Friday, June 23, 2006

Kuch meetha ho jaaye?

Dear Namkeen,

I received your email with your apology. Frankly speaking, I had not expected an apology from you, and would have been happy just by having my posts removed from your blog. But the apology came as a pleasant surprise and I accept it with thanks.

However, I am not fully convinced that you pasted my posts from your friend's email and not from my site. Does it then mean that you thought they were your friend's experiences and that you stole your friend's identity? If you honestly thought that the posts came from your friend, it does not make you less guilty. So instead of wronging me, you wronged your friend, you stole her identity. Because you surely were trying to pass off the incidents as yours.

Look at this comment you wrote on the 'Art on sand' post of yours (mine) about the artist I had met and photographed at the Puri beach last year:

"But i was really amazed that he was not frustrated at all. Actually this picture was taken the last day i was there in Bombay i was to leave the next day and that's why that evening i decided to stay back and speak to him.I really wanted to know why he was doing it. And what he was getting out of it. But sad part is he did not speak English or hindi. He spoke a different kind of hindi which i could very hardly understand. So i only understood that he had a family of 4 kids and he had lost his job. He said it was very hard to find a new one and he had been jobless for a month now. Behen mara bacha bhuka pada hai. Khana lana paisa nahi. Ghar jaye to bacha khana mangta. And that's why he would spend most of his evenings at the beach to ease of his frustration. I till you Krsh i felt like hell. And so i gave him some money. He refused to take it initially but i left it there and left.That night i could not even eat i kept on thinking of his family. Today i gave him some money but will that money be enough for him to survive until he finds a job? i told my sister. My sister said there are lots of people like him here in India it's just a pity that the government does not have any system unemployment pensions."

Things like this were too much - You took my posts and my pictures and came up with your fictional stories. And all the little editing jobs you did to your posts... you thought it was enough?? Changing 'Singapore' to 'USA', 'Tapori Sayesha' to 'Tapori Amit' and 'Puri beach' to 'Mumbai beach'? You made me angry, very very angry. So angry that for the first time I realised how much anger I was capable of.

Secondly, you not only violated materials copyrighted to me, but also to my blog commentators. Remember the post about 'Things that will make you laugh'? You even added the comments by Abhinav, Harshi, Aethyr and Macho Girl to make your post. So are you saying that your friend not only copy-pasted my posts in her mail to you, but also the comments?

However, by sending that apology email, you have shown courage and integrity and I respect that. So if what you say is true and your friend was the one who sent my posts (along with the comments AND pictures apparently) to you, maybe you could give your friend a mini-tutorial on how to forward blog posts: If you like someone's blog post, you DO NOT copy-paste the content in a mail and forward it to your friends without naming the source. Instead, you click on the title of the post, copy THE LINK and then send it to your friends.

Some people told me that they pitied you and felt that you were depressed and miserable and having this fake identity and appreciation from people was making you happy. But I don't agree. No matter how manic-depressive or suicidal you are, nothing gives you the right to flick someone else's hard work and life and pass it off as your own just to make yourself feel better. If you have low self-esteem, you've got to fight it yourself.

You renamed one of my posts to 'Mom & Dad, I love you'. Well, if you really loved your Mom and Dad, you would accept them as who they are and not over-write their identities with someone else's Mom and Dad's.

There were also people who thought I should "chill and forget/ignore this". I noticed that they are mostly non-bloggers. Like the anonymous reader on my blog who said the war had no good reason cos my stuff is bakwaas anyway. Yes darling, it is bakwaas, but it is MY bakwaas, and I will defend it. If you have a baby that's not as cute as someone else's, would you not get angry if someone claims it's their baby?? Would you say that it's not a cute baby anyway, so it's okay if someone claims it as theirs?

You will only know how this feels like, when it actually happens to you. Or to someone you're close to. It's easy to take the Anonymous approach and say that this is no big deal. Like the high-horse-guy who thought that slamming my friends in the comments space would take the attention off the real issue here. Dude, I have something to say to you. Everybody has a high horse. Even if you are a complete ass, you have a high horse. I dunno where you got your horse from, but at the place where my friends and I got our horses - plagiarism and identity theft are WRONG WRONG WRONG!

