Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Picture this

So I have started playing a little game of pictionary with my friend Viv. The most amazing thing about pictionary (or dumb charades) is that you laugh so much that it doesn't matter who wins or loses.

Of course, we can't play a real game with just two people. So we just take turns to draw and guess. Ok I have no idea how the game works. All I know is that it never fails to entertain me. Especially when you're playing against a guy who is notorious for finding the most convoluted and long-winded way of drawing the simplest of the words. But then you know how it is in pictionary - there are two basic rules. One, you always feel you could have drawn it better than your partner. Two, your opponents always get the easier words.

So my 'partner/opponent' has picked his word and has started drawing. I'm on full alert. He's broken the word into two parts and I am trying to guess the first part. He draws what looks like a radio and some waves coming out of it.

"Radio? Waves? Sound waves? Frequency? Radio station?" I try.

He points at the waves furiously, and I go "Music? RJ? Songs? English songs? Hindi songs? Transmission?"

He makes a frustrated sound, and starts to draw a thermometer with a downward pointing arrow.

"Thermometer? Low temperature? Cold? Cool?" I'm trying hard, you can tell.

He nods vigorously and asks me to combine both the drawings and guess.

"Errrr... cool radio station?? Cool RJ?"

He looks frustrated. I am laughing my ass off.

"Your drawing sucks man. Is this even a radio in the first place?"

He shakes his head.

"Ohhhh!!! It's not??! Then what the hell is it?? A cooler??? Air cooler? Air conditioner?"

He nods vigorously.

"Air conditioner?"

Vigorous nodding.

Then he asks me to break up the word. Finally I get to 'con' and he nods.

"WHAT?? You drew such a loooooooong word and all you wanted was a measly 'con'?" I can't stop laughing.

He motions to me to be patient as he still has the second part to draw.

He draws a movie camera and a headless guy with waves on his abdomen.

"Ghost movie?" I'm thinking.

"What the hell is that?? There's no head! And what are the waves?? Are they supposed to be his abs or something?" I ask.

Vigorous nodding.

"Abs?? Really?? Headless guy with abs posing for the camera??" By now I'm laughing so hard I have to actually hold a pillow against my stomach.

He starts to draw the American flag.

"American? American headless guy with abs?"

Vigorous nodding and pointing to the camera.

"American movie actor? American hunky movie actor??"

Vigorous nodding.


He shakes his head.

"Uhhh... Brad Pitt? No, can't be that... Brad Pitt is not really a hunky hunk..."

But he's nodding like crazy.

"It is Brad Pitt?? Oh my goodness!"

Vigorous nodding, followed by the drawing of a girl next to him.

"Brad Pitt... girl... umm... oh Angelina Jolie! So much drama for Angelina Jolie... you could have just drawn..."

He shakes his head and draws the backward arrow which in our secret pictionary language means 'past tense'.

"Achha... Jennifer Aniston?"

Vigorous nodding, followed by the drawing of another guy with a moustache next to the girl.

"Uhh.. what's happening?? Jennifer Aniston... guy... Jeez, don't tell me that's Vince Vaughn?!"

Vigorous nodding.

"Vince Vaughn???"

He asks me to remove the last part.


Vigorous nodding, followed by gesture to join it all together. By now I have forgotten what the first part was. Oh yeah, the damn air conditioner that looks like a radio.

"Con... vince? Convince??"

He lets out a huge sigh.

"It's 'convince'?????" I cannot believe it.


"So much drama for a little word like 'convince'?? You actually had to use Hollywood gossip?? You are a dhakkan!" More crazy laughter.

"Oh yeah, and what would you have drawn to show 'convince'???" he demands.

I'm stumped but quickly recover.

"I dunno... maybe a 'convict' first... you know... a guy dressed in prison clothes..."

"And after that?" He asks.

"I'd have thought of something... something better than a radio, a headless hunk and a thermometer!" I crack up again.

"Well, you guessed the word, didn't you??" He sulks.

"That's because I rock! Hmmmph! And by the way, Vince Vaughn doesn't even have a moustache!!!!!!" :-/


Me said...

you have really given me a great idea what to do this weekend!!!thanks!!its just that i should find a partner as entertaining as your flatmate!

Aditya said...


