Tuesday, August 30, 2005


On Saturday, I woke up feeling... well... let's just say 'not myself'. Yes, yes I know I need to get that blood test done asap. I'm not being lazy! I just don't wanna go to another doctor and have to explain the whole story again. Maybe it isn't such a bad idea to print that blog post and pass it to him instead of the 'medical history' form.

Anyway, I got up and painfully made my way to the library to do my assignment which is due this week. This library has huge glass walls and you can see what's happening inside. As I walked towards it, I noticed an incredibly cute toddler, all of three maybe, sitting on the library floor right next to the glass walls. Mommy was perhaps busy in the magazine section, finding out 'how to look thin in 5 minutes' and the bored kid was trying to keep himself busy. By pressing
his little palms (which were like a quarter the size of my palms!) and his tiny nose against the glass, looking at the world outside.

The sight was so comical that in spite of not feeling well, I could not help but smile at him. I expected him to blush and scoot, as you would expect a toddler to do, but he actually smiled back, with his nose still pressed against the glass wall. I burst into laughter. He waved at me. I waved back.

And just like that, my day was made. I did not feel ill anymore.

I could not help but wonder -- we love surprises, don't we? We expect our near and dear ones to give us surprises. But without even knowing it, we're getting surpises all the time. Everywhere we look, strangers around us are surprising us with simple smiles and gestures.

- The bus driver who grins at me because I just dashed towards his bus (dressed in formals) in the most un-lady-like manner.

- The cleaning lady at work who smiles at me because I made sure I did not step on the part of the floor she was mopping.

- The lady at the bus stop who offers me a lift under her umbrella during torrential rain because I forgot mine at home.

- The tea guy who cracks really bad jokes when we go to buy tea from him just because he wants us to talk to him beyond "One tea please".

- The colleague I barely knew who gave me the pink gerbera.

- The little boys and girls who work at MOS burger and grin at me when I ask them for a spoon to eat my spicy MOS cheeseburger (don't laugh, the ultra delicious sauce spills out if you try to eat the burger the usual way!).

- The cleaning lady who empties my dustbin at work every day, and chats with me in spite of not knowing much English.

- The canteen guy in uni who probably sees thousands of faces every day and yet, recognises me after three years and asks, "You study here before, isn't it?"

- The school kid in the bus who shyly asks me for 30 cents because he does not have enough change to pay his bus fare, and profusely thanks me thirteen times before alighting.

- Strangers on my blog leaving messages with that instant connection factor, making me feel like I have known them for ages.

Look out. Strangers are giving us surprises all the time.


Keshav said...

what is MOS

Anonymous said...

hi sayesha,
here is a stranger who loves to read your blog. your blog makes my day:-)


Sayesha said...

MOS is a burger place with branches in Bugis and Parkway Parade and Orchard Road, etc. I am actually not a burger person, but they have the real stuff! You MUST MUST try it! If you eat beef, try the spicy MOS cheeseburger. But if you're a vegetarian, try the croquette original burger! They're both yum! :P
ps: Oh man, now I am craving for MOS burgers at 1:10 am!! Halp! :O

Hey stranger,
Thanks! You just made my day! :)

Venkat said...

Someone once said "It's The Little Things in Life That Count" and the Suprises we get every now and then from quarters we least expect definitely fit into that category.

spamtaneous said...

i came here to comment on ur condom post....which i read some time back...but there u go...u already have a new post ready... :)

Keshav said...

Nice ! but where are these Bugis and Parkway Parade and Orchard Roads ??..Singapore I suppose...to eat that burger u want me to come to singapore :p ??...sounds fun...I usually don't eat beef but i can give it a try if its the REAL stuff !!

Anonymous said...

u r someone who inspired me to start my own blog. Though i m not going to reveal my blog right now (my writing is pathetic), but later in some point of time i would like u to come and visit my blog too. I love getting lost in the post u make...
keep posting ...and one thing i like about ur blog is that u keep updating it very regularly unlike other blogs.

Thanks once again...

virdi said...

sayesha has fans!!! we all envy you... :-)

. : A : . said...

