Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Kuch Namkeen ho jaaye?

Hi guys,

Here's an update on the blog that stole my posts. World Girl and Sahil got around the system without having to pay, and managed to post comments on Namkeen's blog. Read it here.

I have created a general login which I am going to share here, so that if you have something to say to Namkeen, you can say it without having to register.

Go to this link and login with the following info:
Handle: PQRS2
Password: 9A68K

(Another login courtesy Smiling Gal)
Handle: AgainstNamkeen

Password: LQE34

After logging in, click on blogs (top right), do a search for Namkeen under 'Handle', click on any of the plagiarised posts and voila, you can comment!

I have already posted comments on every single one of my posts that she stole. But as Sahil says, apparently she's on leave (he got the info from some friend of Namkeen's who happened to be online) so I dunno when she will respond.

But this war is not over, missy.


Anonymous said...

what reason to go to war!!!
Yeah ok..give me a reason other than that this blog is your baby:)

And imitation is best form of flattery.

Chill lady. Its afterall all bakwaas. No matter how well you put it over all others.

Sayesha said...

I don't need another reason, other than it's my baby. No matter how bakwaas you find it to be, it's mine you see :)

Aditya said...

Well Said Sayesha


Maverick said...

somebody changed the password for the common account... :((

Sayesha said...

Thanks! :)

Okay, I got a new one.
Handle: PQRS2
Password: 9A68K

How do we know said...

Sayesha: This is perfect story for Times of India! Do you know anyone there? They will be thrilled to do a Kaavya Vishwanathan on the blogworld.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

sick pathetic idiot. sick sick sick. sorry, i know we're supposed to flame her there, but i couldn't stop.

Rohit Talwar said...

I posted there too! Mazaa aaya! Dheere dheere I am sure she'll be discouraged to copy more :|

Deeps said...

Oh my God!! How pathetic can people get? A blog is to write how you feel, not how somebody else feels. Its totally shocking. The lady stole so many posts of yours without even changing the name!! A copycat and a stupid one at that :-p.

Anonymous said...

yup! done both things. wrote a post on my blog and a comment on her blog.Am feeling a little better. But I still miss Baby Aish wali post. All this coz of a stupid girl.Think I ll write another comment.

Sayesha said...

#How do we know,
No story man... I just want my blog back to myself :P

#Ipanema Gal,
If you're so angry, can you imagine how I feel??? :(

I hope she takes my posts all at once, yeh dheere dheere ka chakkar bahut dheere hai! :|

Exactly! X-( And I can't believe some pple are trying to justify her and telling me it's not big deal. It IS a big deal! X-(

Hey, tell us your blog URL... why the anonymity man? :)
ps: I miss that post too... shucks... and even if this is sorted out, I'm not sure if I'll re-post that... too freaked out at this identity theft. :(

Anonymous said...

hey sorry..intended to give you the url in the last comment. its

Raam Pyari said...

i cannot post comments there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

abb mein gussa kahan nikaloon!!!??????

and yess bahin, this is a big deal!!!!!
i mean how can she (if it is a girl) talk about all tht goes on in your life!!!
I mean...grrr...mannn..i need to vent out all this venom!!!!!!

namkeeen here I cumm , once again!!!

asterix said...

don't let the scumbag make you to close down the bar!

May the force be with you girl!

Anonymous said...

hey sayesha
all ur fans will c to it that namkeen learns a lesson...dont worry!! hum saath saath hai !!
i have already posted comments on her blogs and am sure many others wud have done that too!!
keep smiling :)


satish said...

sash, now i know this is important to you. but going all the way to her blog and posting a comment jsut doesnt appeal to me. i have been around here for quite some while and only i can tell how much i owe you for those beautiful moments tht i have had here. all i can say is kee this things can happen 'n' number of times but the important thing is kee no one can ever take your place.

that doesnt mean kee i wont shoot the bitch if i saw her ever peeing near the pole.(sorry!)

chaliye, bye.

bananapen said...

OMG just read about this: WT-??!?
How can anyone be so pathetic and shameless??
Don't worry, she'll get her just desserts!!

Bhaarat said...

Dear Mr Anonymous (The one at the top),

Nobody is forcing u to join the war. If u are not convinced, dont participate. Instead of seeking other reasons to join the war, u would have better kept ur mouth shut.


Most important thing is u control for any energy and undue time wasted on this incident. Conserve ur energy for some more good posts. And dont be afraid of such cowards.

freebird said...

You know the same thing happened to another fella blogger i know, and he was well...angry to put it midly. The guy when he knew he was caught took down the post (a single post was copied) and went on like nothing ever happend. But this plagiarist girl doesn't even have the integrity to do tht. This is a big deal and i pity the poor girl who apparently has to stoop as low as intellectual theft...Now off to the plagiarist's blog to give her a piece of my mind...Before i go, here >:D<..just wanted to givya a hug :)

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Cheers for the common id! Namkeen ki shamat aa gayi ab toh. It's gonna be a rude shock to that loser when she reads all the comments accusing her. Let's not stop it and make her life a living least, the fake, pathetic virtual life that she leads.

Nandya said...

hats off to the "namkeen" charachter....mind boggling stuff.....

i liked ur comment though...aggressive yet not insulting...

u are the victim here....but dont drive the perpetrator to despair aswell..for abuse never works just aggravates

soumya said...

This is OUTRAGEOUS!!!How can someone stoop so low?? Apparently, they can...How on earth can she call your parents as her own???Pathetic!!Shame on her!!

fairy said...

There has been many incidents of people stealing others hard and emotional work over at iff. I have caught a few and confronted them. I am glad that you have done just that.
Being passive is not the way to go when someone steals from another**bravo** She wont get away with it!

The Smiling Girl said...

Absolutely samajh sakte hain yaar..
No way that woman is going to get away with this..
Abhi login kari main.. will post comments..
Lowly woman she is!!!

And Anonymous: If you dont wanna join this,dont.. but u wont understand the pain unless someone does this to u!!!!

The Smiling Girl said...

Uffo.. phir se password kisine change kiya re... How do I comment on her blog now??

Well, anyone who can do it, pls copy the whole comment space for this and the earlier post and post it there.. she will understand how much she is despised... Dirty woman..
I guess I will learn more expletives to use against her..
Sochke hi blood boil ho raha hain... tujhe kaise lag raha hoga bolke soch bhi nahi sakte.. raat ko neend nahi aayi hogi na?

The Smiling Girl said...

Woow..I am reading all the comments posted there.. I just loved the way we guys are blasting her...
She should really come and apologize to you, Sash.. tab tak mat chodna us chudel ko...

The Smiling Girl said...

Created another account -
Handle: AgainstNamkeen
Password: LQE34

People can use this!!!

Shreemoyee said...

