Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I dunno what Oliver did this summer

"Publicist. The word is 'publicist'."
I looked at my nails and coyly told my mother and sister.

They had just referred to me as 'paparazzi' pursuing baby Aish. Just because I happen to take 50 pictures of her a day. Hmmmph!

Mom and Sis shook their heads at me and my nails and went back to doing their respective chores.

As her paparaz... err... I mean publicist, I have to do a lot of waiting and lurking to catch her when she's awake, to make sure her clothes look fine, her cap is fitted nicely, her hair looks nice, the lighting is right, etc. etc. After all, I'm the one to look through and decide which pictures will make it for the press releases.

And while I wait for her to wake up, I while away my time watching American television.

Back home, I never watched TV. I simply did not have time, neither did I consider it to be such an important activity. But here, I watch a lot of TV.

Channel surfing is weird. This is how it typically goes...

"And Liz seems to be doing really well with those spiders there..."
Fear factor... ewww... flip...

"I like to use cheddar because..."
Food channel... boring... flip...

"You have no right to do this..."
Random soap... can't be bothered... flip...

"At number 39 we have Baby Brangelina..."
Hollywood gossip channel... yawn.... flip...

"I only came here to tell you what Oliver did..."
Random soap... can't be bothered... flip...

"I couldn't help but wonder..."
SATC... seen this episode... flip...

"Chandler! Are you..."
Friends... seen this one... flip...

"And the price is..."
Random gameshow... yawn... flip...

"Because he is my younger brother!"
Random soap... can't be bothered... flip...

You're flipping and flipping when you suddenly realise that you actually are curious about what Oliver did. Problem is - you have no clue which of the 100-odd channels that show was on. By this time, you have flipped so many channels that you don't even know whether skipping forwards or backwards will get you to that channel. Your curiosity is heightened and you're constantly scanning all the channels to hear the voice of the woman who was gonna tell-all about Oliver. Heck, you don't even know who the hell Oliver is, and how what he did could affect your life in any way, but the urgency grows. Along with a slight bout of neurosis. What did Oliver do? It does not matter that you are leaving the country in less than a week, and even if you did trace Oliver's deeds in this episode, there is no way you will be following the plot through. But your brain is not working. It is focusing on hand-eye-ear coordination, you see. Your fingers are now tired with the urgent high-speed button pressing, and your eyes and ears are on full alert mode, and you're doing all you can. But it doesn't seem to be enough.

It's been over 40 minutes of flipping channels and you still can't find it.

Finally you sigh and give up.

But you lie in bed that night tossing and turning with the realisation that you will live your entire life without ever finding out what Oliver did.


Yup, looks like I was flipping. And nope, am not talking about the channels.


Archana said...

Let me put your mind at rest: Oliver lived happily ever after ;-P! I think.

Liz said...

So true!:) So where are those new pics of Aish?:)-put them up! You following the WC? Any favourites?

Liz said...

..and looks like I've got silver and bronze this time round. How did that happen? =O..yey:)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

:-) i'm sure you can catch the rerun tomorrow. ;)

chalo, for crying out loud and being in the same timezone, atleast i came in 3rd
today! (And, beat tgwstw!!!!! hyuk hyuk hyuk hyuk)

no , liz, we don't count u twice ok? you get silver, i get bronze. and we don't break any tables here? ok???

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

and just for that HUGE mistake sahil made, methinks you should reopen bar.

W instead of w? such carelessness for detail! tsk tsk tsk.

Adarsh said...

channel surfing ..... its really boring.... and if u happen to be in INDIA ......surfing the desi channels.....it becomes all the more boring....to the extent of frustrating :(
nice post though :)

Sahil said...

Yeah yeah. Ok. Small w will do.

The Smiling Girl said...

Now what did the last line mean?? I didnt understand it at alll...
But yes, this has happened to me so many number of times... I just dont get what is on which channel...:)

Sahil said...

Smiling girl,

meaning Sayesha has flipped.... lost her mind... gone crazy... too much TV can do that to one.

Rebellion said...

LOL Sash...

