Saturday, June 11, 2005

Saw that?

I was going through a folder of random photos when I discovered this! I took this photo last year at the Underwater World at Sentosa island.

I was walking along the travellator under the
83-metre long oceanarium, without a care in the world, when I happened to look up and almost fell flat on the travellator with shock! This lipstick-wearin' eerie creature was lookin' at me through the glass roof! And what's with the disapproving expression, dude??

It took me a while to realise that it was a fish and not a freakin' ghost or alien trapped in the oceanarium! Could be because
I'd never seen both eyes of a fish on the same plane before!

Somehow, sense prevailed and I took this shot so I could go back and find out what creature it was.
Found out later that it is called a sawfish.

Freakin' scary, huh?


Anil said...

Holy mother of cow!!!! that's one scary little bugger!!

Keshav said...

Something similar I happened to shoot ..and scary too !

Sayesha said...

I know, man! I was scared outta my wits, especially 'cos it was just resting against the glass roof and looking at me with that eerie expression!

Keshav, at least yours looks kinda dead, this was alive and freakin'!

Ro said...

its cute, like a puppet doll or the juon kid

Sayesha said...

Watch your words, Ro. You may just end up with a "cute" Juon kid! :O

Bonatellis said...

incidentally, a similar oceanarium is now being built (or has been proposed) in Mumbai ... in collaboration with the same company which did the one at Sentosa ... just fyi.

Sahil said...

interesting photo. Love the light coming through that way.

I read somewhere, i think it was on bonatellis's blog, an interesting question the other day, and its got me thinking.

Do you change as you grow older, or do you just become more yourself?

Within that simple question is a multitude of many other questions. Anyway - just a thought for you to munch on.

Aye Kay said...

The lipstick's real too?? :-s Apparently fashion has gone under water nowdays :-p

Princesse said...

Sahil - rather than change or become more ourselves day by day, perhaps we just 'grow'...

Bonatellis said...

nice of u to go thru my blog, sahil ... btw, i haven't found an answer to that myself :-)

anubhav said...

Terrified, Petrified, Mortified, Stupified...! leaving :D

anubhav said...

haha...was just jokin not left yet..

But are u sure it was lookin at u and not at the camera..:D

Sahil said...


that was my initial reaction too. However, first off: grow into what? more ourselves? cos as we grow older, we mature, and realise our likes/dislikes/values/morals and discover our self more and more. So perhaps we are growing more into ourself? As each day/month/year goes by, I feel more and more comfortable with myself, and realising that I am becoming who i always thought I would be. Anyway, I dont want to take over Sayehsa's blog with this discussion - so i'll leave it at that.

Sayesha said...

Sahil, Bonatellis, Princessse,
What an amazing question! Will ruminate on that..

Aye Kay,
No wonder they have water-proof lipstick nowadays!

Am pretty sure it was lookin' at me, 'cos the camera was still in the bag when I looked up. And its expression said, "I'm watchin' you, girl!"