Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I see red, people!

I happened to google 'Sayesha' and came across the most outrageous thing I have ever encountered in blogworld.

Check this blog out.

This person nicknamed 'Namkeen' coolly copy-pastes my posts on her blog and passes them off as hers with amazing audacity, changing a name here and a place there. And her bunch of readers applaud her on her "original ideas". Hell, she even shamelessly thanks her commentators. She doesn't even spare my posts on specific incidents involving MY Dad and Mom and friends and intricate details of my dream home, and even memorabilia from my childhood, including a painting I made when I was in school! Honestly, how can anyone flick posts about someone's parents??? Atrocious! She also flicked photos that I took and weaved stories around them!

Gosh, I don't think I have ever been so angry!

(I removed my posts with baby Aish's photos from my blog because I don't want her claiming that baby Aish is her niece just like she claims my parents are hers.)

I can't even confront her on her shameless plagiarism because she's not on a blog site. She's on a site called which does not let you comment unless you pay up and register.

I hope that when Namkeen pops by my blog again to steal her 'pick of the night', she reads this post and realises how pathetic her disgraceful actions make her.

Namkeen, if you have an iota of self-respect, you will remove my posts from your blog and refrain from doing this in the future.


Chints said...

hi sash, long time its been and here i come to win the gold.

you can't do anything in this case dear, this is internet.

Fishy said...

add a copyright at the bottom of your page first!! we will all go and comment on her page forcing her to shut shop! This is outrageous X(

Archana said...

My God! Thats horrible, shameless plagiarism! Fishy's idea sounds good ...

Hmm, and you know what - you have also given that loser female free publicity for her copy-cat blog :-(!

Maverick said...

tu bole to bhai tapka daale kya.... pakia ko bhej uske liye....

Harsha said...

Outrageous and shamless...But thats internet for you...

Agree with Archana... you should remove her link... She'll get free hits as well.

Maverick said...

I just now read the posts like 'tapori conversation','teaching ur folks to google'.... thats completely outrageous..... you could try by simply telling her to remove the posts and if still doesnt do that... 'laato ke bhoot baato se nahi maante' then you can request your blog readers to flame her.... :P I wud luv to do that.... :D

Duhita said...

oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! how rude! I'm stumped! Can't think of anything at the moment, but I am all for fishy's/maverick's idea unless someone else comes up with something better.....

Wow...what has the world come to? Tsk tsk tsk.....

asterix said...

doesn't even change the name sayesha in some cases. shameless creature :)

The Smiling Girl said...

Oh My God!!! Thats really outrageous... Arey yaar... this is just tooo much.
I guess you should do something about it. Why dont you sue her?

Donno if sueing her is the solution or not, but she should not be allowed to do this yaar...

Yeah, add a copyright to ur page.
I think I am gonna do that too... Right away!!!

viv said...

Ridiculous! There must be some way this can be stopped... Who owns that site? And yes, the copyright idea is good! Do it rightaway.

ashwini bharadwaj said...

this happened to one of my very goods friends. take a look at this.

we all commented on that lady's (who had copied my friend's post) blog and wrote mails to her, we even told her readers that she had flicked my friend's post and made her delete the post and she ended up deleting the entire blog.

there may not be any blog rules but creatvity should always be respected and we should do what it takes to teach such second-raters a lesson.

so, think all your readers can help you by posting comments in her blog asking her to apologise to you and to delete the post/posts (i don't know how mnay of your posts she has copied) from her blog.

Bhaarat said...

Firstly, Don't put too much energy on the issue and don't be disturbed.
All of us who read ur blog would go to her/his blog and condemn him/her.

Rest we all know the truth. Such persons will never go anywhere in life. They have already chosen their destiny.

Sahil said...

That's absolutely CRAZY! I mean, copy karna tha, toh at least change the name from "Sayesha"! Hehe - just making light of the situation, don't mind. It's actually outrageous that she's done that.

You should email her - if u can get her address that is. Or ask one of ur computer friends to take down her blog altogether! Or better yet, get the password and assume control of her blog! bwahahahahahaha

Rev. Joseph G. Steadman said...

cutt'n and past'n is the highest forum of phlatery!

Go with the flow!

The Rev.

Fishy said...

Tried commenting on her blog, couldnt :(
could send her emails though, have sent her one...i hope she stops...but i agree, you should take the link off the post, she's getting unecessary hits! and do put up the copyright immediately... and dont worry, you've got much nicer and many more readers :)

Rohit Talwar said...

OH GOD! What has the world come to?! Sheesh.

B****! *feels sorry to have abused on Sayesha's blog*

Man, how I wish I could teach her a lesson X-(

Such people don't deserve readers! Ugh.

IndianArchie said...

