Sunday, July 09, 2006

I know what you're searching for

Ipanema Gal was right. I actually intended to keep the previous post on for a month till I got my 300 responses.

Well, looks like it's not as easy a task for people who suffer from OCB. Obsessive Compulsive Blogging. So here I am, back to posting. But not without the following little note though:

They say a cat has 9 lives. Well, I have 300, out of which 92 have been saved so far by very kind souls. If you wanna save one of my other 208 lives, please please take my Krrish survey now! :p

New post begins here:

One of the reasons why we come up with blog nicks, some of which become more widely used by our friends than our actual names, is the fear of being googled out by those you don't wanna be googled out by. Sometimes I wonder if I am being ultra-paranoid -- are people out there so jobless that they're really keying in my name on google?

Nope, they're not. They're actually looking for more interesting things.

And may I just proudly proclaim that I know some of it. Muahahahaha! :D


With the help of a wonderful tool called Statcounter. Some time ago, a friend told me about statcounter, and I thought it would be interesting to see who pops by my blog. I found out quite a bit, that my blog is mostly frequented by people from USA, followed by India, Singapore and then the UK. There has been a sudden spike in loads from Malaysia which I believe has been single-handedly created by my friend Duhita. There has also been an increase in hits from Canada (hola to all you new people!). Hong Kong remains stable at four, two of which are from two banks. Lalit sends a regular Hi across from Denmark, and so does Kathy from Japan. Korea and Germany are seen bobbing up their heads now and then, and occasionally, there's a holler from Oman (Hi, Kini!).

But the most interesting info that Statcounter has supplied me so far has been google searches. When people search for something on google, and land at Sayeshaz, I can actually see what they were looking for. Some of it is the usual stuff I keep blabbering about, like hindi movies and songs and ghazals, and some of it is so sleazy it makes me wonder when I wrote about it. But then I guess the comments are also taken into account. So if we're discussing a large collection of sexy shoes, so many that even Jayalalitha can't match up, some dude searching for 'sexy Jayalalitha' actually lands up at the bar. And goes away shaking his head.

That, by the way, was a real life example.

So I decided to compile a few of the things that people are searching for on google, that makes them land on my blog. These have been compiled over the last one week or so.

Category 1 - The Bollywood stuff

  • Shaan's wife
  • lyrics of tu hi meri shab hai
  • koi sehri babu
  • Ahista ahista ghazal
  • Ghazals of Jagjit Singh and Ghulam Ali
  • Urdu shayari jo N se shuru ho
  • Kabhi khamosh baithoge lyrics
  • Miley sur mera tumhara
  • Do aur do ka jod hamesha lyrics
  • Shaan autograph
  • Bollywood filim
  • Shaan gum sum ho
  • bombay boys javed jaffrey
  • raveena tandon
  • Shaan concert
  • Tu jahan jahan chalega
  • zamana deewana DVD cover
  • song ya ali
  • SHreya Ghoshal can't sing
  • zayed khan rocky
  • KK tadap tadap

Category 2 - The general stuff
  • working men hostel Chandigarh
  • how to write farewell card
  • no control toilets
  • Dumb charades
  • What to write on a farewell card
  • Who's your angel?
  • Ankhein hai ki batatein
  • Humjoli herbal
  • Diwali party themes
  • Zombie in your head
  • dont regret anything because at one point it was exactly wat u wanted
  • reviews usha sewing machine
  • guys in glasses
  • dosa recipe
  • magnet keeper
  • happening pics
  • rapidex speaking courses
  • dog frodo
  • tamil words translate to malayalam
  • wisdom teeth jokes
  • Paradise Biryani
  • safari my night is your day
  • Men rubber bands
  • penicillin bum
  • slang meaning of bhidu
  • Bombay cafe singapore
  • gangs in Singapore
  • need to pee bursting

Category 3 - The weird/sleazy stuff
  • Jayalalitha sexy
  • Boyzillian
  • married women phone number who is intrested in one night stand in delhi
  • contact numbers of fun loving kerala women who like to talk
  • aarti agarwal drinking with her boyfriend
  • sexy free girls hot hot
  • Hot NRI chick
  • Chennai aunties looking for sex
  • Ganda dimag
  • hot Singaporean chicks
  • Bollywood heroines hot scenes
  • sexy hot live active
  • crossdress sari
  • nude girls in zym (sic)
  • sacha pyar sex
  • nri chicks on yahoo
  • plz i want to chat with sexy american girls and i want to make ID there
  • orkut girls
  • hot gal and guy picture
  • Delhi girl looking for fun
  • Free sexy Deshmukh
So how did you land at Sayeshaz? If you googled your way here, what were you searching for? :)


Sudipta Chatterjee said...


