Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The one and only

Contrary to popular belief, my musical world does not revolve around Shaan.

There are many many singers I simply adore. I'd listen to any unknown-unheard -of song just because one of these people sang it.

And then there are the singers I can't stand. And I refuse to listen to songs sung by them. But sometimes, the singers I don't like, sing that one song, which strikes a chord.

So I decided to make a list of such songs and singers.

I don't really like - Nitin Mukesh
I really like - So gaya yeh jahan
The song conveys the restlessness of youth in a very convincing way. And the tune is so simple that anyone can sing it, bringing it closer to music lovers who
themselves don't sing.

I don't really like - Vinod Rathod
I really like - Sundara sundara
The beats, the music, the tune, I like everything about it.

I don't really like - Sapna Mukherjee
I really like - Sundara sundara
Same as above

I don't really like - Sagarika
I really like - Maa
This is one of the songs that can bring tears to my eyes. Once upon a time, I used to listen to it every day before starting work.

I don't really like - Adnan Sami
I really like - Pyaar hai
He and Asha Bhosle create magic with the song. Beautiful!

I don't really like - Annamika
I really like - Nindra
The song has such a zing about it - it's infectious.

I don't really like - Kumar Sanu
I really like - Jab koi baat bigad jaaye (and oh, 'Tere dar par sanam' too!)
Never before had the "I know you'll be there for me" feeling been conveyed so beautifully and convincingly.
As for Tere dar par sanam, it's my all time favourite hindi song ever!

I don't really like - Amit Kumar
I really like -
Bade achhe lagte hain
The simplicity of the lyrics overshadow every other element of the song.

I don't really like - Bhupinder
I really like - Kisi nazar ko tera intzaar aaj bhi hai
One of my all time favourite movie ghazals. I still remember every minute of the picturisation.

I don't really like - Anuradha Paudwal
I really like -
Tum hi hamaari ho manzil, my love
In spite of the English words in a hindi song (a phenomenon I dislike rather intensely), there's something very charming about this cute little song.

I don't really like - Jaspinder Narula
I really like - Taare hain barati
I love the rustic feel of the song, especially the beginning. And the beautiful colours in the picturisation too.

I don't really like - Shabbir Kumar
I really like - Jab hum jawaan honge
I grew up singing this in school for my friends. It's very very close to my heart.

I don't really like - Anu Malik
I really like - Dhuan
He doesn't sound too bad... and the song has a really cool tune and amazing beats (hope they're original though). Besides, the video rocked. It was about a princess who ran away from home with her tiny pet tortoise.

Okie doks, I'm off to listen to my playlist of the day.


ROS said...

Abhi post daala

Rays Of Sun said...

Sweet post@
I like 'So gaya too'
And 'Maa'but am dead bored of listening to 'jab koi..'..Tm hi ho..kaunse movie ka hai???
I dont like Vikas Bhalla..but I simply like 'Buss dhuan hai dhuan..har taraf hain dhuan'

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...
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Raj said...

I like most of these songs too but "Tum hi hamaari ho manzil"? Which song is that?

And I dont remember "Dhuan" either.

Among all the songs mentioned here, my fave is "Bade achche lagte hain" :)

It is kinda surprsing when one comes across great songs by people one doesnt like.

But you dont like Bhupinder? He has sung so many great ghazals.

satish said...

abt kumar sanu, haan yaar, sometimes even i wonder how did he creat magic in some of the songs being so blurring (cudnt get a better word).

but then you listen to those songs and you fall in love with them.

arey listen to, 'saanson kee jaroorat ho jaise jeene ke liye, bus ek sanam chahiye ashiqui ke liye' from the movie ashiqui.

wow, let me play this song.

chaliye bye :)

Dev said...

My god.... Im in the top 10! *swoons*


The only singer I reeeeeeeeeeeeallly dont like is Himesh Reshammiya...
And I dont like his songs either :D

But I'm more of a slow song freak though...

Duhita said...

So sad Sash, there is so much more to learn! I only know 3 songs! The rest are alien to me:( Looks like I will have to look em up soon so that I don't sound uneducated:p

Sayesha said...

'Tum hi hamari' is from 'Yara Dildara', the movie better known for 'Bin tere sanam'.

