Sunday, June 04, 2006

Perfect ten

Baby Aish turns ten today. Days. :)

Well done, sis!

Practise with the cap first babe, 'cos soon tapori Masi will teach you how to tie a bandana

Aish looks at Sash :)


Dinesh said...

Wow! First!!!!!

Dinesh said...

Ok..I'm not able to view to pictures! :-(

Just another ... said...

She is sooo cute.

Dinesh said...

Problem on my side. Looks like you've hosted the pcitures from geocities. geocities is blocked at work! :-P

shub said...

cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute :D i can see it in firefox, and not IE. weird!
but she is soooo cute sash! yup, well done sis :)) asnd you're looking reaaally nice too :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...


Archana said...

Are there pics in this post?? I can't see anything :-(! But since others seem to think so, I will also say - she is soo cute :-D!

viv said...

Baby Aish is so cute :) And she can already distinguish between good (firefox) and evil (IE)!!! :D

oxymoron said...

cute kid!
maasi and bhaanji look good together!
poor innocent kid, gonna get spoilt soon by tapori maasi :P
sayesha, is that ur first close-up foto on ur blog?

Anonymous said...

Really cute kid, better put kaala tika and all, you know to ward off the buri nazar :)

Dinesh said...

Super cute!! Looks like she is smiling already (first pic). And thanks for switching (from geocities to blogger) :-)

Duhita said...

Kya...I was gone for a bit and so much has happened! Well anyways, glad to hear all is well now and Aish is back home safe and sound. She looks simply adorable....and can't wait till she gets you wrapped up in her little fingers, if you know what I mean....So what if mummy says no, masi is there na?!:)

And wait, I dont see the kaala teeka thingy...not big enough! Tuh tuh....hope nobody casts an evil eye upon Aish....

And do get back to GMT +8, it's so much more easier to read your posts fast fast :D to 'TT':)

justme said...

cute baby.!!
Not so cute masi ;-) .. lol.. just kidding.. First time i see the person behing one of d most happening blogs i know.. and my imagination was way outta place..
Hope i do the same thing on my blog.. hope some day am able to throw away all d anonimity my blog gives me.. :-)

Nirwa said...

I don't want to say anything about the baby!! Words can never be enough to describe little angels! :-)

And Tiny Tapori looking at Masi Tapori without a hint of future drills is such a great sight! :P

Be kind to her during her internship! :-)


Maverick said...

the baby looks so innocent... but soon she will turn out like u.... :P hihihi... just kidding

Vidya said...

she loks cute :) and u look nice too !

The Smiling Girl said...

Arey waah.. yeh hui na baat...
Cutie cutie baby... She looks so pink and healthy...
And yes.. for the first time, u posted ur pic, right?
Thoda aur smile kiya hota re... baby jo tumko dekh rahi hain...:)

Arey yaar.. bachi itni pyaari hain, use itni jaldi tapori mat banao... use thode din cutie baby rahne do.. baad mein tapori banao...:)..

Raju Bathija said...

Very cute pictures of Baby Aish. Congratulations on being Masi.

Clueless said...

Awww! Super cute! She's so tiny in that last picture! I wuv tiny babies! :D

Bhaarat said...

Really cute pics...
Hope u orient her towards football and not cricket.
Just 3 more days to go for the event.

BTW where are the random sayings for me???

sunshine said...

She is an angel. But post a pic of your jiju too, so that we can verify (acc to your last post) if she really looks like your jiju.

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Whoaaa...I can't believe I came here so late to see the kiddo. She is sooooo sweet! :D Lovely and innocent face. :)
And look at the way she's looking at you in the third pic...hahaha...admiring the Tapori Masi. :P

Kais said...

hehe..cute and spiky haired! :D
I won the best baby competition in my city, when I was 2.5 yrs old. So speaking from experience, I think Aish has a good chance but only if she hits the crayon colouring books ASAP ... :)


Rebellion said...