Plagiarism seems to be in fashion this season, what with the Kavya Vishwanathan blowup, but think it has been around for ever, just that now there are more means to discover and bust it. The copyright at the bottom of your page definitely helps. Hope you have your apology soon.

Santa Claus said...

Sorry, but ROTFLMAO.

fairy said...

Her posts have been removed. Not sure if it was the moderators or not.

Rebellion said...


Don't believe this Sash!!

I'd heard people copying stuff like this but.. Don't believe, she's actually copied your personal posts & presented them as hers!!! How can someone be soo damn ... Grr.. I don't have the proper word for her.. The worst is the least for Ms. Namkeen X-(

I absolutely understand how u'd be feeling if we all are feeling soo upset over it! Feel like slapping her left & right.. is she from Mumbai???

Don't worry dear.. hum sab milke uska jeena mushkil kar denge, till she doesn't apologise to you... ya phir uska blog hi band karva denge!

Tusi tension na lo bacchha..

Take care,

Anonymous said...

tch can anyone do such cheap thing?!?!?! Such a big time looser she is.Aftr this im sure all the othr bloggers wud b google-ing thr identities :D!!-Deepa(Ms.Happening!)

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Hey, Sayesha, inform about the new slang. Spread the propaganda against Namkeen. ;) :P

Janefield said...

@smiling girl, i really like the handle you created and used it on this post of "miss namkeen" -- (hmmm...that doesn't look like a valid link itself, leave alone a valid site!) the post is titled 'how ridiculous can ya all be' seemed an apt post to vent fury :D

Harshi said...

I am shocked Sash! I can't believe it! I don't even have a word for this. I don't think any word can aptly describe what this person has been doing. I am very shocked that people can stoop to such shameless levels.

Janefield said...

oh and another hilarious thing on that site...the profile 'Against Namkeen' has actually got a msg from some 39 year old man from dharwar whose nick is 'only yours' or some such slimy thing...JEEEEEEEEZZZZ!!!!!!

Anonymous said...said... said...

it cannnot be man...something's wrong...

Sirius Black said...

Ewwwwwww copyin some 1 s blog , the newest lows of low.Still cant believe some1 wd do such a crapy thing.
I hope the gurl who did that reads this and GETS A LIFE.

Anonymous said...

namkeen gurl got angry that somebody said something bhind her back. She wants people to talk on her face and claims to be able to retort to all accusations . Lets see what she does now.

Rays Of Sun said...

New word in dictionary Namkeen: To plagarize;)

Vidya said...

Really sad this happened to you !!
Its a shame on the person who copied your posts .....but there is one thing you can be happy about amidst all this anger and frustration.. YOU have got hell a lot of fans who are there to support you and i am sure all joined together will make the other shameless Pilagrist close the blog !!!
take care..

Joy said...

WTF!!! What a pathetic loser!!!

Oh dearie, I'm so sorry for this. You must be fuming mad.

I'll go and comment in there too. Your entire readership is with you.

The war has just started!

Drops Of Jupiter said...


Namkeen is probably not a real person, the comments won't help. It's a parallel blog! It happened to me too. You need to email the administrators and threaten to sue. I did the same. Lemme know if you need more info.


Sayesha said...

Thanks, dear. Checked your blog, thanks for the mention... honoured :)

#Raam Pyari,
You can try using Smiling Gal's id...

Yeah man... I dun wanna have to shut down my bar because some scumbag is stealing my drinks! :(

Saw your comment there.. Thanks, dear! I need all the support I can get :)

//but going all the way to her blog and posting a comment jsut doesnt appeal to me.

It was the only way to contact her yaar... I had to tell her I know!!
ps: Let her finish peeing first, ok?

Exactly my point. WT??!! :@

Thanks yaar... I know you're right... I should not ruin my day over some copy-cat... need to calm down... thanks :)

Thanks for the hug yeah... would have come in handy yesterday when I was fuming mad... but will do today too :P

#World Girl,
Am with you on this one... I don't even wanna "be understanding" or whatever for whatever stupid reason she has for being the scumbag that she is! :@

I have tried very hard not to abuse her on her blog, and yet put my point across strongly.
This is unforgivable!

I know man... this is the lowest of the low... :(

Thanks man... I did get advice to take it chill and ignore it... but I'm sorry I can't. Those are MY freakin' posts she's taking credit for and I will fight for them!!

#Smiling Girl,
//If you dont wanna join this,dont.. but u wont understand the pain unless someone does this to u!!!!

Well said, girl!
Dunno who the hell is changing the pwds (probably one of my MACs) but thanks for the alternate id. The PQRS2 id is still usable though.

You know, I really doubt she'll apologise... she seems to have no integrity at all... but I am happy as long as she removes those posts.

#Santa Claus,
Thanks for the early Christmas gift. Useful! :)

I contacted the moderators and they said they will look into it... but not all posts have been removed... she still a few of them up there, I have posted comments asking her to take those down as well.

Exactly!!! How can she possibly pass off my parents' stories as her own??? They're so specific!!! This is unbelievable!!!

Yes, it's a very good idea to google yourself now and then!

#World Gal,
My next post will include the slang :)

#The Chosen One,
Namkeen deserves all the flak she's getting! :@

I'm shocked too that someone can be so lowly! :(
ps: Hahahaha! The stillyours guy is still there! Hahahaha! :D

Sorry, didn't get you there...

Yeah, that's what she doesn't have. A LIFE.

Naah, I don't think that post of her is about this fiasco... because we're all slandering her publicly anwyay... which is what she wants.

Yeah, coming soon - in my next post.

Yeah, I never thought I'd have so much support and that pple would actually take time to tick her off. Really really touched :)

Yeah, I am fuming mad... but less than I was yesterday!

Naah it's not a Sulekha-type parallel blog that auto-transmits your posts to their site. This is a real person who replies to comments and thanks pple!! :O

I had already approached the administrators and they got back asking for details... I gave them the detail of every single copied post... this morn I saw many of them have been removed. Dunno whether they did it or she did it.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

hey sayesha
yes, i noticed they took off some posts too. i also reported the abuse and furnished some details.

i know you're fuming, and rightfully so. not being the one affected, i was thinking about it today and actually ended up feeling really bad for this person. not for how jhaap-ed she was getting now ( i also jumped on the flame bandwagon), but for her to stoop so much to copy paste posts of anothers! it's like giving up her own identity and parading a stolen one.

i thought it was funny that you complimented her on her previous posts. for all you know, she stole those from elsewhere!

and for all we know, namkeen is an 80-year old frustrated old man.

chalo. u get yourself a "calming" cuppa tea and have a good day. :)

Pakku said...

