Friday, July 07, 2006

Just a li'l Krrish

In a world of dissertation supervisors that breathe down your neck and are always suspicious that you're not working hard enough, I feel fortunate to have a great supervisor who trusts me.

Typical conversations between my dissertation supervisor (DS) and me go somewhat like this:

Sayesha - Hello, Sir!
DS - Hello, Sayesha! So how was your US trip?
Sayesha - It was fabulous!
DS - Great. I'm glad you had fun.
Sayesha - Yes, sir. About the dissertation...
DS - Good good. So are you planning to move to the US anytime?
Sayesha - I haven't really decided... will consider... need to submit my dissertation first, get my Master's degree...
DS - Of course of course. So what have you been doing then?? Watched Krrish?
Sayesha - No sir, not yet.
DS - WHAT? Really?? You haven't watched Krrish? I don't believe you. When will you watch it??
Sayesha - I will I will, sir. Soon.
DS - You have to watch it before you draft the survey, you know. It's important.
Sayesha - Yes, sir.
DS - So when do you intend to watch it?
Sayesha - This weekend, pakka.
DS - Okie, you'd better do it soon. I presume you're gonna watch it a few times?
Sayesha - I don't know yet, sir. But most probably yes.
DS - Great!

I suppose this is the advantage of doing a dissertation on 'Krrish and its effect on Singapore tourism'.

Of course, the disadvantage is that
much as I want to, I can't write a post reviewing Krrish. It seems that may interfere with the results of the survey that I have to conduct -- at the speed of light no less. I gotta get 300 responses to my survey within a month. Yes yes 300. They broke the news to me only recently. I'm trying to recover from it.

300 responses is not an easy task. The last time I did a survey project, I got 74 and I was over the moon with joy. But I'm very freaked out at the thought of 300 responses.

Ahem... So here's your chance to win yourself some brownie points, punya tokens, good karma, phokat ka daru, etc. If you've watched Krrish and live outside Singapore, spare 2 minutes of your time and contribute a precious 0.033% towards my dissertation.

Take my Krrish survey now and HALP save a life. :O

(You may copy+paste if you're sending it to friends. Thanks a TON!)


Liz said...

Gold!:) This ones for my company - my work begins @ 7! =P ..and okay, I shall do the survey :) I've just given up 2 minutes of my life - you owe me an icecream =D..
If you can though, don't watch krrish - it really is a waste of time =S ...

Liz said...

Oh, it is for people living overseas:) Heheh, after seeing those super duper offices, am sure anyone would wanna head to Singapore...mite get disappointed with the tiny cubicles they get stuck with though ;)

Duhita said...

Oh no!!! I havent seen it, and after reading all the 'wonderful' reviews abt it, I wasn't quite planning to see it. Let us see, you said a month, maybe something might possess me:D And then I'll defintely take the survey. Smart move, putting it on the blog;) Good luck!

Angelsera said...

if i havent watched krrish can I still take ur survey :D

Sirius Black said...

ahh dunt worry when i ll watch krrrrrish i ll definately take part in ur survey ;)

Sayesha said...

I've already watched it. Had to, before designing the survey questions. :)
Oh yeah, you don't exactly qualify cos you already have an impression of S'pore. I'm looking at people whose first impression came from the movie :)

If you watch it, do take my survey. Alternatively, you can pass the link to your friends... hehehe :P

You live in Singapore. You're disqualified on both grounds. :P

Sayesha said...

Thanks a ton, buddy! Hope you watch it soon ;)

Cogito said...

I live in spore. whoa..missed my chance to obtain good karma !

Good luck for your dissertation.

Me said...

Hi Sayesha,
Filled your survey but after finishing it I was taken to site...hope my response has been saved though!! Have been really regular on your blog but I guess this is the first time am commenting bec of the survey!Anyways am in India so do letme know if I can help you in any other way too!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

good luck with your dissertation. you have a kick-ass advisor and i'm jealous as hell. :-)

sorry, me no watch krrish.

Sahil said...

survey ho gaya.

One mistake though - last question I think - when you gave the options for income, these are the options if im not mistaken:

1) No income
2) < 500
3) 1000 - 1999

what happens to someone who earns from US$500-999? Tsk Tsk Sayesha. DS wouldn't be impressed.

Sayesha said...