Namkeen, I'm not the one to hold grudges. For me, if a matter is resolved, it is resolved, and there should be no hard feelings remaining. I promise not to have a grudge against you anymore, but I will be honest here and tell you that even though I have forgiven you for the plagiarism, I am just finding it a bit hard to forgive you for making me take down one of my favourite posts - that on baby Aish's expressions. And nope, I will not post it back. But I do hope that this negativity leaves me soon.

I know that your IFF profile got deleted before you could delete the remaining five copied posts. I had contacted your administrators and perhaps they did their duty. I am not sure if the other posts were deleted by you or the IFF administrators. But it doesn't matter now. Maybe it's time to make a new beginning somewhere else with another nick (in case the new slang my friends came up with 'namkeen (v): to copy-paste without permission' kicks off). If you really wanna express yourself, you're welcome to register at and join us, the bunch of crazy and happy people who stand by each other and by what we feel is right.

Thanks again for writing in. It has certainly made me feel much better about you. And oh, I will not reproduce your apology email here. Because you own the copyright to it.



I learnt a few lessons from this episode:

1. When you're in trouble, even strangers will extend their help. Jonathan Bailey, the owner of emailed me with details on how to lodge a formal complaint against such online plagiaristic acts. This dude is amazing. He has been a victim of plagiarism over 400 times in the past four years and has fought them all.

2. It's a good idea to google yourself once in a while.

3. MACs (Mean/Malicious Anonymous Commentators) are not the worst thing that can happen to your blog.

4. But the biggest lesson I learnt from this episode is that when you're in distress, you can never get through it by yourself the way you can get through it if your friends are by your side.

Okay everybody, show's over. Let's put this behind us. So no, I’m not going back to reply to the 163 comments on the last post. :P

Now bring on today's special - the jalebis and kaju ki barfis, cos the bar is back to its (ab)normal self! :)


The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...


Pakku said...

Zzimmpllyy Perfect !!!! Hats off to your perfect ending to the whole episode. Have a lovely weekend !!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

wolfs down all the jalebis. none left for tgwstw. bwahahahahah.(the rest of y'all, i'll show you the stash)

sayesha, well done. i'm glad the saga is over, you got an apology, and you've emerged the bigger person. good.
cheers and hugs

neihal said...

Am happy its dealt it well.. I have been thinking what I'd have done in such a case....dont know...but I will miss the post. The baby aish post.

Duhita said...

And we all lived happily ever after..... :) Sash, why don't you try ice cream instead of jalebis and kaju barfis!;)

shub said...


Anonymous said...

yeyyyyyyyyee...yippee!! **Enjoys the kaju-barfis !! (i wont mind ice-cream)**..hehehe..Its the time to Disco !!:P:P
wotevr happens, happens for the best!! :)

Keep blogging

Suds said...

Good it is over now I guess we can go back to good posts..:) waiting for next one:) Everything in life teaches you something and you summarized it well.:)

You really handled it well. Take care Sayesha..:)

iamams said...


Well the blog of namkeen is deleted, n you should appreciate her sincerity and apologies given by her.

I don;t think this should be carried forward by writing another blog about the issue.

This should flow into the ocean as i would say. I understand your feelings but peace is the best part of life, n i hope you agree with it completely.

I feel you need to communicate to her via email and close the issue with this blog.


iamams said...


i meant to say her complete blog n id is being deleted in IFF.


Sayesha said...

#Ipanema Gal,
Dhakki tiki back at ya! :D

Thanks, dear! I'm glad this was sorted out before the weekend too! :)

#Ipanema Gal,
Hey, I want the jalebis too! One of the few mithais that I like! :P

Sigh... I'll miss that post too... but I gotta do what I gotta do... hai na? :)

Hahahahaha! Tu peechha nahin chhodegi na? :)


Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

The reason why I wrote this post was to bring formal closure to the matter. You see, I am not the only one involved here. My friends have been too, and especially those whose comments had been used by Namkeen in her post.

If you must know, I have already replied to Namkeen, and here's what I wrote to her.

Hi Namkeen,

Thanks for sending me an apology. I hope the rest of my posts are
taken down soon as well. And I also hope that you understand why my friends and I were so utterly furious about the matter. Because more than the apology, your realising this matters more.

