


Siddhu said...

Hey hope you get a house real soon. Btw, just read posts about ur mom and dad. Ripping, as always :)

Sayesha said...

Thanks, Siddhu! Almost-homeless needs all the luck she can get!

Hope you're enjoying sunny Singapore! :)

Shuuro said...

Wow! you can manage entire day's/night's work with just 5:30 hours of sleep?. Well, that explains wrinkles under your eyes! ;).

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

The humour combined with the simplicity of your posts kills me, keep going!! :-)

Sayesha said...

Wrinkles under my eyes? Not yet! But I think I'm getting them on my hair! :o

Thanks, Kroopa! :)
(Btw, your pani puri post almost killed this hungry and homesick girl!)

Sahil said...

Looks like a simple life to me. But WAY too packed my friend.

I got tired just reading about your day.

and midnight house viewing's must be cool huh? (ok ok - probably not after a long day, I don't want a wrinkle-haired Sayesha coming after me with a stick)

Sayesha said...

//But WAY too packed my friend.

I know, man! :(

Is it strange that when I was posting this post, the song that was playing in my head was "Zindagi maut na ban jaaye, sambhaalo yaaron"? :O

//and midnight house viewing's must be cool huh?
Sure sure! It's very cool. Wanna volunteer to be my "viewer", Sahil? You can have Fat Chick in return for the favour.

Anonymous said...

hahaha...ur life still sounds better than mine!!I come to office by 7.30am, skip lunch leave at 6.15pm for class..reach ntu/dance class at 6.45, rush to class hungry.
reach home by 11.30 and wake up at 5.30 am again...

Sayesha said...

Angelsera, I can't resist maroing a dialogue from 'Deewar' here (with my modifications of course!)

"Tumhaare paas ma hai, papa hain, ghar hai! Mere pass kya hai?"

Bwahahaha! Followed by hysterical sob!

Sahil said...

Angelsera and Sayesha,

What r u guys doing??? You guys will kill yourselves. Less is more man. Less is more. I can't imagine having to get up at 5.30 every morning. I'd have to be in bed by 10pm? *shudder*

ps Sayesha - nice try getting rid of that fat chick of yours!

Anonymous said...

//"Tumhaare paas ma hai, papa hain, ghar hai! Mere pass kya hai?"

for ur info...u also have them..they jus are not in S'pore :S

neways,tts the saddest part.I hardly even meet my entire family.although i live w them.I dont even SEE my brother once a week.I feel like a night robber,sneaking home at midnite.By the time I get up, my bro is leaving for school n my dad is still sleeping.Ony get to spend few mins w mom.

I would feel less guilty if I werent in the same country as them.rather than living under the same roof and not even meeting one another

Sayesha said...

for ur info...u also have them..they jus are not in S'pore :S
//I would feel less guilty if I werent in the same country as them

Thanks for providing me with the "info", Angelsera. Trust me when I say this, it's not the same when they're in a different country altogether.

Siddhu said...

Hi Sayesha. I'm not in S'pore anymore - withdrew from the S'pore-MIT Alliance on the 20th. Got a better schol offer from Europe, so should be going west, unless of course they reject my visa.

Damn those f***ed up London bombers.

virdi said...

when do you blog?? in your dreams?? ok u can... you live in singapore... its a developed country.... u never know what can happen in dreams there ;)

Gaurav said...

hey there.. came to your blog through kroopa's.
its nice.

Sayesha said...

Hey Siddhu,
Wow, that's news! Enjoy yourself, and keep blogging, man! :)

I think that on some levels, I am blogging every moment of my life, whether in the bus, in the class or in my dreams. I only type my thoughts out before I sleep.

Thanks, Gaurav! :)

Shuuro said...
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Anonymous said...

haha !

Eye-candy sure makes all the difference in class ! *grin*

Anonymous said...

The first two minutes of my morning

7:00 alarm rings
7:01 alarm still keeps ringing
7:02 I wake up and throw the alarm clock out the window.
7:02:32 I go back to sleep after scratching my balls.

will follow up with the next two minutes in two minutes

Anonymous said...


Ranj said...

Are u still looking for a room? Email me.

Charan Deep Singh said...

Well reading your blog backwards... i have reached here so far..... 26 july 2005..... less than 7 months to read more..... ha! well i stopped here coz 26 july 2005 reminds me of the night when mumbai was flooded and we got stuck.. stuff that nighmares are made of... but great friendships were forged that night..... as we all were stuck in our college.....