Friday, June 09, 2006

The search has just begun

My sister used to be a google fanatic.

(Who isn't?)

So I'm checking email while my sis is checking whether baby Aish needs a change of diaper, when something strikes me.


"Hmm...." She says, still looking at the baby.

"I've not seen you get online at all since the baby was born. How do you do it man?"


"No seriously, how can you survive without the Internet? I'd die. Seriously."

"Wait till you have a baby. Phir Internet gaya bhaad mein! Your baby becomes your world wide web."


Now that the baby keeps her hands full, she has no time to get on the net, but she often asks me to check up things - mostly baby stuff - on google.

The last time she said, "Oh, google can tell us!" Mom asked, "Ok who is this google and how come he can tell us everything?"

When you're really excited about something, you want others to be as excited. And if they are not, you feel disappointed. You also feel as if you have let down the thing you're excited about.

So my sister and I started to convince my Mom about great google is.

"Google is this really cool search engine that can give you any information you want. You just type the words on any topic in the world and you'll get so much information that you can't even read it all!"

"Any information I want? On anything?" Mom asked.

"Yeah! Anything at all!"

Mom looked interested. And seeing my Mom vaguely take an interest in anything related to computers was such a treat I jumped at the chance.

"Mom, I'll teach you how to use the computer and then you'll see how cool google is."

Some time ago, I'd blogged about how she used to think that my
PC would explode if she touched it. Well, looks like laptops do not explode when touched. 'Cos Mom readily agreed.

And then the tutorial started.

"Now I'm gonna teach you how to double-click. You know, once you learn how to double-click, you've mastered half of whatever there is to learn about computers."

"Ha ha ha." goes my sis.

No, seriously.

So it takes her a while before she's able to double-click effortlessly.

Then we accessed google.

"Okay Mom, what do you wanna know?"


"Gimme any topic - your area of interest, something you wanna find out..."

"Ummm... Recipes?"

"Recipes! Great! Which recipe do you want?"

"Does it have Hyderabadi biryani?"

"Of course! Great! Hyderabad biryani!" I started typing.

"No no, wait wait. I want Hyderabad's Paradise Hotel's Hyderabadi biryani's recipe." Mom said.

(Paradise Hotel's Hyderabadi biryani is the ultimate biryani in the world. We used to go there twice a week when Dad was posted in Hyderabad. Any attempt to even begin to describe how yummy it is, is an insult to the dish. You gotta try it yourself to know.)

My sis and I looked at each other.

"Uhhh... let me try, but you may not get the authentic recipe..."

"Arre, then what's the point?"

"I mean you will get many recipes of Hyderabadi biryani, but maybe not that of Paradise Hotel's..."

"Why not?"

"Because Paradise Hotel won't put up their recipe on the Internet na..." my sis tried to help me.

"But you just said that your google-shoogle can give me any information I want!"

"Errr... maybe not everything..."


"Errr... why don't you read some of the recipes, Mom?"

Mom read a few recipes.

"So? How are they?"

"Hmmm... okay... chalega..."

"Okay Mom, that's all for today. Tomorrow we will learn something else." I said.

"That's all?" My sister asked.

"Yeah, enough for today. We don't want an overdose. Today I just wanted her to explore the power of the Internet." I said.

"Mom, you're Internet Explorer today. Ha ha ha." I added.

I look back and Baby Aish is the only one grinning at my sad li'l joke.


Thanu said...

I remember teaching my mom how to use mouse. I taught her the rules of minesweeper and told her to play. After few games she mastered the mouse

Rebellion said...

Silver sash :D

Now lemme read...
Will be back soon :P

Take care,

dharmu said...

Hmm, looks like the time zone is making me be among the first few to comment.

and bahi, kitne din NY mein ho?aapko milna tha, nahi to singapore aana padega.

btw,the internet is quite a "???" even for my parents. even after months of using messenger nd yahootalk, my bro told me that my mom still asks him to operate the comp. so much for compphobia.

Sayesha said...

Hahaha! Cool man... it will be a while before my Mom can do that! :P


I'm back in NJ now, but will be going to see the Statue of Liberty tomo :)

//btw,the internet is quite a "???" even for my parents.

Tell me about it man... that's why they refuse to get a comp at home... sheesh! Funniest thing is - Dad uses a comp at work very comfortably - that's cos the IT guy is always around to solve probs if any... but at home, who will take care of things "if the computer explodes"?? Hahaha! :D

Raam Pyari said...

