Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Listen up, Blogville!

Today I saw a neighbourhood of only bloggers.

Ok, I didn't. I just thought that I did.

Don't blame me, blame the funny font they used to print the building numbers in my sister's neighbourhood.

BLDG 30, BLDG 31, BLDG 32, BLDG 33... and so on.

Of course I read it as BLOG 30, BLOG 31, BLOG 32, BLOG 33 and so on...

And then a funny thought crossed my mind. What if it really happened - if all of us bloggers lived in one neighbourhood? Okay, maybe not all, but those who are close to one another? We'd go to work/school in the morn, hang out in the evening, have loadsa fun and then go back to our respective homes at night to blog and read blogs.

But then again, if we met every day, maybe we wouldn't have so much to talk about. Cos we'd have read it all on each other's blogs then, isn't it?

I've actually noticed that sometimes when I hang out with my friends who regularly read my blog, I have fewer things to say cos they've already read most of the stuff that's happening with me. So when I am in their company, I crack the odd joke every now and then, but I notice that I have less to say and more to listen to.

Is it true then? Are we bloggers losing our social skills?

Or are we just becoming better listeners?


chandu said...

may be not.
or may be if you post regularly and that too on real life incidents.

still we will have something to talk about.
bakar keliye we will have so many issues. ofcourse if u ask students like me we will just show u the looong sessions eating away day and night.

chandu said...

:O where are others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

anyway am pretty happpy to grab the gold :D

shub said... also works the other way round end up discussing blogs and bloggers...which is food for more conversation! :)

Divya said...

me silver!!!! and tat too on ur blog!!! and tat too after several hrs of ur post??....

I am really for ur family.. hope u r having fun with the little one...

sorry for the late wishes though!

Divya said...

looks like shub beat me to it.. nevermind.. i still get bronze!!

Anonymous said...

/// But then again, if we met every day, maybe we wouldn't have so much to talk about. Cos we'd have read it all on each other's blogs then, isn't it?

yeah i agree with u on this point..
meeting fellow bloggers once in a while n having fun wud be a nice option though ..wat say?

howz ms.beautiful?

take care

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

wth. you're in MY timezone. and i've NEVER gotten the gold. how does that happen??

it's important to keep R.L and V.L separate and "live" offline too!

but yeah, blogging also provides more food for thought/discussion in a R.L it works both ways.

so we're becoming better readers, writers AND better listeners perhaps?

Adarsh said...

we r becoming better listeners the same time sm1 can come 'prepared' if (s)he has to say smthing specific .....

Rohan said...

Hi Sayesha, though I've been a regular reader, I am posting a comment @ ur blog for the first time. I do know a few bloggers - some post regularly, some are more erratic. I have realized that having conversations with some of them is like talking to a wall. Surprisingly on the next day, the wall would have graffiti about what was discussed. Please let me clarify that I have observed this to be the case only with some of the bloggers.

Raj said...

Hey, have you found someone willing to pay you to write cos this post is very Carrie Bradshaw-esque. Specially the last two lines, u know, ending with a question :)

I wonder if the similarity is intenetional.

Archana said...

Well, now you know why I haven't told most of the people I know personally about the existence of my blog :-D

justme said...

i think we are better listeners is a better way to put it... but we all know d real truth deep within dont we..?

Sumana said...
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Sumana said...

I guess yes!! If someone is updating his/her blog everyday with 'what happened today', then when you meet your friends who read your blog regularly, you will have few things to update them about!

However with friends you never run out of things to talk about!! There will be zillion other things which would fuel the conversation. But yes when we talk less, we definitely become good listeners

chitra said...

Tee hee...better listeners of course !

The Smiling Girl said...

U r right, Sash!
In case we meet our blogger friends daily, then we wouldnt have much to talk... But I dont think it means we are losing our social skills.. coz we can still make a perfect conversation even if it is an odd joke...:)
Atleast its the case with me!!!


Rebellion said...

Maybe your right Sash!

But then, I also believe, if you're close to someone, you can end up talking for hours! No matter how much you write on your blog, the true sentiments that reflect in your words, the expressions which we, ur blog frnds cannot see.. All that cannot be missed if we'd meet everyday too!

