Friday, June 02, 2006

Update on Aish

"Why are you wearing a woollen top? It's such a hot day!" Mom said just before we set off for the hospital to see my sis and baby Aish.

"I dunno. I'll feel cold on the way back." I said.

Mom looked puzzled. Jeeju had said today was the hottest day so far.

And sure enough, on the way back it rained like mad. The temperature dropped from 36 to 24 degrees. My feet were freezing. But I was warm.

"Dekha dekha?" I bragged to Mom. "I knew."

"Achha baba, you knew." She said.

I guess it's things like this that make my sister have such blind faith in me. Once in a while, I make a random statement and somehow, it happens. Like the time she told me to wish that she'd conceive soon, and I said out of the blue, "Yeah, you'll conceive around your birthday." And sure enough, she did.

Today in the hospital, I finally had a chance to speak to her for a long time.

"I shouldn't have left that message on your voicemail. I made you worry so much on the flight. But I knew your wishes would help. When Aish was admitted and put on IV and the breathing tubes, the doc had said, 'It's upto God now.' I knew that even if there was a 1% chance that your wish would help, I had to take it."

I assured her that she's got many many many people all over the world wishing for baby Aish to get well soon. But when I think of what the doc said, I can only imagine how scared my sis must have been to hear something like that. I mean, they only say this kind of thing in hindi movies, don't they? :(

Anyway, I was a very happy masi in the hospital today. Baby is getting better, though she is still on IV. Hopefully, they'll come home tomorrow evening. T
he baby's eyes followed me wherever I went. My sis said that's the first time she's done that with anyone. YEAY! :D

I'd posted photos of the baby and me on this post, but my dear friend ROS asked me to not put up pics till the baby is ten days old. So I took them down. Will put them up in about three days.

And yes, I'm really scared of ROS. :P


Rays Of Sun said...

ur pic for the first time:)

Rays Of Sun said...

So is Aishu home???

Rays Of Sun said...

This I said without reading:D US mein hi rehna...I get to post first:P

Sahil said...

Wow cute kid!

Hatti-katti lag rahi hain bachi! (Not u, Aish! offo!) Cute hain :)

And yeah, ur not 'supposed' to put pics of urself up on this blog.... rule tod diya na apna?

Rays Of Sun said...

BTW, used to say that bacchon ke pics ko nazar lagtee hai:(
So be careful and apply a kaala tika to her:-)
I know I sound stupid but we cant take risk with Aish:)

Rays Of Sun said...

BTW, laptop pe photoshop nahi hai kya?? Nahi kyunki tune apnee pics lagayee:P

Rays Of Sun said...

And one more thing: Meree kali zuban hai..dint I tell you..Aish will be back home in 2 days?????

Rays Of Sun said... am outta here..was bored of gmailing:P

Sayesha said...

Achha achha baba... removed the pics... will post them after a week :)
ps: Kala teeka bhi laga diya :)

Some rules are meant to be broken under special circumstances. :) Actually that was one of the best pics of her (and yes, of me too) and I didn't wanna crop myself out of it :P

Photoshop nahin hai, only MSPaint, but I didn't wanna crop myself out yaar... bahut achhi pic hai :P

bananapen said...

Caught a glimpse of the pics -- then the post disappeared! :P
Nice pics though :)

Thanu said...

Congrats on baby Aish. I read ur last few posts, but didn't get a change to comment. I did say a prayer for Aish though.

See now u in US time so ROS and I get to comment b4 rest of the world

Dinesh said...

Missed your previous post as I wasn't expecting any updates while you were in the U.S.

Glad to hear that baby Aish is doing fine now. Waiting for the pics :-)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

yeh kaisa nainsaafi hai milord?

ROS ki bacchi. das comment marti hain, aur khud pics dekh leti hai aur fir nikalwaati hai.


The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

happy to know aish has gotten better and will be home. enjoy ! and give your sister plenty attention & rest too. :)

justme said...

am late reading this and your previous post.. but thank god things r fine..
strange is'nt it.. am a non beleiver too and yet wen my family goes thru a crisis and i see them trust a supreme power so much, I cant help but sit down along with them and pray.. maybe there is someone...

anyways.. bottomline.. hoping masi and bhanje r rocking..!! your post reminded me of my sis and her son.. 2 years back and d excitement that the first grandson in the family can bring..!!
touch wood.. things r fine.. :-)

The Smiling Girl said...

Yes yaar.. good u took off the pics of the baby... nazar legaga.. and jab dus din baad pic lagaogi, tab bhi bachi ko kala tika lagana and baad mein hi photo kheechna... ok? We dont want anything upsetting now, right?

So is the baby home??
And doesnt it feel great to know that the lil kid actually followed u with her eyes... makes u feel on the top of the world, no?

I bet Sayesha, if you were a kid-fearing girl till now, u will immediately turn into a madly-in-love-with-kids girl the minute baby Aish comes and sits on ur lap.. with her flashy smile... Its the best thing that can happen to anyone, I think.. atleast it was for me...:)

To khoob aish karle aur masti karle.. lekin tera training abhi shuru mat kar.. Baby Aish ko thode din tak innocent Aish rahne de... baad mein shuru kar.. aur ek do tips chahiye to merese pooch, mein sikhati hun ki googgles kaise todte, pillows kaise open karte hain aur poore building ko uthane wala rona kaise karte hain..:)

Have a nice time, buddy!

Prayank said...

Saqi turned into Masi ...

Last 2 posts have something really special abt them ...

Hope ur nanhi tapori is fine ...

Rebellion said...


