Friday, July 14, 2006

The Kat and the mouse

So last weekend, Katrina Kaif scared the hell out of me.

I was at this shop buying hindi DVDs when I saw a section of oldies. I bent down to take a look at the bottom-most shelf and when I got up I sensed someone standing right behind me, breathing down my neck.

I quickly turned around and my heart literally stopped beating for a second.

With utter fear.

There she was, Katrina Kaif, within inches of me, looking impossibly gorgeous as usual, staring straight at me with those green eyes and that half-smile.

Now here's the problem with making six-feet cardboard cutouts. Cardboard cutouts should either be very small or very big. It should be apparent at the very first glance that they are, indeed nothing but cardboard cutouts. Making them about the same size as an average human being just makes them so much more scary because they're the same size as you, they're not even three-dimensional, and they're lookin' at you with steely eyes. Just like Katrina was looking at me. I could almost sense her disapproval when she saw the DVD of Sadhna's 'Mera saya' in my hands instead of her 'Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya?'

It was as if she'd suddenly popped out of nowhere. I almost stumbled and fell.

I quickly recovered, and just like any normal human being, I looked around furtively to check if anyone had seen the mighty Sayesha frightened off by a mere cardboard cutout.

Nope, no one was looking at me. Phew.

But she still was. :-/


Inder said...

fear??!! now... here is the first person who was scared of katrina (the kaif. not the hurricane).

satish said...

oh just missed!

Anonymous said...

me second

Liz said...

Me third ;) my case, it was the exact opposite. I thought a real guy standing on the road was a statue :D.. I was talking to my friends..and went and held his hand..Lolz:)) THAT was embarassing ;)

shub said...


*MIGHTY* sayesha?


Duhita said...

Ooh I just saw that not too long back, solely to see the origin of Jhumka Gira Re! Did you like it then?;)

Princesse said...

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! I made it to top ten!!!!!!!!!!!! :DD:D:DD

You know i was kicking myself yesterday coz when I looked at your post 'The drinking problem' i saw there were 0 comments and I almost clicked the comment box and picked up the gold..phir socha ke, nahin pehle parte hain..

And what do i know!!!! By the time I clicked you already had 8 commentsssssss!!!!!

Lagta hai har koi aankh bhichaa kar beht tha hai aap ke post par pehla comment likhne keliye :P

Me said...

agree with princesse completly!!but i think gold n silver etc should actually be claimed after hte post is read!!then it makes it even more fun! what say?

Nirwa said...

You should have shown her a DVD of Suryavanshi (a Salman Khan, Amrita Singh and Sheeba classic - if there exists one, that is) and shikari khud shikar ho jaata! :P


Nirwa said...

Oh, and btw, where did you disappear from orkut??! :O :O

Dev said...

Arre Sayesha bhai... aise post mat lagana... agar duniya to pata chalega ki bhai log bhi cutout-shutout se darte hai to humara repootation ka kya hoga huh? Log hafta dena bhi bandh karenge... :P

@me & princess: Agreed! The first 3 posters shud have atleast one genuine comment to show that they read the post. (except when it's me) :D

Rebellion said...


Sayesha aur darr??? :O
Yeh baat kuch hazam nahi hui :P:P

Take care,

sakhi said...

heheheheheh hohohohhoohohoho huuuhuhhhuuuu..
Sayesha stumbled over a cardboard cut-out :P:P
for a second i thght tht u really met her...heeheh..


Chirag said...

Kya mast narrate karti hai incident, maan gaye. Woh Raghvan champak apne aap ko story teller bolta hai, he can take some quick lessons from this blog!

Iday said...

I first thought you saw Katrina Kaif. Then i thought u imagined/dreamed Katrina turning into a card board cut-out coz she was disappointed on seeing u.

Then it happened. I read "mighty Sayesha" for the second time in 2 minutes and i laughed so much that i came back to my senses :P

Chirag said...

Typo .. Raghav, not Raghvan

sumedh said...

Oh great.
And you almost scared me for a second.

Coz I thought she was ACTUALLY THERE.[dunno, but that sounds like a very unlikely proposition]

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

the next google search that brings someone to your blog will be..

"sexy katrina eating cardboard"

Rohit Talwar said...