You can write & fill pages dear, but still given an opportunity to talk, you'll be able to talk on the same thing for hours with much more stuff coming out :)

Thats MY personal opinion.. err.. basically mayb coz I talk a lot & love to spend time with friends :)

Anyways, that bldg.. blog.. funny! We all are too much into the blog world I guess, isn't it?? :P:P

Take care,

The Light-House. said...

For be it is just an activity which I love to do.

satish said...

sayesha ji, we(yaa, i do blog sumtimes) are on a mission.

we are in the business of saving lives.(remember jack nicholson in a few gud men??!)

ok on a more serious note, such questions arise all the time in our lives. and we know that we dont exactly have an answer. we do what we gotta do.

Rays Of Sun said...

For me, blogging is not a daily activity and I cannot jot down every other thing happening in my life!
I am sure you agree that sometimes so many things happen with us, that we can never write down. Guess thats why, I still have a lot to talk to with close fellow bloggers:)

Rays Of Sun said...

But, in my case..friends in my city not know about my blog! So I am happy about it!

VT said...

What if we all become chips in a computer, may be not a desktop but say a big mainframe. We would have loads of fun doing backend processing, number crunching, ticket booking, period end closing j/k :)

But really that is how I feel, it won't be that interesting anymore! Internet and in my case reading others' blogs, being anonymous and yet interacting with people in faraway places is all just a bit different type of fun. And I want it to be that way.

Janefield said...

Oye, U R IN NYC!! Do you need reminding of this wondrous fact?? Write about the sights and sounds of the biggest, bestest and tastiest Apple in the world, yaar :D

Jeevan Baretto said...

Hey no fun if you bloggers are neighbors.. then what will you write about..?? cos each of them would come across similar stuff daily.. n who would read then ?? :-)

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

AAARGH...Blogger ate my comment here thrice before and it's the SEVENTH time on blogs that it has happened to me in three hours. DIE, Blogger, DIE!!! X-(
Okay, so, as for the post, I think a lot of people don't blog daily and many don't really reveal details about their personal lives. Plus, if you're really close to someone, you can end up talking forever and ever and sometimes about absolutely nothing. :P
And when are you going back to Singapore? This time zone change has hit me hard, man! Whenever you post, I'm busy catching up with my 2-hour long beauty sleep. Darnit. :|

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

* pointing at tgwstw *





so what if i don't get the gold, atleast i'm before her. stay here sayesha, stay!!!! :D

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

@TGFI: Aaj se main tujhe kucch nahin kehne waali. *Nose high in air* ROS has asked me to behave like a grown up lady, no juvenile fights with you. Hmph. *Musters up all the dignity she could steal from everyone else*.


Rays Of Sun said...

WOW..The girl is listening to ROS(*Blushing shyly*)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

heppy budday to you!
heppy budday to you!
heppy budday deaaar navdeep,
heppy budday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!

cheerio tgwstw!

thanks for telling me ROS. i'll stop laughing at you just bcos its ur birthday, tgwstw,



Bhaarat said...

Make ur life more happening. By the time u meet ur friends u would ahve some new stories to talk about. And there a lot many things one can discuss. But if it is improving ur listening skills then take full advantage of it.

Lalit Singh said...

they've already read...
Maybe thats coz u write everything that comes to your mind... thoda bacha ke rakho na doston ke liye

Girl next door said...

I've heard a lot of bloggers say they're anti-social and introverted. It can be hard to believe coz some people don't sound that way in their posts.Maybe it's because face to face communication is so complicated: there are facial expressions, tone of voice and the environment can be distracting. I don't know if we're losing social skills.

Prayank said...

i feel as bloggers we just open up .. reach out to new people whom we wud otherwise never new ...
but i agree that if we read blogs of ppl whom we interact with daily, then the maza of chatting over a cuppa chai loses its charm

Pallavi said...

I feel as bloggers we are definitely being more expressive and that can't anti-social...:)

dharmu said...

bhai, u need to try the starbucks, please *on verge of tears*

aap US aate hain aur humaare fav coffee peeye bager jaayenge? yeh kaise hosaktha hai?