I wanna see the pics tooooooo Sash :(
But ya.. I do agree with ROS ke bacchon ko bohoooot jaldi nazar lag jaati hai & defly can't take a risk.. am very very superstitious in such situations, so will wait till the right time comes :D

Glad to know she's improving (touch wood)

God Bless..
Take care,

PS: Sash.. do you share some direct telepathy with God??? ;)

Bhaarat said...

Now that baby aish is getting better, I think everyone home must be feeling better.

Please say some random things for me soon :((

Wishing health and love to Aish

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

ROS, ROS, ROS!!!!!!! X-( Hazaar comments bhi maar diye aur pics bhi gayab karwa di? X-( *seething with anger*
TGFI aur main kabhi is nainsaafi ke liye maaf nahin karenge. Kabhi nahin! *breaks down and bawls*

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

*Wipes her crocodile tears*

Okay, glad to know that the aby is improving and will get back home soon. :D She's just giving you guys a scare...masi ka influence hai. :p

The Girl Who Sold The World said...


Sheesh. Stupid typo.

dharmu said...

dekha sayesh bahi, tapori jr. apse badi khiladi hai. aate hi subko daradiya.

well, give her a lot of love from the blogger maasi's and tell her, shes gonna b a big gal soon, and take her maasi's prezz post ok?

aur maasi ji, write soemthing on NY too, me landing there on 14, will help if u give a write up before that,

hey, enjoy USA, time mile to west coast bhi aa tapko, aap welcome ho

Sumana said...

Hey So good to hear that lil Aish is going good.
Wishing her a fast recovery!!

Kais said...

Hey...I'm sorry to hear about what happened to the 'lil kid. What a harsh welcome to the planet! :( Let her know it only gets better from here on, will ya...


satish said...

chaliye, ab no fikar-vikar, k??


Suds said...

Hey Sayesha, I just now read both the posts. I hope Aish gets well soon. I will pray. U take care. Will wait for the photos.

Siddhu said...

Hey Sayesha -- i'm really glad to hear things sorted themselves out - sorry I couldn't wish you luck when aish was sick. i wasnt around. :)

Anyway, aalls well that ends well, as they say! :)

Nirwa said...

Along with the baby's pic, you should have put up that board which you get to read behind the trucks - "buri nazar wale tera mooh kaala" - baby bhi safe, hum bhi happy! We late comers could have seen the picture of Tiny Tapori! :-)

Anyway, now that so many people are talking about her, even I would get superstitious! :-)

But, yes, I would love to see the baby's pictures!!! :D


Purush said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rays Of Sun said...

Ipanema Girl And The Girl,
When I was talking to Sayesha last night and made her get the pics out..I told her these two girls are gonna be MAD..Grrrrrrr
Lekin gussa thuk do yaar...Aish ke liye:-)
*and ROS is happy that she maska maroed and emotionally blackmailed*

Rays Of Sun said...


Sayesha, naam mil gaya bacchi ka "TT"


The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

@ ROS,
haan haan, E.B. Sometimes, nothing works like e.b.

anyways, this was one opportunity for me to express solidarity with TGWSTW. The fight against injustice brought us together. *ends dramatic monologue*

waiting for day ten to see little aish.

Rohit Talwar said...

Main gussa nahi karunga. I've seen women panic over such stuff...nazar lagna and all that jazz...I'm glad it's everywhere...I used to think only my family's weird. :|

YEAY! She's getting better! Ek dum khelti hui nazar aayegi next week tak. :) And she's going to spread many many many more smiles! Take care of everyone!

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Chalo, baby Aish ke baare mein soch kar maaf kar diya. ;)
And yeah, I'm also glad like Rohit that this "nazar" thingie is everywhere. :|

ROS said...

Offo..bacche bade ho jaoo:P

Janefield said...

That's hot...err...coool :D Good news indeed....let's drink to TT's health, the bar is open! :P

Janefield said...

OH hey! Thanks for blogrolling me maasiji...abhi abhi notice kiya maine :)) A jane indeed! :P

Shekhar said...

Oye Sayesha...hadn't been online for the last coupla days...Didn't know about this..

I pray to God that the baby gets to get home soon, woh bhi ekdum first class fit.. :) Chinta mat kar, sab ki duaein uske saath hain.

Sayesha said...

Thanks :)

Thanks :)

Pics are on their way :)

#Ipanema Girl,
Hahaha! ROS told me she'd get it from you and World Girl! :D

Thanks :)

#Lovely Smiles,
Thanks :) Yeah, baby's home now, though I still freak out at how tiny she is :O

Yeah, Nanhi Tapori is recovering well :)

Pics should be up by tomo, bacha! :)

Thanks :) What random thing do you want me to say?

#World Girl,
Kya nautanki hai re tu :)

Thanks :)
ps: Kya yaar! 14th se pehle NY pahunchti toh I'd have gone there and we could have explored the city together! :/

Thanks :)

I have been telling her a lot of things.... I wonder how much of it is registering... all she responds is 'aaaa... ah ah ah' :)

Yeah, hope so :)

Thanks :)

Thanks :)

LOL @ the truck idea! :D

Comment deleted, why?

Tu bhi in dono ki tarah baatein karne lagi? :D

#Ipanema Girl,
Pics coming soon :)

Thanks yaar :)

#World Girl,
Yeah man... even my family never believed in this nazar thing, but now, they've confiscated my kajal pencil for the baby :)


#The Chosen One,
Yeah! :)
ps: Yes Jane, I blogrolled you long back! :)

Thanks yaar! Abhi sab theek ho raha hai :)

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