Sudipta Chatterjee said...

I was searching for gold!! and I found it!! Yaay!! :D Thenga and kela and a big wooooo and a large tongue sticking out to all and sundry!! He he hee

I know what has been troubling you... I have a better idea... not just google searches, but other referrers as well can show up on your blog. Take a look at the blogtricks link towards the lower right of my blog... and you'll see how even other referrers can be tracked! Gosh, right from "blog not found" to Michigan university football! ;)

Rays Of Sun said...

I had put Dog Frodo:O
wierd@married women phone number:O

Sayesha said...

Hahahaha! Very entertaining, your thenga-kela dance :D I'm gonna email you and find out more about the Creative Commons licence you have :)

Hai raam... tu mere kutte ko kyun dhoond rahi thi?? :O :O :O

The Smiling Girl said...

Hehe.. I landed up here from Hitler's Soul's blog.. there was some kind of a fight going on between u both and the MACs, I guess.. or I remember...:)

And yes, I didnt want ppl to google my name and land up on my blog, so I changed my name, URL and I plan to change the whole thing again!:)

Princesse said...

this was SUCH a cool post!! :).. very funny indeed.. and worrying if i may say so!! :p

Anonymous said...

sorry to say, but i have never googled u! :P :)
was referred by a friend..dont ask how she came over to ur blog...i dont know..:P..hehe
although i searched for ur profile on orkut and found it too..but dint add ya...pata nahi aap accept karogi bhi ya nahi :$
chalo..bye for now

Rebellion said...

That was ROFL stuff Sayesha, esp the weird category!!!

Am trying to recollect how I landed on your blog.. I guess from someone's blog, def not thru google :P

Nice one & glad your back..
No updates for a month :O:O
How could you even think of it??? :O

Take care,

dharmu said...

however i landed at sayesha'z, i am glad that i did.nahi to mere boss ka kya hota, bhai?

Anonymous said...

ohh ya..forgot to was really hilarious!! :)

PLEASE keep updating...krrish survey ho jayega..


Duhita said...

muahahahahah, Statcounter me don't like! Very dangerous!:D You know all my moves now!;) I don't have a clue how I got here, but its been good fun ever since!

shub said...

there was actually one who typed need to pee bursting


what the hell was the guy doing searching in google if he was "bursting"?! he should've looked for a loo instead!!!
this is TOOO hilarious!!
hahahahahaha!!! =))

so what's up , you ganda dimag Hot NRI chick?

=)) hilarious stuff! :D

Dev said...

//slang meaning of bhidu - He landed up in exactly the right place - Sayesha bhai's blog.
//wisdom teeth jokes - My guess is a guy lookin to impress his sexy dentist.
Hey doc, didja hear the one about the wisdom tooth who went to Antartica? He became a bluetooth. :P
//Men rubber bands - Where does he wanna use 'em?
//need to pee bursting - I wonder if he finally relieved himself on the monitor...

Somehow, I find these funnier than the sleazy ones... after all, in that case it's pretty obvious what they're searchin for. And I figure most of 'em sleazy search hits are coz of ur 'frandship' post... :D

If u'd like some samples from my blog...

mangalore cabaret [Duh!]
WGSHA hot [Maybe he was lookin for hot plates...]

I can only imagine the disappointment on their faces... tch tch.

Rohit Talwar said...

I'm SO glad I never googled sleazy/weird...ahem. I came here from someone's blog...and I CAN'T recall now. Jeezzzz I shall die thinking how I came here. Sheesh. Someone, HELP! :O

Anonymous said...

even i dont remember how i landed here, definately thru someone else's blog, sayad abhishek jain ke blog se.

jo bhi ho nice compilation.


The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

what's a person who needs to pee, bursting, doing on google anyway?
hahahaha that list totally cracked me up.

oops shubh already said the same thing. but it totally deserves a second mention.

same person was then searching for no control toilets too, i am thinking. some people are taking google to a whole new level.

free sexy deshmukh!!!! hahahhahaahahah

i came here through my very good friend's recommendation. and never left. after all the taane i got for commenting "anonymous" ;) and seeing how you wrote about life in such simple, down-to-earth posts, i got hooked, and decided to get my blog...the rest, my dear, is history. :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

and yeah, for the record, i was getting the gold way long back too, under all my anonymous names. so you can put another 15 - 20 in my tally. arrrree oo tgwstw, sun rahi hai??