You can gain bonus-karma by passing on the link to your friends who don't live in Singapore! ;)

Yes, it's recorded, thanks a TON! :) Do help to pass it on to your other friends too :)

#Ipanema Gal,
Yaar Youtube par hi dekh le, lekin dekh le... ek ek response keemti hai mere liye! :P

OMG you are such a life-saver!!! Muah! :) Changed the options, though I'll have to manually key in the responses so far - luckily it's not a lot... hope it spikes soon though! :)

viv said...

How can you give people less credit than they deserve? It's 0.33% no? :P

I'm not qualified to take the survey... sorry...

Sayesha said...

Hehehe... gotcha! :P

I said "contribute a precious 0.033% towards my dissertation." The survey is only about 10% of the 100-page disssertation that I have to write. Yaccaaabbbbbaaaaaa!!! :'(

Archana said...

I haven't watched the movie (and don't plan to anytime soon) - can I still take the survey based on the reviews I have read :-D?

Or oooopss - I am not supposed to ask that question here and simply take it ;-P?

Harsha said...

I wish my manager or lead would tell me to go watch a movie !!! Now that would be work one would enjoy!!

Survey completed.

Raj said...

I've neither seen Krrish nor want to. But I've forwarded the link to all my friends in my DL (around 30 people). So lets hope that some of them have seen the movie and decide to take the survey.

Neways, good luck :)

Anonymous said...

hi sayesha,

good luck with ur dissertation!!
survey completed.

Best Wishes,

The Smiling Girl said...

Abhi samajh mein aya... dissertation ka matlab.. Hehe..
chal.. main hun tera savior...:).. main khud teen logon ki survey kar dungi.. :)

The Inquisitive Akka said...

Wow, you are one lucky gal to have a such a nice a supervisor!

Nirwa said...

Done! :D

Btw, the movie is damn slow, and I am still wondering what was Bombay Circus doing in Singapore.. and also, did Krrish inherit Rohit's extra finger too? :P

Now, do I get an all expense paid trip to Singapore? :D


Raam Pyari said...

aahhhhhh...u knw bahin, my table is over crowded with books and some more books and then some more,papers are lying idhar-udhar ..have been studying since since 5:30 in the morning w/o a break and was nearing breaking is obvious was feeling terrible(anybody wud, doing this kind of rubbish padhai)

your post was sucha welcome break yaar!!!!
u rokkkkk:)

just keep riting!
p.s. krrish nee dekhi abhi takk but I adore HR!!

Fishy said...

Hey, have watched Krissh, so took the survey... have one pointer survey monkey you have the option of showing a 'finish' page.. so maybe you want to add a page at the end that says, "thanks for taking the survey", so people know they have comepleted it... :) The default is to return to the surveymonkey homepage... all the best with your dissertation... have passed the link on to some people... hope it helps...

L said...

Well the singapore thingy came at the end I guess.. I had already stopped watching the movie by then.. pakaued by the stuff..! anyway done with the survey with sm valuable inputs from friends.

Sumana said...

hey when i clicked on the survey link, it said the survey is closed. have you already receined 300 response?

Have watched Krrish, did not like the movie but lately have been seeing lots of advertisemnets where the cast of Krrish is promoting Singapore tourism.

Though i did not like the movie, the movie is doing great in India. I read somewhere it has earned 70 crores in its first week, supossed to be bollywoods biggest hit this year till now.

All the best!!

Sayesha said...

Hehehe... I wish too (would make up my 300 faster)... but gotta be a leeeetle bit honest in my dissertation :P Only a leeeeetle bit ok? :P Well, if you hadn't asked me and taken it, well, I didn't see anything, did I? ;)

Thanks! :)

Wah, dost ho toh tere jaisa! Thanks a ton yaar! :)

Thanks!! :)

#Smiling Gal,
Hehehe... I will pretend I did not read the last line :P

Yeah, indeed I am! :)

Thanks! :) Hehehe... don't try and get comments outta me about the movie, am supposed to be neutral and all... *serious face* :|
ps: Paid trip to Singapore??? Tu aisa kar film-maker ban ja! Phir Singapore khud hi sponsor karega tera trip! And oh, can you bring John Abraham with you? :P

#Raam Pyaari,
Areeeee itna padhai kaahe ko kar rahi hai re... egg-jam hai ka? Thoda dimaag thanda kar, saans le... apni bahinnn ka naam le... pikchur-wikchur dekh le... actually Krrish dekh le.. (HR aur body-shody banakar aaya hai) hehehe :D

Hey thanks for the tip. I have added a 'Thank you' page after a few more pple told me that there is no notification that the survey is over. Hope it works. And thanks again for passing the link on! :)

Thanks a lot! :)

Oh I must have been adding the 'Thank you' page when you tried to access. Could you try again? Sorry about that. :P

//have you already receined 300 response?