Just imagine the kind of unrest you may have after this day..
Who was Oliver??
What did Oliver do??
Was she some villian, murderer?
What if you spend sleepless nights thinking about this?
Please dont get up aadhi raat ko yelling OLIVER haan.. ul scare Aish away :P:P

LOL.. Me & my stupid imaginary jokes :P

Don't bother yaar.. am sure Oliver will find her way to your blog & answer the question yourself :P:P

Give a break to your thought process till then :P

Take care,

Rebellion said...

Err.. error..

I meant, Oliver will find her way to your blog & answer the question herself :P:P

May you have a good sleep till then :P:P

Take care,

M said...

Ok, u dont have to live your entire life without ever finding out what Oliver did. i'll tell you what Oliver did.
"Oliver lies to Merissa that he has a girlfriend, but secretly develops an infactuation for Merissa. Merissa's boyfriend Ryan figures this out and tries to warn Merissa, which she does not believe and remain friends with Oliver. Oliver aggravates Ryan that they dont belong together and that himself & Merissa are destined. Merissa almost breaks up with Ryan when he gets overprotective of her. But finally Merissa learns that Oliver is a sick guy when he threatens her with a gun to love him. Oliver is taken away, persumably to an asylum, but now Ryan no longer wants to be Merissa boyfriend bcos she didnt believe him...." ..... and so it continues on & on!
(assuming it was "The OC" series u were flipping through)

Now i accept your thank you and you are most welcome!!

dharmu said...

bhai,me landing there on thursday, u better b there. i cant afford a ticket to singapore just to meet you ok?

and bhai, upload a few photos for us to see too,

the soaps r dead tiring, we had some 700+ on demand channels and i used to get fanatic searching for the disney world :)

Nirwa said...

Hmm... I know what Oliver did! :P Oliver Oiled his liver..

AAARRGGGHHHHH!! I need to get over my lame jokes!


Liz said...

Hehe..alrite, The_Girl_From_Ipanema..I shall abide by the law and not break any tables..I concede my bronze..

Rohit Talwar said...

Okay, what the hell is the last line supposed to mean? Am I that dumb? Samajh nahi aaya mujhe. Upar se alag colour main dala hai.

By the way.. even I have seen all the Friends episodes...but I can see them over and over again! :D

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

*Raises hand excitedly*
I know what Oliver did! I know what Oliver did! I KNOW WHAT OLIVER DID!!!
But I won't tell you. :P Muhahahaha...not until you throw a chair at TGFI and refuse to feed her OJ...beemar TGWSTW (I've cold and a massive headache :|) ka mazaak udaati hai! Sharam nahin aati aaj kal logon ko...*shakes head sadly*. Someday, I shall force feed you those golds and silvers and bronzes that you've snatched away from me...hmph *raises her nose high*.
Oh, and Sahil said that Sayesha has lost her mind. Um, woh tha kabhi? MUHAHAHAHA...okay, I didn't say it! My evil twin did! It comes out when I'm ill. :P (Pssst: Sayesha, Sahil called you crazy. *fetches popcorn to witness and enjoy the soon-to-take-place jhagda between Sahil and Sayesha.* :P)



P.S.: I know what Oliver did!!!

P.P.S.: I KNOW WHAT OLIVER DID!!! Muhahahaha. :D

P.P.P.S.: Am I crazy or am I crazy? :D

satish said...

OLiver ne kuch nahin kiya! ish baar ushe zinda chhod doh bhai, phir kabhi kisi desh kee kisi TV mein aane kee zurrat nahin karega. :D

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Sayesha has flipped, sahil called her crazy, and tgwstw is delirious. meanwhile, tgfi keeps getting all the medals.

who needs oliver when you've so much draama in your own "bar"?

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

I am not delirious! I am not delirious! I AM NOT DELIRIOUS!!! TGFI, you shall pay for this offensiveness that escaped your mouth. X-(
I AM NOT DELIRIOUS!!! *slips into a comfortable state of delirium* :P

The Smiling Girl said...

@Sahil: Oh.. to aisi baat hain..
Thank God you answered me, otherwise I would've gone to sleep with this thing on my head!:)

The Smiling Girl said...

