Monday, May 12, 2008

The eggs-traordinary duo

Now everyone knows how serious Viv and I are about our pictionary (heck, we even bought a whiteboard last week so we can draw bigger and better!).

Ironically, the atmosphere when Viv is drawing, is far from serious. Sometimes it gets very difficult to verbalise your guesses because you're laughing so hard at his lateral (read convoluted) thinking.

So we were playing pictionary with the usual suspects Shub and Pizzadude. Now we don't really follow any rules when we play. In fact, we don't even have teams. We just pick a category and each of us just draws what he/she feels like, and the rest try to guess.

So the category is Hindi movies. Viv draws a guy with a basket. Four round things materialise in the basket. Then there's one more guy with a basket of five round things. Third guy has seven round things in his basket. We're wondering what the heck is happening.

"So these round things keep growing in number..." I say wisely.

He shakes his head impatiently.

"They don't grow in number?"

He shakes his head.

"But the numbers are in increasing order!"

"It's got nothing to do with the numbers." I guess he's frustrated by now because he has forgotten that in pictionary, you shouldn't be saying things out loud.

"What are these round things anyway?"

He looks away to think for a while, and then starts drawing a hen with a dotted line leading to the round things.

"Ah! So they are eggs!"

Viv nods emphatically to say they are.

"Don't put all your eggs in one basket?" We wonder.

"Ghar ki murgi daal baraabar??"

"Meri jaan meri jaan murgi ke ande??"

Viv shakes his head at the suggestions and then at us, as if we have let him down. Next, he starts to draw lines from Basket A to the other guys and then puts a cross on the lines. He does the same for all baskets.

"They're giving one another their eggs?"

Viv shakes his head and emphatically points to the crosses.

"They're not giving one another their eggs?"

He nods vigorously.

"Aati kya khandala? Anda la?" By now, I am already rambling nonsense.

Viv is sick of shaking his head.

"I give up." I finally say. Usually I'm able to guess whatever crap he draws because I kind of know how his thought process works (as is evident here and here) but this had me stumped.

"Knowing Viv's style, I don't even know if this is actually about hens and eggs, and people who don't want to share their eggs with one another." I say.

Shub has also given up by now.

But there is one man who is relentlessly guessing still. The Pizzadude hasn't given up.

"Eggs... anda... hmmmm...." He's still thinking. Viv is nodding vigorously. Shub and I lean back in the couch to watch the drama. This should get interesting.

"Hmmm... Is it anda?" Pizzadude asks.

Viv nods.

"It's anda??"

Viv nods more.

"OH. MY. GAWD." says Pizzadude.

"WHAT? WHAT?? WHAT???" Like the eggs in the baskets, the question marks in my question also increase in number.

"I cannot believe this!!!! Is it 'Andaaz apna apna'????" asks Pizzadude.

Viv grins like mad, while Shub and I look at each other not knowing whether to laugh or cry.


Daroga said...

O My God !!!!!!!!!
Pizzadude is BRILLIANT !!!!!!


manju said...

Awesome ! ROTFL :) !

Urv said...

Isko bolte hai ande ka funda :D

sd said...

Viv is a genius and so is pizzadude!

Iday said...

I got nothing else to say but "Vivelicious" [;p]

Bivas said...

now that's lateral thinking :D...bravo ;-)

Unknown said...

Viv is great....I dont know how he cleared his drawing papers in 6th standard...:)
Pizzadude is more could he ever guess...I can never ever say that movie in my wildest dream...

~nm said...

This pizzadude is (an)da(z) man! :D

Hehe! That really was hilarious!

Blue Bike said...

Can you please ask Viv to draw "Kasoor" ?

Kanan said...

Ahahahaha! that was beyond-brilliant creativity by both Viv & Pizzadude! and what a coordination... man! it's (I don't have word for it) hahaha I can't stop laughing...
Sayesha, your blog is very entertaining.

Anusha said...

BWAH! As soon as I saw him checking your post this morning, I KNEW it had something to do with him! :P

But even I have to admit it this time - that was a GENIUS move. Even I was wondering what the hell he was trying to say with those 'hens not giving eggs to one another' drawing. Bravo to Pizzadude for an equally brilliant (and convoluted!) mind! :D

PizzaDude said...

Hehehehehe!! I am so proud of myself for that guess. B-)

PizzaDude said...

A big HELLO! to everyone out here. Thanks for the compliments guys!

Shan said...

Waah Pizzadude kya sochta hai bhai...Sayesh your narration is too good :))

satish said...


~nm said...

Tagged you! Pick it here

Unknown said...

ROFL MAO !! You just made me go all boing boing .... laughing away into the wall ... ouchh

Deepti Ghadiyaram said...

ROFL !! Wrote it splendidly well!

Megh said...


Arvind Iyer said...


Your narration is impeccable.

Will catch up with your blog now.

ani said...

and i caqught myself singing "haathi ka andaa la" instead of aati kya khandala jus this morning!!! :D

Unknown said...

Want to roll in laughter? Play pictionary with Viv!!

Stupidosaur said...

Oh this is unbelievable. I have been a silent lurker here since a long time now. And how did I first reach here? It was when I randomly googled for 'Siddhu Convict' (regarding the road rage thing) around one or one and half year ago!

And where did that search land me? On another one of Pictionary posts. When Viv was just a roommate I think. I have not been able to figure out where google found connection between Siddhu, conviction and that post! But kehte hain na jo bhi hota hai achhe ke liye hota hai. Kya hua jo gaadi chhooti.. (Cant resist some bollywood lines on Smitten's blog can I eh?)

