Saturday, June 04, 2005

Unexpected questions at unlikely places

I hate burger places. (Except MOS burger -- the spicy MOS cheeseburger is to die for!) But I digress.

Yeah, so I hate burger places. Only if I've absolutely no choice at all, and am about to die of starvation, will I go to McDonald's or Burger King. And once I enter, I don't know what to eat. Choosing a burger is like many of the important decisions in life. Everything is crappy, what do you pick?

So I quickly pick the least crappy thing, and stick to my decision without thinking further. All I want to do is for them to quickly take my order and give me the damn burger before I change my mind and pick starvation over burger.

But then even that's not as easy as it sounds. Why is it that sometimes someone says the most unexpected of things at the most unlikely of places, leaving you utterly speechless?

Once I went to Burger King. The girl at the counter cheerfully asked, "And how are you feeling today, Ma'am?"

I was so shocked at the lack of the customary "Welcome-to-Burger-King-May-I-have-your-order-please?" that I gaped at her for a while, not knowing what to say.

I didn't think I had quite the answer she was looking for.

Hmmm... let's see how it sounds:

She - "And how are you feeling today, Ma'am?"
Me - "Whopper meal."

Nope, doesn't quite sound right.

So I said, "Errr... never mind." to the very surprised girl and wandered off.


The Village Idiot / Soldier said...

Ha ha. I feel like a Zinger Burger today. :)

Aye Kay said...

hehe. Never heard that in Macs or BKs yet... perhaps she was paying her respects to the new 'bhai' in town ;)

naari said...

Am sure the girl was thinking about how people could react in the most unexpected manner in the most unlikely of events ;)
Must have been a trainee. Something similar happened to me at NYDC and I almost choked over a glass of water in response:)

Sayesha said...

Haha! Also happened to me in an SBS bus once. I had barely boarded when the driver cheerfully bellowed, "Good morning, ma'am!" I almost fell off the bus!!

Anonymous said...

I guess ppl are trying to be nice ard us...we should just smile and support it!

Why the shock at their niceness? :D

naari said...

Anonymous if you are knew teh general degree of rudeness people are capable of in our day to day lives you would perhaps relate to the shock! As for people trying to be nice, no problems with the gesture, the shock is due to teh unexpectedness..

Anil said...

Customary responses... my friend was at the grocery store when a store employee who'd just finished mopping the floor told him "The floor's wet".. He thought it was one of their usual greetings, so he replied without thinking "You too!"