HAHAHA! I wish!!! :D :D :D

Princesse said...


patiala pataka said...

Krrish sucks...what a stoopid movie...wasted my money....should have seen superman :(

Iday said...

Hevent watched the movie yet. All my motivation/interest was lost once i read all those reviews.

Will watch the movie over the weekend and finish ur review as well. You'd then owe me a trip around singapore if i happen to come there sometime ;)

Dinesh said...

Hmm..emailed the link to a few friends. Hope they complete your survey.

//spare 2 minutes of your time and contribute a precious 0.033% towards my dissertation
Doesn't a single person actually contribute 0.33% to your survey? :P

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

chal i sent it to my friends too. now they all want to know who my friend is in singapore who's doing her masters blah blah.

sheesh. nosy friends. chupchaap survey karne mein kya jaata hai? ;)

Sayesha said...

Thank you shehzadi :)

#Pat Pat,
Whoa look who's here! Good to see you alive and commenting man! :)

Thanks! Sure, will definitely show you my city if you come here! :)

Gotcha too! :P So I'll just copy-paste my reply to Viv, he asked the same thing a few comments earlier :)

I said "contribute a precious 0.033% towards my dissertation." The survey is only about 10% of the 100-page disssertation that I have to write. :(

Thanks for sending the link to your friends :)

#Ipanema Gal,
Are your friends male and good-looking? :D

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hahaha. yes, some of them are! baat chalaayen? i will tell them to do fraandship wid u on ur hot lukin orkut prfle.

Duhita said...

Oks:) Sent them over to all the possible friends who'd watch a hindi movie! I hope at least one or two would have watched it! Am thinking though I can't complete the survey either since I've been to Singapore now a few times...but you didn't hear that right:D

Sayesha said...

#Ipanema Gal,
//ur hot lukin orkut prfle

Have some risss-pact yaar! It's called "wannabe pic on Orkut". Yaad nahin Anonymous ne kya bola tha?? :D

Thanks thanks! :) When are you coming here next yaar? I will force-feed you with all the Bolly-DVDs I have :D

adi said...

Hey Sayesha,
If i take your survey then will you pay all my expeneses for a trip to singapore?? Or can you ask the singapore government to do so ??If not then can you atleast bear my expenses for a show of krish at the PVR?? If yes then i will take your survey. And ya if you get your dissertation cause i took your survey then what will i get??

Dinesh said...

Damn! Need to work further on my reading comprehension. Got more such twisters??!

TAPORI ADI said...


Aap tension kai ko le raha hain BHAI.. Abhi apun apna chokra logan ko laga dia hain kaam pe.. Sab abhi baith ke KRISSH dekh rela hai.. fir sab apka survey poora karega bhai. Aapka dissertation aapko dilwata hain apun aap tension mat lo.. Koi aur kaam ho to yaad karna.

Sudeep said...

ROFL @ the topic of dissertation

i havent watched the movie.. agar 300 nahi hue toh bataa dena le lunga survey.. waise bhi kaam dhaam nahi hain philal :D

but m off to read the questions.. i hope they make me laugh too like the topic

Inder said...

participated in survey :)

watched krrish here in holland. they show 3 shows a day on all days at pathe, a local cinema hall. lot of indians and surinamis watch the movie. they come as families, with kids and all... was surprised to see quite a few dutch too watching the movie.

i liked krrish. it is a mindless fantasy timepass movie. i would be a stupid if i go to watch krrish expecting logic from the roshans. i liked krrish for the same reason why i like reading and watching comics, cartoons and animations.

Sumana said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sumana said...

Hey finished the survey. I have also forwarded the link to friends!
Hope your survey reaches '300' soon!Wish you luck.

Shekhar said...

Hmm. I haven't seen the movie...but Krrish as a subject of your dissertation is a brilliant idea. I can hear Basanti saying "Aam ke aam guthliyo ke daam".

Vijay said...

I am a wannabe Bollywood fillum director :D
would you like to write the script for my movie???
Point being....
I had not read your 'Great Supervisor' blog, after reading it, i am sure with all your weird and amazingly awe inspiring real life situations - you should start writing movie scripts ;)

Rebellion said...