(I know the search story may seem outrageously untrue, but then I know bhai has some blog post about what google searches leads people to the adda. So bhai can testify)

So now let me get to the part which compelled me to show myself after such a long period of covert blog reading operations.

Since the first time I heard the name of the movie, I always thought 'ANDAs apna apna'. (I am neither doing chance pe dance nor chor pe mor nor murgi here).

Then I saw the movie Hum hain rahi pyaar ke. And a tangible Aamir and Eggs connection was established in my concious and subconcious brain(??). (Since the hero and paltan throw eggs at the villians in it)

To further solidify it came the movie Dil Chahta hai with the song

"Hum Hen Hain. ANDAs kyon ho purana!"

And now in "Taare zameen par" the song "Kyon Duniya ka naara...." has .....oh would you believe.... a line ..."Yeh omlette pe hi jeete hain..."

And just a few days ago I was once again thinking of this lifetime of Aamir Anda connection when I saw a shop 'Aamir Chicken and Eggs centre" walking on the street.

And then I see this post. I could not resist.

If some day I do start my own blog, an Aamir Anda post will be inevitable!

shub said...

hahahahahaha! the comment above has to rate among top favourites! "Stupidosaur" that was hilarious :D

Kanan said...

LMAO @ comment by Stupidosaur.

Totally agreed with Shub!

hum hen hai... ANDAs kyon ho purana... LOL!

Classic! :D

Jaya said...


Shanks_P said...

Nice narration, felt like sitting and watching the whole episode ....

Pizzadude, That was cool ....

but some how when I saw the picture with Eggs in basket, Andaaz came in my mind also, but Andaaz apna apna didn't :)

U folks r defining pictionary ;)

Nidhi said...

Sayesha - eggs-emplary post!

Lol @ Stupidosaur
What an ANDAaze - bayaan! :D

Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan said...

That has got to be some of the most abstract thinking I've heard of in pictionary EVER! Though when you go back and see the pic after knowin the answer , you can also imagine him being frustrated at 'such an easy answer bein missed'.. Ha ha

Tejal said...

LOL.. ok the OH>MY>GAWD thing was completely hilarious n appropriate.. sorta Janice- Chandler situation though :D
btw, yea Viv rocks!

Sayesha said...

He is! :D


Hehehe! Absolutely! :P

To-talli agree! :D

Hahaha! :D

Kuchh zyada hi lateral aur kuchh zyada hi thinking! :P

//Viv is great....I dont know how he cleared his drawing papers in 6th standard...:)

Hahaha! That line had me in splits! :D


#Blue Bike,
Hahahahahahahha! I wonder what he will do. But I will definitely ask him to draw it! :D

Hahahaha! Thank you! :)

//BWAH! As soon as I saw him checking your post this morning, I KNEW it had something to do with him! :P

Wohi toh! I think he only reads my blog when he is featured! Hmmph! :P

You rock, man! :D

Thank you. :)

Absolutely. :)

Will check it out.

Hehehehe! :P

Thank you! :D


#Arvind Iyer,
Thank you! :)

Hahahahaha! :D

Can't agree more! :)

//I have not been able to figure out where google found connection between Siddhu, conviction and that post!

Oh I know! I had a commentator called Siddhu, and I was asking Viv that he could have shown a convict first to draw 'convince'. That's how the search picked up that post! So yes, Bhai can testify. :P

//"Hum Hen Hain. ANDAs kyon ho purana!"

Hahahahahahahahahahaha! :D


Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah! :D

Oh wait... more coming...



//If some day I do start my own blog, an Aamir Anda post will be inevitable!

Arre you can just copy-paste your comment here as your first post! Hahahahahhaha! :D

I know! Can't get over the Hum hen hain, andas kyun ho purana! :D



Thank you! :)

Hehehe... thanks! :D

//What an ANDAaze - bayaan! :D


#Roshan R,
Hahahah! That's actually true! :)

Ah! Aa gayi tu? Finally! Der aaya durust aaye. I was asking Viv ki arre post is on you, where is the Viv fan club ki President? :P

Stupidosaur said...

Ahh Thanku Thanku all for appreciating the song line. I have such other song lines too. Some day we will all form a band aur fir apna aur Devang Patel ka band ek saath bajayenge!


Naah I dont think the idea of copy-pasting will work. Just imagine me starting my first post on my own blog as
"Oh this is unbelievable. I have been a silent lurker here since a long time now......."!

I think I'll need an editor ;-)

Stupidosaur said...

Also imagine my first post ending with...
"....And then I see this post. I could not resist."

The Mad Girl said...


Alice said...

Hilarious. So also stupidosaur's comment.
Can't stop laughing.

aydiv said...

Its 10:42 PM in the night and i am laughing in my room after reading god...

Sukhaloka said...


You and Stupidosaur.. ouch, my side!

I really dunno what's worse. Tolerating each other's PJs, anticipating them, prompting them or.. hold your breath.. cracking the same PJ together. In public. When it is not possible to shut one's boyfriend up in proper fashion either!

asuph said...

rotfl! been a while since i laughed like this. reminded me of some dumb charade gems by some friends, but this is hats off stuff. viv is a genius.


Anonymous said...

Awesome... ROFL!! ROFL!! Pictionary at its best :)

Arnab De said...

This is too much! ROTFL!!!

Jass said...

OMG! Too much! Sheeesh! :D

Anonymous said...

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