Monday, June 20, 2005

Strip co-ed

On saturday, I went with two friends to Strip co-ed. Going by the sound of it, and especially for those who have started to believe that sleazy places in Singapore are Sayesha's weekend haunts, let me clarify. It's not as bad as it sounds. Strip co-ed is actually a unisex concept salon located on Orchard Road, and we had gone there for a pedicure.

Well, I had never gotten a professional pedicure done before, so I was quite enjoying myself in the comfort of the huge bean bag, with my feet soaking in the warm water. However, what startled me was when the salon owner came over to us and handed us copies of FHM! When she saw the puzzled look on my face, she said, "Oh! We just converted this outlet from a 'guys only' to a unisex one. We haven't had time to buy any girly magazines yet!" So the three puzzled gals, having nothing better to do, picked up an FHM each, and flicked through pages of utter nonsense as the pedicurists pedicured away.

My pedicurist was a total lost soul. As she filed my nails, she said something that I did not understand. Seeing the questioning look on my face, she said, "Sorry, ah! My English no good!" Trying to be funny, I said, "That's all right, my Chinese also no good! Ha ha ha!" She obviously wasn't amused.

Giving me a polite nervous smile, she turned to the guy who was pedicuring my friend's foot and said something in Chinese. The guy said, "My colleague here says, 'If it hurts, please let her know." I said, "Don't worry about it. If it hurts, I'll scream really loudly." The moron turned to her and did a word-to-word translation, and the poor girl gave me such a terrified look that I actually pitied her for having me as a client. "Stop cracking bad jokes with strangers, Sayesha, and go back to looking at the busty women in the magazine!" I sternly reprimanded myself.

When we stepped out, we saw this huge poster for 'Boyzillian', which is the guys' version of a Brazillian. Apparently, it's the new 'in thing'! Ouch! Even the thought of a Brazillian or a Boyzillian makes me grimace. Would you get one done??


viv said...

Hahahaha! :) East or west, Indian is pretty good... No need Brazilian one...

Anil said...

Would I get one done...

not if it involves someone else poking around those parts... though a brazilian or a landing strip looks good (not on guys though.. ughh)

Anil said...

plus many girls don't prefer a 'brazilian' on guys... If I explained why I would turn this discussion into a PG-13 one, haha!

Siddhu said...

What's a Brazillian? :-O

Hilarious post, btw :)

Can i blogroll you?

Ro said...

anything for Her

Sayesha said...

WH Anil,
you'd be surprised. Apparently, many girls are demanding a Boyzillian in return for a Brazillian these days! Double yikes.

Google it, man. Don't make me X-rate my blog! :D
And yeah, feel free to blogroll me.

Hahaha! :D

the devil said...

Errr... What is FHM ? and what is boyzillian ..... or brazillian .... unless i am mistaken , people from brazil are brazillian

Sahil said...

If you haven't watched the sitcom Dharma & Greg - you should. Sayesha, in some ways, reminds me of Dharma. Not as whacky, and not as crazy as Dharma - but there is a similarity nonetheless.

And devil, now I've figured out you are not from Singapore. Over here, FHM is a guy's magazine, with models and the likes scantily dressed.

As for brazilian's and boyzilians - I didn't know what it meant either, but its pretty obvious from the post what it means. Look it up if you are still at a loss.

the devil said...

yes mr sahil gupta, i am not from s'pore. S'pore is no place for the devil....

But i still cant figure out what is a boyzillian ... she stepped out and she saw a huge poster of a boyzillian .........

A new band ??

viv said...

Ok here goes nothing:

1. Boyzilian is to men as Brazilian is to women

2. Brazilian is basically waxing such areas that might be on display when in a bikini (really tiny one)

I hope this is right. I haven't googled.

viv said...

And of course, this is all below the navel... in case I confused anyone

Sayesha said...

Hey Sahil,
Yeah, I used to watch D&G a long long time ago. And yes, Dharma is completely nuts! I have a long way to go, but I'm working on it.

And nice try with the Singapore bit. "Here" it seems! If you lived in Singapore, you would know what an MC is! Ok here's a true test for someone living in Singapore: what do these words mean?
- kay poh
- kiasu
- cheem
- lah


Sahil said...

well i'm not such a kay poh, though I am inquisitive, lah.

Definately not kiasu. I've lived on the wild side and broken a few rules in my time, lah.

Putting up with high-maintenance girls is definately too cheem for me lah! And so is having to prove a point sometimes.


Sayesha said...


But then, maybe you looked up a Singlish dictionary! ;)

(How can you live in Singapore and not know MC?????)

And yeah, thanks for the comment you left on that old post of mine! If comments were not auto-sent to my email box, I wouldn't even have known that you left a comment. :)

Sahil said...

... or perhaps I just have a singaporean friend and got the meanings from him?

hehe - no, but its all good. u seem to be cool with not knowing who I am, and thats abs. cool with me too... :)

oh comments are auto-sent? Damn, I thought sometime down the line, when you are an old, old lady, and u go back to read your comments of blogs gone by - you'd be given a pleasant surprise by yours truly.

Spoil sport.

Sahil said...

btw your job thing really happened that way?

For those of you who have no idea what i'm talking about - read Sayesha's April 29th, 2005 post titled "Crappy jobs i've had". (don't know how to link - go find it you lazy bluggers). Is it just me, or is the fact that she went again for the job, really that funny?

Funny, in a good way mind you.

Sayesha said...

Of course it happened that way. The legend of Sayesha. Told to countless freshies at work as an inspirational tale of thick skin.

"You cannot be an editor because you are an engineer" was not a good enough reason for them to reject me and get away with it.

Sayesha said...

Yup, am cool with not knowing who you are, 'cos I know that I don't know you. However, if you are someone I know who is pretending to be someone I do not know, well, THAT would just freak me out.

Anil said...

Okay, there's a lot of confusion here about what a Brazilian is.. so in the greater interest of human knowledge (whatever it means) let me describe it in a baby-friendly way.

A brazilian wax involves removal of all protruding follicles from both the posterior and anterior of your nether regions, leaving (usually) just an 'exclamation mark' of follicles in the anterior.(Man, I should be in the job of converting adult books into children's books!)

Human readable summary: You become bald as a baby's bottom.

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