Hi Sayesha,

Been reading your Blog, for the past year or so, but never commented. But, whatever happened yesterday, it was the extremes of plagiarism. And the aftermath, its been really worth it :-)

Going further, to avoid this kind of stuff, this may be a probable solution. This site provides "all rights reserved" concept of traditional copyright. And they are a non-profit organisation, where all their tools are free. Getting a License is very easy which contains the legal Code and Digital Code, based on the kind of License you need. Have never used it though, but seems like a good solution though.

Hope this helps. May the last 2 days of fury not affect your writing. Amen!!

fairy said...

Your right the posts are still there. I think with nicks made from your friends maybe make a blog so others will take notice.

Duhita said...

I've noticed that some blogs are sort of encrypted, ie when you right click to attempt a copy and paste stunt, you are greeted with either a copyright msg or then again a nice personal one telling the thief to buzz off!:D Well I haven't a clue how this is done though, but it's an option you could look into I suppose.

Sumit Tada said...

Yup agree with can use javascript to modify the menu that appears when you right click on the web-page, but dunno how efficient it will be in stopping people like her to stop copying.....
BTW, use Copyscape ( as soon as possible and put their warning banner ( the top of your blog, who knows how many other people are copying your work? And you can't hope to manually search them all.....

Sumit Tada said...

And yup this guy has given lots of ways on how to deal with all this:

Repeating the link just in case you didnt have time to go through that page earlier....

Keep us updated on this issue.

ritzkini said...

Err...mite i suggest 'just chill'-ing,a bit..
it's she who has the problem..and is living in dreamland...not you..
as i said b4,if she isnt being honest on your blog,i dont see the point of having one,at all..
you made your point..
if she's still not seeing it,well..
lotsa weirdo whackos in this just met another one...

Kais said...

ewww!... i would be more weirded out, than angry if I were in your shoes ... :O


Aparna S Mallya said...

hi, namkeen's The Unbalanced Equation is copied from which post of yrs? can u plz type in the link to the post?

Anonymous said...

A war will only result in burns on both sides. Namkeen is probably a fake at indianfriendfinder anyway so all he/she will do is change her user name and be back. If you really want to find closure on this, then you need to get Namkeens IP address from IFF.
I thought i knew Namkeen and though i never read her blog, im disgusted that she posted your life as her own. Imitation being the best type of flattery does not rub true in this case. This is worse than plagiarism, this is plagiarising a biography. Shes projecting your life and experiences as her own, which according to me is not just about intellectual theft but also about deceit and callous disregard to the friends she has made on that site using your life as a means to project herself as someone that she is not.
I hope you take this away from a blog war and sue the bitch instead. Im ashamed to have called Namkeen my friend.
The only reason im anonymous is because im not registered with blogger.

Sayesha said...

#Ipanema Gal,
I don't care if she's a chronically depressed suicidal chick. I don't feel sorry for her no matter how sad her life is. Because nothing, I repeat, NOTHING justifies stealing someone else's personal life stories and passing them off as your own, no matter how happy it makes you!
ps: Now off to get that calming cuppa peppermint tea... :P

So it took an angry post for you to come out and say 'Hi', huh? ;) Welcome to Sayeshaz! :) And yes, I've been seriously considering CreativeCommons.

Make a blog there??? No way man! I hope the moderators take the rest of the posts down too. They seem to be a prompt and helpful lot.

Yeah, a friend of mine suggested that I disable copy-paste, but then commentators who wanna quote a line before saying something will have to key in the whole thing :(

#Sumit Tada,
Yeah, I've been reading up all the links you guys have provided... looks like I am not alone in the fight :)

Sorry I can't "just chill" when someone out there is living my life, and showing off my pictures and even claiming my parents, for heaven's sake. You let one go, there will be hundred others. You know how many people out there are fighting against copyright infringements? The least I can do is not let this person off easy.

Yesterday I was angry. Today I feel SICK. :|

Hope you're not saying I copied it from Namkeen. Here's the link. September 2005.

Even if she creates another id, I hope she got enough flak not to do this to anyone ever again.

//Shes projecting your life and experiences as her own, which according to me is not just about intellectual theft but also about deceit and callous disregard to the friends she has made on that site using your life as a means to project herself as someone that she is not.

Well said! Exactly why I refuse to pity this person no matter how depressed she is.

Reghu said...

whoa... what has happened here...!!!

angry, disgusted...!

but there might be other things happening here... what about a theory about this indianfriendfinder site creating a persona called namkeen, plagiarising from a lot of other ppls' blogs to increase traffic to their site...?

I mean, as others mentioned, unless this Namkeen has a person attached to it *publicly* (which in your and many other blogs' cases it is possible), its not easy to point a finger right away...

but alternatively, yes, the force of the reactions on that blog, shud get her to remove your posts...

and anyways, *if* there is a person known to others on namkeen, then I am sure this is a horrible deed to continue having a part... so, I think (s)he will soon be taking out your posts (if not, you could conclude that there really is no "person" behind this.

The Smiling Girl said...

#Chosen One: Oh yes.. from the time I\'ve created the id, I\'ve been getting some interest mails from some random guys... Sheesh.. think of such a shady site and I putting my genuine email id there!!
But its ok.. I can still block them. THe only intention was to provide another id where people can vent out their anger!!
And on second thoughts, what kind of a human being would want to show interest in a profile named \'Against Namkeen\' yaar??? Yikes.... *Closes her mouth to almost puke!*

The Smiling Girl said...

Found this link up in the comment space -

Just read this post of hers where she is asking ppl to talk in front of her and is proclaiming that she is gutsy.. Yiks.. she and gutsy?? that loser?? Just cant believe how people can project what they are not!! Total losers!!

Sumana said...

I too left a comment on that blog, but when i treid to search for the user again, it said the profile is not available. So i think she has learnt her lesson.
I wonder why someone would want to do such a cheap thing, trying to project oneself as someone else is so disgusting.
You did the right thing by declaring this war against her. She deserves every bit of flak she is getting now! I hope she learns her lesson!

I guess all of should mention about this incident in our respective blogs!

We have our own Kaavya Vishwanathan in the blogsphere now!

rachana said...

hi sayesha..i wonder how one can be sooo stupid to take on mighty sayesha!!
"tumase jo takrayega,,wo choor choor ho jayega!!!"

Pakku said...

Thanks. Well, the Bar was always peaceful with juntaa having fun all around. But, when I saw some evilish element trying to take the sheen out of it, felt I can do slightessssssttttt bit in getting it back to normalcy - selfish thoughts to see the *wine* to be served regularly.

fairy said...

Namkeen is a real person, that myth out of the way.
The posts are still there.
Again I would suggest that you write a blog declaring her a plagarist for all of that site to see. She will get shamed and finally and only then I see her removing posts. If she doesn't then I cant see any reasonable person ever to trust her there.

Sumana said...

Here Sayesha, a post in my blog about namkeen

Hope she removes all the copied posts from her blog!!

American Pi said...

I have a very simple way of dealing with anyone who might have plagiaristic tendencies when they read my blog.