Mumz and the computerrr
they are best away from it!

p.s. baby aish ka naam liya and uski fotu deemag mein aa gayi!!
waah! waah!!
usko humari taraf se ek hug dena ka banata hai sayesha bhai!!!

The Smiling Girl said...

Never thought I would be among the firsts to comment, bhai..:) though I am not in the same time zone as you..:)

Talk about it... I will never be able to figure it out why Mom is sooo scared of the comp.. But now I guess its because of the what-if-it-explodes-phobia.... Tried teaching her sooo many times...

Chalo.. chod do.. To baby Aish abhi hasne lagi?? Cutie darling lagti hogi na haste waqt?


Rebellion said...

Sorry Sash..

Bohot late ho gaya! My stupid internet ne dokha de diya :-s

Anyways.. I agree with RP haan.. Parents & PC.. let some distance be :P
But then I feel they should know yaar.. I don't mind teaching them computers but not internet.. Pata chala tomorrow they're standing on my head keeping a check of blogs I visit, what I comment, whom I chat with etc etc :O:O Thats sccccary man! :P

btw.. I liked your PJ.. sad joke.. hehehee :P
Baby Aish.. she'll always laugh at your jokes, don't worry :P

Take care,

The Smiling Girl said...

Coming to think of not-going-online thingy, bhai aap ne bhi to ek din bunk mara na apne bar mein?? Ab kya bologe?:)

Sayesha said...

#Raam Pyari,
Oye confused soul, kabhi bahin bolti hai kabhi bhai? Dimaag satkela hai tera? :D

Am not allowed to hug or kiss Aish yet... gotta de-germ my hands before I hold her... bahut saare restrictions and all... so I will give her your virtual hug okie? :)

#Smiling Girl,
I think that in about two decades' time, our children will be trying to teach us some 'cool' stuff and we'll be like "Rehne do baba, hamara toh Internet hi achha hai!" :D

//Pata chala tomorrow they're standing on my head keeping a check of blogs I visit, what I comment, whom I chat with etc etc :O:O Thats sccccary man!

Hahahahaha! Can totally imagine :D Will have to do 'delete history' after each blog-reading session :D

Mera joke sad nahin tha yaar... itna sad bhi nahin tha yaar... Aish toh hansi na? :P

#Smiling Gal,
Arre Bhai abhi pulis se bhaagkar phoren gaya hai... toh bar mein haziri kaise dega roz roz?? Tum log toh kuchh samajhte hi nahin ho! :D

duhita said...

Google is the best! But what will happen when ever so curious mum decides to google her own beti's name?!?! jeng jeng jeng! oh oh!

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Muhahahahaha...thenga to TGFI! I'm before her today! YEEEEEEHAAA!!!!!
Now, I shall read. :D

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Hahaha...I used to love google...until Wiki came along. Then, I ditched google *hangs her pretty head in shame*. :P
And my mom also searches Google for recipes...pity she doesn't think PC would'd have been fun to scare her like that. Damn. :|
Oh, and that "Internet Explorer" joke was awesome! I LOVE anything to do with puns...hahaha. :D And I HATE it when people refuse to understand this kind of joke or calls it "sad". X-(
This is for everyone else: DO NOT call that joke "sad". DO NOT. I'm sending out a blanket warning here.
* loads her double barrel fortified with depleted uranium, and menacingly circles the comments box.*

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

*call..sad typo...I was too busy loading my double barrel. :P
To everyone else: I'm serious. Be warned, children! :D

shub said...

"Mom, you're Internet Explorer today. Ha ha ha." I added.

I look back and Baby Aish is the only one grinning at my sad li'l joke.
probably baby aish was laughing at her own oersonal joke ;o)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

oye tgwstw,
grown up only for a day? what is all this me first and all? cha! show some grace, some dignity!!

arre, sayesha, bhaanda futne waala hai....i am kinda nervous for you!! :) it won't be too long before mom googles sayesha!!

internet explorer! ahahahahaha good one, good one!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

p.s: my mom rocks the internet! also stands over my shoulder, reads all my IM conversations with friends, and asks irritatingly "why is he saying that"
jeez!!!! i regret the day i taught her how to use it! ;)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

sayesha's bar, eh? just the right place for all our brawls .....;)

satish said...

