Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Un-bear-able day!

I had a sucky day at work today. It's a rare occurrence, but when it happens, I tell myself to breathe easy and think of the good things about my work, such as the letters I get from kids. They are the best things about my job, and they can turn a horrible day into a wonderful one, just by causing me to break into a smile, and often, hideous laughter, getting me curious stares from colleagues.

For example, check this one out:

"Dear editor, polar bears are left-handed."

The brevity of the letter over-rode the gravity of the matter, and I managed to sneak in a chuckle before googling the extremely weird statement. Well, turns out, according to Google, the young bloke was right!

And I wondered -- which moron had the time to go and discover that polar bears are left-handed (or left-pawed or whatever)?

And more importantly, what on earth can be the consequences of a polar bear being left-handed?


The Village Idiot / Soldier said...

It has great implications especially if you are faced by a polar bear in the wild.

If you notice that the polar bear is using its left hand to dig out fish from a hole in the ice, you need not worry if you are approaching it. because even if it attacks you with the right hand, it is using its wrong hand to attack - and therefore it might not be able to imflict much damage.

Anil said...

No no no.. there is a better way to protect yourself from attack by a polar bear.

Keep a big mirror with you so that you can put it in front of the bear. Because of lateral inversion left will become right for him. So when he raises his left hand to strike you, he will see his right hand rising in the mirror, and since he does not know about lateral inversion, he will get all confused. Then he will raise his right hand and see that it looks okay in the mirror, but when he tries to strike with it, it will feel odd to him since it is, after all the wrong hand. Finally he will walk away in disgust.

The Village Idiot / Soldier said...

Where will Sayesha get a mirror in the wild? Besides, the polar bear might think that the bear in the mirror is an attractive mate - and come charging at it.

Better idea is to challenge the bear to a duel, and to agree that you will each tie one hand up during the duel. Then you tie your left hand up behind your back - and suggest to the bear that it is only fair that even he ties his left hand (because you have tied yours). Then the bear will use its wrong hand to fight - and you will use your right hand to fight.

And we all know that when Right meets Wrong, Right is always Right.

viv said...

If a polar bear is left handed, then it's more creative and less logical. So don't expect it to do this and that...

(Sayesha, is my dominant side of the brain concept correct?)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am an avid fan of your blog and loved all your posts but this one.

What is wrong in researching on polar bears. I think it is a part and parcel of trying to understand the life of polar bears, at least it quenches the thirst of several wild life watchers.
Let me give an example. You are a great fan of the bollywood (atleast you were, according to the "what I did last summer post). But am not. Can I call you a ..... for being crazy enuff to go and wait in front of the hotel to catch a glimpse of those actors and actresses? To me, if SRK told me you only have 10 seconds to have a snap of mine with steely eyes, I would have simply walked away without taking a picture of him. But you didnt. So can I call you a .......... ???? I wont, because, I can never be judgemental. Sorry if I would have offended you, but this post really irked me a lil.

Sayesha said...

Dear Prince,
First of all, thanks for supporting my blog.

Now addressing the point you brought up, may I highlight that my blog is all about real feelings and not about perfect or ideal behaviour. Because we humans are not perfect and there is no point pretending that we are perfect. We do judge people and we do find some things that people do moronic. All I do on this blog is write my feelings and opinions. And psst.. here's a secret, I admit that the whole Bollywood thing I did was extremely moronic (even to me!). But I did it, and I am not ashamed of it. I make as much fun of my own moronic actions as I do of others.

My blog is not about how life SHOULD be lived. My blog is about how I live my life. Complete with all my imperfections. I have accepted them. Hope you can too.

Ro said...

sayesha has a black bag that contains everything. i mean everything. surely she'll have a mirror.

Sahil said...

..hmm seems like you offended someone - perhaps someone part of the team that discovered polar bears were left handed. tsk tsk sayesha - i'm disappointed in u...


hahaha - btw - whats the longest period of a time that a song has stuck in your head? My previous best was about 12 days - I wonder if this Tum Bin song will break that record...

Anonymous said...

Hi Sayesha:

My response was kinda knee jerk one. I was expecting a reply like "hey its my blog and you better #@## off". Am more impressed by your well worded resonse. Anyway, nothing can change me from checking ur blog more than once a day ;).


nmk said...

This complete species being one handed (in the way the polar bears are all left handed ) phenomenon particular only to Polar bears, or do other animals show this as well?

Weird isnt it? We descended from monkeys and some where along the way a monkey and a polar bear aparently had a good time.


viv said...

//some where along the way a monkey and a polar bear aparently had a good time

Why would you say that?! :?

Sayesha said...

//whats the longest period of a time that a song has stuck in your head?

Hey Sahil,
I would have to say a month. The song being:

Tere dar par sanam, chale aaye
Tu na aaya toh hum, chale aaye

I am madly in love with this song. I love like a million songs, but if I were asked to pick one, just one, I would probably pick this :)

Sahil said...

I actually like that song too. But I find it damn annoying. Does that make sense?

You made me think about my favourite song. But I really can't name one song. And thats because each song has its own special meaning, and special emotions attached to it.

But one sticks out for some reason as I'm writing this. You must have heard of it being the bollywood buff that you are:

Jab jab teri, surat dekhun
Pyaar sa dil mein jaage
Teri taraf hi, dil mujhe kheeche
Kya tuh mera laage?
Kya tuh mera laage.

Kaunsa yeh bhandhan hain
Yeh kaisa apnapan hain
Kissi ka zor chale na
Yeh kaisi dil ki lagan hai

Pehchaana gaana ko?

Ashwin said...


these are the kind of details that go into the highly popular book, which has on its cover in friendly writing, the words "Don't PANIC".

Sayesha said...

You got me. Darn, can't place the song. Maybe I'll recognise it if I hear it.

And I love 'Tere dar par sanam' for the amazing simplicity of the words accompanied by beautiful music. To me, this song is a basic lesson in life. Tu na aaya toh? Hum chale aaye! It's as simple as that. Beautiful!

Sahil said...

ok - you'll figure the song out someday.

as for your fav. song - don't laugh ok, but I'm a little confused.

The song goes:

Tere dar par sanam chale aaye
Tuh na aaya to hum chale aaye

Now to me, this is what that means:

Being scared of you, my lover came to me.
You didn't come to me, so I went to you.

Now who is this "you"?

Alteratively it could also mean:

Because I'm scared of you, I went to you, lover.
You didn't come to me, so I went to you.

She was scared of her lover, so she went to him? Not a very healthy relationship is it?

hahaha - sorry for complicating what should be a simple song. :P

Sayesha said...

If I ever see you anywhere, I will just have to kill you.

There's a HUGE difference between the words 'darr' (fear) and 'dar' (doorstep)! 'Dar' is pronounced with a soft 'd' like the 'd' in 'deewana'.

So the translation is:

"I came to your doorstep, o loved one.
You did not come to me. So I came to you."

And did I mention that I will kill you if I see you?

Sahil said...


ok ok i'm done...

no wait i'm still not done yet


o my god, that's too funny...

Its at times like this i'm glad i'm still anonymous.

Sayesha said...

Stay glad, my friend, stay glad.

Your anonymity just saved your life.

Anonymous said...

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