Me said...

uh silver for you aditya?!! :-D

Aditya said...


shub said...

hahaha! weak defence dearie, the last line about his moustache ;o)

I lovvvvvve pictionary and DCs too!
Perfect games to laugh your ass off at, especially at wrong guesses and weird clues! =))

Janefield said...

Hahahhahaha!! Your flatmate sounds like great fun, can't you hold on to him instead of giving him 'temporary' status! This is like reaching behind your head past your ear to touch your nose :)) Pictionary's always the bestest indoor amusement game...here's one of my fave pictionary stories...http://ajanedoe.blogspot.com/2006/04/world-groove_28.html

Sudeep said...

nice game.. shld play it in office now... as it is dont have work to do better while away time LMAO!

Sayesha said...

GOLD deleted?? :O
ps: Hope you find an entertaining partner! :D

Yes dear, GOLD to you because 'Me' relinquished it! ;)

Nope, silver for YOU! Muahaha! :D

Arre bola na GOLD tera, phir kaiku dukhi-face? :(

Hehehe... I know I know :P

#The Chosen One,
Haha... actually I'm getting quite fond of the boy, I may just keep him forever! ;)
ps: Yeah, I'd read your pictionary post looooong ago! :)

Sheesh! Tu bahut vella kism ka insaan hai...! :D

Harsha said...

I used to a similar kind of thing when we were in college and I used to draw them. Only it was my classmates names. It was fun and I was a always good at it *immodest smile* :)

Di said...

hi..nice blog..had a nice laugh.. :-)

Sudeep said...

vella?? :o

Me said...

but main toh fusht aaya tha!!!unwaaah!typo hataane ke liye delete kiya

Apy said...

That sounds like a lot of fun....hehe

Inder said...

ha.. ha... that was funny :P

i played my first ever dumb charades game when i participated in my first ever quiz. at office. i was given the word 'dolly' - clone sheep. i couldn't make my partner find the word. so we result of the quiz was a tie. the organizers didn't expect a tie. they had only one gift. so we went on a tie breaker and lost it :(

satish said...

he was real smart.

and no, i am not being sarcatic! :|

Inder said...

is 'vella' the tamil word 'vela' for 'work/job'? have you started practicing your tamil?? :D

Sayesha said...

Hehehe :P

Welcome to Sayeshaz! :)

Vella yaar. Matlab jobless! :P

Typo ki fikar karne se hi sona haath se jata hai... muahahaha :D


Oh dear that sounds sad... so what animal did your sheep look like? ;)

Smart toh hai... lekin time factor bhi kuchh hota hai na... char saal tak insaan ek hi word draw karta rahega toh kaise chalega? :D

'Vela' in tamil means 'job'? Hahahahahahahahahha! :D 'Vella' in hindi (or is it Mumbaiya) means 'jobless'! Hahahahaha! :D
ps: Practising my tamil?? Dude, I haven't even started! My classes start 24th July :)

The Perfect Brewing said...

Oops !
A great narration . Superb...

Inder said...

we played enacting the words instead of drawing...
i acted like walking on 4 limbs... my partner took the name of all animals that walk with four limbs except sheep or goat. i caught him at 'cow' and signalled that it is smaller than it. he said 'bachda' and refused to guess anything else.

oh... 'vella' is jobless??? my hindu is not that good. jobless is 'vetti' in tamil. they all sound similar...

Me said...

guys there have been major blasts in 7 places in bombay...people do something to let know of saftey...all phone lines are jammed

Duhita said...

Pictionary rocks!!! Used to play with my mates when we would have stay overs. Have you tried 'Taboo'? Nice as well and the more the merrier!

And yeah all lines to Mumbai are jammed!!! :(

Sudeep said...

oye! then i m vela not vella :P

Iday said...

absolutely hilarious this post is.
How about this for convince???

1. split the word into 2 words
2. draw a 'gun' and use one of my secrte DC codes as to "the target word sounds like this word"
3. draw a head with one open eye and one closed eye - 'wince'
4. hope that the viewer puts 'gun' and 'wince' together, figures out that con sounds like gun and says convince.
5. take fotos and put it on my blog and hope the world finds that my post is atleast half as funny as this one :)

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

LOL, thats crazy. Brings back a lot of memories :-)

The Inquisitive Akka said...

That was hilarious!!But we must give your temporary flat mate full marks for convoluted creativity! :)

American Pi said...

when i first read this post, i read "imaginary flat-mate" instead of "temporary flat-mate".

