Thursday, June 29, 2006

Don't think about me. It hurts.

My friends and I started this argument at a restaurant last weekend and we still haven't figured out what the correct answer is.

When someone close to you is thinking about you, you ______.
(A) sneeze
(B) cough
(C) get hiccups
(D) all of the above

Personally, I believe that the answer is secret option (E) know who it is and promptly call the person and freak him/her out, but then don't believe me -- I believe in a lot of weird things.

The point of this post is - don't.

Don't think of me. For another week at least.


Well, let's just say... If you're a fully-disciplined-gym-goer who has just come back from a fully-sponsored-by-loved-ones holiday in the US during which you were fully-pampered-by-loved-ones and you fully-refrained-from-any-form-of-exercise (except for the 10-hour walk in NYC), it's a bad bad bad idea to hit the gym when you get back, and do 200 crunches - twice your usual - in one go.

I had no problems while I was doing the 200 crunches, but when I woke up the next morning... Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

My abs hurt when I _______.
(A) sneeze
(B) cough
(C) get hiccups
(D) all of the above

The correct answer?

Secret option (E) all of the above plus 'laugh'.



Harsha said...

and now to read :)

Harsha said...

lol here...Sometimes I get that sudden urge to become slim and I end up doing the same mistake... ;)
It hurts. Try doing some more crunches...That'll help :D

Joe said...

hehehehehe... !
U guys and girls know why I am happy!



adi said...

bronze again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

adi said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
adi said...

i didnt understand anything.. but am happy i got bronze

asterix said...

Not thinking of you at all.

Gosh , did that hurt?

Joe said...

Kithar he?? Sab bagh gaya kya??


shub said...


adi said...

My mummy says u get hiccups when someone thinks about u... so (c) is correct option.

adi said...

My mummy says u get hiccups when someone thinks about u... so (c) is correct option.

Rebellion said...

Aawww Sash :)

//"200 crunches - in one go.
Ouch. Ouch. Ouch."
Aawwww.. laalach buri bala!
200 crunches in one go swthrt :O:O
That too after such a looong break!! Stupid.. don't repeat that else u'd have to go for another break from the gym! :P

When someone far away thinks about you.. you_____
Secret option F: Consider yourself lucky or that person to be a fool to invite trouble.. musibat ko daawat bhi kabhi deta hai koi?? :P
***here you=me haan***

Hope the hurt's not much bacchha..

Take care,

Sudeep said...

u mean 2 uske baad 0 aur uske baad aur ek 0 wala 200??
yaar mera trainer tells me to do around 50 crunches atleast n main kitne karta hu.. 5 bhi nahi :D
no wonder m fat now... ab kalse 200 :)

btw, thnx for giving me the idea.. ab week bhar will think of u n u cant freak me out coz u dont have my no MUAHAHAHA!!
happy ouch ouch session!!
*sweet smile* :D

jade said...

u make me smile, no matter wht:D
take care gurl!

Inder said...

sneeze/hiccup/cough when somebody thinks about you? would that make kajol, john abraham, vaidisova,... to sneeze/hiccup/cough round the clock?? :P

200 crunches in one go??? that is scary. i guess that would tear the abs more than trimming it :D

Hari said...

Ah! You have got it wrong With that many crunches in one go, it will hurt even if you breathe. What were you thinking of? Become a Arnie Sayeshazenegger overnight? It takes practise to do that; I do 385 in one go.

Yes, I am a good visualizer.

Sayesha said...

In my case it was no sudden urge to get slim, more a sudden urge to get back to my gymming routine :)

//Try doing some more crunches...That'll help :D

WHAT?? :O :O :O

I'm assuming you're really thin. But you should still gym, you know! :)

//i didnt understand anything.. but am happy i got bronze

Oh boy, you crack me up! :D

Read the first MCQ again. Are you close to me? ;)

Joe pehelwaan ko dekhkar bhaag gaye. Khush? :P

Hehehe... my norm is a hundred... is baar I got zyada excited cos my friend taught me a way to do effective crunches that don't hurt as much when you're actually doing them, but are really really effective. Of course, they hurt like hell baad mein! Which is actually a good thing, if only I could laugh and cough and sneeze normally :P

Dunno yaar... I've got pple supporting all options! :P

//That too after such a looong break!! Stupid.. don't repeat that else u'd have to go for another break from the gym! :P

Yeah... I'll go back to my usual 100 first and then do nonsensical things like this :P

//u mean 2 uske baad 0 aur uske baad aur ek 0 wala 200??

Haan woh wala! :P

//no wonder m fat now

You're fat? Aha! Pakad liya! Ab chup chap batao profile pic kitne saal purani hai? :P

//ab week bhar will think of u

I have edited the MCQ, with some pre-reqs! ;)

Thanks, dearie :)

You have to be close to the person before your thoughts affect their sneezes and coughs :)

I used to do 100 with no difficulties man... even when I did the 200, I was totally fine... it only hit me the next day! :P

//I do 385 in one go. Yes, I am a good visualizer.