You havent posted a copyright notice anywhere have you? If so, then there's nothing to stop anyone from ripping off your work. I am not saying that she should do it, but legally, there is no restriction on it until you claim your work for your own.

Suggestion: Get a Creative Commons License. And display the button prominently. Promise to bump off those who violate it. Dhichkyaoon!!

Consider it as a backhanded compliment...that your work is good enuff to get ripped off.

Musings that Amuse

saty said...

found a new word in dictonary:- 'opal'ed(v) ...a cut, paste and copy job of someone else work, passed off as your own.

shub said...

pathetic loser~!!

chandu said...


American Pi said...

Gosh. That's awful.

Think about how Western music producers must be feeling when Anu Malik, Bappi Lahiri and the rest of the copycat junta in Bollywood rip their music.

American Pi said...

On a separate note, what if she copy pastes your latest post - and then changes the link to point to your blog?

Maybe she is a chudail living in a parallel universe.

Liz said...!!! How can you do that so shamelessly!! Guess it just shows how crazy ppl out there realy are =S

American Pi said...

Also, I think Indianfriendfinder is a shady site in itself, and just this person's presence on that site as a member shows that she has no self respect.

Wow, I am passing judgement so easily these days.

Jai Ho

Clueless said...

Wow. That's just...horrible. I can't think of a worse method of plagiarism. Man, I can imagine how angry you must be right now.

And not to gloat or anything, but you seriously have a much better bunch of readers over here. I couldn't even make sense of some of the comments back there. Sheesh.

And american pi's thought (about her copy-pasting this post too)is truly frightening. Yikes. Copyright! Now!

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Alright, Sayesha...go, see the comments section of of the first two posts by that pathetic bitch now. Sorry, for swearing. I can't help it.
She's screwed...or so I hope.
I'm going off again now. I'm gonna flood her comments section with those comments on all the posts on the first page at least. X-(

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

And American Pi, she wouldn't DARE copy-paste this post of Sayesha. That's because she has published some of the old posts of Sayesha very recently on her 'The Unbalanced Equation' was posted by Sayesha in September 2005 but she posted it just now. She'd end up getting trapped if she does this. What a loser she is!

Anonymous said...

Oh great! I finally decide to write a comment on the best post I have read in blogworld and the post has to be removed....cant blame you though....but you can imagine how mad I am with this girl....I dont know if removing the link will do any good or not....but I think more and more people should know about this 'cheater',the word sounds just right for her(reminds me of schooldays).I am writing short note on my blog about her ...without the link though...
God! now we have to copyright everything we do or think.
Before this comment becomes a full fledged post I ll stop.

Liz said...

@TGWSTW - where did you put your comments? I cant find it! Has she deleted them?

Sayesha said...


Yeah, I'll add the (c) line. But we can't flame her blog. It's a paid site :(

Not exactly free publicity... if someone goes to her site from mine, they will know exactly what she's upto.

Not funny. :(

This sucks man... just because it's the Internet she's entitled to flick my posts?? :(

Can't contact her or flame her... she's on a weird site. :(

ps: Thanks for the mail though :)

And I googled the word 'Sayesha' and caught her. How ironic. :|

#Smiling Girl,
Sue her?? :O
Yeah, will add the copyright line.

I dunno how to stop her from doing it again :(

Good to see that the copycat had enough shame to shut down her blog itself. I dunno what's gonna happen in this case... I'd be happy if she just removes my posts from her blog.... this sucks :(
ps: Thanks for the mail, dearie... really cheered me up for a bit :)

I know I should probably ignore this... but I can't... every time I think of her talking about my parents as hers and my experiences as hers, and even thanking pple who compliment her "great posts", I feel like throwing up... I wonder how she sleeps at night. :|

I can't get her email id. And we can't flame it. Get the password it seems. Why don't you get it and give it to me?? X-(

#The Rev,
Thanks but I do not want such flattery.

You could send her emails???? Please please please send me her email id!!

Man... I feel like hurling expletives too! :(

Hmmm... will check up the CreativeCommons thingie... didn't think this would happen to anyone... I mean come on... there are billions of bloggers in the world... who copies someone else's blog posts??? It's just SICK!




#American Pi,
ps: Thanks for the idea about baby Aish's pics... was thinking of doing it anyway, but your sms made me do it immediately.

Exactly. How shameless can people be??? :@

#American Pi,
Yeah, I think too that it's a real shady site... when I tried to comment, they asked me to register... apparently, this site is the 'lite' version of YUCK.

I am SO angry... man!! This is SICK SICK SICK!!!! How dare she THANK her readers for her posts??? Didn't she drop dead as she keyed in her thanks??? :O

#World Girl,
Huh? You mean you can comment on her blog??? We can't!! That's the problem man... I can't reach her! And she has the audacity to claim in her comment space that she "lost the 'No control' post" and she's "typing" it all over again. I bet it's my post about my control key prank! X-(

You're right. She IS an utter loser. She copied my post about the sand-arist I saw in the Puri beach, reproduced the photo saying she saw him at Mumbai beach, and gave him money because he was depressed about his family and stuff!!! What utter crap!