I look back and Baby Aish is the only one grinning at my sad li'l joke.
main hasunga naa bhai aapke jokes pe, bus ek ishara kar dena jub bhi hasna ho! :D

nice post.


Adarsh said...

'ur baby will be ur wolrd wide web'... true to the core.....
its really tough teaching parents how to use the new gadgets..... they r so very reluctant to learn...."tum hi karo baba....humse nahin hoga" types
newayz....nice post....

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

What grace? What dignity? They come out only when YOU are before me. Muhahahaha...otherwise, I'm all for shouting insanely, "ME BEFORE TGFI!!!". :D Yeeeha!

Oh, and my mom also stands over my conversations sometimes and says, "I thought you're crazy but no, you're not the only one." Bleh...I hope she doesn't find out about the darned blog. :P

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

oh and by the way, the only ones who are re-ally, seriously laughing at your internet-explorer waala joke, sayesha, are the ones that have spent enough time in the bar..please don't even think it was funny, ok?

oye tgwstw, hush girl...calm down!! ROS ko batana padega ab.

and my dear, to be "Before TGFI" u had to have celebrated your 18th a long, long time, fergedddaboudit!



Nirwa said...

hahahaha.. The same is the case here.. I felt as if I was reading about my mom! :P


Ritwik said...

Paradise Hotel's Hyderabadi biryani I know what you mean. We use to have it every other week. The best biryani ever!

The Smiling Girl said...

Haan re... agar ur Mom googles Sayesha and finds out ur blog, tab kya karegi??
Soch ke rakhle abhi se..
Teaching Moms everything is not such a good habit after all..

When I was preparing for my MBA entrances, I had discussed quite a few things with Mom regarding CAT and all.. Now she sits and gives gyaan to all those MBA aspirants' poor Moms and directs them to us.. just like ur Mamaji..:)
And she teaches me so many new things about what is going on in the education world these days... and makes me feel like a full buddhu..:)

Thank God, she hasnt reached my IM conversation yet.. nahi to TGFI aur World girl ke tarah mereko bhi sunna padhta... ANd I am pretty much sure she wont do it also.. coz main desh se door hi nahi jaungi...:)

Aur bhai, agar police se bachna ho to, hamare Hyderabad mein aa jao.. acha sa biryani khilayenge aur dekhbaal karenge jab tak police aapko bhool nahi jaati..:)

And u dont even have to wait for our kids to teach us some cool stuff yaar.. just wait for Aish to be 6 years old.. she will become one Naani... my neice taught me so many new things, u know!!!:) And I still ask her for some kid funda....:)

ritzkini said...

Oye !
Paradise hotel ki biryani ?!
Whatever is that all about ?!
'Bawarchi' ki biryani,on RTC crossroads is the place to go to yaar !
Err..we are talking abt the same hyderabad,aren't we ? Hyderbad deccan or hyderabad sindh ?

Anonymous said...


Paradise's hotel Hyderabadi Biryaniiiiii.....yummmmmmmmmmmmy :P:P
and yeah i can identify with ur difficult/funny/amusing it is to teach parents how to operate computer and answer their questions..heeheh...
good post as always :)

take care

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

please don't even think it was funny, ok?
*Gasp*, *shriek* DARE you say it? Maine bola na, don't make fun of any joke related to puns! X-( *aims her double barrel at TGFI*. Run for your life. :P

Lagta hai ROS yahan nahin, I need to behave like a grown up lady now...when the cat's away, the mice will play. :D

to be "Before TGFI" u had to have celebrated your 18th a long, long time ago
*Ponders hard*
Um, you know what? I DID come before you...but then, I died and this is my next, me first again...muhahahahaha...thenga! :P

And Nirwa's pic is scary! Eeeeeek!

Bhaarat said...

U changed the title of ur blog to "bar"??

Please get ur Mom hooked to the net and also to blogging.

Raj said...

I generally get impatient when teaching my mom to use the computer or the internet. Its cool that u were able to teach ur mom with such enthusiasm :)

Maverick said...

tapori bhai tu to ab bevda bhi ho gea.. hic! hic! 'bar' khol li....
even i had a tough time teaching my mom how to use skype and yahoo chat but I never went beyond that... teaching google is bit dangerous....:P

Shekhar said...

He he he..chal at least the readers of your blog had a good laugh. :)

Rebellion said...

Nahi Nahi Sash...