I just loved this conversation between the World Girl and Ipanema Girl...
Now waiting to see whats gonna happen to the fight ignited by World Girl between Sahil and Sash!:)

@Rohit: Read Sahil's comment if u want ur brain to be at peace for the night!:)

Sahil said...

Smiling girl:

I can't tell if u r being sarcastic or genuinely are happy that I explained it to you?!

The Smiling Girl said...

@Sahil: Hey no.. I was really happy that u explained.. abhi ismein sarcastic hone keliye hain hi kya bolo?
Did u read that Sash has written that if she doesnt know what happened with Oliver, she cant be at peace now.. I meant the similar thing when I wrote this!:)
Ok? :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

you are awesome! please teach miss tgwstw something. :D

Rebellion said...

WOW Sash!!

The comments section of your blog is as entertaining as your blog.. maybe even more :P

Love this 'nok-jhok' type of chats.. currently on b/w world girl & TGFI.. Go on gurls.. *sits with her glass of coffee hoping to see more drama & action*


Take care,
Aarti :P

Joe said...

Cool blog & cooler comments. I laughed my heart out at this "Oliver Oiled his liver".

A first timer here. Would be coming back.


The Girl Who Sold The World said...

X-( LIZ! What did you do?! Snatch away that darned bronze from TGFI! YOU deserve it. Hmph.

And where's Sayesha, man? I'm impatient to watch her have a big jhagda with Sahil...mere toh popcorn bhi thande hi gaye. :|

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Ugh...damn typos. TGFI must have jinxed my keyboard. X-(

Rohit Talwar said...



The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

i think sayesha was very hurt by sahil's insensitive remark, so she decided to stay away.

and aarti, yeh kya sab ko cheer rahi hai? pick a side, okay? (psst pick MINE pick MINE)

Sahil said...

the "girls":

hahaha u girls are itching to see us fight, aren't u? "insensitive" remark it seems. I was simply explaining what it means to have "flipped".

Chewing gum ki tarah baat ko kheecho mat!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

and sahil makes a lame attempt at saving himself from sayesha's wrath now.

i mean think about it

first, he makes her change her blog's name back.

then, he doesn't remember the right spelling.

then, he calls her crazy.

now this?

and he belittles the WHOLE thing by comparing it to chewing gum??? :O

tsk tsk.

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Sahil, don't even think of wriggling out of this situation! I guess TGFI has done a good job of listing down your crimes. Just to rub it in again, lemme list them in a neater manner (*thenga to TGFI*).
Sahil, the purana diljala's crimes:
1.) Cunningly making Sayesha change her blog's title.
2.) Having a poor sense of observation and forgetting her blog's original spellings. *TGWSTW shakes head sadly*
3.) Saying "Sayesha has lost her mind", "has gone crazy". *TGWSTW glares*
4.) Accusing us of framing him. *TGWSTW nudges TGFI to point this out*
5.) Comparing his talk about Sayesha and her mind to chewing gum. *gasp*

Add this all together and it's a recipe for disaster. *Rubs hands gleefully*

TGFI, I've ordered pizza, garlic bread and Pepsi. Showtime par khayenge. ;)

Sahil said...

actually... i think YOU girls have flipped.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

ANDDD he digs himself a deeper hole.

and this is another one of those few occasions where tgwstw and tgfi come together in solidarity.

jo bhi hua, accha nahi hua.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

pizza, garlic bread and pepsi?? oo la la.
count me in!!


Brat said...

For a minute there I was all geared up to do some serious bit of sucking up...i mean put "aish" "papparazi" "naivette" togtehr and fools do come rushing in. But the mist clears and I am left looking at some baby photos. Yes yes adorable...before people look askance at me.

Ok. I am shocked. You flipped THROUGH fear factor? You missed people eating things that wriggle and breed in gutters? Are you alright?
You missed a nice tip from wotshisname on the benefits of using cheddar? May the cows moo you down.