Frankly speaking, I am not too convinced by the story that your friend emailed you my posts, along with the comments, and attached the pics to the email rather than using the easy way of just passing you my link. However, I shall not get into that any more, and I
unconditionally accept your apology.

I have ended the matter publicly on my blog. Since you're no longer at IFF, I invite you to sign up at and create a fresh
blog using a fresh nick and write your own thoughts. I'll look forward to reading it. :)

Let's put the past behind us.

Vikram said...

That was something! It's been a while I commented on your posts right? :P

I wonder where my posts are being used... hmmm.. maybe people take prints and burn it to keep themselves warm in Greenland.


Anyway, good thing it seems to have been sorted out... but honestly, I think the hue and cry was more than Al Zarqawi's death.


The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

i just googled my name. i mean my blog only turned up boring old posts written by me only. :( nobody cofees me. i'm not worth cofying. :( :(

/wonders whether it's ok to make fun yet??
arre sayesha, jalebis are here ..just hidden from tgwstw.

Raam Pyari said...

thats nice:)

proud to have a bahin like u!
luv ya!
*maxxx fond waala (dadi amma types) luk*

p.s. 167!! I nevah bother with the number of comments thingi, but mann!!this is tooo much:O:O

Sumana said...

Good to know that she finally apologized!!
I really hope Shayesha you forget this episode and get back to your usual bindaas self!!

We love what you serve at Shayeshaz and hope you continue to do so!!

iamams said...


thats gr8t, i didn;t need the email contents what you send to her for proving your self, but appreciate it.

thanks neways n happy blogging.


Purush said...

Very nice way to end it. Object lesson in this brave new world of blogging, online communities what-have-you...
Tho', if she still keeps copying your posts, even with the copyright, how would you enforce across international boundaries and different legal systems? Methinks, it's indefensible but unavoidable.

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

YAY!!! Happy ending!!!!!! *does a bit of a wardance* :D

TGFI, chal, chal, apni jalebis khud hee kha le. Main toh mithai khaati nahin! Muhahahaha. Thenga! :D

*Gobbles up Hershey's chocolates and tosses some towards Sayesha*.

*Burps* Oops, rude? :P

Nevermind. Muhahahaha.

Sumit Tada said...

Great!!! Finally everything is ok i guess.......and as they as, al is well that ends well (though it may be just the begining)
Anyways, now that the order has been restored to the Bar......
Lets have the next (ab)normal post plzzzz.....

fairy said...

:) great post and gr8 attitude!!
I might come here and blog rather then at iff.

Only thing is...Im not as good as of a blogger as you and ur just learning how to express my self in this media ...but u all showed such a admiral affection for a fellow blogger ...awesome :)

Liz said...

:) I don't like kaju barfis!!:S But the jalebis will do fine thank you!:) Glad this has worked out... Here's to many more years of Sayesha's blog!:)

Rohit Talwar said...

Ah. I just knew our beloved writer here will close the matter with dignity. And she DOES!

The matter's over, you say? Uhm okay...Sheesh I can't forget the way I was shocked the moment I read this on your blog. But nevermind.

YIPPPEEEEEEE!!! Ham sab ka pyara bar is back in action! Yoohoooo! *I want Hershey's too :(*

Bhagwan sab Namkeeno ka bhala kare ;)

Rohit Talwar said...

Uh, I meant, how I was shocked to see her blog with your posts...but ab theek hai.

The Girl aur TGFI ka war dobara shuru?

ashwini bharadwaj said...

:) what a relief!
congrats to sayesha, thanks to namkeen and cheers to everyone here!!

Nirwa said...

I think it was very nice of Namkeen to write you an apology.. accepting some wrong done by you needs a lot of courage! :-)

Anyway, when i google my name, i come up with some society for 'saving bats' :O :O :O or some kurdish restaurant in nashville.. sigh.. I have a boring life! :-(

Nice to see things getting back to normal! :-)


Hari said...

Well said and well done Fair Lady!! I am simply awed by the emotions and response your blog generates!! How did you get such a fan following yaar?!!
May be like our Superstar Rajinikanth says "This following of mine was not created. It formed on its own. A following bound by love" ;) (Now thats quite a compliment I guess! Hope you know the hype that surrounds him and his movie releases!)

