Thursday, June 23, 2005

What a match!

Many many years ago, I bought a pair of green earrings from a roadside stall in India. I really adored them, but they matched with nothing I had. Finally, I gave up and convinced my parents that I needed to buy a dress that matched the earrings. I bought one. Everyone thought I was nuts to have bought a dress that cost 3500 rupees to match earrings that cost seven rupees.

Fast forward many many years later. Today.

I went to the beach for dinner. Saw this irresistibly cute little bitchy... errr... I mean beachy skirt going for a bargain. Bought it. But it does not go with anything I have.

Now I gotta buy a holiday that matches it.

Hopefully, this one.


The Village Idiot / Soldier said...

hmmm.... or you can lend the skirt to one of the people going to that holiday :P maybe sinnerman.

or max - esp since he likes wraparound stuff ;)

Sayesha said...

Hahahahahahaha! Then he can perform the jemb in the mini-bitchy-beachy skirt! Hahahahahahaha! Ooops, sorry, Max! :P

Packan said...

This place looks absolutely out of this world..must go thr someday..

Sahil said...

why u call those beach skirts (sarongs?) bitchy?

had a bad experience in ur childhood owhat? A skirt that was bitchy to you?!?!? hahaha - i'd laugh harder if it didn't hurt so much.

Sayesha said...

Haha, was wondering where you were, Sahil.

Well, not all adjectives used for a clothing item refer to the item itself. Sometimes, they refer to the wearer of the item.

A 'bitchy skirt' does not mean that the skirt is a bitch. Just like a 'gay shirt' does not mean that the shirt is gay! :D

Sahil said...

when i said a 'skirt' that was bitchy to you - i meant the person wearing the skirt madame Sayesha.

But a gay shirt, rarely means the wearer is gay, it usually just means the wearer has bad taste. But the shirt LOOKS gay.

Similarly, how does a skirt LOOK bitchy? I think you're going to have to put up a picture of it for me to understand. Cos to me, sarongs are damn sexy.

....and u know something. I dunno what it is about your blog, but I like the feel of this place, its very cosy.

Sayesha said...

Arre yaar... that's what I'm saying, a bitchy skirt just means that the skirt has potential to make a gal wearing it, look bitchy! :)

Same with a gay shirt. How can a shirt LOOK gay?? To me, a gay shirt is something that makes the wearer look gay.

And oh, thanks for the 'cosy blog' comment :)

Haha, and no pics of the skirt are gonna be posted here. It may just become Virdi's new obsession ;)

Sahil said...

bechaara virdi.

everyone passing by these days takes a shot at him.

...and what is up with people wearing those gay shirts anyway? U know the ones I'm talking about, the bright red flowered half-shirts that people sport. ugh. sends a shiver down my spine even thinking about it.

The Village Idiot / Soldier said...


>>the bright red flowered half-shirts that people sport

Are probably the coolest shirts one can wear. Depends on whether you can carry it off! I have a shirt that is bright red with yellow flowers - and trust me, that shirt just rocks - and whenever I wear it - the chicks just love it :)

Sayesha said...

//whenever I wear it - the chicks just love it :)

And which chicks are these, Soldier? ;)

How come I've never seen this shirt? You gotta wear it to Sunday's party!

Actually it's true. Some gay shirts, when pulled off rightly, can look very good :)

Sahil said...


I can buy that chicks would love that shirt, and I can also buy that when pulled off rightly, they can look very good. And if it works for you, then you go for it man (as long as they don't think u r gay [this is assuming that u r not])

But, i'm sorry, whenever I see one of those shirts in public I simply cannot control my laughter.

The Village Idiot / Soldier said...

Sayesha : I bought the shirt in Bali and it was one of my best buys. I wear it on all my beach holidays, and people tell me that the red color suits me well.

I once wore this shirt for a company offsite, and all the chicks told me it rocks. So basically chicks at work.

Sahil : The shirt is bright red. And no, I am not gay. I behave 100% straight. A bright pink shirt worn by a guy might mean that he is gay.

Bonatellis said...

the holiday idea looks fabulous!!

Aye Kay said...

Hey Sayesha! Now, in addition to reading your usually well-written, interesting blogs, the banter between you, Sahil and Soldier really brightens up the day. Way 2 go guys!!! Keep on at it :-)

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