Saturday, June 03, 2006

Baby talk

Baby Aish is home! She's not allowed any visitors for six weeks, but they let me hold her this morning. Finally. Man, I was freakin' scared to hold her, she's so fragile. Her skin felt like velvet, and her fingers are only slightly bigger than my fingernails! :O

Conversations overheard in an apartment in NJ

Sayesha - Her cry is so unique... like she's singing some remixed shastriya sangeet... aaaah... ah ah ah... pause... aaaah ah ah ah!
Mom - Hahaha!
Sayesha - How was my cry? And sister's?
Mom - Your sister's was very musical... very melodious...
Sayesha - And mine?
Mom - Yours... hmmm... yours wasn't very...errr... melodious...
Sayesha - Gee thanks. :/

Sayesha - Now that you're not an illogical pregnant woman anymore, tell me how on earth you made a statement like 'Doesn't she look exactly like your jeeju??' just by looking at the untrasonogram image?? I can hardly make out the head!
Sis - Okay, open the image, I'll show you.
Sayesha opens up the image.
Sis - Okay you see the outline of her face here?
Sayesha - Yeah...Sis - Look at the chin, it's like your jeeju's, isn't it?
Sayesha - Hmmm.. yeah...
Sis - Now look at the nose, you see how it's like his?
Sayesha - Hmm... yeah...
Sis - And you look at the the lips, the upper lip is so like his!
Sayesha - You're right... hmmm...
Sis - So you see??
Sayesha - I can't believe you convinced me. :

Sis - Oh look, she's looking like your jeeju's sister now.
Sis - And now she looks like your jeeju's brother.
Sis - And now like her paternal grandfather.
Sayesha - Excuse me, doesn't she have anything from her maternal side?
Sis - Oh she does! She's got your fingers and nails... see? Long and slender...
Sayesha - Fingers and nails? That's all?
Sis - You should be happy! All she got from me - her own mother - are my toes!
Sayesha - Hmmm... Okay fine... chalega... : /

Sayesha (on the phone with sis who's in hospital) - So does she like... talk?
Sis - Talk?? Are you crazy?
Sayesha - I mean... does she like... you know... make sounds that are like words in some weird language?
Sis - Sayesha, she's TWO. DAYS. OLD.
Sayesha - Still...?
Sis - No, Sayesha, she doesn't talk. She only cries.
Sayesha - Hmmm...

Sayesha (on the phone with sis who's in hospital) - Watchu doin'?
Sis - Oh I just fed her.
Sayesha - Oh she ate? What did she eat??
Sis - Chawal, daal and sabzi, what else?
Sayesha is stunned at the spurt in sister's sarcasm skills.

Sis - Sometimes she looks like a Korean boy, doesn't she?
Sayesha - Korean??? Boy???
Sis - I'm gonna get her ears pierced as soon as possible, so she can start wearing earrings and look more like a girl.
Sayesha - Are you crazy??? No piercing and nonsense till she's like ten or so!
Sis - Hmm... I feel like putting some nailpolish on her nails then...
Sayesha - With what? A toothpick??

But the most interesting was this one.

Mom (to sis) - So do you want another kid?
Sis - Actually, I don't want another kid. I want Sayesha to get married and have a kid soon, and I want our kids to live so near each other that they grow up like siblings, not cousins.

I believe I was touched and freaked out at the same time.


shub said...

so cute! :D >:D<
and yeah isn't it weird that our sis' kids will be cousins n not siblings! :O

Shreemoyee said...

I am glad that your niece is better now and order in your blogworld is restored.

Raam Pyari said...

waah! waah!!
baby aish is home!!!
//Sayesha to get married and have a kid soon,

arre bahin bolo
humar gaon ke sarpanch ka chora hai....paan ki sabse waddi dookan hai humar gaon ki, lamba chauda gabru jawan hai!
kushti bhi karta hai
..kaho toh baat chalaon?

raam pyari bahin

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Ab hum padhenge. :p

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

She's got your fingers and nails
Hahaha, I also said a similar thing last year when one of my cousins had a daughter...I was like, "Oh, look, she's got my knees and elbows!". :P
I want Sayesha to get married and have a kid soon
Yes, yes, and we want that kid to grow up insanely fast and blog soon. :P Muhahaha.

Nirwa said...

Hahaha - loved your sister's answer - "chawal, daal and sabzi, what else?" hahahaha..

My niece or newphew, whenever I have one, will be exactly like my sister and me - crazy - if he/she is not, I will make him/her one! :D

OOhhhh.. now I want to be a Masi sooooooooooon!!

Love to Tiny Tapori! :D


Rebellion said...


That was a very cute & funny post Sash :)

Loved all the conversations.. esp the last one & your sis' answer.. chawal, dal & sabzi.. hehehe =))

Laughed my heart out, dam cute :D

Glad she's back home (touch wood)

God Bless the sweet angel always :)
Take care,

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

i was waiting for the "she looks like.." to begin.
enjoy, enjoy,

Rays Of Sun said...

//Actually, I don't want another kid. I want Sayesha to get married and have a kid soon, and I want our kids to live so near each other that they grow up like siblings, not cousins//

So like my sis!
BTW, its a custom to have a child's earlobes pierced even before they are one!
They believe that since the skin is tender..its easier to do it!
And how can u ask questions such as "What did she eat":O
2 din ka baccha kya khayega:O:O

Sayesha said...

Yeah man! Can't imagine... I think they will be like siblings ya... since I have only one sibling, I think the kids will be pretty close :)
ps: Look what you're making me discuss now. MY KID! :O

Hehehe.... you're right... order in my blogworld is surely restored :)

#Raam Pyaari,
Hamra kamputerwa kharaab ho jaawe toh theek kar sakat hai tera yeh gabru jawaan? Agar haan toh kal hi shagun bhejwa de!