P.S: Vikram's comment left me rolling on the floor!! :DDD Man! I used to be hooked to your posts! Why the hell did you delete the blog you dumb moron?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hari said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
justme said...

:-) am so happy..!!

Ramkumar said...

u r the king of writing. err...queen of writing. the way u compiled the ending post is amazing.
man.err....woman u r superb.

saty said...

all well that ends well...congrats to you..awesome post...ekdum dil se likha hai!!!

Rebellion said...

All's well that ends well :)

I was sure Sash you'd end the matter with a happy note and I do appreciate the apology by Namkeen! Though she might have made up stories to reduce her embarassment, she sure had the guts to come up with an apology, esp after knowing that her identity was not disclosed at IFF too and she could easily get away by creating another ID & continuing, ignoring this matter! But am glad she didn't do it and accepted her mistake :)

Am glad that you forgave her and all ended in a sweet note but but but.. I miss Aish's post too :(( I still have some of her expressions in mind.. cap one, confused one etc along with your tapori comments.. wayyy to cute, it'll be missed the most :(

@TGFI & TGWSTW Oye, Aap dono ke naatak bohot ho gaya hai haan! Koi mithai finish kar deta hai to koi chocolates! Hamara kya hoga :((
Chup chap pass on some out here varna khopche mein le jaa kar du ka kharcha paani :P:P

C'mon bewdas.. raise a toast to sweet Sash..

Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrs!!! :D

Take care,

Raju Bathija said...

Glad it is over. Your reply to her is apt and appropriate.

Sayesha said...

Kahan tha re dhakkan?? Your inputs would have been useful! :P
ps: LOL @ Greenland! :D

#Ipanema Gal,
Don't cry, baby. I will cofee you.
ps: I just did! I flicked the new word you created. Ab khush?? :P Now gimme back my jalebis! :D

#Raam Pyari,
Hahaha! Maxxx fond wala hug to you, bahin! :)
ps: I know! I can never reply to all of them! :O

Thanks, dear! Yeah, I am back to (ab)normal now! :D

Thanks :)

It's unavoidable but you must never give up without a fight, yeah? :)

#World Girl,
Hahahaha! Bechari TGFI ki waat laga di :P Thanks for the chocs! :P

Thanks yaar! Next post coming soon :)

Yes, blog HERE! This is a great place! :) You've seen the unity and affection :)

Thanks! :)

Yeah, it's over, buddy. And phew! :)

//Bhagwan sab Namkeeno ka bhala kare ;)

Gosh I laughed so hard when I read this, Rohit! You're the limit! :D

Cheers to you too! Thanks for all the support! :)

Yes, I think it was very nice and courageous of her to apologise.
ps: Good luck with saving the bats! Hope they don't die faster by looking at your Niroopa Rai roop! ;)

Hahahaha! You dareth compareth me to Rajnikantheth?? :D :D :D

But yes, I'm awed (and humbled) by the unity and emotions here too :)

//Why the hell did you delete the blog you dumb moron?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Exactly my point! :/

Me tooooo! :)

First time here? Welcome! :) And you seem confused about my gender eh? ;)

Thanks dear! :)

Agree with you on that! :)

//Chup chap pass on some out here varna khopche mein le jaa kar du ka kharcha paani :P:P

Hahaha! It's so HILARIOUS to imagine YOU talking like this! You're too sweet to pull this off, my dear. If anything, you sound cute, not scary. :D

Thanks, I'm glad it's over too! :)

Angelsera said...

woow!so much seems to have happened here since I last came!

I din get to read the post on Baby Aish :(

do put it up sometime so tt backloggers like me can catch up as well

The Smiling Girl said...

@Ipanema Girl: Please mujhe bhi thode jalebis dena yaar... Kaju Barfi khatam hogayi kya? Jalebi ka naam sunte hi mooh mein pani nikal raha hain...:)
I promise main kisi ko nahi dungi.. ek baar do to.. tujhe bhi nahi dungi..:)

And yep.. a nice ending to the whole episode. That was gracious on Namkeen\'s part to give you an apology.
Abhi shayad we dont have to worry about anyone copying Sash\'s posts.
Now I think I will worry if someone is upto copying something on mine.. (Dekhenge koi mere posts ko cofy karta hain ki nahi!!)

