Friday, August 12, 2005

Could you buy me a dream?

A few weeks ago, my friend's little sister came to Singapore. My friend and I decided to buy her the latest Harry Potter book. Apparently she had been dreaming of it day and night. She'd been overheard saying, "I wish I had a rich friend who'd buy it so I could borrow it!" When we gave her the book, just watching the glow of sheer joy on her face filled my heart with instant joy.

I couldn't help but wonder -- sometimes it's so easy to fulfil someone's dream. So easy to make someone happy. Even though the dream that you helped out with was a small one. All you need to do it is buy it. What amazing power and control... To have that ability to simply buy someone's dream for them.

But then dreams get bigger and bigger till they cannot be 'bought' anymore.

Sometimes, I wish that someone could just buy me a couple of my dreams.

Ok, maybe just one.

You know what I dream of? I dream of a world where I am surrounded by everything that is important to me. A vast and beautiful beach, where all the special people in my life live together and happily grow old together. And for some reason, although everyone is single, they are bound to one another by the most amazing connection.

When I close my eyes, I can literally 'see' my dream. There we are, living in tiny little resorts that line the pristine beach, doing nothing for a living, and still having money to spend. Hanging out every evening. If I strain my ears, I can actually hear the jokes, the songs, the leg-pulling that goes on, as the gorgeous sunsets translate the evenings to starlit nights, as we all sit with our toes buried in the cool, fine sand. Never once getting sick of the place.

And everyone I love is there. Friends who're here with me, friends who are from the distant past, friends who have moved on. Friends I made on this blog, who simply make my day every single day! (Yeah, you too, Virdi! You can come along too, we'll just have to put you up atop one of the coconut trees along the beach.)

What a beautiful dream...

One small step at a time maybe?

Anyone for Koh Samui this year?


spamtaneous said...

nice post....
but yaar..why does somebody have to be rich to buy a harry potter book :-

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

Oh my Go!! That picture is amazing!!
Sorry, I couldn't help but comment on the picture first.
Coming back to your post, yeah, its not always easy to 'buy' dreams as you say. I feel kids are just easy to satisfy. The older we grow the more impossible our dreams seem to get!!

Sayesha said...

Thanks. :)
The book costs a freakin' 40-something bucks, not exactly affordable for a student.

Sayesha said...

//The older we grow the more impossible our dreams seem to get!!
Yeah, you're right. Damn us grown-ups.

If you love the pic, come along for the trip! I'm serious. We'll have a bloggers' and readers' party there! :)

The Village Idiot / Soldier said...

Sayesha :

I have a similar perceptions on what happens when we die. I think when we die - we just float into space surrounded by all the people we enjoyed spending time with....

Koh Samui - awesome.... too bad I cannot make it!

Good talking to you today - remember what I told you to do. :P

priya said...

i keep dreaming of me talking to the sun and moon!! in person!!DAMN! i've got to grow up soon!! :)

virdi said...

what?? me and coconut tree?? yes please do that and i will throw coconut on everyones head... he ha ha he ha ha... mogambo khush hua...
and where is the beach?? what place is it?? well i was planning of going to Lahore with one friend of mine... Lahore is really cool... according to one old aunt of mine... :-)

virdi said...

and the beach is amazing... i saw someone wearing this shirt on Mahabalipuram Beach>>> Sun of the Beach!!! he he he he... tell me how to go to this place?? will recomend someone... me planning to go to Lahore...
PS: sorry about 2 comments..

Vijay Ramamurthi said...

The picture is heavenly :),
ok now ill read ur post!!

Keshav said...

Koh Samui main koi samandar main doob raha hai !! luved the second pic :).

Ash said...

Lovely dream ...
... bit tough practically, but one can always hope :)

Sayesha said...

Vilage Idiot,
Maybe what I 'saw' was actually my after-death 'life'. Not too bad then.
Good talking to you too, man. Must call once in a while, at least to keep confirming your resort booking in the dream :)

Well, I can understand. Here's something weird. If you stare too hard at a patch of grass, like really stare hard, it appears to move in a really weird way, as if the grass is trying hard to tell you something! I always feel like saying, "All right, what is it??"

Koh Samui is in Thailand. You should come. We need the coconuts, man.
Enjoy your Lahore trip! :)

Still lost in the picture, eh? :)

Yeah, the second pic rocks! A friend sent it to me.

I hope, girl. I hope like mad :)

patiala pataka said...

Apoon ke naseeb mein toh sirf East Coast Beach hi hai...

Ro said...

ms. beach babe

check this list out:

V said...

Amazing Dream.

Aye Kay said...

Wow. Awesome holiday spot. Hope you have fun whenever you go!!

Sayesha said...

Haha, East Coast beach is not that bad ya! Chalega types :)
But of course, once you see a Malaysian beach, everything else is crappy! :)

Cool link, man! The world is still beautiful, yeay!
I wanna see the Asian beaches and then move on to the others in the list. Which one do you think is better -- Koh Samui or Phuket?

You're "unneeded human" now?? What's up, man? Can't make up your mind, eh? :D

Aye Kay,
Thanks! I will! :)

Siddhu said...