I write such mediocre and useless posts that people will think twice before they lift my content. :D

I never realized that the mediocrity of my expression would be of any help until now. :D

ashwini bharadwaj said...

i can't believe it tht her friends/readers are writing the kinda commnents tht they have written. so cheap!! i never thought there would be people who would support her after all this! there is something seriously wrong with that set of people. am so angry with the whole lot!! aaaaaagh!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

and that site- iff??? creeps me out. yuckkkkkkkk.

sayesha, ya, i see your point yaar, like i said, your rage is entirely justified. i hope the rest of the posts go. i found that if you supply the relevant urls to the abuse team, tell them that this is compromising the credibility of their site (tee hee)..they take prompt action.

i guess you found that out too. chalo, time for some praanayam too, i think. ;)

Anonymous said...

quote:ashwini bharadwaj said...
i can't believe it tht her friends/readers are writing the kinda commnents tht they have written. so cheap!! i never thought there would be people who would support her after all this! there is something seriously wrong with that set of people. am so angry with the whole lot!! aaaaaagh!
seriously wrong with everyone on that site? ashwini generalises and stereotypes, wonder whats worse plagiarism or being a bigot?

Anonymous said...

quote: rachana said...
hi sayesha..i wonder how one can be sooo stupid to take on mighty sayesha!!
"tumase jo takrayega,,wo choor choor ho jayega!!!"

June 22, 2006 3:29 PM

the queen of blogger? makes sayesha sound distinctly nazi!

Rebellion said...

Sayesha :(

I tried 7-8 attempts to comment on that stupid blog but all in vain.. Dunno where my comments vanished yaar :((

Anyways.. am sure after reading these posts & comments thereof, along with the direct link to her blog, the gal would have some shame not to repeat this act! But.. who knows she'd stop copying yours & doing it from someone else blog!!

Anyways.. I think you should seriously go for the "Creative Common Licence" thing.. it'll protect your work. In fact all others who've got blogs too, should copyright their work under the licence. This was just a matter of luck Sash that you came to know of such an act. If that idiot would have taken out your name & keyed in hers, probably you'd never have known about it!!

Anyways, hope this issue ends with a nice positive, apology note from her, so that we can get to read your normal nice happy happy posts again :)

Take care dear,

PS: Glad you took off Aish's pics, was gonna suggest you on that.. Hope she's doing good, missing you na ke abhi se bhool gayi? :P

Anonymous said...

The Chosen One said...
oh and another hilarious thing on that site...the profile 'Against Namkeen' has actually got a msg from some 39 year old man from dharwar whose nick is 'only yours' or some such slimy thing...JEEEEEEEEZZZZ!!!!!!

And "the chosen one" is supposed to be less cheesy than "only yours"?

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...


who the hell are you? and what's your eff-ing point?

Anonymous said...

the girl from ipanema, who the hell are you too?
and if youre intellectually compromised and unable to see my point, there absolutely no reason i need to explain it to you.

srinivas said...

anonymous, either you are namkeen (who does not have the guts to post under her real name here) or you are a friend of namkeen.

Or maybe you were just a bystander who decided to support namkeen and make fun of everyone who is supporting sayesha here.

In any case, the more you post here - the more you will be ignored. Heed my advice, don't post any comments here. No one is going to read them anyway.

ashwini bharadwaj said...


i said something is seriously wrong with that set of people (who are supporting namkeen after all this) and you claim that i said that something is seriously wrong with everyone on the site!

you support that plagarist and now you falsify my statement!!
what do you think you are upto?

Anonymous said...

srinivas, you must be really dumb too. if you didnt read my comment, how can you feel qualified in replying to me.
besides im not namkeen, ive already said i have no problem with all of you commenting on the act of plagiarism, what reveals your immaturity is the fact that some of you have started on commenting on other user names, and also how the site makes you'll sick, (sic).
get real all of you, keep it to the plagiarism, and dont pretend being on the high horse of morality.
nobody needs the moral police, least of all a blog site!

The Girl Who Sold The World said...


You were never given an identity? You know, all of us have one. Seems like you don't. SAD, really sad. And nowadays, anonymous trolls are talking about intellect? Pretty cool, huh? Look here, dude/dudette/whatever, even if The Chosen One is calling "Only Yours" as cheesy, that's none of YOUR beeswax. We live in some Fascist regime or what, that we must be stoned for pointing out something and criticising it? And YOU feel that The Chosen One is a cheesy nick. I don't. A third person might not feel that either. So, kindly stop thrusting YOUR opinions on everyone else. Wonderful world, huh? Even anonymous trolls have opinions (nevermind the lack of identity) and they try to prove that only THEIR view is right and those who don't agree with it are "intellectually compromised". Tsk, tsk.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

dear intelligent anonymous,
yeah i don't see a point in someone (without a name or a blog to put to) (and yes, this is blogworld, so folks are identified by their nicks or blogs, albiet a false one like namkeen) trying to condone the act of blatant plagiarism. and selectively picking and quoting comments to make your so called point. you've entered a community of people that are displaying their furiosity over the violation. if you choose to overlook the crux of the issue and just quote selectively, i don't see your point. irrational, mindless, shameless acts are going to evoke extreme reactions. is that a surprise?

i am dumb like that. what to do? you get a profile, then may be i'll take you more seriously.

Anonymous said...

Ashwini: i re quote you:
"there is something seriously wrong with that set of people. am so angry with the whole lot!! aaaaaagh!
the whole lot implies what?
apparently only 2 people have supported namkeen. you could have said both of them, somehow "whole lot", isnt usually used to describe 2 people.

The Girl Who Sold The World said...


Sorry, I've a big mouth and I can't resist butting in.
You're telling everyone to get real and not to pretend being moral? What are YOU doing, then? Exactly the same thing that you're telling US not to do. You're also preaching here, you know..."no, no, don't talk about the site's's not right to comment like that". It's the same thing. Any difference? You're telling us to stop being moral? We didn't even SAY that the site is immoral or some other crap like that. However, if people support plagiarism, I'd say that they're the biggest jerks in this world, who don't deserve the wonderful human brain. There! I also "rode the high horse of morality". Any problem? Deal with it.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

i suggest we ignore the intelligent anonymous spouting his wisdom on here. atleast i am going to.

Anonymous said...

i quote you again:
even if The Chosen One is calling "Only Yours" as cheesy, that's none of YOUR beeswax. We live in some Fascist regime or what, that we must be stoned for pointing out something and criticising it? And YOU feel that The Chosen One is a cheesy nick. I don't. A third person might not feel that either. So, kindly stop thrusting YOUR opinions on everyone else.

so the chosen one is allowed to comment and criticise, and in the same sentence, im told not to thrust my opinions on everyone else?
fascism revisited! i rest my case.
get real TGFI, before this war destroys sayeshas blog.

ashwini bharadwaj said...

well anonymous,

it's not just 2 people!! how can u leave namkeen out??????
and also one of the them who commented in favour of her has explicitly said that he was speaking on behalf of "ALL her friends"!!!