You don't like Vikas Bhalla? I LUUURRRRVE him. I used to watch a stupid serial on zee tv called 'Tum bin jaaun kahan' only because of him. :P

Arre tumhe bhi nahin maloom? It's from Yaara Dildara. Both this one and Dhuan are not very well known :)

Yeah, I like the "aur?" in 'Bade acche lagte hain" :)

Yeah, I know Bhupi has sung many good ghazals, but I don't like him :P

My fav from Aashiqui is 'Ab tere bin jee lenge hum, zeher zindagi ka pee lenge hum'. He got his first award for that song na? :)

*splashes chilled water on Dev's face even though he has already recovered* :D

I like both songs by Himmesh from 'Aashiq Banaya Aapne' :P

I'm a slow song freak too! Which one's your slowest favourite?? Mine's gotta be 'waqt ne kiya'! :)

Hahaha! Yeah, look these up... I think you'll like them :)

Raju Bathija said...

In the song Bade achhe lagte hain, there are fabulous violin piece at the beginning and towards the end of the song, which I think are haunting. The song, incidently, was the first ever song to be sung by Amit Kumar for Hindi films. Very sweet post.

BJ said...

I like Annamika's nindra,by any chance do you have the location from where I can download it?

Drops Of Jupiter said...


I actually met Vikas Bhalla during a competition, I even got his cassette due to that!!

OMG I can't believe I even remember this...

adi said...

Bhai aap ke pichle blog pe maine suna bahut lafda hoyela tha... is blog pe bhi apne likha hain ki aapko kya pasand hain kya nahin.. agar koi ANU MALIK ka fan pareshan karein to chotein bhai ko yaad karne ka.. Sabko tapka dalega apun bhai ke liye

adi said...

kabhi kabhi apun ka blog bhi padh lia karon.. hum chotein bhaiyon ka dhyan rakhne ka .. bhulne ka nahin. Sala apun ke alawa koi apna blog padhtaich nahin hain.
Haan bhai khuda hafiz

scipio said...
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scipio said...

@Sayesha - Good list of 'unlikables'. Err... is that an english word?

I don't understand why you don't like adnan sami. Well... he hasn't got the sweetest voice but that is exactly the reason why I like him, which also the reason I adore Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Their coarseness adds something to their compositions, but what this is I am simply not able to place my finger on.

@drops of Jupiter - OMG ;) I can't understand the relevance of your comment to this post!

PS: Sorry for deleting my previous comment. Too many typos.
Sigh... I am getting too old for this :)

Drops Of Jupiter said...

Scipio- RoS says she hates him and Sayesha says she loves him..hence my comment.

Anonymous said...


havent heard anamika, "maa"..
i dont like bappi lahiri but he hasnt done a bad job with "mumbai nagariya"
manyyy ppl hate himesh, but i dont thnk he is soooooo bad...compositions kaafi achcha hota hai..
SONU NIGAM ROXXXXXXX!! simple love him :)


Rebellion said...

Nice list Sash!!

I myself love most of them, esp 'Tum hi hamari ho manzil' and 'Kisi nazar ko tera'. I don't really remember that song from Anu Malik but I remember its video very well.. A dam cute video it was! It was a nice one, need to download it :)

I really like a few songs from 'Aashiqui' & 'Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Aayi'. They're really nice and one this song named 'Hai dhuaan' from Vikas Bhalla is also a nice one!! Err.. 4get it, if I start giving my list of fav music.. it will go on & on.. never ending!!!

A nice one that was dear..

Take care,

Lalit Singh said...

u dont like Bhupinder :-o
what about all the other gulzar songs he's sung

Sayesha said...

Yesyesyes I know what you're talking about! It lends a certain beautiful sadness to the song, hai na? :)
ps: Didn't know that trivia about Amit Kumar. Thanks! :)

Well, I'm not sure if you can get it on the net, but you can surely download it off your email if you care to supply me with the address :P

You met Vikas Bhalla? You met VIKAS BHALLA??? :O
*bursts into tears*
Pata hai, my friend met him and asked him to sign an autograph addressed to me... dost ho toh aise! :)

Arree... phikar nai karne ka... lafda toh is blog ka middal name ho gayela hai... khali peeli tension nahin lene ka... purani baaton ko bhoolne ka... akha duniya tumse khush kaise hoyenge... koi na koi toh naraz hokar chillayega na... dimaag thanda rakhne ka... naya post, naya din, naya attitude, bas! :)

//Sala apun ke alawa koi apna blog padhtaich nahin hain.

