Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I (heart) NY

Some cities reject you instantly. The moment you enter, you know you don't belong there.

Others welcome you with open arms and absorb you right away.

NY did that to me.

I think that's why I bought one of the li'l I (heart) NY t-shirts for myself, and not because it's a must-buy token touristy souvenir.

Yesterday this SATC fan(atic) spent ten hours roaming the streets of NY.

Now I've done some serious roaming around on the streets, in London, in Kuala Lumpur, in Hong Kong, and in Cambodia. But this one was somehow special. Special in a different way. For the first time in my life, I seriously considered what my sis has been asking me to do - live in the US.

As I finished my King Kong act, took the escalator down and walked out of the empire state building, I could not help but notice the li'l Starbucks next to the amazing structure. And I could totally imagine myself sitting in that Starbucks (even though I don't even drink coffee) with a laptop and writing away for the next few years of my life.

Yup, just like Carrie Bradshaw. :)

Now if only I could find someone willing to pay me for doing that... :P


freebird said...

GOLD!!! Yaaay...
OOps, gotta go...exam in a few hours :(

Sahil said...

tsk tsk. using ur blog shamelessly to try and find a financer... kya kar rahe ho Sayesha.

hmmm.. now I also feel like going to NY.

sunshine said...

That's not a bad idea Sayesha. And this post only makes me wonder all the more how sleepless I'm gonna be for Seattle.

justme said...

//Others welcome you with open arms and absorb you right away.

Mumbai always has had that effect on me..!! Dekhte hain kaun kaha pe end hota hain..!!

Ritwik said...

I had another friend tell me the same thing. Must head to NY.

dharmu said...

my fav...

sayesh bhai, try the iced caramel macchiato, grande with extra shot and whipped cream.

u will lvoe it, and aap yaahan settle ho jao, maza karenge!!!

Raj said...

Its good to know that NY isn't a cruel city for out-of-towners.

Have fun!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

10 hours in NYC sounds glorious.
hmm...i'll reserve my opinion about carrie bradshaw and SATC. (for a nice rant-ful post sometime, maybe?) but yes, NYC does that to you.
relieved to know you didn't get lost. ;)

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

You don't drink coffee? You don't drink COFFEE? YOU DON'T DRINK COFFEE???!!! *gasps*, *shrieks* and *faints*. *Puts her insanity aside for some time * I'd DIE without coffee...(all my prospective murderers kindly take note).
Much as I love some city, I can NEVER spend massive 10 hours roaming its streets. You've some energy...and patience!
Now if only I could find someone willing to pay me for doing that...
Hahahahaha...I can bet that you'll definitely find someone to do it. :P

The Smiling Girl said...

Kyun bhai... I will find someone there for u to pay for what u love doing..:)
But I can completely understand the feeling of belonging to the city.. happened to me...:)


spamtaneous said...

simple... get married to that starbucks (franchise) owner... :)

Girl next door said...

The baby is adorable! Glad you're enjoying your NY trip. I've just tagged you so please check out my blog and share 6 weird facts about yourself. Hope you haven't done this already!

Bhaarat said...

Hey, That effect is not only for cities but for everything. Be it people, eatables, clothes, anything...

I have been very choosy about what I eat. Once I challeneged myself that I can do anything. Big deal to eat one of the veggies. I tried eating for about an hour, ate a bit of it and ended up throwing up. My body simply dint accept it. Now I challenge myself with more meaningful things.

Pradyot said...

Given your background of children's book an example of JKR would be more fitting. So should we expect another Harry Potterisque character sometime soon?

Please note, JKR got financiers AFTER writing the book. :D So just collect your credit cards, borrow from friends... and just start writing. Tera to waise bhi kharcha kum hoga... coffee jo nahi peeti!

Sakshi said...