The rest i give it to you (and there u were thinking i am unfair).
Hmmm as far as oliver is concerned...you are in luck. I have seen the episode. Let me see ...what was that "I only came here to tell you what Oliver did to the rubber duck today." The episode ends with Oliver's Mother turning from her kitchen platform in slow motion with an aghast expression on mug...thrice.
Hope I have quelled your thirst for Oliver's misdoings. Feel free to ask me about the next episode.

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

*Gasp*, *shriek*, SAHEEEEELLL!!! X-( TGFI and I are poor, innocent creatures who are just trying to show Sayesha how you called her crazy and now, you called US crazy! :O :O :O
We're gonna film the entire jhagda scene now besides cheering for Sayesha throughout. *Shakes head sadly* That was bad, Sahil. That was extremely bad...for you. :P

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

@TGFI: Yes, yes, and the pizza is of extra large size. Oh, and there's ice cream for dessert. :D

Sayesha said...



Here I had ten mins to get on the comp, and I thought lemme just check my mail and reply to comments if any. IF ANY. Baap re, yahan kya ho raha hai??? :O

Ummm...I think I will...errr... reply to the comments when I get back to Singapore...? :O

The Two Gals, your popcorn, pizza and my gussa may just get thanda by then... so Sahil, here's a dhishoom for you for now, baaki tere ko apun baad mein dekh lega. :/

Rebellion said...


You girls scared Sash away from her own blog =)) *laughs silently* :P

Taking sides.. TGFI & World girl, since ul have sought out your issues, am neutral but ya, am on your collective side along with Sash against Sahil :P
Mil kar peetenge, Sash, sirf ek dishoom se kya hoga? :P

Err.. did I hear pizza & garlic bread?? Am IN too, jus replace the pepsi with coffee for me plzz :P

Sashhhh.. come back sooooooooooon!

Take care,

PS: Hows Aish doing dear.. give her a nice biiiiiig hug on my bhalf :D

Sirius Black said...

the fite's gettin more interestin then the post lol :P
Go gurlz go :P

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

we will do our best to remind you, sayesha, don't worry. yeh atyachaar ham aise hi nahi bhoolenge.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

pass me the ice-cream please

Raj said...

Flipping channels can be tiring at times especially when u have to do multiple rounds cos nothing worth watching's on. But I am a pro at it so I doubt remembering the channel number its range or the name of the channel wud be a problem for me.

U can alwways utilise the net for finding out waht oliver did if u r too curious. I'm sure u can find a soap viewers' forum which can help u find out which soap it was and which episode it was. They might even tell u what Oliver did :)

The Smiling Girl said...

Arey waah.. I see really nice things happening between the two girls... Thats a good sign for Sash\'s blog..
Lekin tumhari dosti keliye Sahil ko kyun frame karte ho yaar... He was just answering my question and you girls caught it...*Shakes her head sadly!*

So is jhagde mein main Sahil ki saath hun kyun ki main is saari jhagde ki karan hun.. Kya bolte ho Sahil.. ?:)

And Girls... I wouldnt mind little bit of Popcorn and some Pizza myself.. just make it vegetarian.. Lets have a fair fight and eat together.. main bhi yahan se kuch laungi.. How about some nice Paradise ka Biryani? Kya bolti hain Sash?
*Secretly hopes that Sash pulls down the whole jhagda coz Smiling Girl lured her with her fave Biryani*

(Sahil, looks like we might come even.. *Secretly smiles*)

Rohit Talwar said...

Oh, so Sayesha is finally getting back to Singapore! Ahem. Ab apun ko replies padne ka aurbhi excitement hai. Muahahaaa

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Good dhishoom Sayesha!!! Go on, give him more!
Psssst, Sahil, don't sit there! Fight back! :P

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

*Munches on a large pizza slice and sips her coke* This is fun! :D *Passes the ice-cream to TGFI*. :P

Sahil said...

Itne pyaar se Sayesha ne dishoom kiya, chaleyga :)

ps - sorry girls.

Joe said...

Good Sahil. We are Gandhiji's followers and we dont believe in violence.

Have a sip of coke and show your right cheek(I assume the first dishoom was on the left cheek).


Sahil said...

//We are Gandhiji's followers and we dont believe in violence.


The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Joe said...