Anonymous said...

the girl selling the world:
is the big mouth covering up your eyes?
would you care to quote where ive preached?

The Girl Who Sold The World said...


Wow, we're really short of identities here, aren't we? *Shakes head sadly*
You know what? When we talk casually, we don't really spend hours thinking, "Oh, is this word generally used to describe these many people? I wonder what other word I can use." And so, what's the big deal even if the word "whole lot" was used? Why don't you join some Middle School and teach these oh-so-wonderful English rules to kids? That'd perhaps save you of the frustration due to which you troll other people's blogs. By the way, don't forget to get an identity before joining the school...the kids might make fun of "Anonymous teacher", otherwise.
Oh, and sorry if I used some word wrongly here...pheeel phreee to korekt maieee ingleesh.

Anonymous said...

i could say im speaking for the country, would that make it the truth?
How about commenting on whats real instead of the imaginary?
And even if you include namkeen thats 3 people, would you say "whole lot" to 3 people?

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

See, that's what happens you don't have an identity yourself! You confused me with TGFI. Too bad.

so the chosen one is allowed to comment and criticise, and in the same sentence, im told not to thrust my opinions on everyone else?
Nope, you still don't get it, do you? Expressing your opinions is another thing, calling someone else intellectually compromised or some other jazz just because he/she doesn't agree with it is a totally different thing altogether. Your case is the latter. Do "rest your case" must be tired because of being so limp.
And as for something destroying Sayesha's blog, hahahahahahahaha. Get real. We've seen worse things happening here.

Anonymous said...

touchy touchy arent you, the missy who wants to sell the world?
how many of you got identities before commenting on namkeens post?
oh sorry i forgot rules were one way traffic here.

spamtaneous said...

jus chill guys....copy paste to chalte rehta hai...

take it easy sayehsa..

Anonymous said...

world seller
intellectually compromised was used not because the person didnt agree with me... it was because the person asked who the eff i am... do you even read before commenting?

Anonymous said...

world seller:
and what my effing point is

The Girl Who Sold The World said...


what reveals your immaturity is the fact that some of you have started on commenting on other user names, and also how the site makes you'll sick, (sic).
get real all of you, keep it to the plagiarism, and dont pretend being on the high horse of morality.
nobody needs the moral police, least of all a blog site!

You're talking about our IMMATURITY, telling us how wrong we are to say something about that site's members AND telling us to get real because YOU think whatever we're doing is wrong. Oh, and you were saying WE're riding the high horse of morality? What else are you doing? Telling us to be nice and not say something "bad" about the site's people? Thrusting your wishes. Sorry, if we want to talk about the members who are supporting that shameless plagiarist even after she's exposed, we will. Chew it.

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Not really touchy, O sweet troll. It's just that it's funny how you people (I mean, you and your fellow identity-less bretheren).
An do you even read what you WRITE before you post a comment?
if youre intellectually compromised and unable to see my point, there absolutely no reason i need to explain it to you.
Clearly shows that TGFI is "intellectually compromised" and THAT'S WHY she's not seeing your "point".
Copy paste toh chalta rehta hai. Maybe that's what you did all the while in school and college (if you went there, that is). Book chhapo na kisi ki copy kar ke. We'll meet more Kavya Vishwanathans and media will have something more to talk about. I think they're bored ever since Rahul Mahajan got bail. You guys can give them new material.

Srinivas (jumping off the high horse of morality) said...

Alright, anonymous - I am now at your level. Take it easy. We are pissed with the plagiarism. But obviously, we have every right to have an opinion on anyone who joins that website. It is a free world, and the internet is truly free - so we chose to express our opinion on those individuals. It is evident you disagree with that opinion. So be it. Now we'll get back to bashing that plagiarising girl.

Alright, I now need to climb back onto the High Horse of Morality.

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Oh, and for the Anon who's talking about identities, a lot of us did sign our names. And as it is, the darned site doesn't have an anonymous commenting option. There's no harm in leaving your name here, is there? Wait, I can't aspire for the stars, can I? You guys will leave your names here only if you actually DO have them. I guess you don't. Sad.

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Alright, Anons-who-don't-have-a-name-because-they're-too-afraid-to-lose-face, I'm off now. I can't afford to miss my Italy Vs Czech Republic for you people.
Have fun teaching us English usage, morality and uh, what was it? Oh yeah, "seeing others' point". Open a blog called "The School of Anyonymous teachers".
(I'm assuming that there are multiple trolls here).

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

See, the hurry?

satish said...

uhh! alot is going on here!

all i wud like to say is kee let her respond first. i know all of you are angry, but then there is always the other side of story.

ashwini bharadwaj said...

world girl,
well said! looks like they are upto teaching english and other things u mentioned instead of just giving a thought once as to what this incident would have done to someone who sincerely sat thro' her busy schedule to put down her original thoughts so that her friends could read it.

i still fail to understand how anyone could take this whole episode so easily and say tht these things keep happening and we should chill!

sorry, we can't stay calm for the simple reason that we respect creativeness and the creative author of this blog.

Rohit Talwar said...

*pats The Girl on the back*

I don't login for the whole day and THIS is what I see here. Ahem. Really sad, hard time bumming in Anonymous sould...bummnig real hard. X-(

Rohit Talwar said...

Ugh, a typo! :O

Rohit Talwar said...

And, *cough* I wrote the 100th comment here!

Ah. :D

fairy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
fairy said...

We all know plagerism is stealing. in what ever form. It is very sad that she felt she needed to steale someones identity to attract friends at that site.

I thought namkeen and I were friends, I was wrong evidently, as how am I to believe from now on what is truth and what is fictional.

She is a pathetic loser and I have enough of them in real day to day life, I really don't need it on net, she is a write off. There is no excuse she can give that will make me understand why she stole this ladies blog. It's not like she was stealing food cause she was hungry.

What anon was saying 2 people does not sum up the lot. I do not believe they really understood the gravity of what took place.

Not everyone at that site are like her nor do the majority of people endorse what she has done.

Please don't lump people at that site with her.

Janefield said...

HUH?? Hahahahahahhahaha!! It's back to being a bar again! Full of drunken anonymous trolls trying to ineffectively start a bar brawl. Only, anon here seems to have fallen off a bar stool in his/her/its drunken stupor. Drunk on 'the high ground of immorality' no less! TGWSTW, TGFI, Srinivas and AB held down the fort while someone was trying to break in. Rocking replies dudes! LOL! Still amazed how my nick got dragged into this! ROFL!!