Iday said...

Funny :)
I came here through some blog where u must either have been on blogroll or where u must have commented. Definitely no googling :D

spamtaneous said...

dont remember how i came here... mebbe from someones blogroll... i used to have this useless habit of reading blogs for hours n hours... im glad i dont do it anymore... except sayeshazz.... really

Apy said...

LMFAO... U got sm serious hot stuff happening at ur people lookin fr all hot stuff end up

Nirwa said...

OMG!! Sayesha, I was about to post a blogpost on similar topic!! In fact, SAME topic!! There are such weird ways people hop on to my blog from Saudi Arabia and Malaysia and all.. GOSH!! This is telepathy!!

I've had some more weird stuff.. "is kayam churan safe?" :P :P

Gosh, my next post is on that only! In fact, I have saved it as draft!! I must link your post to that one! :D


Shekhar said...

I landed here through Abhinav's blog. :))

ritzkini said...

"hai i am wanting to do friendship"
That gets you here too !

First on the list..

adi said...

Hey Sayesha,
You didnt mention what made me land into ur blog.. " DAV CHAIBASA"
Usko kaise bhool gayee.. apne gaon ko bhool gayee?? But really blog was really hillarious. And who d hell on this world thinks that Jayalalita is sexy???

Tapori Adi said...


Bhai bhot sare yede log.. "ghoda, tapori, item, bhidu, tapka dalne ka, hafta, timepassz, Maal,etc etc" khojte khojte bhi aa jate honge. Waise aap tension mat lo.. Aap ka blog ka security ka jimma apun leta hain na bhai.. Koi bhi unwanted yeda.. ya doosre gang ka member logan ko nahin aane dega.

khuda hafiz bhai.. aur haan blog likhte rene ka daily.. rukne ka nahin bich me bhai.

Princesse said...

hahahahahhahaahahah!! Love adi's comment - it just had me in splits!! :) thanks adi.. you rock.

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Aare mai Creative Commons license ki baat nahi kar raha tha! I was referring to the links listed below the world map. Of course you are welcome to drop me an email anytime! :)

scipio said...

Chennai aunties looking for sex

Pervert!!!! :D

Now I will never visit your blog again...

Wait a minute! Are you the lady next door who keeps staring at me when I sometimes come out of the house bare chested???? :P

Janefield said...

not sure if it was virdi praaji who told me abt this space or just discovered it online...seems like such a long time ago!

Rays Of Sun said...

Are nahi nahi..initially to rediff se aayee thee...
Lekin ek din..was looking for a gift your I put Frodo dog:P

Sayesha said...

#Smiling Girl,
Achha achha! Wow that was such a long time ago, and now I'm good friends with that "MAC" :P

Hehhee :P

Arreee you should have left me a scrap! :O

Thanks yaar... kya karein yaar... survey ki tension ho rahi hai... I think I just about reached 100 as of this morning... :O

Oye tujhe google shoogle ki kya zaroorat! Apne Harley par baithne ka, actually Ajay Devgan ki tarah khada hone ka, aur bas bar par pahunchne ka, kya? :D

Thanks dear! And do send me a frand ship scrap, okie? ;)

Hahahaha! Meri nazar hai tujhpar! :D But seriously, I think you're the only one from Malaysia! :)

Hahahahah! Yeah that cracked me up man! :P Ganda dimag hot NRI chick is doing great! Achha kal Bombay Cafe chalna hai?? :P

Hahahaha! :D I'm sure un logon ne gaaliyan dekar page exit kiya hoga! :D

Hahahaha! You're exactly like me! Yaad nahin aaya toh will go crazy! :D yaad aaye toh batana, okie? :)

Abhishek Jain? Ya Abhinav Jain?