Thanks, dear! You can't imagine how heart-broken I am about having to remove baby Aish's pics... :(

But I agree with you, I really think we should expose her... maybe some blogger who's also registered on that site will comment on her posts, so at least the copy-cat will know that we know!!

Sayesha said...

SHUX! I completely forgot there's an option to delete comments! So even if we could flame her, it wouldn't work :(

Raam Pyari said...



this is such utter crap!!!!!
what the hellz that!!!

a. namkeen is a rubbish name !

b. plz chek if she rips off ur comments also, cuz they are as gud as ur posts!

c.yess, u did gud by removing baby aishz pics...u never know with these kind of people!

d. darlin namkeen is sucha a beeg time looser that I cant even start about it!
u try n stay calm( i no, i no, this is sik..but still apana B.P theek rakho bahin!)
you have my support!

Raju Bathija said...

This is really outrageous. Shame on her. I had read your post Bring up Mom & Dad few days ago, and she seems to have copied it word by word. I wonder how can someone be so shameless.

The Smiling Girl said...

Yeah, Sueing is something which wont work..

Well.. Namkeen, because you copy most of the posts on this blog, you should be reading the comment section too...
Read this carefully!
Its very cheap, mean and bitchy to be copying someone else\'s posts. It shows what a loser female you are, and also reiterates that you are a self-respect less female. You stole all her posts, and you are even claiming her pics and family, friends also?? Is there anything cheaper than this???

I could\'ve lodged into a series of bad-words, but its just that I cant write so many of them, nor do Iknow them.

But Sash, I think all your blogger friends/commenters should respond and write what they feel on ur comment space. That female will surely read your comments!! She might understand the seriousness and enormity of the situation atleast then!!!

Foolish, sucker woman!!! Chichi...

Macho Girl said...

OH MY GOD! This is outrageous! I seriously CAN NOT believe i just saw what i did. How can ANYBODY do such a horrible horrible thing? Doesnt she have a conscience? this is pathetic. I chkd out her comments page and someone sure has blasted her... dunno if its world girl, but if it is, good going there!

Aslam said...

She went through the trouble of decorating the copied posts with different font colours.

Clueless said...

Wait, question. Why is there a link to this Indianfriendsfinder thingy in place of your blog on World Girl's comment? Or am I just very confused here?

Aditya said...

Shame on her! cheap soul!

you shouldnt remove her link, let all your readers know about the cheater.


Aditya said...

ya World girl's comment on cheater's blog is not working!

Raam Pyari said...

yeh site bhi kinni sik types lagg ri hai!

ze zombie said...

my god! this is pathetic!...
is there anyway you can mail the site administrator (of and inform them about plagiarised content?

Sahil said...

yeah everyone can flame her on her blog now (flame is when people blast at someone in the cyber world).

But apparently 'namkeen' is on leave - so don't expect a reaction from her right away. In the meantime flame awaaaaay!

Sayesha said...

#Raam Pyari,
Oh she did flick other people's comments on my blog and make them part of her post! I'm trying to stay calm, but I'm SO pissed off man!

My point exactly. It's the shamelessness that gets me.

#Smiling Gal,
Read my update, we can all comment on her post now.

#Macho Girl,
Exatcly, I still cannot believe someone would do that!! Yeah, and it was the World Girl who blasted her, followed by Sahil, Rohit and then me.

And the colours don't even go together! Mere post ka satyanash kar diya! :D

That freakin site converts any URL you type into its own URL!! :O Do what Sahil did - sayesha[dot]blogspot[dot]com

Yup, I'm not removing her link!

#Raam Pyari,
Haan, bahut zyada shady site hai... like my friend says - it's for horny guys and airhead chicks.

#Ze Zombie,
I have already mailed them. And now we've hacked into the system and can comment now.

Can't thank you enough for cracking into the thing!

American Pi said...

she even copied the article about "bait" that you wrote. Poor max would be sleepless, especially since he came up with word 'bait".

On the other hand, MAx might ask - "Namkeen... Is it a chick.... is she hot?"

Maybe we should set Max on her.

satish said...

ooooiiee maa, yeh kya hai??

seriously naam toh badal lena chahiye.

but i am lucky that i came straight to your blog. kitna bekaar lagta naa if i had come to know tht the blogs i had been absolute crazy abt were written by a fake called namkeen.

anyways hum toh aapke hee hain fan number one.

Suds said...

