Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Wild wild weird

The Kenyan Girl Next Door and Aarti had tagged me to write some weird facts about myself. Finally I got down to doing it! :P

  • I get high on orange juice.
  • If I have to go to the toilet in the middle of the night, I can come back and continue my dream from where I left it.
  • I have to close my ears immediately after pressing the flush lever in an airplane toilet. I absolutely loathe the high-pressure vacuum sucking sound of the airplane flush. I simply cannot take it. So after pressing the flush lever, I quickly close my ears before the flush operates.
  • I don't like ice-cream. My sis and mom think that it's because I am figure-conscious. I prefer to call it 'natural defence against fat'.
  • When I was six, I wanted to grow up and become a typist. (Come to think of it, my dream did come true. On some levels, we all are typists, aren't we?)
  • I have a morbid fear of some insect entering my ears when I'm sleeping. So I cover my ears when I sleep. Either with my own hair or with my comforter, but they MUST be covered.
  • When I was about eight, my cousin bro was a few months old, and my aunt would ask me to help prepare his Cerelac (mushy baby food), I'd make a bit for myself too! I believe that even now, I would prefer a bowl of Cerelac over a bowl of cornflakes for breakfast. :P ~ ~
  • I like the diet versions of drinks.
  • When I am on holiday, I actually miss my work once in a while.
  • I don't like Julia Roberts. Or Angelina Jolie. Or Amitabh Bachchan. (I think I’m gonna get lynched now.)
  • I must stand up even if the national anthem is playing in my head.
  • My favourite subject in school was Sanskrit.
  • I don't like chewing gum. After all the sugar's gone, it becomes YUCK. So YUCK. YUCK.
  • I am generally not superstitious but selectively superstitious. I can suddenly get superstitious about some random stuff without warning. For example, I don’t let anyone walk/jump over my feet. I actually ask them to cross back. Because if they don't cross back, I will die you see.
  • I have an unlimited capacity for pani puris. I once ate 50 pani puris at one go. And nope, I did not get a stomach upset. My cousin Sid still shakes his head at me when he relates it to surprised relatives/friends.
  • Sometimes I wonder if I should give a trusted friend my blogger password so that if something happens to me suddenly, my blog friends wouldn't wonder where the hell I am.


Vidya said...

i have been reading your blog from quite some time now and everytime you post a blog i see people competing for the first place ..
I guess i get that chance today :)

Vidya said...

You write so aaram ..bilkul bindaas ..its really nice to read your posts !!! Keep writing !!

Fishy said...

50 panipuris? No way u ate that many and didnt get sick :P...but i have the same capacity for chocolate, if you're ever in bangalore, you must try this dessert called " Death by chocolate"...its amazing

Duhita said...

How do you continue with a dream?!?!?!? That IS weird yet amazing! You are missing out on life with no ice cream Sash...seriously! And way to go with the paani puris....I can't do 50, I just never count:D
As for leg crossing, I do that too, but I never thought that one dies but just never grows taller:)

Oops did I mention you're missing out on life with no ice cream?!!!

Liz said...

Heheh...I can continue a dream too...specially the ones i'm enjoying. Lolz! I keep the strand in my head till I get back to bed:)..hehe..

Ok, we really need to get you onto icecream..you're missing out on SO MUCH!:)

Shreemoyee said...

I usually continue my dreams too, the bathroom break is like the film intermission. And sometimes on some rare occasion when that doesnt happen, I almost feel disappointed. Strange isn't it?

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Now, lemme read. :D

The Smiling Girl said...

Arey waah... these are really nice weird facts... Must see if I can come up with a similar list..:)

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

I'm also scared of an insect entering my ear. One of my cousins scared me when I was seven. She said that she knew a lady in whose ear and insect went and the bloody thing laid eggs inside. So, the lady's head and "brains" were full of insects and she died. Hahaha...man, did it freak me out!!!

Oh, and I don't like Julia Roberts and Amitabh Bachchan either...I do like Angelina Jolie, though. But that's mainly because of her humanitarian work with UNHCR.