#Ipanema Gal,
Hahaha! Yeah I was cracking up at the free sexy Deshmukh too. Makes you wonder if the person was looking for Ritesh or Vilasrao! ;)
ps: And oh, I think tgwstw has abandoned Sayeshaz :)

Hehehe... look at you getting all defensive :D

You're one of the few under the 'Others' category who's really stuck around you know. It's for people like you that I dun wanna allow only bloggers to comment. :)

Hehehehe... yeah :D

Really??? Hahahaha tu likh yaar I'm dying to read it! :D

Yeah I think I vaguely remember :) Abhi and mere blog par bahut reader cross-jumping hota rehta hai :)

Sheesh! First on the list??! :O

Yes dear I remember that! You're the second junior from school who googled his way into my blog. Kisi ko batane ka nahin, kya? ;)

#Tapori Adi,
Hahahahaha! :D

Yeah, the dude is hilarious! Did you read his comment on my last post! About how the sara chhokra log baithke Krrish dekh rela hai, uske baad survey bharega? Hahahahaha that cracked me up! :D

Haan yaar I know... I just got distracted by the CC logo :)

Hahahaha! And yeah that's me ogling at the topless Scipio. Happy now? :D

#Chosen One,
Yeah, you came here on Virdi's recommendation, I remember :)

Arre birthday toh bahut pehle tha... someone searched for Frodo dog recently... hmmm... lagta hai apun ka kutta apun se zyada popular hai! :O

Rays Of Sun said...

Location kya hai us bande ka;)?

justme said...

where d hell do u get this Stat Counter?? Sounds Interesting??
how did i land at your place.. should thank Rediff Get Ahead for dat..!!
keep Blogging..!!

Princesse said...

I just scrolled through all 72 comments on that last post to find apy's comment but I can't find the one u mentioned ... :o... Pleash to be englightening me...

Sayesha said...

Location toh yaad nahin... and statcounter shows only the 100 most recent results... but I think it was someone from the US too...

Just register on and get a piece of html code to insert in your blog template. You will soon know the sleazy reasons pple come to your blog for! :P

Arre Adi, not Apy. Tapori Adi to be precise. I'll save you the trouble of looking again, here's what he'd written:


Aap tension kai ko le raha hain BHAI.. Abhi apun apna chokra logan ko laga dia hain kaam pe.. Sab abhi baith ke KRISSH dekh rela hai.. fir sab apka survey poora karega bhai. Aapka dissertation aapko dilwata hain apun aap tension mat lo.. Koi aur kaam ho to yaad karna.

Princesse said...

ooooohhhh!! hahahahaha... Wah, bhai ka bhi bhai niklaa yeh!! Kyun sayesha?! ;)

Me said...

I was searching for Hrithik when I landed at the bar!(remeber :Hyatt knows what I did last summer!)It was months after you had written the blog and I have definitly been hooked since so much that I ahve to join AA now! Not a goood habit to go to a bar daily u see. and BTW the fact that I had to read all your archives in office didnt help since there is no PC at home and I had to had to take a couple of vintage wines before heading home!

Raj said...

Those country stats are not always correct cos a lot of times IPS are bought in bulk by big companies and used throughout the world.

But yeah, its always fun to go thru the keywords. Just yesterday someone found my blog be searching for "a dot on my monitor" :)

And someone else found it using "i have 5 mins to spare, show me something". Heh.

//Ganda dimag

Thats the best one definitely :)

//sacha pyar sex

What does that even mean!! :o

zoxcleb said...

i actually wrote abt something similar onmy page too... :-)

its fun to keep track on what ppl search for and from where...
P.S. i too have a regular reader from a bank in Hong Kong.

adi said...

//You're the second junior from school who googled his way into my blog.//

Who was the first one?

adi said...

And ya.. thanx for doing FRAANDSHIIP with ME on YOUR KHOOBSURAT ORKUT account.

Iday said...

//Hehehe... look at you getting all defensive :D
defensive??? :(
sachi yaar!!!
I really dont remember how i came here - but no googling for sure :)

mathew said...

Disclaimer:I havent reached your blog through any of the means mentioned above!!!

Was just jumping through various blogs and reached here..

hilarious post!!!

spamtaneous said...

did u see worldcup final ka final... what a match...

saty said...

me landed thru desipundit...your sayesha bhai eng. was featured there...this ones a nice blog though :)

Lalit Singh said...

hmmmmmm how did i land....
some blogger posted something like this gal gets 50+ comments per i wanted to check out aisa likhti hain woh

//Free sexy Deshmukh
WTH is that
//sacha pyar sex
//Ganda dimag

Lalit Singh said...

My weird searches from the last 20
bar dancer taranum pic
relaxo hawai fantasy story .com

Green said...

Hmm, don't you see any hit from a country called 'Finland'. You came only till Denmark :D

Prayank said...

LOL ... very funny findings ..

i never knew sayeshaz caters to such a large variety of tastes ...

The Inquisitive Akka said...

I'm one more of those ordinary types who blog-hopped their way to you :) Real funny post btw! I wish I had done something more exciting to reach your blog!