A good liar you mean! ;)

Ravi said...

Sayesha, actually in South India, people attribute this kind of "somebody's thinking" to choking. When somebody chokes (when eating), they say "somebody is thinking about you"!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

ouch. that must hurt. the only way out is to keep going to the gym, y'know.....

i like that aching feeling after i resume gym after a break. :)

PizzaDude said...

Hi Sayesha... Came here from shub's blog.. and am hooked on since then.... Really enjoy reading your posts.. Have been reading up your archives whenever I am able to get some free time. Now I know what is going to keep me engaged for a couple of days!! :)

Iday said...

Try doing 500 next time.
Even if it hurts - u wont be able to feel the pain ;)

Shekhar said...

Ha ha..good one. Pata hai, I read this post just now, as soon as I've come back from my daily workout, i.e. a 2 km run. And now, thinking of those 200 crunches, methinks me too should include that form of excercise daily, albeit not in such a high number.

Best of luck with 'em abs and pray that mine don't hurt too much. :D

satish said...

ohh girl, you are already slim n trim.

dont do that to yourself again!

chaliye, take care :).

adi said...

Hey Sayesha u know wat..i was also writing a similar blog yesterday.. on going to gym and everything.. i guess we have got that telepathy thing between us.

Remember.. NO Pain..... NO Pain!!

Sakshi said...

I guess. I know you have made me guilty about my lack of gym going. Hmm... must do something.. sometime soon..lets thin about it.
By the way, I had similar trouble last summer and my lab tech gave me this "chinese" ointment (he got it when he was in taiwan) and it stunk.. I could not stand being near me - it was horrible but I felt right as new next day..(may be it was psychological because I sure as hell was not putting that stuff on ever again).

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Muhahahahaha :P *points and laughs at Sayesha*. Isiliye kehte hain ki exercise nahin karni chahiye (a pearl of wisdom from TGWSTW). :D People like me who never exercise (swimming is not an exercise, okay?) are the ones who never get out of bed with their whole body feeling as if an elephant stepped on it. Poor, poor Sayesha...bhagwan tumhein is dard ko sehne ki shakti de *solemn face*. :P

Dev said...

Too bad. Tch tch.

If you'd known you were gonna hurt the next day, you might as well have done 500. It wouldnt have made much difference, and you cud've had a slimmer tummy. :D

Get well soon, and have a go at another 200. We're rooting for ya! :)

Pakku said...

200 crunches at one go..sounds great.. but is it really healthy note to negate the balance at one go ? me thinks *no*...

Duhita said...

Oh my god, 200?!?!?! Oh well do hot water bottles help in this situation?:) You know as part of the school curriculum we had to pass certain fitness tests, and the 5/10 I had to do were HELL! How do you manage 200?! Anyways, hope its all better for the weekend;)

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

There is the catch, right... self-disciplined-strict-gym-goer!!

Ha ha ahah ha ... I go to the gym only when even I begin to feel that I am fat... otherwise who bothers... chocolates zindabaad!! :D

Lekin double-centurY!! Are you sure you use the decimal system and not a base-3 system to count? :D

The Smiling Girl said...

Uffo.. poor baby...:)
Mere saath bhi kabhi kabhi hota hain aise.. but m not at all a gym-freak.. Hehe.. *grins widely at her total lack of health conscious*

Suds said...

200 Crunches.. U are good. U know I started excersing couple of weeks back and after 20 crunches I had muscle catch in my stomach. That was scary...



Enjoy. Oh no I just now remembered u..:) Dard hua...:)

Rays Of Sun said...

200?? r u serious:O

Rays Of Sun said...

And mom says..when someone thinks of you dearly..U get hiccups and if he gives u gaalis, you bite your cheek while eating:P

delusionally numb said...

Hehe! I once got all worked up after reading one of those you-can-do-what-you-think self books and did 50 push-ups in one go. It didn't help that I was all alone, it was a very cold Delhi December morning, I hadnt warmed up (just got out of the bed and started doing them) and I could manage only 20 pushups in one go generally. Well, I did complete the 50 pushups and the book turned out to be right. Damn, I don't really have to elaborate on what I went through afterwards.

Anyways, some general body painkillers will help. tc :)

Prayank said...

3000 biz cards and now 200 crunches ....
lagta hai aap har kaam chappar phad kar karti hain madam ....

Singh said...

I've had that happen a few times. :( I found something last night that help though.
I had a large burger, onion rings and a large chocolate milkshake prior to crunches. I did about a hundred (double my usual) and they don't pain.

