Monday, August 15, 2005

A familiar stranger

Today, I met a 'familiar stranger' for dinner and coffee.

Someone I had never seen, spoken to or met. Someone I only knew from my blog.

And suddenly, I was reminded of something I read on a farewell gift a friend gave me just before I left India.

"When you meet a stranger, make friends. Remember, your friends were strangers when you first met them."


virdi said...

tu soti woti nahi hai kya?? hey whom did u meet?? tell tell... ;-) ahem ahem whats cooking?? sayesha, kuch kuch hota hai tum nahi samjhoge virdi.. dont say this..
virdi beta tere ko bahut jaldi sayesha se pitai milne wali hai.. sayesha, my best friend is from the internet!!!

Sayesha said...

Kuch kuch hota hai, Virdi. Tum nahin samjhoge. Haha! :)

If you'd told me a couple of months ago that your best friend is from the Internet, I would have laughed at you. But I have learnt not to be a cynic anymore, and yes, now I'm ready to believe that it is indeed possible. That your closest friends can be those you've never seen in your life.

ps: Aur mere haathon teri pitaai toh pakki hai.

virdi said...

well it doesnt matter.. i think internet is like a new religion.. its like, if i dont pray in front of Bhagwanji i dont feel nice... if i dont check my mail and browse the internet i feel something is incomplete today!!
and its a platform to meet nice guys... ooops, sorry i mean nice girls!!! that includes you also, because of your hands, nothing else... ok u write well... nothing else...
PS: i am dead man, priya is going to kill me..

virdi said...

oh main ek baat toh poochna bhool hi gaya.. seriously?? kuch kuch hota hai??
hai oye kuriyee.. congrats.. wah wah wah.. munna bhai ne bola ki life mein settle ho jane ko mangta hai, aapun bhi yehi bola aur sayesha ne bhi yehi bola wah wah wah.. congrats..
tu toh life mein settle ho gayi.. suno suno suno saab log.. she is in loove... hehehehe...
PS: pitega sala

patiala pataka said...

Am I butting in?? Ok why do I feel like I'm Salman Khan from KKHH...What am I saying I hate that
fagotty do da de!!!

Sayesha said...

Virdi ke bache ke baap!
I am not in love, you moron! How come you just assumed that the person I met was a guy?

//pitega sala
I second that.

Sayesha said...

I agree. I think I'll die without the Internet.

Dude, are you drunk on a Monday night? :P

Isko leke jaao re! Paagal ho gaya hai! :D

virdi said...

Patiala>> did you have 10 patiala pegs on saturday?? kya hua re?? did you see horror movie??
Sayesha>> what?? you met a girl?? oops sorry sorry, listen i respect your feelings.. u meeting a girl and al that.. i restect all that.. no seriously u wil always be my friend whatever happens.. hehehehe... naughty me..
aur madam, baache ko darathe ho?? priya ko beech mein kyun ghaseeti ho?? i will see you after school gets over.. hahahaha.. i loved that dialog.. school was fun.. i want to be 12 years again.. :-(

patiala pataka said...

I have to agree with Bhavdeep Virdiji, Sayesha judging from your last and current post you seem to be in love or as Saif says in Hum Tum, "LAO"

virdi said...

PP>> saif says "Lao" in Hum Tum?? hello pataila.. i rememeber only Jhanno Ram and Moti Choor ke ladoo and Pinniyan from the Movie.. what the duck is "Lao"??
Sayesha>> dekh aab toh PP ne bhi bol diya... you are in love... dekh aapne doston se kya chupana?? and love is not like u r killing anyone.. why are you hiding it?? if you love him or her we would try to get you and him married (for her we can take you to Canada or Netherlands) patry ke liye main kuch bhi kar sakta hoon.. (from DCH)
Patiala>> abe PP main bhi teri tarah movie soochne lag gaya hoon..
PS: is this yahoo or MSN messenger?? ;-) its no less either..

croondoodle aka CD guy =) said...

stranger,friend,stranger...yipyip! sounds familiar ;)...all started with a CD =)

patiala pataka said...

lagta zyada chad gayi...apoon jata hai sone..

virdi said...

wow.. sayesha.. please tell us all..
whats hapening with the CD guy and the CD??
yeh CD CD kya hai??? yeh CD CD?? CD ka matlab..
arre bata na.. this is bad.. doston se nahi chupate hain.. dekh baat ko aandar ziada der tak dabaye rakhna sehat ke liye aacha nahi hai, rememeber this na??? Amir says to Saif in DCH..
aacha chal aab bata de..