She's soooooooooooooooooooooooo dam sweet (touch wood) Can't really describe the innocence of beauty of kids, they're simple jusst huggable.. loveable >:D<

Please use woh kaala teeka (kaajal) laga ke rakhna, babies ko bohot jaldi nazar lag jaati hai!!! Sooo many people looking & admiring her (including me), I know I don't have a "buri nazar" Sash, still am scared, kisiki nazar na lage use :)

Take good care of her dear,
God Bless her & her maasi too :)

Take care,

Anonymous said...

pic one somehow makes me wanna say 'Bundle of joy' :-)
and pic 3...tht sure is one proud masi :D


satish said...

it did bring a big and very big smile to my face!

thanks for posting them.

and 'Well done sis!' quotation is just too exuberant! (yaa, i looked for the synonyms of hilarious :) )

chaliye, take care of yourself and the baby.

Sakshi said...

She is such a bundle of cuteness..
"Great job, sis" - I had thanked my bro and sis in law :-)
Enjoy, the days are just going to get better and better.. Imagine all that you can teach her once she starts to talk..

chandu said...


Anonymous said...

wow!! she is sooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (touch wood,kala tikka jaroor lagana, nazar na lag jaye)
masi n bhanji make a nice pair :)
take care

satish said...

ohh..n sorry for this comment, but thanks for sharing your pic too.

main toh bus isko framed karaane waala hun aur agarbatti lagaane wala hun har din, aakhir aap apne guru joh ho bhai, mazaak hai kya??!!(the shakti kapoor look he had in raja babu) :D

Archana said...

Ah, yesterday I could see the pics only on IE and not on Firefox - today can see it on Firefox too. Very cute kid :-))!

Anonymous said...

She's adorable :)

Shreyansh said...

She is such a cutie.

Btw,looking at the first pic,I do agree with ur sis that she looks like a Korean boy. :P

Sayesha said...

Was having some probs uploading from blogger so used geocities.

#Just another,

Thanks :) and thanks :)

#Ipanema Gal,

Hahaha! Hope you could view them, cos I switched from geocities to blogger :)

Hahaha! Trust a geek like you to say that! :P

Oye mere khilaaf bhadka mat usko! :P
ps: Yeah, first photo on this blog. I never post my pics on this one, all on Hopscotch. But this was too irresistible yaar... would you look at her lookin' at me? :)

Yeah, I did put a leeeettle kala teeka. Digitally. :P

Oh yeah! This morning she was smiling again! :)

Thanks gal :) Don't worry, there is no evil eye here. There are people here who dislike the masi (and yet they read! Dunno why!), but I'm sure they have enough decency not to put any evil eye on a little baby :)

Thanks :)

//and my imagination was way outta place..

Darn. Disappointed at how I look, are ya? :)

//hope some day am able to throw away all d anonimity my blog gives me..

Hahaha! I never thought I'd ever put up a pic on this blog, but sometimes the time is right :) You'll know when it happens too :)

//without a hint of future drills

Hahaha! :D

Apun ka insult?? Arre apun bhi bhot innocent hai kya?? Bas woh court ka judge ka dimaag mein yeh baat ghusta hi nahin! :(

Thanks :)

#Lovely Smiles,
Hahaha! Theek hai theek hai... jab sab log keh rahe hain toh training mein thoda delay karte hain :)

Thanks :)

//I wuv tiny babies! :D

Me too! :)

Football shootball hai rabba! No football, only cricket! Only Dravid! :)

Random sayings? Arre you toh didn't tell me what to say yaar! Chal let me say something random ok? In the next 23 days, you'll get a piece of good news.

(Bhaag Sayesha, bhaag! Akashwani sach nahin hui toh Bhaarat pakadkar maarega!) :P

Hehehe... nahin re... shouldn't post sis ya jeeju ke pics... Aish toh meri apprentice hai, uske pics post karne ka haq hai mera :) Baki logon ko toh blog ke baare mein maloom bhi nahin :)

#World Girl,
Hehehe... tapori mausi hi aisi admirable hai ki kya karein! :)

Yeah, her hair is like all gelled up! :D

Best baby?? Wow! Send your baby pics over man! :)

Yeah touchwood... I've been touching wood every now and then... luckily my sis has wooden floors :P


I will, thanks a lot! :)

It's a pity that I will only meet her like once a year! Time to buy that videocam and start the online lessons asap! ;)


Tum jaison ki achhi nazar hai na :) Buri nazar ki waat lagane ke liye! :)

Agarbatti on my pic?? Grrr... oye I'm still zinda oye! Grrr! :@


Yeah, she is :)

Sayesha said...