Secondly, do you remember Sangam (the one which Ganga won... wait a minute, Ganga wins all Sangams....he he he... inside joke) in 1998 when Balls, Hurry and I were on the same team for Dumb Charades/Pictionary and I was trying to show Circumference by drawing it out.... it was outrageous the way I tried to split the word!

vamsi said...

I'v been reading ur blog for close to 6 or 7 months now.. thanks for making me laugh :)

chandu said...


Dev said...

I can see u're not convinced. :P

Anonymous said...

I saw the same thing as American Pi too! I saw imaginary flat-mate and I thot ohoh.... muahaha

But of cos, now i know better. heh.. Ur flat mate is really quite creative and funny!


Rohit Talwar said...

This game reminds me of someone so bad...highly uninspiring! I hate this now!

Nirwa said...


I must play pictionary next time! ROFL!! LOLLLLL!!! I wonder why this thought never occured to me!

Tomorrow I go to my friend's place as it's her birthday! Am going to pester her to play pictionary! :D

Waise, loved your flatmate/friend's imagination! hahahaha!! convince! hahahahahahahah


Sudipta Chatterjee said...

I totally empathise with this guy... I used to come up with equally (perhaps even more) weird ways of connecting things when I was asked to draw on the pictionary. But I was good at guessing and so was chosen by the good teams... I still am! :D

Nice post

Anonymous said...

wht happnd to rohit's blog??? Plz dont temme u deleted it, rohit! :(( *wailing*


if_tomm_comes said...

OMG, that was really funny. Hats off to your roommate, come on very few people could be that creative. :)

romram said...

Awesome post!! A really great idea to kill time.

Anonymous said...

Well, that was amusing :)

Rays Of Sun said...

ROTF..too cool:)) That flat must be thinking like me..I can confuse anyone including myself:)))

Liz said...

Hahaha...Really enjoyed that one:) We play dumb charades @ home too..hehe
Time for skool to start again:S Registration started today morning..and i'm already on waitlist!! :S

Sayesha said...

#The Perfect Brewing,
Thanks :)

//he said 'bachda' and refused to guess anything else.

Gosh I laughed so hard when I read that!!! I was in the train yesterday thinking of this and laughing away in my head! :D

ps: Yes yes so you qualify as vella and vetti :)

Yeah, I saw the news on TV yesterday... it's terrible... hope Bombay springs back to life soon. I've heard they're a tough pple.

I've seen Will and Grace play 'Taboo' but never played it myself. DC and pict are more my thing :)

Hahahaha! :D

Hahaha! Nice try! :D


#Inquisitive Akka,
Yeah, I guess so. He's already enjoying his fame on this blog! ;)

#American Pi,
So that's what you were doing at 11:32 pm instead of turning up for your best friend's last birthday in Singapore?? Grrrr! :@ Remind me to kill you when we meet for dinner tonight! :/

And yes, I remember your 'circumference'. Ganda dimaag! :D

Welcome to Sayeshaz and thanks for finally commenting! :)


Hehehe... naah I was just acting pricey... :P

What? You too?? Sayesha plays pictionary with imaginary flatmate?? Sounds freaky! :O
ps: You've met the creative and funny flat-mate! Remember the football game? ;)

Sorry yaar... I'm trying to guess what it could be... but sorry yaar :(

Hehehe! Hope to see a post on your pictionary game at your friend's place! :)

Hahaha! I still think this dude is better of guessing than drawing! :D

Oh dear! I have no idea! Rohit where are youuuuuuuuuuuu???????

#If Tomm comes,
Heyyy! How come no one is giving any credit to the guesser??? I guessed Vince Vaughn in spite of the moustache!! :D

Thanks :)

Thanks :)

Naah, yeh tujhe bhi paagal kar dega! :D

Thanks! What, already on waitlist?? Sheesh! I'd better go and register soon!!! :O

bananapen said...

Hahahahaha :D
It was a roundabout way to get the answers out, but the ideas were very creative!

Sujatha said...

Ha ha ha ... That was creative imagination at its best... got me nostalgic...

Raj said...

I dont think he did a bad job. You got the word after all. If only his drawing was a little better, it could have been easier. And convince is a pretty tough word. I always give the opponents the word "malice" when playing dumb charades.

Sayesha said...

