Sunday, June 12, 2005

I cook, you eat

Had an 'I cook, you eat' party on Saturday night. The 'I cook, you eat' party is a sinister concept I came up with, because of its multi-dimensional nature.

1. It is a good way to catch up with friends. Home-cooked Indian food and a screening of 'Andaz Apna Apna' is something no guy would say no to.
2. There's really no catch, so it makes my friends very relieved. I cook. You eat. It's as simple as that.
3. It ensures that they stay outta my kitchen. I hate kitchen help from guests.
4. It is a good reason to scrub the house clean.
5. I get a good workout.

Sinister, eh?

After the movie and dinner, we had a karaoke singing session, complete with visuals. Considering that I don't actually own a karaoke system, here's what I did. Played the MP3s at a low volume, and opened up a window with the lyrics on the Internet. Increased the font size so everyone could read it, and used the mouse to highlight the words. And we sang. Talk about innovation!

While we're on the subject of innovation, I had also made low-cal gulabjamuns. But I still have to figure out the answer to a question one of the guys (who had incidentally OD'ed on them) asked me, "So how many of these are equivalent to one regular gulab jamun?" Profound. Very profound.

Around midnight, we took a nice little stroll to the beach. Sat on this huge rocky structure with the waves lapping near our feet, in the dim lights of faraway ships, and chatted away. Some of them left about an hour later, after which the renowed band 'Three Mellus and Sayesha on the Rocks' had another scintillating musical session till about three in the morning.

Finally, here's a picture of me a friend drew when I sent him the invite.


Sahil said...

i would like a Sayesha in my neighbourhood please.......

Pi said...

Medem, ;)

Really had a great time with the movie, the Gulab Jamuns, the F1 simulation, the karaoke! [ So was the answer to my question - 2 or 3? ;) ]

Will send the pics soon. I shud have taken a pic after we ate the jamuns. Cos I have a pic of the box filled to the brim with the jamuns :P

Have a few more before some of us leave. You can have more workouts. :P

pi said...

PRevious comment

Have a few more before some of us leave.

I meant that you shud have a few more such "I Cook you eat" parties before some of us leave. Not that you shud have a few more gulab jamuns :)


Sayesha said...

I am looking for a housemate. Interested?
Perks - Default invitation to these parties. Not to mention my very original low-cal gulabos! :)

You guys really hogged on the gulabos, didn't you? The rate at which they disappeared was unbelievable! Awesome fun! :D

Sahil said...

Hai Sayesha,

Mujhe aise sapne mat dikhao... achi baat nahin hai, kisike dil ke saath yuh khilvad karna.. haha

no, the actual reason i'd have to decline is that - as u once said - aap ke haath ka kamaal dekh hi chuka hoon, aur tere baap ke haath ka kamaal nahin dekhna hain! :P

but seriously, i'm jealous of your friends.... and i'm not joking on this one.

Ro said...

gulab jamuns???

Sayesha said...

Hey Ro,
Uh oh! You missed it man! We had teh-O and gulabos shortly after you left. Thought you would come back for the beach bit! :(

Koi baat nahin, udhaar raha. Now we have one more reason to have another party before you leave! :)

wanderlust junkie said...

kewl :-) i used to dothat a lot too (cooking at homeand having friends over) but then my landlady told me to quiet down 'cos i disturb the neighbrhood (guess she was jealous of my cooking ,hehe)

btw, love the cambodia pics! :-)

saba said...

Hi sayesha , thanks for dropping by my blog .Your blog is pretty neat .I already like it out here will keep coming back

Sayesha said...

Hi Lette,
I know what you mean! When I moved into my current house three years ago, I had a housewarming party for 30 people. The neighbours called the police. Jealous buggers! :P

And yes, Cambodia is a must-see. Go before they strip it of its charm and turn it into a modern tourist hub!

Saba, thanks! :)

oxymoron said...

hey sayesha,

first time on ur blog! the idea of gulab jamuns (low cal or high cal) and indian food is too tempting!

do ya send out wild card invites for strangers??? ;)

the devil said...

The pitcure does not do justice to the hand....

divya said...

thts a very cooote illo! Who did it?

virdi said...

where is your nose in the foto??? hey ur friend is a good artist... i dont know if u can cook well but just take care of those hands... ok?? i am in love with them so better take care of those hands... saw pareenita.. movie sucks...

Sayesha said...

Wild card invites? Hmmm... interesting idea...

My hand is probably only photogenic, not caricature-genic.

CroonDoodle, a regular on this blog, drew it :)

Kya bakwaas kar raha tha yaar? Now I won't trust your reviews! Parineeta rocks, okay? I just came back after watching the movie. What a beautiful movie, Monday night roshan ho gayi! The only thing more beautiful than the movie was Vidya Balan.

croondoodle said...

Ekdum barobar bola bhai ne! Parineeta, boleh toh! dhaasu picture baap! ;)

Except for the last bit, the rest of the film is well made...every aspect is taken care of. And yeah! 'Piyu Bole' sounds better with the visuals =)...aur..Vidya Balan...kya kahein? loadsa potential and yip! beeeauuutiful! phew!=)

Anonymous said...

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