Saturday, July 01, 2006

I'm game

I know it's weird to talk about cricket when the World Cup football is going on.

Which is why I'm gonna do it.

Besides, I'll get to football in a few paragraphs.

Since I was a kid, the only game I have ever been obsessed with has been cricket. I have never had any interest whatsoever in watching football. Or any other sport for that matter. My closest association with sports was going to my sister's school for her annual sports day and watching her in awe as she took the winner's spot in many many sporting events. Though both of us were considered all rounders, but we had our own things. Yup, nerdy behaviour, music and tomboyishness were my thing. Sports, art and elegance were hers.

She was my sports idol. So much that even when it came to watching sports on TV, I followed what she followed and liked what she liked. When she watched Wimbledon, I'd watch Wimbledon. One fine day, she woke up and started to follow badminton. I took suit immediately. Though I did wonder at many points in my childhood, why she couldn't make up her mind about one sport, stick to it, and stop confusing me.

Maybe that's why I don't like football. Cos my sister never followed it.

Cricket, of course, is different. Like they say, it's not a sport in India. It's a religion. Pre-natal knowledge and interest in cricket is something every Indian has. I still remember the India-Pakistan matches that my sister and I used to watch when we were kids. Mom would pop in and out of the kitchen wearing her maroon and beige apron and holding a spatula every time we screamed.

"Kya hua kya hua?? Sachin hit a six? Sachin hit a four? Sachin got out?"

These are the only things she'd ask. For her, once Sachin got out, the match was over. She'd disappear into the kitchen and not come out, even if we screamed. She'd only come out when it was time to peel the two crazy sisters off the TV screen and serve us food.

India-Pakistan matches had a special significance for me. When you are in love with almost every player in the Indian team and have a crush on almost every player in the Pakistani team, watching an India-Pakistan match can cause quite a turmoil in the mind and the heart. But of course, like they say - true love always crushes the crushes. :D

I remember this particular neighbourhood next to ours, which had a lot of Pakistan fans. They would save firecrackers from Diwali for the India-Pakistan cricket matches and light them whenever Pakistan won. Sometimes the matches would go on till late, and Dad would promptly issue his "Go to bed. NOW." orders to my sis and me, and we'd go to sleep, knowing that if we manage uninterrupted sleep, we would know the next morning that India had won. But if we were woken up by loud "Kaboooom" sounds in the middle of the night, Pakistan would have won. So we would wish for a peaceful night, so we could celebrate the next day.

Whenever I'd go to my grandma's place in the summer holidays, I'd whack sixers with the plastic bat and ball that my little cousin and I played with. We had a rule - if you hit a sixer, you have to find the ball. If you can find it, it's considered a sixer. Otherwise, you're out.

I graduated to gully cricket soon, and sometimes upon vigorous begging, the bhaiyas in the neighbourhood would let me field. But every time I'd ask to bat, they'd say, "Paagal hai kya? Ladkiyan batting nahin karti!" ("Are you crazy?? Girls don't bat!") It took me a few years before they finally gave up and allowed me to bat.

I don't know what happened over the years, but I feel like I'm not a cricket fanatic anymore. Maybe it's the fact that cricket is not so big in Singapore. It's not the same as in India. To me, the heart of cricket is in gully cricket, in the electronics showrooms with the crowd of people outside watching the match, in the common TV set that hangs from a tree in some village in India with the villagers gaping at it, in the radio sets we used to smuggle to school just so we could keep track of the score, in the furious calls to friends, "Did you see that??? Kambli was SO not out! That @#$%&*^% umpire..." and "OMG, I am crazy about Shahid Afridi, but I want him to get out for a duck in the next five minutes."

It makes me sad that I don't feel that spirit anymore, or the fire that I had within me whenever a cricket match was on. A few years ago, I took leave from office to watch a cricket match. My colleagues still find it amusing. But that's been about it. I've pretty much been out of touch ever since. Earlier, I would watch matches that India was playing. I couldn't be bothered with the other countries. But these days, even if India's playing, I only find out when I see the results in the newspaper the next morning (if they bother to publish cricket news). Sigh...