Iced Caramel macchiato-grande size- with extra shot and whipped cream

fundooz said...

did someone mention singapore??

hello. the blog's fun!
my friend is a fan of urs..shez jus shy to comment here :p

no, she left an anonymous comment which didnt show up! anyway..take care and get the tests if u havent! :)

fundooz said...

oh and yes, am not an avid blogger. I am a certified good listener though!

Sirius Black said...

I think it aint true tht blogger s r introverts.But i guess its easier for some ppl to write what they feel and express themselves that way.
Waise gr8 idea to have bloggers livin in 1 community lolzz

Sayesha said...

//or may be if you post regularly and that too on real life incidents.

I guess so :) Of course I do have stuff to talk about, but now I don't need to tell my friends which movie I watched, and whether I liked it and all that... cos they've read it already... so that part of conversation is removed and filled with nonsensical banter :D

Oh yes!! :)

Yeah, am having fun here, thanks :)

//meeting fellow bloggers once in a while n having fun wud be a nice option though ..wat say?

I like that. But the prob is that most of my fellow bloggers are in entirely different continents so chances of meeting them are remote :(

#Ipanema Gal,
//you're in MY timezone. and i've NEVER gotten the gold. how does that happen??

Cos some people are S...L...O...W... :D

//so we're becoming better readers, writers AND better listeners perhaps?

Gotta agree with you on that :P

First time here? Welcome! :) Agree with you on that :)

Welcome to Sayeshaz! :)

//Surprisingly on the next day, the wall would have graffiti about what was discussed.

Wow. That is really interesting. Guess I'm guilty of it once in a while too! :O

If you read my old posts, you'll notice that my style has always been like this - most of my posts end with a statement or a question that has made me think.

Hehehe... sometimes I wish it was like that with me too :)

That, my friend, is a deep question :)

Yeah, it's the updates that become a problem. Conversations with friends don't. The updates are just taken out of the equation :)


Yeah, we can still make conversation, but most of the news updates are missing :)

True, but maybe not on stuff like "Did you watch Fanaa? Gosh I hated it." cos enough has already been said about that, eh? :)

Good for you, maybe you don't blog so much about daily activities like I do :)

Sayesha said...

You blog??? And ab tak chhupakar rakha hai?? :O

//I am sure you agree that sometimes so many things happen with us, that we can never write down.

Hmm... that's a thought... depends on who you're having the convo with though...

Yeah I agree. It's a different kinda fun! :)

#The Chosen One,
Arre all that will go on Hopscotch yaar :)

Hahaha! Good point! :D

#World Girl,
Hey, if blogger dies, we all die too! :O
And oh, I'm leaving in a week. Then you can have your gold :D
2-hour long beauty sleep??? Dekha, coffee peene se yehi hota hai! :/

#Ipanema Gal,
That's all the reason you have for wanting to make me stay?? Sheesh! :/

#World Girl,
Tu ROS ki baat kabse maanne lagi? :D

Tuney bachi par kya jadu-tona kiya re? :D

#Ipanema Gal,
ROS daadi hai lekin tu shaitan ki nani hai! Yahan kya ho raha haiiiiiiiiiii???? :D

Haha! My life is already very happening, thank you very much :D
I was talking about the things that I blog about, I am obviously not gonna repeat them cos I've said all I had to say about them (movie reviews for example)... other stuff yes, conversations will continue :)

Bacha ke rakho?? Ration conversation topics?? :O :O :O

#Girl next door,
Guess diff people use their blogs in diff ways... some blog because they are too shy to talk openly, others blog to keep a record of their life's events, while others blog because they have too much to say :)

//then the maza of chatting over a cuppa chai loses its charm

Actually the maza can still stay, just that you don't talk about the same things that you used to in the pre-blog days :)

Point to be noted :)

Arre I have tried re... I rarely reject things without trying... Singapore has starbucks, but I just don't like coffee :P

Hey welcome to you and your friend. I think your shy friend just emailed me :)

Nope, all bloggers aren't introverts. In fact, this post was never about what kinda people bloggers are because there are many kinds. This post was about whether we have fewer topics to discuss with our close friends :)

ritzkini said...

the Sunday times(last week) had an article on exactly this !
Cant seem to find the link,sorry..

fundooz said...

ok then.

ur blog's quite a comments-ridden zone!

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