Hahaha! That was so cute! Abhi padhta hai apun... bahut dinon se kisi ka blog nahin padha re... aaj padhega apun baithke :)

Hahaha! I like the term 'unlikables'. Like 'The incredibles' :D

Arre yaar I used to really like Adnan Sami till I heard his 'Lift kara de'... after that, didn't like him much... lekin 'Pyaar hai' still rocks! :)

I totally LOVE NFA, especially his work with Javed Akhtar. Remember that album called 'Sangam'?

Am surprised you actually read thru the comments! :)

Hey, you must get hold of 'Maa'. It's a beautiful beautiful song, with a beautiful tune and beautiful music! :)

Hehehe... I don't think Himmesh is sooo bad either... I really like his 'Aapki kashish'! :)

Sonu Nigam's my darling! After Shaan, of course! :|

Sayesha said...

Yeah I loved that video.. both the guy and the gal were very cute... so was the tortoise... wonder if Youtube has it!

I love all songs of Phir teri kahani yaad aayi... my all time fav is 'Tere dar par sanam' :)

I have heard the 'Hai dhuan' but don't remember much about it because I was so distracted by the devastatingly good-looking singer! :P

Let me tag you bacha, then you can make your lambaaaaaaaaa list! :)

Arre hum wohi purana discussion yahan kyun kar rahe hain? Bataya toh tha I like 'Karoge yaad' and 'Huzoor is kadad' but not as 'Bhupinder's songs' as such :)

scipio said...

@Drops of Jupiter -
RoS says she hates him and Sayesha says she loves him
Mea Culpa. Didn't read thru the comments... :)

Raju Bathija said...

#Sayesha: yes, the violin pieces does add certain beautiful sadness to the song. Amit Kumar himself had mentioned in an interview which was broadcast in a local FM radio station that this was his first song. Amit also mentioned that he was very nervous before the recording of the song, and great RD had told him to think about his father, Kishore Kumar, but sing the song in his own way.

Liz said...

I love that song Ma by Sagarika!:) Used to sing it all the time..and the video is sweet too. Hey if you have it, can you puhleeez email it to me at Danke in advance!:)

Nirwa said...


For others, I don't know, but Annu Mallik?? ANNU MALLIK?? The king of Frogistan?? :O :O :O

I have driven my sister to her wits' end by mimicking that "bhadkaeyeyeyeey angareyaeyeyee" from taht song.. :O :O

But I've heard lots of people like it.. I guess I am just a bit prejudiced against Annu and Himesh! :p

Nice list, though!


Canary said...

Am back after a loooong break..
How have you been ? :)

Rebellion said...

TAG?? :O:O
Na Sash naaa.. ache bache aisi darravni baatein nahi karte :P:P

You're a good girl right???
Goooooooood, I luv ya dear (Don't tag me, not for music at least pleaseee)

Take care,
Aarti :P

Sayesha said...


Great songs always have a 'pre-recording-story', don't they? Remember James and 'Bheegi bheegi'? :)

Video?? I haven't seen the video! :O Is it on Youtube??
ps: Sent you the song.

Arre I don't like his voice yaar... when I first heard, "Do me a favour, let's play Holi" I almost imploded. But this ONE song is really good... tu sunkar batana :)

WOW! That was some break! About a year, yeah? :) Welcome back! Am doing superfantabulous! :)

Hahaha! Ok fine, chal chal I untag you! :D

Liz said...

Thanks:) I used to watch it on MTV lonng back when I was still in skool. Hehe..will search for it on Youtube and let u know if i find nething...:) But if u can get a hold of it - do watch it, it's touching.

Inder said...

right. most english interludes in hindi songs are painful.
you don't like kumar sanu??? what a shame...
i love 'taare hain baraati'. a mesmerizing composition.

Sudeep said...

i wasnt aware tht Kumar Sanu has sung Jab koi baat bigad jaaye..

n i luv luv luv the song Bade acche lagte hain... :)

Sayesha said...

It's not on Youtube! :'(

Yeah, am not a big fan of Sanu... prefer Udit, like Sonu and LUURRRVE Shaan :)

Haan yaar, Sanu ka pehla gana tha woh :)

Dev said...