In the past few days, I have been swamped with football talk from colleagues, flatmates and friends, and a slight interest is creeping in. I recently also found out that a football game is only like 2 hours long (yes yes, I did not know, laugh at me all you want). So if I could stay glued to the television for an entire day, watching people throw 300 balls, many of which do not even find their way to the bat, I can surely watch a bunch of guys in shorts running around on a field trying to get to a bigger ball for 2 hours. Just to see what the big deal is really.

Luckily for me, I will start off on a great note. My good friend Bananapen has invited me to her beautiful new house to watch tonight's game on her beautiful new (and may I add, HUGE) TV screen. And I will stay up with a bunch of football fanatics (who will explain things to me) and watch the game from 11 pm to 1 am. And if it is as addictive as people make it out to be, I will come back home and watch the 3 am to 5 am game. Even though I have no idea who is playing the second one.

I think I'm game. Finally.


Anonymous said...

gold gold gold...

Aditya said...

Silver Silver Silver!!!

Singh said...

Um, bronze?
Do we, like, get a prize or something? I'm still new to being a bloggie.

Sujatha said...

welcome to the club...I used to play gully gricket too...and was the only girl on my school cricket team..(to the shock of most of the other school teams we played against)...and a opening batsman (or woman :D). But believe me, foot ball is as addictive...good luck.

IndianArchie said...

The way India's cricket team is playing at the are better off not having an interest.

And I saw the Germany/Argentina QF match...thrilling stuff! Hope you caw that too.

Musings that Amuse

Nirwa said...

Your talks about your sister are so much like the ones with my sister and me! :P

She being the tamed one and I am the wilder one! :P (haha - being wild is a compliment)

Cricket - I never played! Though I like watching it.. I once tried to play it, but I failed so miserably, I cannot see where the ball is!

I stuck to badminton! :P

And yeah, about football, the only game I'll now catch will be the finals! :P


Rebellion said...

Aawww Sash.. that was such a cute post >:D<

I could relate myself to the post at soooo many places :)

//"Though I did wonder at many points in my childhood, why she couldn't make up her mind about one sport, stick to it, and stop confusing me"
This was the best, cutest :D

All the elder sisters I guess are the nice sweet mellowed ones & younger the wild, crazy ones :P
My elder sis was related to art and me'z still related to sports & music. I love both of them :)

//"Kya hua kya hua?? Sachin hit a six? Sachin hit a four? Sachin got out?"
Guess all mom's are the same ;)
This one particularly reminded me of the scene from Jhankaar Beats when naani & granddaughter yell..
"Who's that.. whats that.. where's that" instead of "Howzzat" =))

//"true love always crushes the crushes"
Aawww.. hehehe

Talk about India-Pakistan series... I remember one guy who used to stay in my neighbourhood who used to wear the Indian cricket team dress with gloves only to see the match on TV and u know what... he used to run down to burn crackers after every six or four that India hit :O:O
*gulp* still digesting :P
And worse... he used to do it not only for India-Pakistan series but for all India matches :P
Gosh.. talk about cricket fans in India!

Chalo, hope you learn a lot about football tonight.. Enjoy yourself :D

Take care,

Anonymous said...

what did i get??

ohh! surpise, its tungsten.

yaa, it was great naa, being a little child. even i think i am losing interest on cricket, and may be its bcoz i have come to realise that i wud no longer witness great sachin hooking the ball for six.

well, for footer. agrentina sud have won yaar.

anyway, its a gud game and you will enjoy it. we have a big screen with a projector in one of our hostels so its quite a feeling to watch the match, specially wen someone(the players) makes a mistake aur hum ushe chilla-chilla ke khoob gaali dete hain. :)

(ohh! how i wish i cud give you an exact account of proceedings, but my innate decency comes in my way :( )

it was a gud read, and i cud really relate to it.

satish said...

aah, i forgot to write my name on the above comment.

i was just wondering.. you cudnt have identified me naa, if i hadnt told you tht.

i think i sud register into blogspot.

check out

if you have got infinite time to waste.

but then i already have a blog on yahoo 360.

Sayesha said...