Good Sahil. We are Gandhiji's followers and we dont believe in violence.


arre s.g, sahil lagta hai bohat bhola-bhala, lekin you know...;) you better join our side.

Lalit Singh said...

You dont know what oliver did??? :-O
koi gal nahi... agle din ke recap mein dekh lena... waisey bhi they repeat the whole story with a 5 min recap...
i once suggested my mom n sister to watch only recaps of those K serials... I promptly retired in my room after seeing the stern look in their eyes

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Itne pyaar se Sayesha ne dishoom kiya, chaleyga :)
Ahem...chalega? Main aur TGFI bhi dhishoom karen? Bas pyaar se nahin hoga...zor se dhishoom dhishoom hoga...like Pepsodent. :P

Oye, TGFI! Sahil bhola-bhala ho ya na ho, hamein kya? Chup-chap uski pitayi ka show dekh na. :P Muhahahahaha. *Orders more garlic bread and pizza* :D

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

waise i was fighting more for the principle, really.

;) ;)

Sudeep said...

aila u r back.. or blogging frm NY?

itne bhi pics nahi nikalne chahiye ki baadme Princess bolegi kaun buddhu photographer tha :P

n i took care of my cousin aged 'bout 5-6 mths in my 10th vacn.. for arnd 2 mths.. the best time i have had with a baby :)

Sudeep said...

n do let know wht Oliver did.. coz i want to verify if its the same thing i know :D

The Light-House. said...

No "Tele Brands" while watching TV
I am suprised!

Venky said...

Hey sash, looks like your comment page is making for an even more interesting read :) it is like ppl scrapping each other in orkut :)..

Jab time mile to chk out
http://venkysays.blogspot.com/2006/06/introducing-kevin-timsey-i-think-you.html cos I have given yu credit for somethin and hey if u do read it dont u skim over to c only the part abt u..read it fully :)

The Smiling Girl said...

@TGFI: Haan yaar.. lagta hain ki Sahil ko kisiki support ki zaroorat nahi hain... :) Sash ne itne pyar se dishum jo diya.. Tikh hain.. main abhi neutral ho jati hun... (Itni jaldi party badalna achi baat nahi hain na..Kal join karungi main girls ko...:))

Sirius Black said...

*sips in some Coke and joins the crowd waitin for the fite!*

Ny1 up for bettin :-s

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

we want up-date. we want up-date.
exactly how long is the flight from New York to Singapore???

and didn't I hear about Singapore airlines offering inflight broadband in all classes? Kya sayesha. you should put up a new post from the flight then!


bon voyage and everything

Harshi said...

Haha...I relate to that :).
Sash, wish u a safe journey back!

Sayesha said...

Sayesha takes a deep breath and hopes to make through this alive :D

Nahin yaar... it's about what Oliver DID... something more happening than just living happily ever after :)

Pics of Aish have been saved in 7 CDs, will soon sort out and post some :)

#Ipanema Gal,
Rerun?? Are you crazy?? You really think I'd go thru the flipping-trauma all over again?? :D

And oh, bar never closed, but from now on for a month (or until he can win my faith back), Sahil shall be searched by a big bouncer before being let into the bar. :D

Haha! Been there... but I just switch between MTV and V till Dad takes the remote from me to watch the news :)

Excuse me??? Small w will do??? Oooh, doing me a favour, are ya?? Grrrr... that's all you have eh? After all the tareef I did of you in front of junta party, this is all ya got?? :/

#Smiling Gal,
Sahil is right. Unfortunately.

Chalo, ab bhi dimaag chalta toh hai aapka... hmmphh!