TGFI is right!

On second thoughts, it has happened with me too. I, once, thought some dumb hindi actor was in the same store. I can't recall the name :/

And I wonder why people are crazy about Kartina :-/

Princesse said...

@me & dev

Bilkul sayeech bole dono..aisa hi honaa maangta!

The Inquisitive Akka said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The Inquisitive Akka said...

I am glad the cut-out looked life lke! :) You sometimes come across these hideously distorted cut-outs of actors and actresses that are about 8 feet tall! Those are REALLY scary, especially at night!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

@ princesse, dev, and me,

kya socha? this is nerve-shattering, gut-wrenching, highly competitive stuff. getting those medals on here. policy wolicy chodo, gold uthaake bhaago.

p.s: pehle pehle i used to feel like that. now i'm shameless . :)

Anonymous said...

*maxxxx gusse waala luk*

katrina ki yeh majal????!!!!!!!

dun worry!
mein dekhati hu uskoh!!!
inni majaaaaaallll!!!!

p.s: 'mighty sayehsa' hahahahah
thats terribly cute:)

Raam Pyari said...

ohho..that was me--- ruchi

Sayesha said...

Heyyy... when you're not expecting the Kaif, and the Kaif pops outta nowhere, it's scary! :/

Yeah, I read your comment on my last post and started writing this one... but you were gone :P

Leave your name at least, buddy! :)

You held his hand?? Hahahaha! He must have been damn happy! :D

You laughin' at me??? I AM mighty, okay?? Just keep lizards, clowns and cardboard cutouts away from me! :D

I'm slowly building up my collection of DVDs of movies I like or once liked :) Yes, I thought the plot was pretty interesting... of course, now I can see the potholes in the plot, but back then... :)

Heheheh... chalo itne effort ke liye you get a gold-plated medal today! :P

Yeah that used to the rule... until World Gal and Ipanema Gal took over my comments space! :O :D

Hahahaha! If she sees Suryavanshi she'll break up with Sallu! :D
ps: Some prob with my secondary Orkut account, so am just using my primary one now :)

Arreee... har bhai ka ek weakness hota hai... samjha? :D Bhai superhuman hai lekin human bhi hai na? ;)

Hans rahi hai? Tu bhi hoti toh darr jaati :(

//for a second i thght tht u really met her

ME TOO!! :O :O

Long time! Hope things are great... will mail ya soon.
ps: Yeh Raghav Champak kaun hai?? :O

Everybody is laughing at mighty Sayesha! X-(

Hahahaha! So if you met her in person, you'd be SCARED??? Hahahaah! Dude, she's freakin' gorgeous! :)

#Ipanema Gal,
Hehehehe! Maybe that's how she maintains that gorgeous bod - special diet! ;)

Katrina can't act but she looks DAMN GOOD man! :)

Give up the fight you three, you can't win against 'The Gals'! ;)

Hehehe... can imagine :P

#Ipanema Gal,
I tried to explain to them about the cutting-edge competition... ab tum samjhao. :P

#Raam Pyari,
Tu bhi hans rahi hai??? Wait tujhe jab store mein Prem Chopra ka cutout dikhega na... tab pata chalega! :/
ps: I know it was you re... aur kaun itna 'maxxx' and 'luk' likhta hai? :)

Sudeep said...

lol @ mighty sayesha

kuch bhi bol magar kya item hain yaar.. *drool*

Sayesha said...

Totally agree with you man... jhakkas item hai re... itni raapchik hai ki uski acting koi dekhtaich nahin... which is good for her career anyway. :D

Abhishek said...

haha...sahi one!

Sumedh said...

No no.You got me wrong.

I wasn't scared of her being there.
Was scared of her being there.

Chirag said...

Are woh useless pop singer, Raghav, Storyteller karke album nikaali thi. (

Harshi said...

Haha.....:-) cardboard cut-outs...I know what you mean. There's this one of some actress right near the restroom of a hindi movie theater I go to...and that too...the pose is with her hands on her hips..LOL.

Sayesha said...


Achha achha! :D

Ohhhh that guy! Some UK-based singer haan? Dhakkan hai bilkul. :D

Hahaha! That somehow sounds scarier than this one! :P

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