That is tooo much.... Are yeh to identiy theft ki hadh ho gayi... Meine paison ke liye identity churate suna tha... But I guess this one is for fame... Anyway I hope this crap stops...

sunshine said...

Is she so much in love with you or your identity? This is terribly sad. That's all that I can say.

fairy said...

Hi i am a member of iff and i blog there. I am so sorry that she has stolen your work. They were very good and I have commenting on them, no I feel embarassed. I think she did it for acceptance. But plagerism is a wrong and I never endorsed it.
I am glad you have made it known.
I applaud you for going there and speaking out on her posts.

Rays Of Sun said...

Dekha..why I kept telling u to remove Aish's pics:O
Horrible woman...that one she is! I remmember that post on mom n dad and that glass wala:O
Spiteful that woman is!

The Smiling Girl said...

Wow.. this is the way.. lets go flame that woman!!!

fairy said...

Her posts have been removed. Not sure if it was the moderators or not.

Janefield said...

err! heard abt the row on your blog but had no idea it was abt plagiarism! thot some commenters got into a scuffle as usual! maybe this namkeen person is kaavya in disguise! as someone said 'opaled' is now a word in the dictionary. this is ridiculous. let's hope she gets enough crap hurled her way to make her stop this crap once and for all.

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

@Chosen One:
thot some commenters got into a scuffle as usual!
Hahahahaha!!! It makes it sound like Sayesha's comment space is a wrestling ring. :P Hehehe.

starry nights said...

Really sad and pathetic is all I can say. how can someone do this, even stealing your parents.

justme said...


ggop said...

Ugh how annoying!
You are the second victim of plagiarism I've heard of in the desi blog world. There was a post on desipundit about someone's posts being plagiarized on

Removing pictures is a good idea. I've kept up with your trip to the East Coast and the travails of Baby Aish but could not comment till now.


Nirwa said...

Namkeen main hoon, kyunki mera naam bhi namkeen hai! hark hark hark! :P :P :P

okay, don't take first flight to Ahmedabad to kill me, I'm just kidding! This is ridiculous! The least she could have done was give you the credit, by maybe linking up your blog! But passing off someone's work as their own is ridiculous!

Everyone gets inspired by someone or the other, but that does not mean you copy paste someone's work because you loved it that much! Sigh!

Sayesha tum aage badho, hum tumhare saath hai! :D


Sumana said...

This is so disgusting! We have our own blogs so that we could put our OWN thoughts there, not copy others!

Keep fighting!! We are all there to support you!

Fishy said...

sorry about not replying eaalier, all the mails i sent bounced back, i guess it wasnt the correct email address :( Will flame her with the login details you sent!! stand strong Sayesha, we are all with you...and dont forget to copyright.

spamtaneous said...



Janefield said...

zaahir hai when there is a bar nearby, fist fights aur bar brawls toh hote hi rahenge :D so if sash' blog is a bar, then her comment space is a wrestling ring :D last fight witnessed here was between the girls vs sahil. btw, who won the bout? :D

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

OMG!! That is disgusting!!!

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

@The Chosen One:
Oh yeah, woh chutput jhagde toh chalte rehte hain. :P And of course, TGFI and TGWSTW won that bout against Sahil! There was no way that Sahil could have won against our lethal team. :D :P

Janefield said...

lethal is right! i totally agree after seeing the latest drama on latest comment space :D :D :D

Anonymous said...

I know someone who plagiarizes all the time and she has readers praising her for what they believe is her words. It's sad because she writes as though she's so spiritual. Someone said something to her and first she said that she always gives credit and when something else was said to her she said she almost always gives credit then she later changed it to she doesn't always give credit.

I know that most of the time she doesn't give any credit and she actually tries to blend in what she copies with what she writes. I can tell the difference because she doesn't write very well.

Her name is Judi Singleton and she says how she writes 8 or 10 blogs, which she doesn't keep up with. She writes on xanga.

When people tell her that she knows so much and writes so well she always makes people believe that it's all her writing.

Here's an example. Some of it may be her writing, but most of it is from other sources.

This happens online everywhere. I think she does it because she knows she doesn't write well but she wants the attention and praise to make her feel better. Unfortunately it's working.

I'm sorry this is happening to you. I wish people would have more integrity and stop taking what doesn't belong to them. And stop taking credit for something they shouldn't. It shows such a lack of creativity and compassion.

Anonymous said...

I apologize for the long comment. The url got cut off so it is again. I guess I'll have to put it on two lines. But the text can be highlighted and copy and pasted into the address bar.

I wonder if I can link to it.


She probably got some of it from

And she says she is a writer who plans on getting something published.

She's such a fake and a liar.

Beware of Judi Singleton from Oregon. She loves to take credit for other people's creative works. And she doesn't spell very well or use proper grammar in her blogs.

Anonymous said...

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