Haha! Yeah, ideas were creative but if we played with time, we'd be dead! :P
ps: Hey, no credit to the guesser?? :-/


No doubt he did a great job. But I got the word not just because of his drawings. Arre thoda credit toh guesser ko bhi de do na... It's not that easy to guess the nonsense he draws! :D

Fishy said...

wow sounds like a fun evening... you should try playing taboo, its just as much fun :D

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

lol! somehow I couldn't keep track when I read this the first time. Then after seeing all the commenters have fun, I didn't want to miss out. ;)

pictionary is a very dangerous and risky game.

in my memory, it's always associated with noise warnings from neighbours. :(

justme said...

lol.. really funny..!!

Rohini said...

Pictionary is always such a barrel of laughs. Another good word game is Taboo. You should try it.

P said...

This is just HILARIOUS! And yes Convict sounds a good idea! First timer here. I spent a good 5 minutes at work reading this :) Quality time!

Bonatellis said...

good ;)

Vinod R Iyer said...

Question: Why is it that guys dont play such games?

They would play such a game only when in company of girls!! (Or is it the case only with people I know?!!)
Is it below "our" standards to do so ???

viv said...

Hehe :D

You're right, the drawer (?) is only as good as the guesser... As it is vice versa. I suppose you could say it's the team that matters :)

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Hahahaha, awesome post! Pictionary and dumb charades are such amazing games, man! I LOVE them...we used to play them in school on the blackboard during break and free periods. :D
Whenever I play it with friends, I'm never made to draw. I end up losing my patience in 5 minutes and blurt out the damn word. :P
But seriously, 'convince' is a darn difficult word to draw! I once got 'vomit'. Eew. I couldn't even bloody picture it. :|

ps: The word 'vella' is from Punjabi and means idle. :P Hahaha.

Sayesha said...

Yeah it was! I slept so well after laughing so hard! :) And yes I gotta find out how to play Taboo! :)

#Ipanema Gal,
Hahahaha! :D


Ok that's it man... I have to find out about Taboo! Everyone is recommending it! :)

Welcome to Sayeshaz! :) And thanks for the comment, may you always have such quality time! ;)

Hey, long time no see! :)

Maybe guys just prefer to drink when they're with other guys...hehehe :D
But when you have a mixed group and you have run outta things to talk about, and you still gotta keep everyone entertained, and pictionary's perfect! :)

Hahaha! Thanks man! First one to gimme a lil credit! And yes, my partner was ok-ok too! :P

#World Gal,
Arrreee tu sign in kab karegi?? Koi aur tere naam se comment likh jayega toh?? :/

'Vomit' is difficult to draw?? Hahahaha! 3 seconds, baby! ;)

Thanks for the note about 'vella'! I use it all the time and I never knew it was punjabi! :P

The Smiling Girl said...

Arey tu kaha gayi? no update from ur side? survey ke saath busy hain kya?

Sayesha said...

#Smiling Gal,
Nahin yaar... kal friend ka birthday tha... was out till late... came back and crashed... no time to blog :)

The Smiling Girl said...

Haan yaar.. tu to Orkut ke list mein bhi nahi dikh rahi hain...
tera photo bhi nahi in the old scraps.. kya hua yeh??
btw, I read that post re, looong back.. will read it again though!!
Its a quite confusing concept... atleast for me!:)

the girl who sold the world said...

I hereby declare that all the golds I ever won I will forfeit and hand over to tgfi. I think tgfi rocks and she should get all the golds henceforth, on an honorary basis. I bow to tgfi.

Sayesha said...

#Smiling Gal,
Hope you can figure out an answer that makes the most sense to you :)

Hmmm... This comment makes me very suspicious. Methinks it was posted by:

1. A very very drunk World Gal celebrating Italy's win with alcohol, now that's she's 18

2. Ipanema Gal trying to take advantage of World Gal not signing in these days

3. A third person who misses the old catfights between the two gals

All right, own up, who was it?? :/

Anonymous said...

nice blog. about a great game !

bachcha said...

hillllllaaarious !!!

will try that with few friends :D

Abhishek Upadhyay said...



Hahahaha.It was really hilarious yaar.