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Hahahahaha, what a collection! :P I'm so gonna bookmark this post's link and read that sleazy stuff thingie again and again. Muhahahaha...funny world! :P

I came here through google too. But I was just searching for an old friend of mine whose name is also Sayesha. Your link appears first and since I had nothing much to do, I started reading and got hooked. :P Wish I had searched for something more interesting like 'ganda dimag'. Hahahahahaha.

And me hasn't abandoned Sayeshaz. Chaar din chuttiyan kya mana rahi hoon ki everyone's either taking me for dead or saying that I've run away somewhere. :P I was just silently reading the stuff all this while. :)

@TGFI: Chal, chal, Anon gold jazz apne paas rakh. How do we know that it was you, huh? :P Hahahaha.

PS: I'm too lazy to sign in and sign out. Don't want my nosy cousins to discover that I've a blog. :P

Sayesha said...

Hehehe... chhotu abhi training mein hai... bahut naam roshan karega apun ka :P

Hehehehe... :P

Don't ask what they mean yaar... I'm clueless! :D Ganda dimag it seems! :D

Yeah I just checked out your list :)

You don't know him. Adi, I have studied in 7 schools... the second junior is from another school :)

Achha baba I believe you, khush?? :)

Welcome to Sayeshaz! And thanks for commenting :)

Nahin yaar, I was sleeping... I'm not into football, so just checked the results in the morning :)

Oh yeah I know you're a recent entry :)

#Lalit Singh,
Hahaha! Kaisa likhti hai it seems! Ganda dimag hai na... isliye 50+ comments per post... hahahaha! :D
ps: Bar dancer Lalit? Hahahaha! :D

Hi, welcome! :) Can't remember having seen Finland... but Statcounter only shows the 100 most recent loads... so maybe I missed Finland! :)

Arre! Sayeshaz does not cater-shater to any taste! :/

#Inquisitive Akka,
Hehehe... thanks :)

#World Gal,
Bookmark the sleazy stuff?? You ladki with ganda dimaag!! Hahahaha! :D

//And me hasn't abandoned Sayeshaz.

That's a relief to know. :) Cos I thought ki... ah well, jaane de yaar :)

Rohit Talwar said...

YAAD AAYA!!! Aaj shaam ko yaad aaya tha... :D

I came here through Vikram's blog. Pakka information!!!


Swapna said...

Wow!! That was funny .. :)

Sayesha said...

Hahahahaha! Chal now you can go to sleep in peace :)


The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

going to tell tgwstw's cousins ALL about her blog.

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

//Cos I thought ki... ah well, jaane de yaar :)//
Uh, what did you think? What did you think? WHAT did you think??? :/

@TGFI: If any of my cousins comes to know about my blog, you'll be buried alive six feet under...and made to listen to Himesh Reshammiyya (whatever the darned spellings are). Hmphhh. :|

Sayesha said...

#Ipanema Gal,

#World Gal,
Well, let's just say I did not find you where I thought I'd find you. :)

Sudeep said...

I use sitemeter to keep myself entertained for stuff like this...

i really pity the guy (or gal??) who keyed in Sexy Jayalalitha

i came here searching how to write long posts n yet to keep visitors hooked to the post till last word

How do we know said...

i googled for bulla ki jaana main kaun lyrics and got those riotous ones! do we find out what ppl were looking for when they got to ur blog? pls respond as a msg on my blog.. that will really help!

Sayesha said...

Yeah I remember how you came here... :P ROS told you about this girl who writes verrrry lambaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa posts! :P

#How do we know,
I've responded on your blog, as requested. :)

Anonymous said...

I was searching for Kunal Ganjawala..:) And am i glad i did.. :D

Sayesha said...

Hahahaha! Yeah, shareefon wala topic hai! ;)

Anonymous said...

sexy jayalalitha??? really weird... Singaporean chicks???

Abhishek said...

this anonymouus above is me

Tia! said...

Just bumped in from DesiPundit which had a link to this post. Now you know..

Anonymous said...

I was searching for word KHANABADOSH and I ended up at your blog. Poor that no website has lyrics of title song of Henna...!!

Anonymous said...

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Shanks_P said...

Bhai ....
the word 'Bewdas' invariably take one to your blog :)


Raja Swaminathan said...

Hi, I came across this blog a couple of days ago while googling for "Rongoboti Rongoboti Rongoboti". It is a song from my childhood days.
Am glad I found this place. It is just fantastic. :-)