Because if they don't cross back, I will die you see.
Hahahaha...nice logic, there. *points and laughs* :P

And I LOOOOVE Cerelac too! It's a yummy thing! I recently had it...my cousin was feeding it to her year-old daughter. I took away a large share of it...muhahahaha. :D

Wheeeeew...long comment...I'm feeling talkative. :P

Rohit Talwar said...

:O :O :O
ORANGE JUICE?! WHAT?! *shocked*

I'm sick of seeing Bachchan everywhere on TV, too. I actually didn't like any of his movies as much...I'm with you. Heehaa.

GOD! Problems with gum?! *disappointed* I can keep chewing, chewing, chewing. :P

And....I must stand up even if the national anthem is playing in my head. THIS IS NOT WEIRD. X-(

Harsha said...

awesome weird facts....

But how can you not like Ice-cream??? Everybody likes Ice-cream...

Just FYI, A cockroach went into my ears while I was sleeping. Had to go to a hospital at 2 in the night. Good to keep it covered. But I still dont.

Love Julia Roberts...

Mama namaha Harshanandaha... Bhavataha nama kim?
These were the first 2 lines of sanskrit that I learnt... Way back in 3rd std. Studied sanskrit for 6 yrs. I am pretty okie dokie with Sanskrit.

Loved the post.

Rebellion said...

LOL Sash..

That was awesome :))

//"If I have to go to the toilet in the middle of the night, I can come back and continue my dream from where I left it."
hehehe ROFL.. This was the best =))

Now lemme relate some of them to myself...
//"I don't like Julia Roberts. Or Angelina Jolie. Or Amitabh Bachchan."
Nor do I... I don't even like John Abraham or SRK :P

//"I must stand up even if the national anthem is playing in my head."
Me TOO :)

//"I don't like chewing gum. After all the sugar's gone, it becomes YUCK. So YUCK. YUCK."
Same here.. yucks

//"I have an unlimited capacity for pani puris."
:D Need I say anything? :P

LOL.. That makes me as weird as you are Sash! Except for the dream part, which left me in splits hehehe :P

Great one, loved reading them :)
Take care,

Sayesha said...

Congrats on the gold! :P Glad you like my blog, and thanks for commenting :)

I did! Ask Sid or Mom if you don't believe me! :D And I was like 12 or something! :O
ps: I've heard about 'Death by chocolate'. A very sad death, yeah? ;)

It's not that amazing apparently. Loadsa pple have the ability :P

Hehehe... ice-cream... dunno what's so special yaar.. I prefer orange ice-lollies any day! :P

//just never grows taller

At 26, I guess the height thing is out eh? ;)

Haha! It's not like I hate ice-cream, I just don't like it so much :P

//And sometimes on some rare occasion when that doesnt happen, I almost feel disappointed. Strange isn't it?

Can TOTALLY identify with that! You kinda cheated, isn't it? As if some VCD seller gave you CD1 and CD2, but left out CD3! :@

#World Gal,
Pitegi TFGI se! Cos I posted at a non-usual hour! :P

#Smiling Gal,
Chal I tag you, right here right now! :)

#World Gal,
The insect story is horrible! :S

Hans le hans le... but you like Cerelac too!
*Sayesha points and laughs, first at World Gal, and then at herself*

Yeah if I have too much orange juice, I get too jumpy and happy and 'high'! :P


It is! You know why? Ever been in a situation where a song just keeps playing over and over in your head? Well, imagine that, along with the inability to sit or sleep! :O

//Everybody likes Ice-cream...

Except me :P

The cockroach story is scary! :O

Impressive Sanskrit. I studied it for 8 years... have forgotten most of it though :(

Hehehehe... we're so similar eh? But wait a minute... you don't like John Abraham???? YOU DON's LIKE JOHN ABRAHAM??????? X-(

shub said...

oh yeah...we needed proof that you're a weirdo! :p

shub said...

me too same as Aart...hate john abraham n Srk...john abraham looks sooooooooooooo girlie!