Nirwa said...

I'm now Asha Parekh! :D


Trip said...

@Sayesha, Good job, magnanimous gesture. Bravo!
Damn my right click just gave way, and the control key isnt working either:D, good thing dell comes with a namkey!
Namkeen if you read this, im sorry, but i just had to have a last jibe at you:D,

scipio said...

Brrr!!! The angry face of Sayesha... i didn't know that one existed.

Girl next door said...

I just read all the posts about the plagiarism by Namkeen, and it's already been said how wrong and unethical that is. I'm shocked that someone would have the guts to blatantly claim your original experiences and ideas as their own. Glad it's over, blog on!

Macho Girl said...

I didnt expect that! That was a good thing she did, sending you that email. Now people know not to mess with sayesha! ;)

lil _kath said...

...Sayesha( Kawaii) YOU ROCK!!! *smiles**

..enjoy weekend!!


asterix said...

asterix khush hua!

Rebellion said...


M tryin Sash, am tryin to sound scary!!

Kabhi na kabhi koi na koi to humse darega zaroor..
I think I need to take some lessons from world girl..
Nav.. you free?? :P:P

Take care,

PS: Sash.. >:D<
A jadoo ki jhappi for you :D

_ShaitaaN_ said...


i commend you on your handling of this entire have earned the respect of many at IFF too...including myself...

i simply wanted to elaborate on your point #3 @lessons learnt...

the backdrop is, i was a victim of a malicious attack on IFF and an ensuing blog war for two whole months on IFF from March onwards...resulting in 4 bans against me (((residue of my original blog under shaitaan000 can still be viewed)))

the lesson as you correctly put was, even i learnt from the overwhelming support from women and men of all races and all countries for me against the 2 gold members and 2 scammers all of whom eventually left the site and i prevailed...that even on the internet we can bond and make devoted friendships etc...

my only crime was last december i changed the landscape of the Lobby Chatroom, which i correctly have christened as HELL...and converted nameless faceless people into real beings...resulting in weeding out the cream of the crowd from abusers, scammers and people with suspect motives...

however having lived in that minefield for over a year, my only stint on the internet chatrooms...i am rather proud to have gotten a reward of a bunch of wonderful people on the internet...many of them i care about more than the real life people i know in my city...

i always say things happen for a reason...& most of the times good does come out of tragic events...

due to personal reasons, i am anti-god...but do believe fate plays tricks on us for better or worse...but good people like you shall always prevail...

in this case, even though i am not an avid fan of bloging, you have gained more than the unfortunate damage caused to your blogs...

may chaos reign supreme and you get more fans for your blogs...



Shekhar said...

Jhakaas !!! Brilliantly done.. and now...Ladies & Gentlemen, time for the crazy life of Sayesha...once more!! :D

Prince said...


There is nothing l would like to add to what our dear brother and friend ( _ Shaitaan_ ) has said.....atleast sanity has prevailed.....but l do thank you wholeheartedly for forgiving her.....

Regards Prince :)

Rohit Talwar said...


*pats his back*

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

i'm beginning to think THIS place is weird. Some people don't like mithai, some don't like ice-cream, some don't like KAJU BARFI??? yeh kya ho gaya sab logon ko?????
*burp* sorry s.g. and like sash said, your threats are quite cute, waise. :)

tgwstw, theek hai, theek hai, agle round mein fir hogi mulakaat.

Rebellion said...


Just read the IFF members' comments.........
Are you blushing??
I think you are..
Meri dooooooor ki nazar thodi si kamzor hai.. isliye poocha! :P
*gets up from her seat to searh her specs*
*as usual, frustrated coz couldn't find it in the mess around her*

Take care,
Aarti :P

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

ahh. sorry! it was aarti who made those "sweeet" threats. sorry aarti! double sorry!
yeh le thode jalebi. :)

We really Cant Stop, Can We? said...

Change your life.... Steal a blog!

Janefield said...

What??? Drama khatam? Drat! :D Still, it was more enjoyable than the masaledaar popcorn :P

@TGFI, you're right, how can sane people not like the things you mentioned? Let's hide it all and party by ourselves!!