#World Girl,
Hahaha! Elbows and knees it seems! tu toh mere se bhi zyada paagal hai! :D

Hahaha! I still can't believe she said that man... sarcasm was always my forte... sheesh! Waat laga di Sayesha ki TT ki mom ne! :P
ps: Hope you become a masi soon! :)

Thanks dear! :)

#Ipanema Girl,

Sayesha said...

Aargh! Can't imagine any piercing man... her skin is translucent! :O

//And how can u ask questions such as "What did she eat":O
2 din ka baccha kya khayega:O:O

Arre yaar... ho jata hai... itna sochta hai kya koi? :P

Thanu said...

that is great news that the baby is home...

hope u enjoy rest of of the day spoiling littel aish... that is what masis are for...

Rohit Talwar said...

The Girl! Ek dum sahi boli! Sayesha's baby blogging! Main uske Advertising rights le lunga. :P

A neighbour was blessed by a daughter too...just three months back...This evening I was at their apartment, was holding her....and then it struck me, so I asked.."how does she tell you she wants to pee? Or you know.."
"She doesn't"
"Yeah..She cries at times...that's it"
"It seems she cries for everything...for food, for peeing...heck."
"Hahaa! She makes sounds too"
"Ah. What sorts?"

I tried my best to make out what those sounds hinted at. Only her facial expressions changed throughout.

"Parents won't understand now."

Jeezzz. And I kept hoping she doesn't pee on me...unexpectedly" Thank God she didn't.


Rohit Talwar said...

Exactly what I asked her too this evening.. "You don't even give her semi-liquids? Or soft stuff like a banana or you know.."
"Shut up. She's just four months old."

"Eew...You mean...She is on milk...that's all? Poor thing."

Well I was curious :P
"Ye chalna kab shuru karegi?"
"Arre. It'll take time. A lot. All her body parts need to be in coordination only then she'll start using her body parts and then try to crawl here and there to begin with"

"Yeah...then she'll pee all over the house! :|"

Baby girl's folks just laughed it off.
"What will you do when your sister delivers someday?!!"
"Isiliye to tumhara dimaag kha raha hun!"

dharmu said...

aaaaw, cho chweet.

i love the conversations re, typical ones, specially the food waala.

me just waiting to take the flight to see my little ones next week. they have been giving me a excited "ooo, hmm,,,choo" talks all these days. i am so excited to actually see that little diaper clad hero, and milky little angel soon.

aur kya bhai, apna holiday extend kardo, niagra jaayenge. mein full vacation marke aarahi hon.
aur, west coat bhi aao, disneyland jaayenge.

Just another ... said...

Hey! I hope your niece is all hale and hearty now. Read your previous post only today and hence the late concern. You in my land now :) How's it been so far?

Janefield said...

LOL @ Raam Pyaari's proposal :D

//Sis - Oh she does! She's got your fingers and nails... see? Long and slender...//

Arre bechaari TT...ek hafta bhi nahi hua is big bad duniya mein aake and already she has a stalker. Haan, who else, but Praaji!!!

The Smiling Girl said...

Arey waah.. 2 days old mein hi tum log resemblances pakad paaye.. thts coool yaar...
To, abhi 10 din aur wait kar aur bachi ka photo chaap de... wait nahi kiya jata.. kya??

Freak out, buddy...:)
And since the baby has got ur fingers, I think u r going to face some strong competition from her - for Virdi's fanship of ur hands...:) (Well, I read all about that in ur previous posts..:) )

Bhaarat said...

If I tell u what random things I want u to tel then it will be biased and not random. :D

Probably nanhi tapori knew the kind of expectations that would set on her and the experiments that will be done with her, she scared u all to stay away. Please dont experiment with her. No nail polish, no piercing. Let her grwo and choose for her.

satish said...

WOW! dil to gardon-gardon ho gaya!

I have never been comfortable with kids around me but it looks like fun now. aur kya likhun?! ENjoy!

Harjee Kapur said...


i guess your sis has the heart the size of a football field.

viv said...

Korean boy?! Please, madam... :P

I can understand how you felt about the last statement your sister made... it's so 'from the heart', yet it scares you somehow.

Ankur said...

wishing all the very best of health to baby,,,

Babies look v cute when they cry,,sometimes i let my daughter cry before trying to pacify her,,just to c that cute expression,,,but then mere ko meri mummy se daant padti hai,,,,but its all worth it :-)

justme said...


Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

Congratulations Masi :-)

Sayesha said...

Thanks :)

Hahaha! I can totally identify with that! :)

Yaar utna leave (ya moolah) nahin hai re mere paas... some day we will meet though! :)

#Just another,
Oh you're in the US too? Which part?? It's been good so far, except for the worrying about Aish :)

#The Chosen One,
Arre Praji is busy these days... uske paas ab time kahan hum jaison ke liye? :)

#Lovely Smiles,
Wow, someone's been drinking the old wine at Sayeshaz! ;)

Hahaha! Haan baba, no experiments :)

Arre I used to be very scared of kids... as in I find them cute but I'm scared to touch them... but I can't wait to hold her... ab tak sirf ek baar pakda hai :(

Ah, I see you blog-hopped from Jupiter's. Welcome to Sayeshaz! :) Yeah, my sis has always been the generous one :)

Yeah :)

Hahaha! That's scary and adorable at the same time! Any pics of your daughter to share? :)

(Same to you without the nose) :P

Thanks, babe! :)

Anonymous said...


your sister shares my take on that last snippet. =D

I'm not even married as yet but plans are a good thing !