Macho Girl said...

An insect did enter my ear once while i was sleeping. It was terrible. I woke up with a start and then i had to put water in my ear and get it out. But i dont always cover my ears when I sleep... only when I know there is an insect somewhere in the room and when i go to my village.

And I also don't like it when people jump over my feet. I don't think i wud die and stuff.. i just don't like it. I am more superstitious about cutting nails after dark.

Oh btw... I just thought i'd mention it... I had loads of pani puris just a couple of days back! It was yummy! :D

Fishy said...

i went and had pani puri at lunch time muhahahhaha, all thanks to your post...panipuri in the rain...
very few things are better than that!!!
ok ok i believe you about the pani puri's... but seriously, what better way to die than while eating chocolate??

the sunflower said...

I don't like Julia Roberts or Angelina Jolie. am not too fond of Amitabh Bachchan either.
(i hope the lynching party doesn't find me)

Venky said...

Cerelac rocks!! and abt getting high just on orange juice --> u lucky gal, u can save a lot of money.

and before I forget Kevin wants to convey that he will be pleased to kick Ian's ass any time :D

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

YOU don't like ice-cream?
you DON'T like ice-cream?????
you don't LIKE ice-cream???????
you don't like ICE-CREAM????????????

does not compute.

Duhita said...

Orange ice-lollies huh....It got me missing my fav orange ice lolly Calippo that I used to have every summer during uni days only to realise after extensive research this evening it doesnt sell here!!! How sad is that?! And then all the ice cream talk got me dreaming abt this awesome Haagen Dazs Chocolate Brownie Special I had 2 weeks ago....Sash, you are missing out on life!!! :D

Seriously! Have you tried ice cream lately? Maybe just MAYBE there might be some hope of you realising your long lost love for it?!

Ro said...

Jolie! How can anyone not like her?

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

@ tgwstw,
hmph. the system got messed up this time.
but now i know one of your fears. muahahhahahahahaha

IndianArchie said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
IndianArchie said...

You dont like this? or this?? or this???

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......oooohhhhhhhhhh *licks lips and slurps*

Getting yummy in the tummy now!

Rebellion said...

LOL Sash!!!

Yeah.. I don't really drool over John Abraham or SRK :P

Yeah, he's ok.. I like in a few movies, but I don't drool over him :P:P
Not that I drool over any other artist and yups, am alive yet :P

Btw.. that last point you just added :-/
Aisi kya zaroorat aa gayi that you had to add THAT???

And yeah.. that jumping over legs thingy.. its not that you die.. the superstition is that your height doesn't increase :P

Take care,

satish said...

now that its sash whos written them, they dont look weird anymore.

and haan, you sud like julia roberts.

chaliye :)

Chirag said...

Sometimes I wonder if I should give a trusted friend my blogger password so that if something happens to me suddenly, my blog friends wouldn't wonder where the hell I am ...

Imagine the scene, Sayesha's lawyer is reading Sayesha's vasiyat .. sab kuch divide ho gaya and finally Sayesha ke baad uske blog ka karta dharta hoga .. (Virdi, Vikram and ROS waiting with their tongues out) Damn .. this also goes to a family member .. Baby Aish. Virdi, Vikram and ROS ki aankhon mein khoon .. yeh kal ki chhokri is bar ko kya sambhaalegi .. humne poori zindagi gold silver lene mein nikaal di .. yeh din dekhne ke liye

Rohit Talwar said...

Oh okay, so get the repeat mechanism removed from your brain :/

Anonymous said...

# If I have to go to the toilet in the middle of the night, I can come back and continue my dream from where I left it.

Thats really amazing sayesha :)
I ALSO LOVE CERELAC....Yummmmmmmy :P

#I don't like ice-cream.
How do u manage NOT to like ice cream!!!!!!!!**sigh**

loved reading the post...got to know you better :)


Sayesha said...

