Friday, June 24, 2005

The 'G' word

Sometimes, on the way back from work, I look out of the bus window and wonder, "What will I blog about today?" And panic strikes me that I've run out of blog content, and hence, thoughts. How horrifying.

But then everything turns out all right. Either I get a 'bloggable' thought during the journey. Or when I reach home and read the comments on my previous post, I get ideas and often, inspiration for my next post.

All this banter between Sahil and Soldier about gay shirts reminds me of the first time I encountered the 'G' word, and so I've decided to blog about it. (And oh, this will also be the first of the posts I had planned to write, inspired by Siddhu's post about his first day at college.)


Who is the most naive person you have ever known?

If I'm asked this question, I would answer, "Myself. In my first year in Singapore".

18th July 1998. I'd just landed in Singapore. I reached my hostel, and was greeted by this rather scary-looking guy sporting a ponytail. "Oye, freshie hai!" He yelled to his friend, and then strode towards me. Quite intimidated, I took a step back, and almost stumbled and fell.

"Hi, I'm XYZ. Don't be scared of me. 'Cos I'm gay." He grinned.

"Errr.... hi..." I stammered, rather taken aback.

The only "gay" I knew back then, was the "happy and gay" kind, and so I was extremely puzzled as to why this strange guy was making it a point to express to the hapless freshie that he was a happy person.

"I'm a happy person too!" I thought to myself, "But you don't see me walking up to complete strangers and going, 'Hi, I'm Sayesha. Don't be scared of me. I'm happy.'"

So I gave him a rather peculiar look before walking away.

And that was my first encounter with the other kind of gay.


saba said...

hey sayesha , its good to be back on your page after a lil gap . this is one neat blog

Anil said...

"And that was my first encounter with the other kind of gay"

And then you encountered Virdi on your blog.. don't be worried by the fact that he's your hand-stalker..

thakkar said...

Hi .. thanx for dropping by on .F.L.A.V.O.U.R.S., you had nice fun in Cambodia... I love the posed snap on the stinking lake.. and I just wish I someday get the patience of writing detailed travel journals like yours!

Have fun with the gays ;)

I am yet to meet one,

Sayesha said...

Welcome back, Saba! :)

Priya's so gonna kill you, man! And Sahil was right. Everyone who passes by this blog, take a shot at bechara Virdi! :P

Hey Thakkar,
Thanks for dropping by! And yes, you're right, it really needs a lot of patience and determination to maintain Hopscotch. Your comment also reminded me that lazy bum Sayesha has yet to complete Hopscotch-Cambodia! :O

Anil said...

Priya is going to kill me? Do you know something about Virdi and Priya that I don't? teehee.. I hope I never meet him.

The Village Idiot / Soldier said...

Hahaha, I know the XYZ in question. I also remember how Sayesha was harrassed by a group of seniors to write poetry to help a love sick senior :P

Sahil said...

Naive lil Sayesha.

In 3 years, u've changed quite a bit, no? From the girl who had no idea that people existed who liked the same gender, to the girl who has an x-rated blog about boyzillians and brazillians.

Kaha gayi woh masoom Sayesha?


allah hum pe rahem kare, today, of all days, is the day that my body decides to fall sick. And not only sick, but a headache, cold, cough, sore throat and a 101 degree fever, all at once. I guess when it rains, it pours, no?

And I still visit your blog - dekho humaara dewaanapan.

the devil said...

The devil is back after sometime....

Yes shocking .... to know Ms beautiful hands has lost her masoomity....

Another shot at guessing ....

Sayesha Kuldeep Singh.... Sayesha Kotedia..... Sayesha Berawat ....Sayesha Madhav.....Sayesha Raina .... Sayesha Sinha ....

Sayesha said...

Whoops, it should be 1998, not 2002. 2002 is when I graduated. So Sahil, it's actually been 7 years! :O

And get well soon, deewana Sahil!

Welcome back, Devil. 'Masoomity'? Haha! That's such a cool term! And stop guessing! I am Sayesha. And that's it.

Siddhu said...

Lol! "I'm a happy person too!" I thought to myself, "But you don't see me walking up to complete strangers and going, 'Hi, I'm Sayesha. Don't be scared of me. I'm happy.'"

That's too funny for words! How old were you then? 17 or 21? In either case, its shockign you were this naive :)

Sayesha said...

Haha, Siddu! I was 18. Yes, I really was that naive. Geez!

virdi said...

what is happening here??? mere peeth peeche???

Sayesha said...

Virdi, welcome back! Dekh tu nahin tha toh kya kya ho gaya! :D