In case you're guessing why am laughing so much Sash, its just coz I have an idea of your review for Krrish and how much & how difficult it is for you to control your emotions & words here & keep yourself neutral :P:P

Anyways, I haven't seen Krrish yet, will definitely watch it over the weekend & fill in your survey!! Ek mahina naa... bohot time hai, tab tak 300 se to guaranteed zyada responses mil jaayenge, for sure :)

Take care,

Lalit Singh said...

Aish kar... tu bhi kya yaad kaergi

Anonymous said...

i havent seen the movie yet! ( lucky me!) :))

completed the servay anyway. :))) (it was fun and i am a lukkha.)

(i did give appropriate answers though)

'aur while conducting a survay you should ask some questions atleast twice in different ways to check for consistency'-is what they. i am not sure though :-S

chaliye bye:)


Anonymous said...

'aur while conducting a survay you should ask some questions atleast twice in different ways to check for consistency'-is what they SAY.

nahin, i was not drunk wen i posted the above comment. :D

Silver Mist said...

Was feeling vella so filled up your survey!
Hope that helps! :D

Raam Pyari said...

mera pata sillysilly nee hai!!!!
inna bhi nee pata, tohar bahin kis gaon mein rehti hai!

lanat hai!
zara tame mile toh pata sahi karr diyyo!

Sakshi said...

Waaaaaaaah .. me so jealous. Mera bapu ekdum khadus hai..
Aaj to bhidu ekdum tension derayla hai..

Janefield said...

hvn't seen it yet yaar, altho' had been dying to...until i read/heard the reviews :( by the time i see it, yr survey will be over, not to worry :)

Nandya said...

saved a life...

Bhaarat said...

I have filled ur survey.

The step 3 is uniquely pleasing.

Pl. do send me ur survey research design. I was just curious how are u going to analyze the data. My email ID is

dharmu said...

bahi, finally i get ot read ur posts after my galavantings. uh, aapkelye, kuch bhi kabhi bhi, kahin bhi.

add a 25 responses from my end, put it in my group. they will be glad to respond, and assure you that they will flow in from all corners of the world !

Sayesha said...

Oye! Badle mein kuchh mangte hue sharam nahin aati? Teri jo sari tapori training ki apun ne, uska ek paisa bhara tuney?? Isko guru dakshina samajh le! :D

Hahaha, not in this post, but akan datang! :)

#Tapori Adi,
//Abhi apun apna chokra logan ko laga dia hain kaam pe.. Sab abhi baith ke KRISSH dekh rela hai.. fir sab apka survey poora karega bhai.

Hahahaha! This was so hilarious! I could actually imagine the chhokra log sitting and watching Krrish against their will :D

Yaar dekh le movie... 300 hone mein bhot time hai... abhi sirf 75 hua hai re...

Thanks! :) Yeah, I know exactly what you mean... even when I go to the Singapore Jade theatre to watch a hindi movie, I am overwhelmed at the aunties in saris and screaming kids... really feels like I am back in India! :)

//i liked krrish for the same reason why i like reading and watching comics, cartoons and animations.

Egg-jactly. :)

Thanks a ton! :) I'm at 75 now, hope it gets to 300 soon :)

Haan yaar... apun shuru se adiyal ghode ki tarah data hua tha ki Bollywood par hi dissertation karne ka... I can't write a 100 pages on any other thing! :O
ps: If you watch the movie, don't forget my survey ok? :P

Whoa! Are you directing the next Munnabhai movie?? :D

Heheheh... tu hi samajhti hai... yahan meri jaan nikal rahi hai, trying to be neutral sheutral and not give away my views :P

//bohot time hai, tab tak 300 se to guaranteed zyada responses mil jaayenge, for sure :)

Tere muh mein low fat laddus! :)

Haan I saw you'd filled... ek hi entry hai Denmark se... thanks! :)

Aree bina movie dekhe bhar diya?? Kaiku mere results pollute karta hai re? :P

Naah, my sup will question the redundancy... besides, it's annoying for the surveyees too "Abhi toh bola tha... phir se kaiku ghumake wohi cheez poochh rela hai?" :P

#Silver Mist,
Thanks! May all your friends be feeling just as vella as you are! ;)

#Raam Pyari,
Haan haan... badal diya... tu baar baar apni jhopdi badlegi toh main kya karoon re? :D

Sheesh... I had a tutor like that in my first sem... bhot tension diya re... tabhi is baar I chose easy-going guy :)

#Chosen One,
India's first superhero movie yaar - dekhna toh chahiye :)

//by the time i see it, yr survey will be over, not to worry :)

Tere muh mein bhi low fat laddus! I really hope so! :)

Thanks, lifesaver! :)

Step 3? You mean page 3? :)

Well, I'm going to be mostly looking at whether Krrish would really affect Singapore tourism as much the Singapore Tourism Board hopes it would. Can Krrish do for Singapore what LOTR did for New Zealand?