Haha! That's all you had to say? :P

Gosh you too? :)

Hahaha! Sorry no prize! :P

Wow you were in the school cricket team?? Awesome! I don't think I was *that* good! :P

Really? Are we playing that bad? :(

#Princess Nirwa,
//She being the tamed one and I am the wilder one! :P (haha - being wild is a compliment)

Haha! Same to same with my sis - though technically I should be the sporty one... I guess she indulged in legitimate sports whereas I was sporty in other departments such as climbing trees and bashing up boys :D

//I stuck to badminton! :P

Man, I love badminton! Since I started my Masters, I have no time (or partner )to play it with, but I'd love to pick it up again! :)

Thanks, dear! >:D<
(I hope I got the hug thing right!) :P

//I remember one guy who used to stay in my neighbourhood who used to wear the Indian cricket team dress with gloves only to see the match on TV

Hahahaha! Awesome man! Simply awesome! Two of my friends used to wear the T-shirt but this guy is awesome! Even gloves!! Hahahaa! :D

Yes yes I knew it was you... too many give-aways:

1. Tungsten type ka joke is very typical of you :P
2. You don't use capital letters in your comments.
3. You like to say 'sud' instead of 'shud'.
4. You like to say 'gud' instead of 'good'.
5. You use a mixture of hindi and english in your comments which I like very much.

Nice sleuthing work, eh? ;)

The only little doubt was because you did not sign with a 'chaliye bye'! :)

//(ohh! how i wish i cud give you an exact account of proceedings, but my innate decency comes in my way :( )

Sounds really interesting! Email kar dena yaar! :P
And yes, you totally "sud" get a blogspot account!

Off I am to check out your blog! :)

satish said...

itna badaa reply!

aapne toh dil khush kar diya :D

and yes quite sleuthing, indeed!

abt the blog, i am sure you wud find your touch in it. (i just hope that thats not a case of plagiarism.)

chaliye bye :)

satish said...

itna badaa reply!

aapne toh dil khush kar diya :D

and yes quite sleuthing, indeed!

abt the blog, i am sure you wud find your touch in it. (i just hope that thats not a case of plagiarism.)

chaliye bye :)

Sayesha said...

Hahaha! Yeah Sayesha sirf Bhai nahin 0007 bhi hai, remember? ;)

My touch in your post? Yeah maybe the habit of writing conversations in the form of dialogue... :)

But I LOVED this part. Was laughing my guts out!

//Me: :OOOO (Why cant this O get any bigger?)

Was such a pity your post would not let me comment on itself without signing up! So this is my comment on my blog to your post on your blog. :)

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

*shows thenga of toes too* :P

Ab hum post padhenge. :D

ShallowOcean said...

hey! Hope that you enjoy the match on that HUGE new TV. Even me all hooked up with cricket and well..quite less interested in football but you know there are reasons to love the game..i'll tell you what ...chk out

have fun

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Hahahaha, welcome to the wonderful world of football! :D

I've NEVER liked's too slow for me. In school too, I played and watched only football or is boring. *Wears her protective gear to save herself from cricket fanatic bewdas here*.

But of course, like they say - true love always crushes the crushes. :D
Hahahaha...what a line! I'm gonna save this one. :P

I recently also found out that a football game is only like 2 hours long
Hahahahahahahahahaha!!! *points and laughs*...hahahahahahhahaha. *tells this to her dog who also laughs*. Hahahahahahahhahaha.
Gee wiz, I can't believe it. :P

And cheer for Italy, okay?


Duhita said...

Cricket isn't big here unfortunately! But luckily I have brothers who have taught me well:D Pssst...I had a thing abt Afridi too at one point, but then I realised where my loyalties are!;) Footy on the other hand is BIG BIG BIG here and have been losing too much sleep! I'm pretty sure with a big grp of friends watching, they wont let you miss the Brazil Vs France match!:) Enjoy!!!

satish said...

# sayesha

welcome to d suckers' world! (sorry, i did search for something as gud as sayeshaz, but this was the best name i cud come up with :|)

thanks for the comment! :)

its my reply for your comments :D)

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Yeah, watch football... now is the right time! And watchign football without a crowd surrounding you is kind-a dampening! So you must go to your friends' place to see that.

BTW, that "girls cannot bat" reminded me of something related... well, related to football, but a funny post anyway.

Sudipta Sengupta said...

Hi all,

Cricket can be interesting in case you look it from a different point of view now. I have recently posted an article on Merinews. Wonder if any of you can answer the questions I have. Read it here. I am sure your outlook to Cricket will change after this.

Rebellion said...