Sayesha said...

I still have the baby Aish post saved as a draft, maybe I should copy-paste the html and send it to you? ;)

#Smiling Gal,
Oye why're you asking Ipanema Gal?? Since when did she get custody of the mithai??? :O

Hahaha! And a scary one at that! Agar Ashaji ya unki grand-daughters dekhengi toh darr jayengi! :P

OMG that was so clever and witty! You should start blogging! :)

Hahahaha! Even I didn't know that the angry face could be SO ANGRY! :|

#Girl Next Door,
Yeah, glad it's over :)

#Macho Girl,
Yeah, I hope now people know not to mess with copyrighted stuff.

Thanks, dearie! :)

Sayesha bhi khush hui! :D

Hahahaha! Tujhe bahut time lagega isme! But yeah, Navs can help... she's very good. Especially at making "scary" prank calls at 4 in the morn. :D

Thanks! :)
Perhaps you would like to set up your blog here at

Thanks re! I hope my life can be normally crazy now :)

Hey!! You're still around!! Long time, buddy! :) Thanks for commenting! :)

Muchi! I was in office woh bhi! I burst out laughing at my monitor! :P

#Ipanema Gal,
WHY is everyone burping on my blog???? :@
Ooops... sorry :P

Okay fine, I blushed a bit! :P

#Ipanema Gal,
Hand over all mithai custody to the Sash. NOW! :/

#You really can't stop,

#Chosen One,
No more mithai or ice-cream for you. You're getting high on that. Tarzan will blame me for bigadofying you! :O

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

Good job, girl!! I am glad this nonsense is over now :-)

Rebellion said...

Hey Jane & TGFI..

Am here & I exist & I love mithai's & chocolates.. M just a bit moody for icecreams :P

Btw TGFI, M not sure to take your dialogue as a compliment or an insult.. err comment.. Threat's are not supposed to be "cute" or "sweet" :P:P

Err.. Anyways, Thanks for the compliment *trying not to blush* :P

And Sash.. swthrt, I knew u'd be blushing :P:P

Take care,

_ShaitaaN_ said...


you're asking Trip to blog i've heard everything...

>:) hands a "how to write and make sense" book to Trip and a sympathy card to rest of all his protential readers...



Trip said...

@ Sayesha,
Trip << too dull to be a good blogger, but many thanks.
*wrings palms with glee, at the thought of reading any book provided by Shaitaan, knowing him, it would be a picture book, and even the human beings in it wouldnt have any clothes on!*
Ditch the sympathy card plan, and buy everyone some champagne, Trip is not gonna write here, atleast in the forseeable future!

_ShaitaaN_ said...


trust ya to sully my EVIL name here :O (((shocked smiley here)))... picture books are good for the soul :D ... dunno if they have them naughty ones in pop-up form too ... rotfl ....

sympathy cards mailed already mate ... ya better let go of the DRY MARTINIs & begin writing here with your DRY HUMOUR ...

(((grrrrrr why does this place not have emitcons for the comments)))


Trinitee said...

Hi Sayesha glad to see this episode regarding Namz done...maybe the iff gods will take down her/your posts if people ask for its deletion.

Now Now Trippy and Shaitz...must you make a show where ever you go...Trip hurry back to me after your done playing.

cutiefromnorcal said...

Hello! I am another member from IFF, and friends of Shait, Trip and Trinitee. My username @ IFF is cutiefromnorcal, and I actually just got informed of what happened to you. I am sorry for that, but I want to say that I loved reading her blog, and now that I know it's you, I would like to continue reading about you! I wish you the best, and I look forward to getting to know you more.....

pradster13 said...

how does one find out if their work has been plagarised?
man i wanna find out ...i know my writings are shit..but then in your words "they are my bullshit"

Anonymous said...

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Rashmi said...

Dear Sayesha,

I was a regular, though a silent one, at your blog/bar sometime back, then other things in life took over (my two year old daughter, work, family - and balancing all of these together!) and I lost touch. A friend of mine ( recently found out that someone has been copy-pasting his posts on his blog. I remembered a similar episode related to your blog. So, I hopped over here and forwarded him relevant information on taking steps to stop the plagiarism.

Thought I'd stop by and thank you for the information.