Haan haan... Harley par akele akele ghoom ghaam kar aa gayi?? :D

25 responses??? ReallY??? Tere muh mein bhi low fat laddus! (I need to replenish my stock!) :)

Apy said...

Okay dudette.. i did ur survey too .. though havent seen the but wat the heck.. need to reach that 300 wala target right ...

Nirwa said...

hahaha.. film maker.. Hmm.. not a bad idea.. if I get to travel to exotic places for free, why not? :P

And yeah, I'll try to bring John along with me.. You can keep him, nad I'll keep Abhishek Bachchan! :D

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Thought you'll find this interesting

Rebellion said...


Low fat ladoo's???

Low fat, no fat or high on fat.. doesn't make me a difference.. Ladoo's, yummmmm!

Ab to 15 days will be all for your +300 responses..
Fikar not bacha, hamara aashirwad aapke saath hai :D :P

Take care,

Ramkumar said...

survey done!

Sayesha said...

Sheesh. Honesty yaar honesty! But thanks! :)

What?? Abhishek Bachchan? Arre I thought I'll use you to keep Bipasha busy with shopping and all! ;)

#Ipanema Gal,
What a coincidence, Thanu sent me the same link! But thanks for thinking of me when you saw this, it'll be really useful! :)

Thanks for your aashirwaad baby girl... I hope to see 300 soon, then I can start blogging again :P

Thanks a lot! :)

V N said...

I truly, sincerely and enjoyably loved EVERY second of it!
Hope u do very well with ur dissertation.

Hiren said...

It so happens that my latest post also happens to be on Krrish where Hritik extensive describes the beauty of Singapore and how it help him connect with his inner self. Singapore is indeed a very nice place

Rebellion said...


Missing your posts!! Was wondering why wasn't your blog updated...

Hope the count reaches 300 today itself :D

//baby girl
hehehehahahaha, that sounds funny Sash :P

Take care dear,

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

why you messin with me??? :@
(my blogroll keeps saying your blog is updated and i come here and ..)


if you want to keep the request for your survey on (i suspect thats why you haven't moved it down to make room for a new post) consider pushing it into the sidebar or titlebar or something???

kuch to karo! do we have to wait for 300 entries? really?????


Rohit Talwar said...

Sorry. Won't even watch the damn film for free.

Sayesha said...

Thanks :)

Just read your post, and yes, Singapore is beautiful :)

Waaaaaaa :'( Abhi toh sirf 92 hua hai :'( kaise hoga baaki... aur kab hoga blog update? :'(

#Ipanema Gal,
Some dhakkan blogroll you have yaar... jhooth bolta rehta hai :P

//i suspect thats why you haven't moved it down to make room for a new post

Hehehe... clever gal :P

//kuch to karo! do we have to wait for 300 entries? really?????

Hope not yaar... will think of something :P


Rohit Talwar said...

Arre...ab nahi dekhi to kya karun? Aise hi bhar dun? Kya bolte ho?

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

thankoo for being OCB and updating . your OCR can read and then go "pee in peace"

may there be more!!!!!

bdb said...

surveyMonkey to a master student... shame!

Sayesha said...

Nahin yaar... nahin dekha hai toh mat bhar.

#Ipanema Gal,

Well I live in Singapore and my surveyees live outside Singapore, so obviously I'm gonna have to use an online survey. I'm paying a monthly fee for it.

bdb said...

and you are paying for it!!shame again!
guess krrish is not out yet in europe.
anyway goodluck!

Sneha Acharya said...

I have not watched Krish but have taken the survey .. i guess its Ok

PSV said...

Sayesha said...

Thanks yaar! :)

Sheesh! :P

Gosh! Thanks A TON, buddy!! This piece of news will be an awesome addition to my thesis!!! :D

Raju Bathija said...

I have seen the Krrish, and disliked it immensely. I have done the survey.