Monday, August 08, 2005

Washing Fat Chick 101

I have decided to keep Fat Chick. Not only because Frodo needs company, but because I couldn't get myself to give her away. She was a gift. From me to myself. And so I decided that she's gonna stay.

And that she needed a bath

Here's the ten-step tutorial on 'how to bathe a fat chick'.

Warning: Some images are very graphic in nature and may not be suitable for weak-hearted viewers.

Step 1: Put her in the washing machine (she's too fat to fit into a tub/bucket) with some detergent and water.

Step 2: Run the water.

Step 3: Grab her beak and swirl her around in the soapy water.

Step 4: Let her soak.

Step 5: No, I am not strangling her!

Step 6: She looks clean. Lift her outta the machine, and drain the soapy water.

Step 7: Rinse her in clean water.

Step 8: Hang her from the window sill and let the water drain into pink tub.

Step 9: Hang her to dry in the sun.

Step 10: And Fat Chick's ready to party!


Sahil said...

Pink bucket?

Dude, and did you just squash fat chick in step 8?

May said...

so chweeeeeet. Tweet-tweet!!

Anonymous said...

You really have way too much time!

naari said...

Hey! I can rinse fat chick and only use a pink tub to drain the water into? Wont any colour do:P

Starbreez said...

You're a brilliant photographer, no doubt about it. Manage to bring the best out of your subject. :] Did you notice that the FC looks as if she's smiling in Step 5?

Arz000n said...

Did you actually washed a fat chick??
Or are these taken from online somehwere?

Whenever I tried taking my pet dalmation for shower, she used run behind barking...Hehehe...That used to be fun :)

Btw, pics are kewl.
Initially when I read the title...FAT CHICK, I was expecting something else ;) *poooof*

Siddhu said...

Hilarious!Though I feel sorry for fat chick. (though I usually feel sorry for the svelte chicks, but that's another story!)

And yeah, Sayesha, pretty much. Provided the high commission is munificent enough to grant me my visa, i'm taking this programme offered by the EU in net-centric informatics. And since I don't have to pay for myself here either (nto that i COULD pay for myself if I wanted to), its Europe ho!

Besides, the other option, at this place we shall call 'typical Indian software company which recrutied half my under-grad class' sounds too shitty for words. ;)

Sayesha said...

Wow, I expected the first shot at the pink from Ro, not you! And no, I did NOT squash her in step 8. She's delicately balanced.

Jealous, are we?

Pink is most suitable for this species. Other colours may not work as well! ;)

Thanks, girl! Yeah, I did think she looked quite tickled in step 5! :)

Online pics? Hmmpphh! I washed it, man! What do you think? If these pics are online anywhere, they are on Sayeshaz.

Wish you a speedy visa, man! :)

virdi said...

ok u have muscles... arnold sayesha-rzenegger... people see step six, full nerves and all seen..

Sayesha said...

Ah, we have another jealous one in the house! :D

Ro said...

so virdi, moving up from the palm, are you? good going

Anonymous said...

I was shocked out of my senses when you started off with putting your FC in a washing machine after the warning...I had been thinking that you were talking of a real chick...guess I have been watching too many episodes of Friends!


virdi said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
virdi said...

i made some 40 spelling mistakes.. so deleted the earlier blog.. anyways Ro, i have moved ahead errr i mean up in life from hands to arms... and u owner of fat chick send me the hand photo soon..

virdi said...

not blog.. i mean the comment..

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

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Arz000n said... on Sayeshaz I meant

You really know how to utilise da weekend lady :)

Anil said...

Who's putting that stupid spam in the comments...

btw, I was reading your blog using bloglines which doesn't show the images from your blog, so I thought you were talking about a real chick...

Step 1: Washing machine... maybe Sayesha doesn't have a bathtub
Step 2: Grab her beak? maybe the chick doesn't mind..
Step 8: hang her from the window? dang! I gotta check this fat chick...

that's when I visited your proper blog. Mere main mein kaise kaise bure khayaal they... raam raam..

Sayesha said...

// i made some 40 spelling mistakes..
Hahahaha! Hope you know that it was sent to my gmail! :D

// Who's putting that stupid spam in the comments...
Yeah man, when I read the "great blog with good information. Hope your visitors can visit my dental plans site as well." I was like "Errr... uhh... huh??????"

//Mere main mein kaise kaise bure khayaal they... raam raam..
Hahahahaha! It's so cute to see you talk in Hindi, kinda like Virdi and tamil. :)

Bonatellis said...

which one is u???

Sayesha said...

// which one is u???

Hahahaha! I'm the thin chick, man! :D

PuNeEt said...

thats sweet...

Handa said...

if i had a 6 year old daughter... she would have loved this post... but i... well.. some things are better unsaid

priya said...

hehehe.. my lil cousin reading the post with me wants me to show the " ducky thing " again.. boy have u captivated her :) she's not letting me go to any other web page!!!!!!!!!!

Sayesha said...

You're 21, boy! Thand rakh, thand! :)

If only you'd caught me when I was deciding whether to give Fat Chick away, I'd have mailed her straight to your li'l cousin! :)

defiant goddess said...

That is TOO cute! :)

Ram.C said...

this chick is really cute.....

Sayesha said...

Gee, thanks, Ram.C.


Oh hang on, you mean you were talking about the other chick??


Anoop Sundaram said...

hey i have a similar chick at home ;))

Anonymous said...

I dont like soft toys...but u r ducky is too cute. u know what instead of giving bath to ur ducky every now and then ( it can have adverse effects..)u can try using
BTW what u r ducky wore for the party.??

Sayesha said...

Bravo! Good confession! :)

//u can try using deo
Oh gross!
And she wore an expensive yellow fur coat to the party.

rik said...

Wats it now?? after a 10-step party makeup. Awsom...