I didn't call your joke sad..
I said.. the joke which you called sad, actually made me laugh.. so I liked your joke

And no.. am not telling this coz am scared of Navdeep's loaded double barrel :P:P:P
Be careful haan world girl.. kahin aapka haal Andaz apna apne ke Mr. Teja ki tarah nahi ho jaaye..
Am sure you wouldnt really look nice with a blacked out face :P:P

Take care,

RandomThoughts said...

A well written post as usual Sayesha!

All the best to your mom on all future lessons.


Janefield said...

Just imagine if one day our moms get with the Internet and start blogging...about us!! That sure would be interesting...and scary!!!! :O

Oh, and to all the li'l kids here not-in-the-know, what makes you think her mom will google the name 'Sayesha'? What say, Sash? :P

Janefield said...

@ Bhaarat & Sash, I just noticed the blog name change. Arre! Mere blogroll link ko copy kiya bhai ne!!! :P Hafta dena padega :D :D :D

Rohit Talwar said...

When will you leave NY? Poor little thing has to bear your jokes. Usko baksh do!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hahahahha am with Rohit!
this early exposure to sad sense of humour is not good for aish.

tgwstw ki bhoot abhi tak hai gi gayi?

are you saying "sayesha" is a pen-name?
say it isn't so!!!!!! it's such a nice name...that would be so sad! that it's not a real name!!!

/totally hungover since the bar opened.

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

tgwstw ki bhoot abhi tak hai gi gayi?
Gender mess up kiya?! Meri bhoot nahin hogi...meri bhootni hogi. :P Muahahahahahahaha *evil bhootni-styled laughter*. :P

Aur tum logon ko samajh mein nahin aata? Rohit and TGFI, DO NOT call puns sad. DO NOT. X-( :|

*Aims at both Rohit and TGFI and thinks about who to shoot first*.

And TGFI, Sayesha can't be a pen-name. Remember her birthday post? She talked about some fellow blogger who sent her a gift or something...he had tracked her office ISP and had sent the thingie to Miss SAYESHA...and that reached her. So, conclusion: Sayesha is her real name. *The Girl beams proudly at her smart deduction and gives herself a pat on the back*. :D

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Am sure you wouldnt really look nice with a blacked out face :P:P, no, I'm careful about all that. :P I'm super smart. ;) *smug grin*

divya said...

google!oh what would i do without it. and mothers...well my mother actually thinks anything she cant learn is just not 'worth' learning. so she always gives the computer a cold shoulder..maybe i should try telling her bout google.

Sahil said...

What's with the "Sayesha's bar"? Change it back to Sayesha's world. Don't like the new change.

Sahil disapproves.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

the bewda community lynches sahil.


IndianArchie said...

If you want to know how to search Google for music and movies..I have written a post on that on my blog. The link is:

Do leave a comment!

Musings that Amuse
Think Dull

Joy said...

ha ha ha your mom's the greatest!

Sayesha said...

Haha! Mom doesn't know that names can be googled :P

#World Girl,
Thanks yaar... mere joke ki izzat rakh li :)

I'm sure she was laughing at the poor humour of her bewdi masi! :/

#Ipanema Girl,
Grace? Dignity? You? Hahahaha! This is even better than my joke :D
ps: Your Mom reads your IM convos?? :O

Hahaha! Bandook sar par hoga toh laugh toh karna hi hoga muahahah :D

Thanks :)

#World Girl,
Hahahaha! Muh ki baat chheen li :)

#Ipanema Girl,
Sheesh! Grrrr :(


Yum yum :P

#Smiling Gal,
Hahaha! Waiting for Aish to grow up and teach me stuff :)

You dunno anything man! Deccan wala hi baba :D

Thanks :)

#World Girl,
Sheesh. :/

Changed it back :P

My session was short that's why :P


Sayesha said...


Thanks yaar :D

Thanks :)

#Chosen One,
No comments :D

Sheesh! Tu bhi? :(

#Ipanema Gal,
What's in a name and all that? ;)

#World Girl,
Tum log karo jhadga, I'm outta here :)

Hehehe :)

Since you're mehfil ka purana diljala I will listen to you. Changed :)

#Ipanema Girl,
Hahaha! Koi paththar se na maare mere deewane ko.. ;)

Are you kidding me? You mean there's "a way to search" on google?? :P


The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hrmph. i see now..puraana diljala and all..ab meri kaun sunega? hmm?
**long, painful sigh**
whatever. so long as this "world" has a bar in there somewhere, i can sit and nurse my OJ.
and throw glares sahil's way.