T-Shirts are cool, a way of cheering but gloves and shoes :O:P
We used to tease him as the 12th man.. away from the team :P
Bichara.. how much we used to tease him! Sach mein we all used to rush to our windows the min India took a wicket coz he was down there with a atom bomb in his hand.. he used to run up & down to burn it in the one minute break itself! hahaha.. he was funny yaar!

Btw.. football is not boring either! Just start with it, its as enjoyable as cricket! Sirf koi matches cricket ke test matches jaise borrin ho jaate hai :P
Me love all outdoor games, whether its cricket, football, volleyball or badminton :D
**show off alert** (:P)
I've also been the sports captian in school days, having won in volleyball & badminton :D:P:P

Neways, hope you have a great time :)

Your comment was hilarious man.. The way you wrote it left me in splits!
Vaise, how does a dog laugh dear? Have never heard it :P:P

Take care,

shub said...

I also used to be a cricket fanatic too...sit and watch any damn match, be it ranji trophy or English county!
After coming to singapore I barely keep track! Missing allll the action :(
Used to sit and watch every damn sport along with dad, except Golf! :D Missing it all:(

Sayesha said...

#World Gal,
Aaj tu hi hai bas maidan mein! Akeli race mein jeet gayi toh itni khush? :P

Welcome to Sayeshaz! :) Wow, there's some heavy stuff there... I was googling football rules and almost fell asleep reading them! :P

#World Girl,
Bahut hans rahi hai, huh huh huh?? Haan haan tu bahut jaanti hai football shootball ke baare mein, but what do you know about 'sepak takraw'??

World Girl does not know 'sepak takraw'!!!!
*points and laughs* hahahahahah!
*tells this to her stuffed toys and they also start laughing* hahahaha! :D

I think every Indian gal had a thing for Afridi at one point or the other! :P

Sucker's world... sheesh... kya naam rakha yaar Satish... and yeah, it does sound like a spoof on my blog :P
chaliye bye! ;)

Hahaha! We'll see if I stay awake thru tonight's game! :P And I read the link you sent... lekin there are plenty of gals who follow football more religiously than many guys out there... if World Girl reads this, us blogger ko kacha chaba jayegi! :D

//We used to tease him as the 12th man.. away from the team :P

Hahahahaah! Water boy! :P

Wow, I'm surprised at your sporting feats... you come across as such a sweet, nice won't-hurt-a-fly kinda girl, that it's difficult to imagine you as an aggressive sportsperson! Lekin rock on, deceptive appearances are awesome! :D

Sigh... it makes me so sad that I'm not into cricket anymore :(

wordsmith said...

Hey Sash,

Good to see you getting interested in football. And dearie, today's England Vs Portugal is one match which I wouldn't think of missing!!

Enjoy ur match, n oh yes, there deffy are good looking hunks in the England squad than in the Pakistan Cricket team!

Have fun!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

// #World Gal,
Aaj tu hi hai bas maidan mein! Akeli race mein jeet gayi toh itni khush? :P

HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH high-fives sayesha for her reply to tgwstw.
thanks dearie for making my work simpler.

the second game is Brazil versus France. Everyone is supposed to root for Brazil, that's the only rule you should remember even if you forget the rest at 3 am. ok? :-)

Rebellion said...

LOL Sash!!!

That was 10 years ago!! Now I only see people play and wish I'd be one among them too coz apart from my neice & friends, 2 things which can really make happy & forget everything are dancing & playing!! But even then I wasn't actually aggressive, emotional tab bhi thi! Still remember having cried after losing an inter-house match at school!!! But it was fun yaar.. aaahhh, how I miss those days :(

But there's hell lotta difference in the Aarti of school days & Aarti of today.. almost like Zameen Aasmaan ka fark (if it doesn't sound too exaggerating) :P

Btw.. loved your conversation with world girl :P

Take care,

Dev said...

*Stainless steel* yippppeee!

Heyyyy... me waitin for the England Portugal match now... doesnt matter to me who wins now. Coz Argentina lost (sob sob) :(

I certainly hope you arent watching the India WI match.. if you're an India supporter :P

Besides... its Wimbledon time! I love Wimbledon... my favourite grand slam... since Agassi won it back in '92. (sigh)... My most favourite Wimbledon moment was when Ivanisevic won a fairy tale tournament in 2001. Tooooo good!

Well... plannnin to blog after today's match... lets see if I'm in the mood. :)

Anonymous said...



Thats all i could make out. :D


saty said...