OMG! Kya bol rahi hai??
*Sayesha gets ready to scream at Shub but suddenly realises she can use this situation to her advantage*
Shub, tu yehi patti zara Bipasha ko padha degi? Mera kaam aasaan ho jayega muahaha! :D

#Macho Girl,
Water in your ear??! :O You see, that's why I swim like a dog - ears must stay outta water! :D

//I had loads of pani puris just a couple of days back! It was yummy! :D

Have I ever mentioned how evil you are? :@

You had pani puri too??? What's coming to this world? :(

All right, both of us gotta get fake passports and get outta the country. NOW! :D

Hahaha! One of the friends said the same thing about the orange juice :P
ps: Ask Kevin to work out for a few more months and then we'll see if he's in a state to even look Ian in the face :D

#Ipanema Gal,
I don't! :O
*Sayesha ducks*

Hehehe.. I still miss the 50-paise orange lolly outside my school! :P
ps: I tried Dove ice-cream in the US... not bad.. :)

Gosh, I SO knew you'd comment on this post. Be a bit more unpredictable, Ro! ;)

#Ipanema Gal,

I don't :P

Arre yaar! Important point hai, isliye add kar diya :D

//its not that you die.. the superstition is that your height doesn't increase :P

But I am 26. I believe I won't grow anymore in height. :P

Offo all guys luurrve Roberts and Jolie... sheesh!

Hahahahaha! Your description made me laugh so hard, I almost fell off! :D

Auto-pilot par hai yaar... :(

Hahahahaaha! Lagta hai Cerelac sales mein sudden boost hone wala hai, now that so many pple are coming out of the closet! I should ask Nestle for a commission! :P

Abhishek said...

50 pani puris...
hmmm...must have had a hard time the next day.
anyways...who is "baby aish".
havent follwed this blof for long...
so can i have some idea?

Rays Of Sun said...

Same pinch on # 2,6,7,9,11,13,12,15
Quite a surprise for you to do tags:P

Thanu said...

Aree Sayesha..
When the gum is not sweet anymore, youa re supposed to spit it out and not keep chewing.

*shakes her head*

Anonymous said...

Sayesha, you can trust me with your blogger passwords:
a. I am very good at keeping others' secrets
b. I am really good at assuming others' identities.

The Smiling Girl said...

Sure.. main le rahi hun yeh tag... Dekhenge kitne weird facts likh paungi..:)
Lekin ek baat to hain, tere facts se ek do to copy ho jayenge? Kyunki I also cover my ears, pani puri thingy, national anthem, blogger pwd thingy are all same too...:)
But I sure have other weird facts about myself..likh ke bolti hun, aake padho...:)

The Smiling Girl said...

@Abhishek: Arey baba... U dont know Baby Aish?? pch.. pch.. *shakes her head sadly*
Baby darling is hamari choti taporin... Bhai ki neice hain woh... Aage jake poora blogworld ko hiladegi woh..:)

Jokes apart, she is the cutest thing that has happened to Sash's blog, and m sure to Sash's life too.. Kya bolta hain Bhai?

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

but now i know one of your fears.
Wh-wha-what do you know...? *scared* Whaaa-aaat f-f-f-ear of m-m-mine??? :| :| :| *TGWSTW leaves shaking like a leaf due to fright*

Sayesha said...

Long time no see! :)
Nope, I was fine the next day too! :D
And baby Aish is my newborn niece :)

Baap re... same pinch on so many things! Achha kiya tujhe tag nahin kiya, tu toh bas hyperlink kar deti! :P
ps: Heyyy! I do tags, okay! Time lagta hai, lekin I do it! :P

Arre that's what I used to do... and then I got laughed at my friends who'd chew it for hours and hours... saying that's how it's done... YUCK. That's when I decided to banish it from my life.