Nirwa said...

I see you people are calling my picture scary - that is insulating! X-(

I am Nirombie - Nirupa Roy + Zombie.. don't you dare call me scary - I am the official Maa of bollywood.


IndianArchie said...

Are you kidding me? You mean there's "a way to search" on google?? :P

I meant you can search for files using special search strings, to filter out useless information. Say if you want to download a song, just googling the song name will give you information on the lyrics, places where you can buy it from, background information on the song etc etc. The link to actually download the song will be somewhere on page 13 of 4,383,342,832 results.

Using special strings, you can get the link you actually need on page one itself. This works for songs, movies, or any kind of file with a known extension (provided it exists online obv). So in that sense, yes there is 'a way to search Google'.

Hope you understood what I meant :)

Musings that Amuse
Think Dull

Sahil said...

that's better :)

....although, shouldn't the "w" be a "W"?

How was is before? It looks different somehow.

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Sayesha ke purane diljale, your observation power is getting weak. :P Earlier also it was "w"...muhahahaha.

*The Girl ducks herself under her chair to escape Sayesha's and Sahil's wrath*

Deepu said...

arrey how come u missed bawarchi biryani.

Venky said...

right o had a lil catching up to do cos I was away from the web for some time, but gr8 to see the natak gal back at what she does best....."nautanki" of course :).. the last couple of article were nice reads

lil _kath said...

...coool Mom ^_^
..hey till when u'll be staying in NY?? Isn't ur office getting problem now because Sayesha is not around?? hehe...

..give my kisses to lil Aish! *muaah*

..take care yaar!


justme said...

teaching my mom how to handle a mobile was something dat took us months..!! and it was fun..!!
After ages, my mom can succesfully attend and make calls..but ask her to do more than this or to learn further and she ll curse us..!!
mum s are like dat..!! :-)

naari said...

:):) Your mom sure knows where exactly to bowl the google!! Kudos to her..:):) And hey loads of hugs to aish babie...

Liza said...

Hahaha..lovely post!:) I promptly sent it out to all my cousins - we've been desperately trying to get our moms to talk via msn!:) And a lot of the time..they start talkin even before the connection is established! Lolz..MOMS!!:)

Liza said...

Btw, better late than never - congrats on being a masi!!:) Baby Aish is ADORABLE..!:)

The Smiling Girl said...

Sash, you were asking for the full mantra for Saptapadi, right?
Mere blog pe, comment space dekhna... there is full explanation to it!!!:)

fundooz said...

My Mom can now talk to me via Gtalk. Thats only when my brother sets it up for her though. She can chat otherwise :D

Proud to say she can operate a mobile with great effectiveness and other regular electronics!

fundooz said...

o and she didnt mail u :)

Freaky Chakra said...

lol, this was good. damn brings back memories of trying to make an "internet explorer" outta my dad!

nyways, was a good read :)

Siddhu said...

New post!

New post!!

New post!!!

Btw, guess what? My supervising PhD student (for my thesis) is from Singapore. :)

Sayesha said...

#Ipanema Gal,
Awww come on, he's not that bad :)

You look really freaky man!

#Indian Archie,
Wow, that sounds cool! Will check it up :)

You let me down man. It was always 'w'. So much for being mehfil ka purana diljala :/

#World Girl,
Shabash! Now if you'd be kind enough to throw that chair at Sahil... ;)

Had it. Paradise is better! :P

I take that as a compliment :P

Hahaha! Nope, all's fine at work too :)

Oh I just got her a new mobile phone and I had such a tough time this afternoon trying to teach her! :)

Moms will always outsmart smart search engines, isn't it? ;)

Thanks :)

#Smiling Gal,
Cool, will check it up :)

My mom will type so slowly that I can go make a sandwich while she says "How are you?" :P
ps: Oh! Then I guess the one who mailed me is not the one you told me about :)

#Freaky Chakra,
Thanks :)

Whoa... from which uni?? What's his/her name??
ps: New post is up! :)

adi said...

I googled u out sayesha.. remember that

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adarsh said...

hehehe.. nice post ;)

Anonymous said...

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Sri said...

Hi Sayesha,

Was pleasantly surprised to see a post about 'Hyderabad's Paradise Hotel Biriyani'...we also love it so much that we used to have it atleast 3 times a staying at Chennai now and your post is making me miss Hyderabad!