Sayesha, Harry Potter ain't no small dream! That's a huge dream.

Btw, you shoulda got it from MPH. They were selling it with 10% off, and gave a 5 dollar gift voucher gratis, all bringing the price down to a measly 36 dollars. Hell, just 36!! x-(

But I still spent it. :(

Siddhu said...

Maybe I shoulda commented on yer blog, speaking of a rich editor lady who's kind to little kids.

Hey, 21 is still little enough, ain't it? ;)

Sayesha said...

I got my discount, all right! Perks of working in a publishing house! ;)
Yeah yeah, 21 is little enough, little boy! But too late now, eh? :)

Ro said...

havent been to ko samui. beach and water should be very similar in both places. i hear ko samui has some very happening moon parties.

phuket being bigger, you will have more to do, i think. there are many beaches in phuket. the one where all the 5 star resorts are is quite nice. and also u can go to phi-phi, khai islands etc. from phuket on a day long island hopping cum snorkelling trip. phuket has an interesting night scene a well.

Siddhu said...

Harry Potter seven, then, uh? please... :P

Arz000n said...

I dream about having a rich friend who could buy me iPOD Photo....hehehe

Btw, that second pic is just amazing...I almost bumped my head on the my screen trying to dive in that blue water.

Take care!!

V said...

Naah naah.The unneded human is just my display name, telling a fact.Tequila Hummingbird at solitaryhummer is there to stay!

mallikarjun said...

HI Sayesha, what's the difference between
people like u and like us is that we never dream about spending our lives on sandy beaches watching the sun set. Our
dreams are common one, like when to make
my parents happy and when to start earning money,because in a sleepy town
of ours in south india, the biggest
dream is to earn more and more money
and evrything takes second place

Sayesha said...

I dun have much leave left, so hoping to make it a weekend thing only. May not have time to see a lot of places.

You be a good boy, and we'll see about the book.
Gosh, I sound like your elder sister, man! :D

Oops, dun dive into the monitor when you can dive into the real thing. This invitation extends to everyone here!

Cool then. Welcome back.

Of course. But then maybe, your dreams are easier to fulfil than mine :)

Kitthe gaayab ho gaye tussi? Itni naaraazgi? Ok baba, I won't phodo your sar. Khush? Virdi ko dekho, roz gaaliyan khata hai humse, lekin ghoom phir kar yaheen waapas aata hai!

Dude you're a celebrity amongst my friends here! A post on you is due! :)

crabhunt said...

the 2nd pic looks beautiful.... The 1st time I saw sea-beach was in sentosa island and I was really disappointed :-)... but now I know what a sea-beach is... come to my place and see what it is... btw nice blog!!

Shuuro said...

There is no end to human's dreams/desires. We don't appreciate things/privileges we enjoy since our birth because they aren't hard earned by us, what we take it for granted might be a dream for others, so even though if your dream is fulfilled, after initial excitement, you wont cherish your fulfilled dream in a way you would want to do, because you don't know the value of it(Similar way as you take things you have now for granted).

Sayesha said...

You're right, Sentosa is nothing. You should check out the Malaysian beaches. And it's not just the beaches there, it's the people, the way of life, that makes a Malaysian holiday so much more fulfilling :)

Awww man, dun be such a killjoy. It's a dream after all. Who says all dreams are fulfilled?

Sahil said...

I bow down to u 'O Queen of the freaks'.

I've been dying for a beach holiday at Koh Samui for the longest time. I've heard such great things about it, (and equally of Phuket for that matter) and the pictures I've seen of the place are fantastic. And the water is supposedly really as good as the pictures. Man, I wanna SO go!

U a part-time mind-reader Sayesha ji?

D said...

I love the idea of buying someone's dream for them. Nice.

Shuuro said...

Yeah i know! :D, my comment was bit serious and may be overreacted a bit but when you mentioned about "money" in your dream couldn't stop myself from expressing my thoughts. Well, out of many of my dreams, which i think is feasible is this humble one, i want to live in a garden, where i'm surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers as these!

angelsera said...

hey me coming me w u to koh samui!!
can i can i??

Sayesha said...

Yes, I am a part-time mind reader. So you coming to Koh Samui?

Hi Dorian,
Never saw you before. Welcome :)

Some day man, some day. We will all be living our dreams :)

Of course you can! :)

AC said...

Sayesha, both phuket and koh samui are absolutely gorgeous. But if you go to phuket, you should go for a bit longer and go to krabi as well. For a couple of days, koh samui is better. Do the day trips for sure! They are totally worth it. Wish i could come with you :(

Sayesha said...

AC baby,
I'd simply LOVE it if you could come to Koh Samui! We never really had a holiday together, did we?

AC said...


No we didn't....but there's still time...our entire life is ahead of us still. We'll definitely have the opportunity to go somewhere together on a holiday. Probably not to Koh Samui, but somewhere else more beautiful in some other country! We should try to plan something out for when you come to my part of the world :). Miss you girl!

Ramesh said...

Keep Dreaming Sayesha.One day or other your dreams comes becomes true.

Anonymous said...

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