Chaudvin ka chand... that has to be the slowest one I like :)

Singh said...

Nindra's an old Punjabi folk song - if you like the song there are better versions out there - Anamika's fine, but her voice doesn't have the depth to really bring out the song.

Janefield said...

nice list...sigh...its eons since i listened to my cd/mp3 collection...see, this is one thing i love that i have nearly given up of late coz of lack of time! :((((

pls send me some songs via email! you hv a neat collection too. tere dar pe is my alltime fave too!this movie and aashiqui songs are so beautiful. i used to have aashiqui ka tape!! god only knows where it is now and if it even works. pls send me these two movies ka songs to my gmail id :)

Sayesha said...

Ahhh... what a song! What a smitten Gurudutt and what a super-gorgeous Waheeda! :)

I guessed as much... where can I find the real rustic version of the song? Yeah, I agree, Annamika's version sounds too 'pop' for the song :)

#The Chosen One,
You have stopped listening to music? Wow, I can never do that, I'd die without it. I need music the moment I switch on my Mac at work, and the moment I enter my house after work. :)

Will send you the songs when I get home, okie? Abhi yahan par nahin hai :)

Harsha said...

All is good for me, till Himesh Reshammiya and Altaf Raja are allowed to sing.

Sayesha said...

Hahaha! I actually liked Himmesh in Aapki kashish :P

But Altaf Raja - no way! :D

Janefield said...

Thanks Sash :) Music not allowed at work :((((((((((((((( and at home my boombox conked. My DVD player is always unhooked coz the stupid set top box is connected to TV. To watch a movie, I have to disconnect STB and connect DVD. One big pain wonly it is!! no time or patience to keep switching back and forth all day. Comp mein...I listen when I am on it, but its not in my room, so more grrrrrr.....:(((

Apy said...

That was a nice list .. reminded me of a lot of fogotten songs.. n memories...

Swapnil Nadkar said...

hi sayesha,
most of the songs on your list are on mine too..even rarely discussed songs like 'Pyaar Hai' from Kabhi to nazar milao..few of my favs from that list are - tum hi hamari ho manzil (superb combo of udit n anuradha p), bade achche lagte hain, taare hain for vikas bhalla, i just like one song - dhuaan, its a superb song. as for bhupinder - dont tell me that 'ek akela is sheher mein' or 'dil dhoondta hai' arent classics! :)

Rohit Talwar said...

isse pehle ke humpe hansti raat..
banke nagin jo humko dasti raat...

I love the song!

Sakshi said...

Kumar Sanu is on my not- fav list too. I hate the fact that he sang those songs in 1942.. last album of RD and Kumar Sanu sings it??????????

Sayesha said...

#Chosen One,
Gosh that's horrible living conditions! :O I'd be appalled at no music! :O

Thanks :)

Yeah, the songs are definitely classics, but sometimes I wish someone else had sung them :P

Meeee tooooo! :P

Good point!! :/

Sudeep said...

arre woh Bade Acche lagte hain gaana mere paas company mein nahi hain... aur net blocked hone ki wajah se cant search for it.. tuzhe koi site malum hogi toh bataa na dwld ke liye

Sayesha said...

Apun intzaam kar diyela hai... pahunch raha hoga tere paas abhi :D

hems said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
hems said...

@Sakshi : perhaps u know more abt music than RD knew? shame!

I thank RD that he 'chose' Kumar Sanu' instead of "plain talkers" udit, sonu etc, to sing 1942 songs!

Nobody, even Sanu himself can't create the same magic again singing "Ek Ladaki" and "Kuchh N akaho" (Sanu sang this song a lot better than Lata! (IMO)) in concerts/shows.

Anonymous said...

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Adnan Siddiqi said...

I don't really like - Bhupinder
I really like - Kisi nazar ko tera intzaar aaj bhi hai

Buddy you might not have listened his ghazals penned by Gulzar.You would have heard "Is morh se jatay hain" of AANDHI by KIshore and Lata but do listen same one by Bhupinder.It really mesmerise you truly.The ghazal you mentioned is not better than "Karo gay yaad tu hur baat yaad aye gi" of BAZAAR.

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Anonymous said...

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