NY is the best. I love going there for long weekends - there just so much to do. It also reminds a lot of Mumbai (not only because of the no. of desis there). It has a vibrant heart t o it.
Hmm. may be if I come up with other cities you will like in US, you may end up here. THen I can read your blogs on my time. hehee

satish said...

arey, kya yeh new york aur few york mein rahne kee baatein chal rahee hain.

ek baar apne desh wapas aaiye(with lit aish and everyone), wapas jaa nahin payenge :->

and i have been thinking about STARTING my own START-UP. tog give 'coming back home' a gud thot and i might start working as a venture capitalist(hee hee) to promote your writing skills.


Janefield said...

Take a laptop to starbucks sip coffee and blog away! Mast life :D NYC cast a spell on me as well, I'd move there in a heartbeat!

Rebellion said...

As usual Sash..

Well Expressed :D Quite a short one though!

//"Now if only I could find someone willing to pay me for doing that"
Try talking to BLOGGER.. They'd seriously consider it for the no of hits it gets in a day coz of an awesome writer like you :)

Take care,

Anil said...

Welcome to Amaeerika! Come live here, phir bahut masti karenge :-)

Rohit Talwar said...

Don't want to repeat what The Girl did...but...YOU DON'T DRINK COFFEE? Sheesh. Whenever I come across *your* kind of people...(I mean just the coffee part, okay?...I throw the most disgusted & shocked look. Solves the purpose.

You're missing out on stuff in life...The pleasure of hot coffee dripping down your food pipe...relieving your senses...OH MAN! Okay, I am addicted...so what?
You know how many litres of coffee I consume in a month? Forget it...I've never bothered to find out.

Anyways.. Coffee and Laptop...LOVELY! I want a sponsor too...for a laptop first of all...and for all the coffee :D

Rohit Talwar said...

*Serves the purpose.

See, even though I couldn't give a shocked and disgusted face...I left a silly error in my comment. HMPH.

Sayesha said...

Hey hope your exams went well :)

Toh aap kar do na finance, Seth Gotliwala! :)

You'll do fine, babe. Don't worry at all! :)

Hmmm... I must go to Mumbai and check it out myself! :)

You totally SHOULD! :)

Baap re... itna complex order kaise yaad rahega re? :P

Yup, it isn't :)

#Ipanema Gal,
Glorious is the right word. For the city, for the weather, for the experience! :)

#World Gal,
You drink coffee??? You, a teenager, drinks coffee??? :O
ps: Muahahaha! :D

Sayesha said...

#Smiling Gal,
Hehehe.... thanks thanks! Otherwise I could start charging hafta :D

Awesome idea! :D

#Gal next door,
I checked the tag - I may have some probs trying to shortlist it down to 6, but I'll definitely try! ;)

Hahahahaha! :D

Dost kuchh udhaar milega? Kadki chal rahi hai. ;)

Hahaha! Let's see where I end up :)

Original plan toh yehi tha... India lautne ka bond ke baad... lekin am reconsidering now :)

#The Chosen One,
Wah kya life describe kiya! Except the coffee... how about OJ? :P

Yeah I get limited comp time so can't post very long ones :) Hope Blogger wale listen to you man! :)

Sounds good to me man! :)

Tu bhi??? :O
Achha tujhe sponsor mil jaaye toh zara meri baat bhi chala dena? :P

popsicle toes said...

you went to new york!!! I am so jealous!!! :P

Siddhu said...

You actually like big cities, Sayesha?

Sayesha said...


I've lived in my share of big and small cities, but I can't generalise. I like some small cities, and I like New York. :)

Notyergurl`nextdoor said...

Carrie Bardshaw and NYC, my two fav things. NYC has a charm of its own. It's like even if you do not like the city, the city accepts you. It's like it's bn programed too or something. Even though I'd say its the dingyist place to live if your just starting off, when you DO take off, man I'd be Crarrie Bradshaw of my own, excpt I do not write that much..but shoes and bags and meeting Mr. Big/ Wrong, dass ME. ;)

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shwetank said...

wat abt siiting beside the riverside of himalyan locales ...or wooden huts ..and writtenig forthe resr of ur life ..
ya sure wid some coffee along?