Naah, am over Oliver now! ;)
ps: I'm pretty sure Oliver is a guy :)

Whoa! Sheesh! Errr... uhhh... thanks a ton for typing all that out, but it wasn't the OC. It was one of the 'bold and beautiful' typa soaps which only come to an end after everyone's slept with everyone. :/

I'm back in sunny Singapore yaar... agli baar milte hain... I miss Aish so much I think I'm gonna be frequenting the US a lot :P

Hey bhagwan! Ya allah! Is Nirupa ko bachao koi. Yeh bhi flip ho gayi hai! :D

Whoa! Ipanema Girl actually sorted something out peacefully? That's a first! ;)

Read Sahil's explanation. :)
I can watch some soaps over and over again (that 70s show, Will and Grace, etc.) but not these nonsensical ones! :P

#World Girl,
Sorry about your enthu, baby... cos I'm simply not interested in that dhakkan Oliver anymore :P

However, throwing chairs around sounds like fun! One at Ipanema Girl (I can't remember why though) and three at Sahil! :D

Hahahaha! Maloom tha tu isme bhi kuchh bhai type connection establish kar dega :D

#Ipanema Gal,
Oye you dodge that chair, then talk! :D

#World Girl,
Eh? Tu meri side par hai na? Phir dushman ko apni kamzori kyun bata rahi hai?? :O

Sayesha said...

#Smiling Girl,

Offo! Baat ko chewing gum ki tarah kheencha koi aapse seekhe! Just because you're sarcastic 90% of the time you open your mouth doesn't mean others are too. :)

#Smiling Girl,
Arre samjhana band karo... remember Salaam Namaste? The ghosts of the kicks not understanding the talks. Kya? Jus' pick up a chair and hurl it across the room. Aaj Sash bar ko parliament bana do :D

#Ipanema Girl,
Sheesh. Liz is in my party ok? Usko makhan mat lagao! :)

Coffee????????? Who brought coffee into my bar??? It is strictly prohibited, don't you know???? :O

Welcome to Sayeshaz and watch out for the flying chairs! ;)

#World Girl,
Am back am back... ab Sahil ki khair nahin :D

Hameenasto hameenasto hameenast! ;)

#Ipanema Girl,
Nice try to bhadkao me, my dear! Don't worry, I'm already bhadkofied! :@
ps: Aarti is in my party! My party throws chairs at Ipanema Girl. Muahahaha! :D

Look who's talking about chewing gum. Sheesh, Sahil. Kitne dinon se ho is blog par? Ek saal se zyada ho gaya... aur meri chhoti si lowercase duniya ko caps kar diya?? Unbelievable! Ab kis muh se Sayesha aapko 'mehfil ka purana diljala' bulayegi?? Izzat mitti mein mila di na? Mil gayi santushti?? :(

#Ipanema Girl,
Wah! Kya likha! Sayesha takes all her chairs back and throws them at Sahil! Ipanema Girl joins my party! :D

#World Girl,
Ipanema ki behti ganga mein haath dho rahi hai?? :D Dho le dho le tu bhi kya yaad rakhegi... waise bhi Ipanema Girl ne us pani mein apne saare paap dhoye hain... paapi paani (sounds like a third class hindi movie) pheko Sahil par! SPLASH! :D

Save your words, dude. And yourself! :/

#Ipanema Gal,
Aaj sara bar ek taraf aur Sahil ek taraf! :D
ps: Any carbonated drinks brought into the bar must be diet otherwise they cannot be consumed within the bar premises. I have a better use for them - LET'S THROW THEM AT SAHIL!!! :D

Fear Factor makes me hurl. Literally. :/
ps: Thanks for removing my bacha-kucha interest in Oliver's doings :D

#World Girl,
This reminds me of the movie 'Jaane bhi do yaaron' - thoda khao, thoda pheko, bahut maza aayega! :D

Good luck replying to the comments ;)

Ek dhishoom se kuchh nahin hoga, that's why we're throwing things at him :D
ps: What did I say pehle? No coffee in the bar! Sabko bigaadegi tu! :/
pps: Aish is still kinda quarantined but she's doing much better :)
ppps: I miss Aish :(((((((((((((((

#Sirius Black,
Ah! I was wondering where the others guys are, eager to see some girl on girl action. Sorry dude, the girls have united against Sahil, so you can either join us or him. :)

#Ipanema Girl,
Atyachar?? Reminds me - there's some achar in that jar in the corner - let's throw that at Sahil too!! Hope it's expired and fungus-infested! :D

Hahahaha! Good tips, but no, now I have recovered from 'what did Oliver do' fever! :D

#Smiling Girl,
//So is jhagde mein main Sahil ki saath hun kyun ki main is saari jhagde ki karan hun..

