Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Just like that

Someone gave me a pink gerbera at work today.

"What's this for?" I asked, quite surprised.

"Just like that." Came the reply, punctuated with a smile.

I looked at the flower in my hand. It was the prettiest flower I'd ever held in my hands.

And suddenly, it felt like someone had given me a hug just when I really needed one. It totally made my day.

Once in a while, we all need a hug.

Or a pink gerbera.

Just like that.


Ro said...

Or a pink anything :)

surreal reality said...

a long time since i've seen one of those... they apparently smile back at you.. at least the orange ones do..

and yes... occasionally, everyone needs a gerbera... they flower perennially I hear.. ironical? .. *shrug*

Sahil said...

Bas yuhi?

No one has ever given me a "bas yuhi" gift. So note for when you meet me Sayesha. You get me one.

But then there will be a reason behind the gift.

damn. foiled my own plans.

Sayesha said...

Ro, you're crazy.

Welcome back, Surreal Reality. Yes, gerberas indeed smile at you. They're my favourite flowers. But I'm still trying to make up my mind whether I like a bunch of yellow ones more, or a mix of pink and white ones.

And Sahil, you wish. Haha! :)

mjey said...

hi there,

Just came about your blog. Nice!

Yeah i agree..we need a hug once in a while..and yes getting any flower for the matter feels real great.

Enjoy the moment and have a great day!

virdi said...

Sayesha, one big "Jadoo Ki Jhappai" to you... and yes sometimes, how ever strong men show they are, we really want a big hug from our dear ones...

virdi said...

and sayesha you could have taken this "flower photo" with the hand also being shown. why did you do this to me?? why why why?? one more hand photo please. iis marte hua insaan mein thodi si jaan phoonk do madam, allah tumhara bhala karega!!! wanted a photo with flower in your hand.

Sayesha said...

Thanks, mjey!

Hey Virdi,
One jaadu ki jhappi back to you, and to everyone here on this blog! :)

Hahahaha, you know what? I was actually holding the flower when I took the photo, but I cropped out the hand bit before posting, because I knew "certain people" would start accusing me of "marketing my hand on my blog" again! Sorry man, next time :)

the devil said...

Sayesha and the Guy the who gave the gerbil sitting on a tree ......

Girls!!!! .....All idiots !!!

Sahil said...

....says the guy singing a rhyme i haven't heard since I was 10 years old.

virdi said...

nahi you are not doing publicity... and some people like your hands so much what to do madam?? next post should be only hands and then i will explain all the minute details about my love, errrr, i mean your hands... how awesome they are...

apple said...

if gerberas smile what do white carnations do? this girl in office has a vase with a few and they refuse to die even after two weeks!

the devil said...

sheesh !!!!... flowers in office .... What utter crap !!!!

What offices need are
- A cigarette lighter
- An ash tray
- A bar cabinet
- A secretary with...(tra-la-la-la)
- A Live Feed to Premier League Matches
- A phone

Anonymous said...

Dear/(Dare?) Devil, No I didn't give her the gerbil! I wish I had, though! ;)

parvez said...

First timer.....nice bloggiee.
thanks for visiting moi blog!!!

anubhav said...

cute...hope u get more of those..


Sayesha said...

Guys, what's with all the gerbil talk? :O
Please take note that Sayesha likes flowers, not rodents!

And Devil, uska gussa mere blog par kyun utaar rahe ho?

Apple, some flowers can really live longer than two weeks. And apparently, adding a panadol to the water in the vase helps!

Parvez, Anubhav, Thanks!

Khushi said...

thats a very sweet blog :-)