Arz000n said...

Nice conversation going on above :D

"When you meet a stranger, make friends. Remember, your friends were strangers when you first met them."
Very truly said.

I too met one of my blogger friend 2 weeks back.


jawaher said...

ur blog is excellent ...and ur words are so touching ..can u accept me as ur new friend in love with indian 2 :)

Sayesha said...

// i want to be 12 years again.. :-(
Virdi, you ARE 12. Just read your comments above and you will see the mental level.

Damn you.

Cool, huh? And I never even believed in Internet friendships!

Damn you.

Welcome to Sayeshaz. Abhi abhi mile ho, dosti mein toh waqt lagta hai. :)

angelsera said...

Sayesha didi Sayesha didi,
can I also be your new friend? ;)

Nitika said...

conversation thrust me here
mistic and sweet agruement betw u and virdi gives glee
friendship is such a everlasting relations u can make anytime anywhere

Sayesha said...

You are already a friend, girl!(Which by the way, I shall revoke with immediate effect if you call me 'Didi' one more time.)

pps: Did I mention that the person I met yesterday expressed a desire to meet you too 'cos of your blog? :)

That was cute. :)
Now we all wait for Virdi's comeback. :)

angelsera said...

hehehe...oops sorry (I dont want to get pitaye fm u)

hmm...who is this mystery person?

Sayesha said...

Blog ethics man, blog ethics. I'll let the mystery person identify himself/herself if he/she wants to.

So we're on for Koh Samui?

Angelsera said...

hahaha..ok ok i was jus kidding.

neways,did u see my mail abt Koh Samui yet??i wud sooo love to go...u tell me i will b thr (except dont keep it during exam time :$)

PuNeEt said...

"Remember, your friends were strangers when you first met them"

I exactly wrote this @ my friends blog few days back... i totally agree with u...


virdi said...

hahahaha.. the anonymous guy is here again... hahahaha... uski maa ki toh main... he has started putting comments on my blog also..

virdi said...

and sayesha i am not 12... you are 10... hmmmmph!!!

virdi said...

abe kaun hai woh mystery person??? agar maa ka doodh piya hai toh woh saamne aaye.. oye mystery person saamne aa ja.. aaja yaar, why giving us sleepless nights?? :-( sayesha you are in love?? whats the problem?? agar hai toh bol na... or you dont know?? ok ok.. no more questions.. sorry sayesha this comments page has become like my blog... hehehehe.. over and out.. alpha to charlie..

miss?ter mystery(wo)man? said...

funny how much curiosity a meeting with a mystery person can generate.even funnier that the most popular suggestion is that Sayesha must be in love, and that she is in denial :D

Sushant Bhatia said...

Everyone is in love but everyone is also in denial (and thats when the crocodiles get your..:-)..haha...ok ok bad joke).

Meeting people from the internet....thats kinda wierd unless you know someone who actually knows that person. each his/her own. :-)

priya said...

dont worry sayesha.. jus a few more days.. once he's back here, i'll make him beg on his knees for all the fun he makes of u ;)i know special torture techniques :)

Sahil said...

Thanks for last night Sayesha. I had a wonderful time. The dinner by the sea, the walk by the beach, the chandni raat, the shooting star that we both saw, the wish that we both made will come true. It's destiny my dear.

And Sayesha's hands. I have three words:

"Oh My God"

Imagine the smoothest skin of the cutest baby. Multiply that 10-fold. That's how Sayesha's hand is like.

Arre Virdi man, uchal mat itna. Nahin milla baba. But wouldn't it be cool if I did?

V said...


Sayesha said...

Gosh I just came back from class. What utter chaos is going on here! :O

I have exams too, dear. We'll plan it after the exams or something. What say, Sahil? You up for a hol with two gals?

You know I don't even like the sappy statements on cutesy gifts, but this one is so true! :)

I am not 10! I have been 18 for the last 7 years now!

miss?ter mystery(wo)man?,
So it's you, huh? Interesting (weird) nick! :)

Yes, very bad joke! :P

Teri wajah se har baar bach jata hai yeh! :)

Damn you Sahil,
Yaar kal ka date apan dono ka secret tha, ab sabko maloom ho gaya! Shabash! :D

Pple here are nuts, aren't they? I think it's a pre-requisite for visiting this blog :P

angelsera said...

hey how abt during CNY hols?? i know its next yr but its early next yr n we can get abt 4 days of public hols...
plus i checked this yr dec seems v full already.if we can pls sth ahead of time thn we can plan for CNY (in Jan).AyeKay is also ok abt it :)