How ironical. :|
Get an identity for yourself, dude. Then we'll talk! ;)

#Smiling Gal,
Haila yeh toh cheating hai! When you're tagged, you must write your post as if you never read anyone else's! Achha aise soch, agar tuney yeh post nahin padha hota, toh tu kya kya likhti, woh likh! :P
ps: Spot on about Tiny Tapori! ;)

#World Girl,
Offo! Nautanki khatam nahin hui teri abhi tak? ;)

Ankur said...

mazaa aa gaya pad ke,,,

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

like an insect around tgwstw's ear

Ujwal said...

u dont like icecream that has to be unbelievable!!
and what has amitabh done to get ur hatred :P

Girl next door said...

I like Cerelac too! I grew up on that stuff. Hard to believe that you don't like ice cream. And you can actually continue your dream after a bathroom break? Amazing. Thanks for sharing!

The Smiling Girl said...

Haan re... sachi mein usko kala tikha laga do... bechari ke paparazzi ne usko bahut publicity de diya... :);)

Acha... advice/suggestion taken.. try karungi, likh ke bataungi...:) aake aapke dhayn comment se hamara space ko 'whatever' kijiye... (Mujhe itna mushkil Hindi nahi aati... :)Hehe..)

Sumana said...

That was a funny post!! Even i suffer from this fear of some insect entering my ears when i am asleep!I was always told this was strange. But now i see there are many of us who have such starnge fears ;-)

ze zombie said...

you dont like julia roberts, angelina jolie and amitabh bachan too??? phew! am not alone!

justme said...

d last one was too scary..!! dont make think of wat if's..!!

naari said...

Interesting ;) I am sure people who know you can think of other things that are "weirdly" Sayeshaz :)

Joe said...

Fifty paanipuris and zero icecream?? Donno what to say.

*jumping over sayeshaz legs and bbye*


Bhaarat said...

I also get high on Orange juice whenever there is Vodka in it. BTW who serves u those orange juices??

As regards going to toilet while dreaming, I take extra precaution becuase for me the line between reality and dreams vanishes in night.

I too like Cerelac/Farex even today.

I am finicky about completing National anthem in exactly 52 secs without compromise.

We can have competition on pani puris. I get a pack of 50 pani puris at home and consume the whole pack and still long for more.

Sayesha said...

Thanks! maza aa gaya likhke bhi :P

#Ipanema Gal,
Stop bullying the poor baby, will ya? Dushmani mein bhi sharaafat rakho! ;)

Hehehe... I don't hate him yaar... I just don't like him! :P

#Girl next door,
Thanks :)

#Smiling Girl,
Hahaha! Wait hum abhi aakar whatever karte hain aapke blog ka :P

Hahaha! Good to find a fellow weirdo! ;)

#Ze Zombie,
Yiipppeeeedoooooooo! :D

#Just me,
Yeah, it's kinda scary, but practical, don't ya think?

And I'm sure you'll top that list! :P

WHAT?? Hey, where do you think you're going, mister??? You come right back and jump back again! NOW! Grrrr :@

Hahahaha! I don't even need the vodka bit! :P And if we meet some day, the pani puri competition is ON! ;)

Vinesh said...

We share something in common:

Getting high on orange juice! :-)

Apy said...

*Sometimes I wonder if I should give a trusted friend my blogger password so that if something happens to me suddenly, my blog friends wouldn't wonder where the hell I am*

Thats really sweet...

I kno this is an old post but was reading all the stuff that i missed n cdn keep myself frm commenting wen i read this.. usually i m jus a silent reader..

adi said...

just bowed my head down and shaked it a little to n fro...

except 50 pani puris i can relate to most of the things here, have bookmarked you for future reads :)

thanks for the post

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Isaac XV said...

I could not beleive what I was reading today 7.13.06. After eating Cerelac for breakfast and Dinner I asked myself... is this stuff good for me?, so I decided to google it and there they were tons of comments from different people about how much they love Cerelac (just like I do). I'm now 28 living in california and have to import the stuff since it's not easy finding it here... but glad to see others love it too... :) Isaac XV

Anonymous said...

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