Just ignore the nameless wonders, darlings. Its probably Namkeen/Slimy Mr. Only Yours/Anon or all these personalities rolled into one :D

Rays Of Sun said...

Ane anon-who-I -think-is-namkeen's brother:D

Light le re...I know u are nibhaoing ur bhai ka farz..lekin take ur sis back to school where they teach "copy karna booree baat hai"

Anonymous said...

rabies isnt fatal, check out the crazy bitches here!

Anonymous said...

rabies isnt fatal, check out the crazy bitches here!

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

*Yawn* Are YOU one of those crazy bitches? Because no one else here is, you, the only remaining one is you, the pathetic-little lameass loser who's too sorry to leave a name here and is afraid to lose face. Tch tch.

Nirwa said...

TGWSTW : Namkeen main hoon, kyunki mera naam bhi namkeen hai.

TGFI : Namkeen main hoon, cross idhar hai.

Namkeen : Namkeen main hoon, aur mere paas ek hi goli hai. *shoots herself*

Sayesha : dhakki tiki dhakki tiki dhakki tiki dhakkkkk

And the Sayesha's world shall be a peaceful place again! :P

Seriously, I feel, Namkeen should have kept a better name.. I mean.. like, refreshing, the kind of Sayesha's posts are! :D then, maybe, Sayesha Ma would have been less angry, and left her alive! :P

Oh, now will I get an anon quoting my comment too?? WILL I??? :D

Sayesha tum aage badho, hum tumhare saath hai


ps - I cannot leave a comment, I think I'm losing my eyesight.. I can't see the comment box! :O

dharmu said...

sayesha bahi, wats happened when i was not around? some distorted pennyless peahead has stolen ur posts and claimed it as her's?

she is sick. and i will extened it to the person who has commented here first under the "anon" name. how can someone call what anyone writes as "bakwas" ? uh???

writing takes efforts, thinking, time and brains. if you dont have none, this is what you do. leave some highly insensible comment around and fall to the absyss of shamelessness.

good u deleted the posts of baby aish, kisi bureki nazar na lage.

bhai, aap kahen to usko tapka den???

and dont u even bother to read the comments of some "anon" who think no end of themselves. if they have enough dung there, let them start their url. tell them, we will b glad to do visits there.

satish said...

okay, so these anons are really trying to justify their acts. hadnt read the comments before!

i dont have to say anything. the gals are taking gud care of it.

Anonymous said...

do anonymous people lose face?
you people all know me for awhile but this is the only way to abuse you'll without my blog here suffering.

Janefield said...

not just nameless and faceless, but also a coward. super! hope these sorry excuses reveal more of their sterling qualities. the namkeens of this world would surely know a thing or two about such similar qualities!

pointofview said...

why are you people even bothering with anon?
all of you seem to have deserted Sayesha and her grudge against plagerism and are focussing on somebody who isnt even a member here.

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Hah! Man, you remind me of this play in Hindi that I read in Class 10. It was called "Reedh ki haddi"...BACKBONE. You don't have one of those and your comments are becoming more and more amusing. Ahhh, the power of foolishness. As it is, I'm sure your blog would also be like that Namkeen's (assuming you aren't Namkeen babe herself) with posts snipped off from here and there. Tch, tch...poor you. Such a sad life you lead, nameless, without even an ounce of courage or creativity or something of that sort. We're all laughing at your expense and it's making Sayesha's blog even more fun.
Continue amusing us with your spinelessness, please.

@Nirwa: Good one. :P

Janefield said...

This much is obvious that a lot of people are enjoying this drama and tamasha from the sidelines. Nobody has forgotten the real issue here. Hopefully, the plagiarised posts will be taken down or Namkeen's blog shut down. Once something like this comes to light, however, doesn't mean it won't happen again. And yes, we could all take a chill pill here for a bit. Then again, only those that get bitten will feel the sting.

Rays Of Sun said...

#The girl,

Namkeen can be a "baba" too:O
That woman has no face!
That website is creepy man.!!

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Hahaha, yeh toh maine socha hee nahin. :P
Okay, Namkeen can be a he or she or it, whatever is preferred by that creature.

namkeen said...

I Am Namkeen. And i apologise to Sayesha. Although i had no clue of what was happening. After reading all this i feel like shit.

I sent an apology mail to Sayesha and am also posting an apology here. i would have done the same on IFF but my account has been deleted.

Annonymous i don't know who you are but i think you should stop dragging the whole issue. and please stay out of it.

Its my fault and i apologise...

Rays Of Sun said...

Well, alls well that ends well!
Namkeen, thats really nice of you to come forward and speak up! Committing a mistake is another thing and being upfront about it is another thing!
We are all humans and commit mistakes. Sorry if we have been harsh on you but we were forced to behave like this! Being in noble professions makes it our duty to protect unsolicitated copying of materials.

I hope you also continue to enjoy reading Sayeshaz!

Rohit Talwar said...

ROS, I doubt this. We can still see Namkeen's blog...this can be an another anony...trying to get more kicks out of this...

Namkeen said...


Thanks to see you calmed down. had i known this b4 i would have apologised long time back.but i only knew all this was happening yesterday when one of my friends called me and asked me to read all this.

Today immediately after i read it. i sent a mail to Sayesha apologising. People who know me. know that i am never ashamed og apologising for something wrong that i have done.

I have no issues against anyone who has abused me or accused me. And you do not need to feel bad of doing so. It was my fault.

I don't wanna give excuses or explanations as to what happened as i agree that copy pasting is wrong. But all i will say is that i never copied anything directly from Sayeshaz blog. It was stuff i had been sent that i copy pasted.

Anyways, no need for explainations as i said b4 it was my fault and i apologise trully to all of you. And to Sayesha i don't know what to say more then SORRY...

If she wants i can give her my number she or any of you can call me and i will also apologise on phone. No i am not and 80 year old neither am i a male. But i don't need to give an explanation for that either.

I only think i should apologise and thats all i am going to do for now.

Namkeen said...

Rohit I am Namkeen. if you wish i can give you all my number and anyone who is here in USA can call me.

Siddhu said...

Sayesha, this is copyright infringement. Maybe you should threaten her with legal action, seriously! Cuz whatever you write is your intellectual property.

Rohit Talwar said...

Ahem, ahem, look who's writing!

But all i will say is that i never copied anything directly from Sayeshaz blog.

Yeah. And we believe you. :O Do we look that DUMB? Wait, who's dumber?

And, *cough* Your number?! I doubt if anyone is going to have time to even try calling you, and find out if you're a guy/girl. Noone's interested...And what all of us here are interested in, has been made pretty clear, already.

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Pssst, Sayesha, main number maangoo kya? Please, please, pleeeeeeease, maang loon? You KNOW, Sayesha, what I'm gonna do. :D :P

Janefield said...