Let me know how it works for you.

Sirius Black said...

awww my recommendation is for you to watch as many 'Jim Carry' movies as possible and that too ASAP.

Mission Tapori Sayesha ko tapkana Accomplished

Venky said...

Defensive comment --> ladke log like me do 300 crunches daily and do not feel a thing...200 no big deal :D
Encouraging comment--> gudshow... way to go arnie!!!
Philosophical comment --> Its all in the mind u think it is the air you are breathing??
Teasing comment --> yaar 20 + 0 = 20 not 200 :P who r u kidding?? :)

and finally

Frank comment --> ek number ka dakkan hai tu

Now u can choose which comment u wud like to hear according to ur mood

Sayesha said...

Really?? Sheesh, secret option (F)! :P

#Ipanema Gal,
Yeah I like the aching feeling too, but this one's a bit too much :P But yes, I am going to the gym tomorrow and day after. But maybe I'll only 150 crunches this time :P

Welcome to Sayeshaz! :) Thanks for commenting... hope you survive reading my archives! ;)

//u wont be able to feel the pain ;)

Because I'll be DEAD? :O

Haha! Good luck with what-we-discussed-yesterday! ;)

Slim-n-trim aise hi thode na ho jata hai... mehnat karni padti hai... maintenance my dear, maintenance! :P

Sheesh! :/

//lets thin about it.

Pun intended? ;)

#World Gal,
Hans lo hans lo... dekhna exercise na karne ki saza milegi... zaroor milegi... zabardast milegi! :D

Arre yaar how did I know it would hurt? It didn't hurt when I was doing it... anyway, thanks for all the rooting... I'm gonna do only 150 tomorrow though :P

It's not one-go... I have just resumed my gymming... and I should have taken it slow... anyway, will take it down one notch tomorrow onwards :P

Hahaha! No it's not THAT bad ki hot water bottles and all chahiye.. it only hurts when I sneeze or laugh too hard :P And about how I do it, my friend taught me a technique where it doesn't hurt while you're doing it, so you can do a LOT, but they're very very effective... as I discovered later :P

Hahaha! My motto = chocolate + gym zindabaad! That's the only way to live :P

#Smiling Gal,
Thanks yaar :)

Hahaha! I have been doing 100 crunches for about a year now... so it's not a big deal...lekin achaanak 200 shaayad nahin karna chahiye tha :P

Yes, bacha :)
ps: No wonder I bit my cheek yesterday... sach sach bata was it you??? :P

#Delusionally dumb,
Push-ups??? Sheesh I don't think I can do even ten! :P
ps: Painkillers after exercise?? Hahahahaha! You ARE kidding me! Nope it does not hurt generally... only when I laugh, sneeze, etc. :)

Hahahahahahaha! :D

EEEEEEESSSSSSSHHHHHHH!!!!! What horrendous advice!!! :D

I hate Jim Carey, hate him hate him hate him!! :O

I should watch Hera Pheri or Munnabhai, I'll get auto-crunches! :P

I'll take the last one... seems most realistic! ;)

Sumana said...

oh my god 200!! Way to go Sayesha!!Damn impressive!!

Apy said...

As usual .. late fr the party..hehe.... 200..oolalalala...
u must be havin a real good time..

ROS said...

I dont give bona hota hai munh pe boltee hoon!

Joe said...

Have you heard the story of Rabbit & Elephant. Once a Rabbit saw elephant shitting and it wanted to shit like that... in BIG size. Rabbit tried and tried and you know what happened in the end!

Moral of the story: Know yourself and try doing things which you can do. Don't go by addidas ad.


Raj said...

Its too late to feel sorry. Twice your usual after a break? What were you thinking?

Khair, I hope u dont catch cold and hear nothing funny till u a better :)

satish said...

Slim-n-trim aise hi thode na ho jata hai... mehnat karni padti hai... maintenance my dear, maintenance! :P

arey, aapko bhi sabki tarah mehnat karno pade toh phir great sayesha aur 'adane se aadmi' mein kya phark rah jaayega??!

ohhh! i got it now!

you believe in leading by examples.

Hail Sayesha!
(kya sayesha khus huyee??)


Sayesha said...

Thank you thank you! :D

Yaar kabhi toh party mein time par aao.
And kabhi toh koi gift bhi laao! :D

Oye drama queen ki naani... ya allah! Tu itni senti kyun ho jati hai re? :)

No I dunno what happened in end and I dun wanna know. Pls take your horror story script elsewhere :)

And I can do it, okay! I just need time :)

Hahaha! I think I wasn't thinking! :P

Sakshaat Sayesha aur aam aadmi mein yehi fark hai ji... ki Sakshaat Sayesha diligently work out karti hai :P

*Sayesha khush hui* :)

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