Tuesday, June 14, 2005

House Grouse

This is the most beautiful house I have ever seen.

Ahem, I live in it.

It's time for me to move out, but I refuse to do it. My housemates are not in the country anymore. One's caught in the US-MBA web, and the other's company believes in permanently keeping her away from the country. So there's Sayesha, stuck with a beautiful house but no one to share the high rent and bills with. As my
frantic, frustrating, futile and fruitless hunt for a housemate continues, I am reminded of something related and interesting that happened at work some time back.

A colleague asked me, "So whom do you live with?"

"My housemates."

"Really?? You mean you have more than one???"

"Yeah, I have two."

"You have two?????"

"Errr... yeah. What's wrong with having two housemates?"

"Wow. You can afford two??!! Amazing."

"Afford? What do you mean 'afford'? They share the rent and bills."

"They do???? Oh my god! How much do you pay them?"

"Pay them? I don't pay my housemates! Why would I pay them for anything? They live in the house with me!"

Her thought bubble - "She's crazy or what?!"

My thought bubble - "She's crazy or what?!"

Two minutes later, we figured it out.

She had heard "housemates" as "house maids".


anubhav said...

funny...hope the search ends soon..else google for all earthly problems..:D

btw nice house yaar..looks good...

Keshav said...

If you haven't tried Sulekha already, you can give it a try. Post an ad or look for classifieds under rental/roomates.

Anil said...

Oh boy, you need to post a link to the 'I cook, you eat' story when you place a 'housemate wanted' ad. You'll have to fend off hordes of hungry hopefuls then!

Bonatellis said...

this is the cheapest form of advertising I have seen ... first u lure people with tales from the kitchen, and then with the pic of the house and the pool ... well .... :-)

virdi said...

accha baba movie rocks... happy... i give up with girls.. pata nahi in logon ko kya kya aacha lag jata hai... ufff... BTW i need to change my taste then because most of my friends say movie rocks but mere ko aachi nahi lagi.. :(
"war of the worlds" here i come... realeasing on 19th..

virdi said...

awesome appartment... :) mine is better..

angelsera said...

WOTW is releasing on 19th of june??its not scheduled to release in s'pore till like the 29th of june!!!how come its coming out earlier in India?? :O

Sayesha said...

Thanks, Anubhav, Virdi. Am in love with this appartment! Waiting for housemate to drop from the skies!

Thanks a lot, Keshav, I got a lead.

WH-Anil, Bonatellis, it wasn't intentional, but it's a really great idea! :)

virdi said...

its realeasing here earlier than singapore because... india is better than "stupid twon turned into a country" singapore..

Chennaizombie said...

Virdi ,
The photo is of the outside and your apartment knowing from past experiences - could be quite shocking compared to this and also there are restrictions on using the apartment as you like in Singapore - and you cannot misuse an apartment like you do right now.


tragicomix said...

i share a flat with just one person, and it is quite difficult to find a cheap good house for two people. the optimum cost effective number is definitely three.

Drops Of Jupiter said...

That is hilarious!