First things first. You say you have apologised to Sayesha and have done so in general here as well. Your blog is still up and has not been deleted as you say. Have you deleted the posts you were 'sent to be copied and pasted' from your blog?

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

And to add to The Chosen One's comment, Miss Namkeen's friends are posting malicious comments aimed at those who are trying to expose the whole "Namkeen"ation here. Yes, we added you to the dictionary. Rejoice.

Rays Of Sun said...

Huh! what exactly do u mean by 'Sent n copied'
Yeah..feel free to give ur number..expect my call!

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

I meant that their comments are on that "Namkeen's blog" (if we could call it that). Go, see it.

Namkeen said...

the choosen one.

Yes i see my blog on it too. But my profile has been deleted i can't log in..

If you don't believe me. Theres nothing i can do. Neways, If you want i can put up an apology there with a new handle.

You can try for yourself. My account name is namkeen and password is z6vaf. But i can't log in.

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Please, ROS, please, mujhe number milega na, pleeeeease? I'm gonna plot with Vikram. :D PLEEEEEEEEASE!!!

Rohit Talwar said...

Namkeen, just how hard are you going to try and convince everyone out here?

We'll try, you think? Come on. You know what we want, being Sayesha's readers...don't you? Or is it SO tough for you to understand? :O

Janefield said...

Maybe the account has been deleted after the blog administrators reviewed it after all the complaints.

Janefield said...

@Namkeen, use your brains for once and take the handle that Sayesha herself created and comment on your blog as yourself if you can't log in. And post a public apology there. I don't think I need to point you in the direction of where to find the login created by Sayesha and others here. I'm sure you know your way around this blog.

Janefield said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rohit Talwar said...

And, OOPS, forgot to copy-paste 'The Chosen One' here? Or atleast see patiently, and type, if not Namkeen (copy-paste) here? Look, this is not looking good, is it? A typo? By YOU?

And...Just a little something from The Girl Who Sold The World, too. Find time from copy-pasting to read this too:
Sayesha's posts are impeccable...sans typos and grammatical errors..months of "namkeening" Sayesha's works hasn't taught you a thing!

Namkeen, trying and bumming hard, huh? Nice. Think about it. Try scratching your head, usually works.

Rohit Talwar said...

Yes...Namkeen, I'm sure you know the ID and password being used..Right? Probably you noticed while you were namkeening (err, copy-pasting) this post from here. Right?

Dermy said...

Namkeen-why would you offer to give out your number on a blog site? Speak to Sayesha if she wants to hear from you.
An apology is all you can offer, i understand that, but it honestly might not be enough.
I know, that if someone stole and posted my blog, it would feel like someone stole my life, my memories, my thoughts and then put them up on display as a direct insult to my very being.
You say youre sorry, and maybe some people even believe that you are, it still doesnt excuse what youve done. Im sorry if i sound harsh, but forgiveness, if any, can only come from Sayesha.
I also think you need to find a way to apologise to everyone who read your blog and was hence deceived by you.

Namkeen said...

The chosen one.

Ok I shall use her handle to apologise on my blog. And i will put up my picture just to proove it to my friends that it is me apologising. Friends who have seen me will know its me.

That way they won't think it's someone else. yes i never had the brains to think like you. thanks for the tip.

Dermy yes i know i don't deserve forgiveness. and yes i am waiting for her reply. I will do as she wants.

Rohit. I am reading you. Thanks for your opinions.

Namkeen said...

Girl Who sold the world.

I don't know who the anonymous people are. And i never asked them to say anything on my behalf. I talk for myself.

I don't think you should take their comments into considration or even read them. Talk to me if you want. Lets keep them out. only then they will stay shut.

Rays Of Sun said...

Guys..I dont think we have the moral right to decide what Sayesha wants to do. Let her wake up in another 2 hrs..until then..lets not give us any advise as to how Namkeen needs to apologize!

_ShaitaaN_ said...


i think you need to step in acknowledge Namkeens apology here. this issue needs to be buried herewith...a mistake was commited and as you and sahil have so maturely put forward in your initial comments there at IFF, an unequivocal apology been issued by please diffuse this.

as far as this twit with a blister on his backside, Rohit Talwar is concerned, lay off dude and get a life, you are a nobody off the streets, Namkeen has more guts than you...this matter is between Sayesha and Namkeen...

to the rest of you...sincere regrets have been expressed to your friend Sayesha...a lesson learnt...'ve done your bit, there is no need to respond here anymore, correspond with Sayasha in private if the need arises...

...enjoy bloging & take care Sayesha >:)

Janefield said...

Who posted Namkeen's apology here on her blog at IFF? Someone did a 'Namkeen'!!

The Girl Who Sold The World said...


*Gasp*, *shriek*!!! Did you just use the word "moral"?! Omigosh! Mr. Anon troll might just come and tell you not to ride the high horse of morality! Look, even your horse is neighing now. :P

Muhahaha...sorry, couldn't resist. I've nothing to do at 1 am. :P

Rohit Talwar said...

My dear, fellow Sayesha's readers...
Ahem. SEE THIS!! A regular reader at IFF, called Kunal176 left these lines for Namkeen on her 'blog'...

Hi Sayesha & Namkeen,

Shayesha very sorry to knw that. i was a very big fan of namkeens posts and now i realise that i was ur fan not hers.
namkeen if its true what shayesha says, BOOOOOO
dont even reply my mail namkeen...u r a bad person...a thief..a loser..taking credit for someone elses efforts and brains...

Namkeen u better write a post on "Art of Stealing" or "Art of Copying & Pasting" instead of "Art on Sand"

Note that, 'Art of Sand' being talked about here by Kunal176 is one of Sayesha's posts which were namkeen(ed) by Namkeen.

Guys...Even Namkeen readers are taking a note of this.
->Ah, and I just namkeened text from IFF so all readers at Sayesha's come to know. [I'd not have done without the help of The Chosen One and The Girl Who Sold The World...Ahem.]

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

LOL@ The Chosen One's Namkeen-y comment. :P

Rohit Talwar said...

@ Shaitaan

Ah...I just knew that someone would write about me too. Thanks for reading all I've written for Namkeen, by the way.

Let's just leave it right here. I am writing whatever here, with others, because we feel what happened/is happening is wrong..and we have every right to do this.

Namkeen has more guts than you...this matter is between Sayesha and Namkeen...
YOU SURE?! Right! Namkeen sure has more guts...infact all the guts it takes to shamefully copy-paste original posts to her blog!

Way to go, dude!

_ShaitaaN_ said...

i fully agree with Dermy and Rays of Sun...

let the person who has been aggrieved by all this @Sayesha hash this out with Namkeen ... that way this issue can be resolved and the hurt caused to be healed...

all the best to Sayesha and her friends...


Janefield said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Janefield said...