Hahaha! Finally someone agrees with my sis! :P

oxymoron said...

yea... can see her looking at u!
but maasi looking like a 12th standard kido! not like an eng grad who's been working for 4 yrs!
u seem to be growing younger :D

ok-ok... now dont get carried away with that compliment!

Sirius Black said...

cute pics :D

Janefield said...

TT is a doll! So tiny and tender she looks, her chewy is bigger than her, re! And, my goodness gracious me...she already has a hand photo in ten days of landing on planet earth!! Lucky for her Praaji is slightly busy these days :D :D :D

The straightened hair is also nice :D And is that a PINK sweater you're wearing?? :O

Rohit Talwar said...

Just one word:

Lalit Singh said...

congrats to the new mausi ji...aaj se mausi hi bnulangaa tumhe... aash ki nahi sholay wali... ab u know how much i am fond of sholay... :-))

chalo ...enjoy the time wid ur family

Sakshi said...

"It's a pity that I will only meet her like once a year! Time to buy that videocam and start the online lessons asap!"

I am amazed at how much my neice remembers what I have told her. She was almost 2yrs old when I went back home and I read her the 3 lil' pigs story. She still after 3 years tells me about the evil wolf ! So I can reassure you - distance is not a problem --- just think about ways to avoid the "interfering" parents ;-)

Siddhu said...

Aunty/Maasi, awesome pics!! Hope you can help in her growing up to be like her adorable, tapori blogger maasi! :)

!xobile said...

wah 2 taporis saath saath

justme said...

I pictured Sayesha as a TALL.. Attitude phek rahi type..magar aap typical Indian ghar pe baitne wali ladki type dikhte hoo..!! :-)

spamtaneous said...

cute...both of u :p

kais said...

>> Send your baby pics over man! :)

Yikes noooo!!! :O ... anyways, I won not because of my looks, but because of my "personality"...
:P :P


RV said...

Glad to know Baby Aish is better now. Enjoy!

satish said...

arey, marein aapke dushman!

marne walon ke photu pe toh mala chadahee jaati hai. main toh aapke naam se ek mandir kholna chahta tha taki ish 'paap kee duniya'(luved tht movie, yup!its name of a movie.) mein logon ko jeene kaa saharaa mil sake!

anyways, never mind :(

chaliye, bye. :D

Rebellion said...

Hey Sash..

I just noticed.. You look daaaaamn sweet :D No no.. thats not what I noticed just now, that was something I forgot to write in my previous comment :D

What I noticed just now was.. You don't look your age :O:O :D Nowww... am sure you'll take it as a compliment.. It was intended as one :D

And ma'am... aapko nazar utaarna aata hai?? EEewwww.. I kno I sound like some orthodox old lady or tantrik baba but anything for kids.. No risks whatsoever

Take care,

Sayesha said...

Wah wah! Thanks! :)

Thanks! I took the first two :P

#The Chosen One,
Thanks :)
Yes yes I am getting fond of the colour now... *sheepish grin* :P

Thanks :)

Sholay wali???? :(

Wow, that's really amazing! :)

Hehehe... will try will try :P

#Tu Kaun,
Hahaha :D

Oye! I AM tall! I mean, I am not short. 5'5" is NOT short okay?? :/

And I am no Indian ghar par baithne wali ok?? Bholi soorat par mat ja muahahaha! :D

Thanks :P

Hahahahaha! Can imagine the 'baby with best personality' crown on your baby head :D

Hey, welcome! You finally commented eh? Thanks :)

Kya yaar! Mandir kyun chahiye... apun ka bar hai na! :)

Thanks! :)
*blush* :P

Don't worry yaar, yahan buri nazar nahin hai kisiki... and baby is not allowed any visitors anyway... so sab theek hai :)

Harshi said...

Hey Sash, Baby's glimpse made me feel v. happy :-)). She's a darling. Glad u r having a great time. Thanks for posting the pics!