:) cricket is a organised form of loafing activity....ofcourse, it is like a religion in our country...but then as Marx said...religion is the opium of masses

The Smiling Girl said...

Almost same thing.. I just loved Cricket, and I was just so hurt when Azhar was caught for betting, Hansie Cronje died, Anil Kumble got married.. I just stopped watching cricket coz I didnt want to put myself to pain at all..:)

And now, yday when Argentina lost, I almost cried like a baby though I dont know any of the guys (I liked Ayala's looks though!), but then I understood that Football is a game of adrenaline.. So I am waiting now to see this game - Brazil Vs France coz we have nothing to lose and its full of power packed fun...:)
Enjoy your match, while I go and join the gang in my living room who are screaming the hell out of the city!:)

Iday said...

I guess ur already flooded with diff kinds views reg football. But u dint say whether u liked what u saw!!!
Well, how was it??? What's ur take...
Cricket and Football are two completely diff games. So no comparing :)

Btw - i just see that the indian cricket team has got WI @ 90/7.
Not bad huh...

Anonymous said...

Cant believe there are such Pakistan cricket fans in India! ... can easily guess who these ppl must be ... Grrrrr....

shub said...

you just kind of inspired a lengthy , wistful blog post for me! tahnks! :D

Dev said...

I stand corrected - WI all out 103. :D

Lets see if India can pull this one off at least. They snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in the first 3 tests.

IndianArchie said...

India 8 for 2 down in second innings


satish said...

brazil out!

and i am not happy.

Sirius Black said...

England out , brazil out.
Man i love this Worldcup :D

Iday said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Joy said...

I'm a bit curious to know how cricket works though I'm not really that interested perhaps because its not a popular game here. Football is in the bloodstream of the people in Europe and it's contagious. My favorite game was basketball but my interest in it lessens up because it's not popularly supported here.

And so, you've finally enhanced your football knowledge after watching the quarter finals? :-))

France won, yipeeee!!! I'm sad for Kaka (my crush!) but well my loyalty still sticks with Zidane. :-) (Are you familiar of these guys? :-)) ) Happy Sunday!

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

X-( X-( X-(
Accha, what do I know about your "sepak takraw", huh? Pfffft.....I just finised reading this article for the fifth time and I know this game now like the back of my hand. :P Muhahahahaha.

@TGFI: Zyaada fudak mat...don't forget that Brazil lost!!! Yeeeeeeha!!! BRAZIL LOST!!! YIPEEEEE!!!

There's no way in hell now that Italy can be stopped from taking the Cup home. :D

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

By "this article", I meant, THIS one. :D

!xobile said...

I've heard about cricket, football, basketball, badminton and lots more!
but now! sayesha!!
oh man
are there going to be sayesha world cups too ???

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

@ tgwstw,
seriously, now, is NOT the time.
/hides face in pillow and cries.

Duhita said...

Drats I was gonna jump up and down with my hand up saying, 'I know I know, Sepak Takraw all too well' but was beaten to it:) This worldcup is full of surprises! Portugal and France through....ooohh should be interesting semis! So how was it? Tell tell.....

Suds said...

Hey Sayesha, it is exactly same with me. I remember going to a Navy hospital to watch India pak match as we did not have cable at home. hmmm now I watch Basketball, American football and recently started watching Soccer(Football)... But nothing can beat Box cricket I played in my galli..:)

Take care.. Enjoy...

The Girl Who Sold The World said...


*Points and laughs*
Muhahahahahahaha...BRAZIL was thulped to crap by France...Muhahahahahahaha.

:P :P :P

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...


Rohit Talwar said...

To begin, let me say it, again: just LOVE the way you formulate your post. Brilliant.

Hahahaa. I belong to a cricket-crazy khandaan & neighbourhood. Be it any match (except weaker teams) ahem, there's a problem snatching the remote and tune into something else on TV X-( I like the game, but not as much as soccer.

So..kuchh samajh aaya matches mein? For one, I'd not want to explain any sort of rules to anyone while the gae is on, ahem. I HATE that.

And...YIPPEEEEEE BRAZIL lost!!! Hahahaa. Mazaa aa gaya. Even England! What a Friday night it was!!!

Sayesha said...