@Shaitaan, there is no need to get abusive at Rohit or anyone else here. If you were instrumental in getting Namkeen here and you are her friend, you've done your bit. If you can stand up for your friend, so can Rohit. Those who are upset at the blatant display of plagiarism are still appalled and naturally reacting, that's all. Its not misplaced anger and not unjustified under the circumstances. Its not some high-horsed moral high ground being taken here or anything. Its just speaking up against something that is obviously very wrong. That's all. Yes, it is between Sayesha and your pal Namkeen. Hope the apology is sincere and such a thing will never ever be repeated.

_ShaitaaN_ said...


we have many a rabble rousers at IFF too...the idea is that every human commits mistakes and eventually learns from them...

the fact of the matter is Namkeen has come forward and all i see you doing is hijack the proceedings even before the person concerned..Sayesha has had a say in this...

this is a faceless world @web, and it does take courage to come clean as she did & with sincerety, when she could have simply continued with life using a new handle at IFF or elsewhere... & i'm sure Sayesha will appreciate this in the right spirit & do the right thing

Trip said...

@ the chosen one, Yes it was wrong, and yes an apology has been tendered. Unconditional, even in the face of direct abuse.
Now instead of waiting and watching what the directly affected party has to say about it, barbs continue to fly here. Im sure all of Sayesha's friends/ readers are upset and rightly so, but if Sayesha would want to put an end to this, continuing to flame is not going to help.
Im sorry this happened to Sayesha, but there is one small personal positive to come out of this. I now know where to come for a good read.
Take care all,

_ShaitaaN_ said...

Chosen One...

point taken...

i've seen most of you vent...only problem for me was someone to push this way just because she has come here to say her not right...

we have our set of rabble rousers at IFF the lady memeber on IFF who commented... it isn't going to help anyone...

this is a lesson for all of way or another...

take care >:)

Rohit Talwar said...

@ Shaitaan


Read Chosen One's reply.. It's precisely our reactions. But, nevermind. Let's wait and watch. All of us have, in our own right, expressed our disappointment and anger, and extended our support to Sayesha.

And...whatever Namkeen did now, you think took her courage, but I, among others, fail to understand how she found and gathered courage to do what she did. But, it is all past, now. Her thoughts have been taken away to a new page, to a new set of readers.

Sirius Black said...

If the apology has been made and that blog deleted then the matter should be closed here only instead of draggin the whole issue more and more.

Rohit Talwar said...

Okay, everyone's points have been exchanged, in whichever way, I'll stop repeating my view.
The only thing all the readers here at Sayesha's would want now(I am pretty sure I speak for everyone) Sayesha's peace of mind, and justice to her ideas. She'll continue to rock! :)

Rohit Talwar said...

And...Sayesha, never forget who came up with the slang, okay? :P

Sirius Black said...

That blog is still up , WTF smthing should b done about that too.
And just a message to Namkeen , i am sure ur other posts are also copied.I hope u delete them , start writing yourself , it ll surely be more fun :).

Namkeen said...


I have requested IFF to delete my entire blog. I can't do it myself coz my profile has been deleted.

But i have sent them several mails to delete the whole blog.

Sorry nothing i can do about it.

_ShaitaaN_ said...

okaii...i leave now... wishing all of you including Rohit well ...

BTW... FYI...her handle has been effectively she cannot login and delete or hide anything on those blogs...

unfortunately when IFF deletes / bans handles, the blogs remain on view...only the moderators can do it...


Rebellion said...


Way too much action happening around here while I was away!!

Darrrn.. I missed the interactions with Namkeen & esp Mr/Ms ANONOMOUS :P

Glad the girl accepted her mistake & apologised and is ready to do so on her own post too! Her readers also know the facts.. So .. So.. I guess Sayesha ke bar ke bewdas.. I mean all of us should keep our cool & let Sash decide what she wants to do!!!

Nav, Jane & others.. chill.. you'll have played your part like nice friends, I guess let Sash take over now :)

@TGWSTW hope you're not running behind me with a Teja type gun? :P

Sash.. come soon else the world girl will definitely kill one or two random anon commentators!

May peace remigrate its way to Sayesha's world :)

Take care all..
... Aarti

PS: I wasn't preaching haan :P

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

*Runs after Aarti with her "Teja type gun".* :P
Yeah, I was just having fun all this while. It was nice thulping the boring anon trolls. I must say, they were indeed a source of amusement, weren't they? Muhahahahaha. :D
*Hic* Oops, do I look too drunk? :P

fairy said...

If she was sincerely sorry why is she lying saying someone forwarded her this blog with pictures...then to change the names to cover up the real authors identity????

fairy said...

Also if it is true and she is truely sorry tell her to give the addy of the one who has stolen and forwarded this blog for her to post. And why would she want to post the entire email forwarded anyways when there was no real point or emotional value to her.

Who gets mail like that anyways.

Appology is bs.

Sahil said...

Hey everyone,

I've been silently reading all the flaming Namkeen has been getting for her copying of Sayesha's blog. And she rightfully deserved to be flamed. Everyone who is Namkeen's friend knows what she has done, and everything is all out in the open now. Namkeen even has come forward and publicly apologised to Sayesha. She doesn't have access to her account anymore (perhaps the site administrators have blocked her), and she's even offered (or already done so) to put up a new profile and publicly apologise on IFF. How she exactly copied Sayesha's blog, be it by a friend who emailed her some posts regularly, or by directly copying off her blog is really irrelevant.

She's realised her mistake, and has done what she can to rectify the situation. I don't think its necessary to go into too much detail and start nitpicking on what she's said, what she's done and whether she is sincerely apologising or not. Let Sayesha decide that, and if she wants to forgive and forget what has happened.

Also I would avoid the whole generalisation thing. Yes, perhaps IFF is a shady site - but try to avoid passing judgement on the type of people who visit there.

Anyways, in the opinion of this old diljale of Sayesha's blog, we should just move on and get back to the way things were. Coz thats how it should be, and coz this post has gotten WAY too many comments!!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

might i add, the old diljale who didn't know the correct spelling of Sayesha's world. hmph.
peace-out, everyone!

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

And might I add, like TGFI, the old diljale who called Sayesha *gasp* crazy. :P Muhahahaha.

Rebellion said...


Aap dono is comments space par shaanti rehne doge ke nahi??? :P:P

NAV, you missed the shot baby...
Dhakki tikki dhakki tikki,
Is mein ek hi goli thi :P:P

*runs while the world girl tries to reload her gun.. errr, special "Teja type" gun* :P:P

Take care,
Aarti :P

lil _kath said...

..aww kawaii i read everything yesterday and i did try to go to that link but didn't find anything, seems her blog is deleted now.

...good for her hmmph! she ruined ur precious days huh? now , she learned her lesson, hope she do ^_^ smile naa coz we love you!

..enjoy weekend ( u need a break girl) ^_^


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