Yes, it's these little moments that bring life to life!


Sayesha said...

I totally agree! :)

Oops, does this mean I lost your thoughts on that one? Well, you can always go back and comment, I would know 'cos I get all comments in my email.

What???? You don't live in Singapore??? Geez, and all these months I thought you did!!! Ever since you posted your first comment (I think it was the March post on Addy the guitarist). Oh dear, hahahaha! :P
ps: Well, now the MOS burger gives you reason to visit Singapore!

Thanks. I'm honoured :)

Oye Virdi ke bache ke baap,
Hum tere sabse bade fan hain! Bhool gaya kya??

Yeah, they do. :)
ps: It takes me a full five seconds to type out your nick, man! dot-colon-a-colon-dot :)

Keshav said...

Yo ! my first comment was on ur antakshari post....durga jasraj..norah jones..guitar..sitar..remember ?? And that addy's post..im still waiting for your reply to my comment :(. Na, I haven't been to Singapore even once. I am from Hyd though ..You were too back then. Me in usa and yes my night is your day(that rhymes !! tee hee)

Sayesha said...

Oh right! The antakshari post!!! :)
I just posted my reply to your comment on the Addy's post, like five months late! Sorry about that! :P
I am actually not from Hyd but my Dad was posted there for a while, so I'd gone to visit.
I like the place, it's got this earthy charm to it :)

Keshav said...

Haha..5 months ke baad poochke reply liya...:p. So where are u from...I know u were going all around bharat..but originally where from, if I may ask ??

Drops Of Jupiter said...

HEY!!!! I love the spicy MOS cheeseburger too and yeah I use a fork to scoop out the yummmmy sauce too!

justme said...

i guess its things like these.. moments like these dat make d human race survivie inspite of all its prblms.. ice post yaar.. ve blogrolled ya..!!

Sayesha said...

Ooops. Blog rules! (Gotta list them down some day!)

It's YUM, isn't it?? Yum Yum Yum! :)

Thanks! :)

Keshav said...

wat rules ??

Arz000n said...

Strangers on my blog leaving messages with that instant connection factor, making me feel like I have known them for ages
forget about comments...Im even getting emails from people who act like they are my good friends...
Anything can happen here in cyber world

Arnav said...

Do these strangers smile specially for you? Why does everyone frown at me then!

I was going though some of your comments. I could actually make money by disclosing your identity :) I won't obviously...yeah, yeah, your goddamned blog rules...only you seem to be aware of these rules though!

Sayesha said...

//wat rules ??
Will write a post on that soon :)

Yeah, I've been getting some cool emails too. A year ago, I would have freaked out at getting friendly emails from strangers! :O

Hahahaha! Trust me, no one wants to know stuff about me so bad that they're gonna pay you for information! :D
ps: Besides, I am giving away info myself yaar! Did ya read my reply to your comment on the 'Crush' post?

V said...

Toddlers are soooo cute!~~~

V said...

Oh yeah, I forgot.
One thing(hope you don't mid sayesha), this is an open invitation to everybody reading this blog to join my google discussion group by CLICKING HERE!

rimjhim said...

hi sayesha..
u r nt a stranger to me anymore..as i m one of those silent reader of ur blog. U know goin thru ur posts has become smthing like daily tea to me. may god bless u. keep writing.

Sahil said...

That's the reason for your happiness Sayesha. You find happiness in the little things in life, and you can smile about them. A bad day can be turned into a great day by these little things. Everyone has there share of happiness in life - its just that some of us (like u) are more receptive to them.

Open your eyes people, and enjoy all the little things in life.

SplitPersonality said...

Hahaa..Well written.. Yep Strangers like you make my day.. but to be honest .. You are no more stranger.. Feel I know u frm many yrs.. (May be many Janam Janam se.. !) mere last janam kaale kawwe ka tha.. haha.. How abt urs.. If get time..do visit my blog..

ashy said...

hey me back again !!
and u know what...ur blogs are something that makes me smile atleast once in a day! Thanks for being Sayesha and for the interesting blogs :)

Virdi, thanks for posting the comment on my blog to u and Late lateef Sayesha !!