WHAT??? Balidaan??? Qurbani??? Kyun aakhir kyun??? Saiyon se hi naari ki qurbani deti aa rahi hai... aaj waqt aa gaya hai ki aaj ki naari sangathith hokar is dhakkan nar ke oopar kursiyan ewam expired food pheken! Join the sistahs, sistah! ;)

ps: And bring on the expired Paradise biryani too! ;)

Yahan replies likhne mein jaan ja rahi hai meri.. have run outta things to throw man! HALP! :P

#World Girl,
Party-badlu??? Usko tips deti hai??? Grrrr... no more pizza for you! :/

Pyaar??? Oye!! Sayesha pyaar nahin, sirf war karti hai, kya?? Pyaar it seems! :/

Hahahahaha! Brilliant suggestion! Yeh hui na baat! Guys should follow Gandhiji's teachings, the gals will go by Jhansi ki Rani. :D

Hans lo hans lo... abhi raat ko jab namak ka sek lagaoge toh rona hi hai :)

#Ipanema Gal,
Bhola-bhala aur Sahil??? Hahahahaha! Goooood one! :D

#Lalit Singh,
K-serials??? YIKES! Even my Mom has boycotted them now! :P

#World Girl,
I like the way you think! ;) Yeh Ipanema Girl Sahil ke charm mein behek gayi hai lagta hai... :/

#Ipanema Girl,
Principle and you???? Hahahahaha! You're on a roll today, huh?? :D

Buddhu photographer?? Oye! Tu nahin bachega!
*Sayesha throws her old unusable analog (?) camera at Sudeep*

Yeah, me too! :)

Hahahahaha! 'Find' function ki jai ho! ;)
ps: Ok ok will read the whole thing after finishing this :)

#Smiling Gal,
Tu bhi Sahil ke chakkar mein aa gayi na?? Sheesh. Pata nahin kya baat hai is dhakkan mein, meri party ki saari girls ispar lattu ho kar party badal rahi hai... hmmm... Sahil, chahe jo bhi kar lo... Sayesha par yeh jadu nahin chalega! Muahahaah! :D

#Sirius Black,
Betting??? Sure! I bet you'll go home with a black eye, and the mark on my ring on your chin - a la Phantom! Chalega? ;)

#Ipanema Gal,
Broadband toh tha, lekin laptop nahin tha. So I watched crappy movies and slept thru the 21-hour flight. :|

Thanks dear! :)

Sahil said...

oh ur back?!

About time!!!

Sahil said...

oho... mujhe itna yaad kiya kya? Aapke pichle 2 comments mein, mera naam shayad 10 baar liya hoga. :) Hota hain... hota hain.

//Pata nahin kya baat hai is devta mein, meri party ki saari girls ispar lattu ho kar party badal rahi hai...

jal rahe ho?

(and yes, I changed one of the words u used, coz it suits u better than me)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

I CAN'T believe you answered all our unruly comments. :)))))

hats off to you. next time you go away and leave the bar unattended, you know what happens.. ;)

i'll chip in for a chair's leg or something. just tell me which ones were hurled at sahil. :p

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

jeez. AND there's a reply to your own in there too! hahahhaah i'm beginning to tthink sahil was right after all. :D

The Smiling Girl said...

Sahi bola yaar tune... mujhe abhi samajhmein aa gaya ki mujhe koi qurbani, balidan and whatever nahi dena chahiye... I will join all the fellow girls..
and yes darling.. i will get some expired Paradise Biryani to throw.. and some real fresh for you all to eat.. howz that for a welcome back party?

And one more clarification.:) Main lattu nahi hui ji... main to waise hi support kar rahi thi.. Smiling Girl kisi pe itni jaldi lattu nahi hoti... Hahahaha.... *Grins and laughs*

So Barwali madam ne saari comments ko answer kiya.. that was really sweet...:)

the boy who hyperextended his greater malleolus said...

i want Sayeshas TV, she doesnt get commercials:(