Hahaha! I still think that it's really boring when 22 guys run after a ball for 2 hours and the score is 0-0! :D

#Ipanema Gal,
Sorry about your loss, baby gal! I did not watch the Brazil game, but heard about it :P

Sigh... school days man... fabulous! :)

Hahahahaha! Stainless steel it seems! Hahahaha! :D

Oh you Argie supporter? :)

Nope, not watching any India matches these days :(

I concede defeat, o mighty one. Pray tell me who you are :P

Cricket brings us together man... much more than anything else about India does :)

#Smiling Gal,
Yeah man... I used to like Azhar... and my sis was heartbroken when Kumble got married! :D

I watched the first game last night, it was fun because of the screaming company I had... but I still find it a waste of time when they run around for 2 hours and the score is still 0-0. At least in cricket, even if you don't score by running, you have wide ball, no ball and what not :P

//can easily guess who these ppl must be ...

YEAH!! Bimbos in luuurrrve with the devastatingly good-looking Pakistan hunks! :P Hahahaha! ;)

Yeah, I just read :)

Shux man... since football didn't do it for me, I think I'll get back into cricket! :)

8 for 2??? Did ya say 8 for 2??? Aisa hota hai aajkal??? :O :'(

Heard about Brazil... sorry about your loss, buddy... you'll get over it soon... in about four years, yes? :)

Hahaha! Me too... though I was never into it, I thought these two teams will stay in :P

Cricket is an incredibly complex game, and unless you have pre-natal knowledge and interest, it's a bit difficult to get as much into it as cricket-playing nations are... I think even I know only 10% of the rules... but you could try watching a match and see if you like it... and oh, watch a one-dayer, DON'T watch a test match (very boring) :P

Yeah, I learnt a bit of rules last night, courtesy my screaming/swearing/dancing friends :P

All right I HAVE TO find out who the hell Kaka is... I thought he was someone's uncle... but apparently he's a hot guy undiscovered by Sayesha... google, here I come! :P

#World Girl,
Krutagya hokar mere charaon par gir ja... meri wajah se teri general knowledge badh gayi na? :D

Acually, you have to watch a game of sepak takraw to see how much skill and coordination is needed to play it... awesome man! :)

Hahahaha! Russesl Peters, tu bhi? :D Didn't think you still frequented the bar, welcome back buddy! :)

Sayesha World Cups? Yeah yeah of course! We serve orange juice in them at the bar! ;)

#Ipanema Gal,
Awwwww... there there. :)
ps: Where where? :P

HAHAHAAHAH! I thought you would, you know!! But World Girl's googling beat you! :P

Last night, the game was fun more because of the antics of two of my Eng-supporting fans... man it was hilarious to see them swear and jump! :D About the game, yeah, it was ok ok... chalega types... still prefer cricket! :D

Hahahaha! Navy hospital mein cricket match? :D
Gully cricket is de best! :)

#World Gal,
Have a heart, yeah? Tere Italy ka bhi pizza ban sakta hai... abhi se mat phudak itna! :D

#Ipanema Gal,
Don't worry... maybe Italy will lose and the roles will be reversed! :)

Thanks dear! :)

//So..kuchh samajh aaya matches mein? For one, I'd not want to explain any sort of rules to anyone while the gae is on, ahem. I HATE that.

Hahaha! My friends were very co-operative :)

Iday said...

Hmm... I guess u'll get used to the term "quality of football" pretty soon. U shud get to know more about the game.
And tell me really - dint u get that "high" when someone came awfully close to scoring or when a curvy dippy long range shot was finger tipped by the goal keeper??? What did u feel when a single player dribbles past 1, 2 and 3??? That is the essence of football. Ther are lots more. It is not only about the goals :)

See - in the 2 matches we had yesterday, we had only 1 goal. But what good games we had :)
May be u shud watch the Semis and the final.

BTW - try this Wiki Page on Kaka

adi said...

//I concede defeat, o mighty one. Pray tell me who you are :P

I won..I won sayesha. \:d/

Koi Pahailee said...

I think you have expressed my feelings about cricket better than i ever can. I used to be a fan and now i dont feel that spark. Loved the way you wrote.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

accha bola tune tgwstw ko. hmph. *gives tgwstw the index finger wag*

Sayesha said...

Naah... I did not really feel the enthu when I watched the game... guess football's not the sport for me :P

#Koi Pahailee,
Thanks :)

#Ipanema Gal,

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