I hope u guys will come back again to visit my blog and post something even today.

Sahil u too man...I need your expert advice on today's post. Me stuck up with someone...

Jagan said...

Never ever thought about this.I guess I should also start smiling at others :-) .

virdi said...

chintu beta>> thanks for calling names to Sayesha. no one does that except me. she has got silly hair also now. so she is SHSHG (that is sexy hands and silly hair girl) :-) and chintu beta no need to write this >> http://chintus.blogspot.com/ everytime.. if we click on ashy we can reach your blog. :-) cheers mate..
sayesha>> from now on you are SHSHG.. or i can give you more silly names..
chintu>> sahil mast banda hai.. but i dont like him.. he goes out with SHSHG akele akele and doesnt even tell anyone..

priya said...

see see see!! jus check out the number of times virdi has used the word "silly".. he's become total angrez :(

virdi said...

hehehe... i used it intentionally.. bhavdeep(read calvin) sticks out tongue at priya... thrrrrrrbbbbbbrrrrttttt :-P

Sahil said...

hahaha virdi - u don't like me coz i went out with Sayesha akele akele and didn't tell anyone? But i announced it in front of the whole world man... that's how u know it was me. Bhool gaya kya?

Sayesha said...

The Unneeded human,
Yep, I adore toddlers! They're young enough to still be cute and old enough to not do stuff all over the place! ;)
ps: Hey, you gotta pay me for posting your ads, man!!

Thanks, Rinku! :)

I second that. Gotta admit, kabhi kabhi akal wali baat bol dete ho.

No janam janam happening, man! :)

Thanks! And hey, what's with the Sahil thing man? Are you on my side or his??

Try it, man! You'll find many people smiling back. :)

I agree! Only you have abusing rights on this blog. Khush? :)

Hahahahaha! :D

Let me know after you guys are done :)

ashy said...

I read his expert comments on Kajal's story at Bhau's(Virdi) blog...and so thats what I asked him for

>> Are you on my side or his??
side ki baat hai to Sayesha ke pallu ke pheechey sirf Sahil chupta hai...
ku Virdi ?? :)

hey, I agree SHSHG has got beautiful hands. and to get a glimpse of those I had to hunt down thru several pages...as the proxy here was blocking few pics.

do tell me how do you link text to a http link. Is it simple html ??
~Ashy (Chin2)

Sahil said...

jalan mach rahi hai kya ashy? Relax man, Sahil doesn't hide behind anyone's pallu.

and anyway Sayesha doesn't wear saris. U should know that if u've read her blog man....

ashy said...

nahi bhai tum hi chupoo...mujhey koi jalan nahi mach rahi :)

anyway wat bout Sayesha's duppatta agar sari nahi to??

us din to khud bol rahi thi..."shudd hindustani"...arrey tumney aaj tak sari nahi pahni Hindustaan ki nari !

Sahil said...

dude... pehli baar nahin sunna kya? I don't hide behind anyone's pallu man. Kaha kaha se aa jaate hai yeh log??

and I don't know about her dupatta's or anything of that sort. Darzi samajh rakha hai kya?

and are u sure u're 24??

ashy said...

cool down buddy. chalo maan letey hai u don't hide behind her pallu...khush !!

>>Kaha kaha se aa jaate hai yeh log??
kuch bhi bol deta hai :)

I don't wanna prove that I m 24.

Sahil said...

*rolling my eyes*

ok bas aur nahin comment karenge. nahin toh Sayesha will tell me off for using her blog as msn messenger.

Sayesha said...

Thanks, Sahil.
I was just gonna ask my bouncer Virdi to kick you guys out.

Anil said...

chee chee virdi, this ladki has made you her bouncer... teri koi izzat nahin karta.. mein bhi nahin... kya zindagi hai.. agar mein teri jagah hota toh thames nadi mein doob ke mar gaya hota!

. : A : . said...

Actually if you type the spaces between each of them then it will take 10 seconds!


Sayesha said...

Oh God there are spaces too!!! Oh man.

. : A : . said...


You can copy-paste and that will bring it down to 2 seconds!

Anonymous said...

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