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Damnit, I'm suddenly realising that it's a big bad world out there. X-( I was out watching that Corporate with its reality stuff and that mean, evil tgfi came and took advantage of my vacation system status *curses under breath*. Okay, to prove that it was NOT me who wrote that goddamned comment, here are the proofs:
1.) I was out watching a movie at the time that comment was written and I can send the tickets as a proof. :P
2.) I celebrated Italy's win THREE days ago and alcohol sure doesn't make a person drunk for full seventy two hours.
3.) I always write 'The Girl Who Sold The World' while that's not the case with this commentator (seems to be tgfi) who has written 'the girl who sold the world'. Yes, check out the comment in the permanent link. It shows capitalisations et al.
4.) Biggest proof of all, I don't really use American spellings. The commentator (tgfi for sure...pffft) has written "honorary" while I'd have written "honourary". See the difference?

I rest my case *nose high in air*.

And since I'm gonna clear all cookies on this PC now, I'll sign in and comment.

Own up TGFI! Hmph...*tries to be super indignant*. :P

Rebellion said...

ROFL Sayesha..

That was really hilarious!!
It completely changed my mood yaar!!!

Awesome flatmate, what imagination, great patience and great guess work too haan!! Hollywood gossip & past and all, great going!!!

Absolutely refreshing & fun filled post!!

Take care,

Rebellion said...

LOL @ World girl

What an explanation with proof and all.. Do you plan to become a lawyer Nav :P:P

Vaise a gal like you can stay with a hangover for more than 72 hours :P:P:P

But actually everyone here knows that canNOT be you coz u never accept defeat.. Nice try TGFI, next time we both with plot against Nav & come up with a better plan :P:P

Take care,

PS: Sash, you got a mail from some Achinit asking for friendship?? ;)

Shruthi said...

Probably one of your best posts ever, Sayesha :D Laughed like crazy!! I love pictionary too, and DC - and you are so right! WE laugh so much that it doesn't really matter who wins or who loses!
Your past half a dozen posts or so have been great! I don't comment as often as I would like to.. but I totally enjoy your posts :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

yeh maine kya suna? tgwstw accepted defeat? omg!!! when??? how???why????

ok ok, i accept all apologies and honourary golds and all. what can I do??

/still amazed and surprised.

p.s: oh, take that jazz elsewhere. in the past few comments, you have been using lowercase, when you were not signing in , just to hide from your cousins, who, by the way know ALL about your blog.

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

@Aarti: Yeah, I actually am considering studying law. Seriously. :D

@TGFI: Chal, chal, don't try to act innocent. Yeh sab tune kiya hai...hum sab jaante hain.
And I have been using uppercase ALL the while! See the comments in the permanent link...just the commentator name given by the fake tgwstw (that is, you) is in lowercase. Hmph. :P

Sayesha said...

Thanks :)

Thanks :)

#World Gal,
Hahahahaha! :D See I knew it couldn't be you! :D

Thanks, baby. :)
ps: YEAH! Who is Achinit?? I think I deleted the mail! :O

Great to see that you're still around! Thanks! :)

#Ipanema Gal,
Hahahaha! Wah wah besharam, sara sona lekar chali ja! :D

#World Gal,

Rohit Talwar said...

'Vella' IS Punjabi.

You didn't know?! :O :O :O

Rohit Talwar said...

'Vella' IS Punjabi.

You didn't know?! :O :O :O

Rebellion said...

@ Sash
Dunno who he is Sash but he'd sent it to both of us.. The other id apart from sayeshaz, the my_hardy one was mine :P

I was ROFLing when I read that and that too sent to both of us together :P:P

@ World Girl
Don't take up law dear..
Either ul scare the judge away..
Or am sure you won't have the patience to listen in case.. IN CASE the judge says "Objection overruled" :P:P

Good one :P:P

Take care,

Rebellion said...

Btw Sayesha,

What happened to your Orkut profile?? Did you delete it??

Take care,

Born a Libran said...

Completely humorous... Couldnt agree with one part - it doesnt matter whether you win or lose... Ya right!!!

Swapna said...

hehehe !! Good one! That was hilarious...

The Lonely Traveller said...

great post...I stumbled across this by chance...and boy did i love it..
Cheers..keep it coming.

Sayesha said...

No I didn't! :$

Hahahaha! I'm still ROTFLing at his "I think we will make a good match" email to TWO girls at the same time! Hahahaaha! :D

Mera purana wala profile zinda ho gaya yaar... found loads of old school friends there so decided to operate only one account :)

#Born a libran,
Hahahaha! Competitive, eh, you? ;)

Thanks :)

#The Lonely Traveller,
Welcome to Sayeshaz and thanks! :)