Friday, August 26, 2005


"Hic... Sorry... Hic... Sorry... Hic... Sorry... Hic..."

Today my hairdresser Alan (the only guy who has unlimited touching access to my hair) was suffering from chronic hiccups.

So now I look like a 14-year-old rockstar punk.


Sushant Bhatia said...

Hehe. You need to post a picture of that. Of course you could always go the "full monty" and shave it all off :-)

Sahil said...

reallly? I'm sure its not that bad. Girls tend to exxagarate stuff, especially when it comes to their hair.

But kohin photo ke bina we can't say how bad it is... and I know u well enough to know that u'd never put up a picture. So no use asking guys and gals.

the Punk Editor. Sounds alrite ;)

virdi said...

hey send photo.. please please...
but did u have hair on your punk head that you needed a hair cut??

Sayesha said...

Hahahahaha!! Pics? No way, man! :D

//Girls tend to exxagarate stuff, especially when it comes to their hair.
You know what? You may just be right. :P

//and I know u well enough
Phir shuru ho gaye, Sahil? You know nothing of me, man!

Tujhe kaam dandha nahin hai? Har baat par photo chahiye photo chahiye! :)

And btw, that's the difference between guys and girls. Guys get a haircut cos they need one, girls get a haircut cos they want one! :)

croondoodle said...

i wanna meet the 14 year old rockstar punk soon! =) please please please...;)

V said...

It's sort of 37 comments late, but Good luck for your anaemia and thalassemia!

virdi said...

put photo... put photo... put photo... put photo... put photo... put photo... put photo... put photo... put photo... put photo... put photo...
hey punk.. you can say this with your jaws closed and with the Clint Eastwood accent:
there are two kind of people in this world my friend, those you have the gun and those you have to dig.. i am loaded now start digging..
PS: straight from Very Good, Very Bad and Very Ugly

spamtaneous said...

already many have asked for one..lemme also do that

//14-year-old rockstar punk

any pictures to prove ur claim? :)

Bonatellis said...

errr, how old do u otherwise look :-)

Arnav said...

If not a pic, how about a cartoon? I am sure both look the same in this case.

Shuuro said...

Damn! your hairdresser is so good... i think girls care more about their age than their hair style!, i guess i'm wrong here.

Ps: Hey Sayesha! Rediff has featured your blog in their article, i suppose you are aware of it.

Sayesha said...

In your dreams, buddy! :D

Hey Sumedh,
Thanks man... dun need luck actually, but thanks :)

Hahahahahah! :D

Give up, man! Give up now! Sahil ka kya hashr hua, dekha nahin? ;)

Normally I look my age yaar!

Gee, thanks! (If I'd known you'd surface 7 years later on my blog, I should have ragged you in school when I had a chance, man!)

Yeah, Rediff sent me an email to tell me. Thanks :)

tragicomix said...

is it an ah lian look ? i am intrigued..

Sayesha said...

Well, let's just say, as of last night, the hair on top of my head was kinda standing on end, and the rest was hugging the sides of my face, completely covering my ears and cheeks.
Not to even mention the fringe! :O

But this morn, it looks much better. Phew! :)

>|' ; '| said...

who knws..u might strt a new global fashion trend ;)

priya said...

i grew my hair to get a funky haircut.. now im scared.. coz i too am susceptable to my hair dresser's mood swings!
and yeah virdi is obsessed with photos.. for every damn reason he wants a photo!! i told him i m sick.. he said "send me a photo" :D hehehe.. he's crazy!

Cogito said...

Congrats on the Rediff mention..

Sahil said...

//Give up, man! Give up now! Sahil ka kya hashr hua, dekha nahin? ;)

What's THAT about??? Mera kuch hashr nahin hua man.

And off course I know you. Just like everyone who reads this blog knows you too. Aap ka blog padh kar vaise bhi lagta hai ki aap ke baarein mein sabh kuch pata ho. But i'm sure there are still many things to learn.

So blog away.... :)

PuNeEt said...

ha ha hahaha
Pic plzzz



. : A : . said...

This one deserves a picture?


Arz000n said...

Ohhh hooo...
Sahi hai

14-yr old Rockstar punk haan

With or without bandana??
Just curious ;)

Take care
Have a nice weekend ahead :D

Sayesha said...

Sounds like a great idea. The new cut can be called 'The hicupping Hairdresser's special'. In short - 'Hic!' :P

My hair is like me -- wild, crazy and with a mind of its own. I'd have hiccuping Alan ruin my hair any day than some random hairdresser who does not know how to handle my hair.

Thanks, Cogito!

You think you do but you know nothing.
ps: Oh, happy 41st birthday!

Puneet, .:a:.,
Come on, guys! Jaley par namak nahin chhidakte! :P

Ab toh bandana ka hi sahara hai ;)
You have a good weekend too, my friend!
And good to see you got rid of the 'Greetz'! :)

ashy said...

>>Guys get a haircut cos they need one,...

Hey!! come back to India and keep your eyes wide open this time....
and you will get the feel that you where mistaken.

We have stopped getting hair-cuts :)

ab itni demand u can think about putting up a cartoon of yours...kya kahtey ho ??

Sayesha said...

Hahahahahaha! You mean all those I saw during my last visit to India were GUYS???? Hahahahah! :D

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