Friday, January 20, 2006

Machine language

This post is dedicated to all the wonderful geeks of the world who make my online life worth living. You guys rock. One of these days, I may just decide to marry one of you guys.

Sayeshaz idol auditions are on! Hurry!

Since my blackout, there’s been lots of singing going on around me. Everyone seems to wanna try their hand (err... okay fine, voice) at music. After the successful debut by my ailing body, immortalising Shaan's ‘Seep mein moti’ song, yesterday the monitor of my home PC broke into song. It sang to me:

Jo tumko ho pasand wohi baat kahenge
Tum din ko agar raat kaho, raat kahenge

And as usual, here's the pathetic attempt at translation (though the cheekier side of me would have wanted to insert the phrase 'call it a night' somewhere! ;)

"I will only say the things that you would like to hear. If you refer to 'day' as 'night', I will call it 'night' too."

In honour of the grand phenomenon of 'din' suddenly becoming 'raat' for me during random train rides, it looks like my loyal monitor decided to give me company in the sudden din-->raat transitions too. The damn thing blacked out on me. Now that’s true love. Total 'Tum din ko agar raat kaho, raat kahenge' stuff. Thanks a lot dude. My illness may not kill me, but no Internet at home surely will!

Not to mention that unless a good-looking geek is quickly dispatched by Tech Support to rescue this dainty damsel in Dell distress, I may not be able to blog over the weekend.

Instead, over the weekend, I will utilise my computer time to indulge in the very interesting activity of doing homework.

How exciting. :/


Anonymous said...

I think we will win the 2nd test.

Veena said...

wow silver!!!!!

Sayesha said...

I love your comment! It shows in a really cute way how incredibly bored you are reading the post :)

Cheers to the weekend, everyone! :)

Anonymous said...

wow bronze!!! BTW you've gotto take this word verificaion thingy out.. extremely bothersome

Chints said...

some UkP jyotishi told me in bachpan that you'll marry a 'saanwli' girl who is gonna make your life miserable! is that you?

ritzkini said...

two words...
Internet cafe !!!

Raj said...

*a tag on my forehead says "original"*

Oh, how sad.

Now imagine your pc at home not functioning ever. Thats how it is for me in that i dont have a pc at home.
But i'll be buying one in a week or two.

ritzkini has proposed going to a cyber cafe but I've tried doing that and somehow I can't get myself to write there :(

But u can give it a try.

Raj said...

oh, forget to ask. What format do you want the audition tapes in? VHS or DVD? :D

Sahil said...

dabbit - i mean damn it.

Well I'm sure with ur MANY fans out there, someone will surely be nice enough to do something about your situation. Perhaps even lend you their monitor so that you can blog. Tum kya karoge bina blogging ke? I mean your computer will be there, right in front of you. Waiting, no, beckoning you to post something. And you will be cruel-hearted enough to see it suffer that way?

Even after it spews out romantic songs for you?

Cold hearted Sayesha. Cold hearted. Tsk Tsk.

Pradyot said...

aha! A chance where I get to say something that has not already been said at least 32 times.

Nice link... (I am a geek and thus liked it)

Hmm... if it's a CRT get LCD, things breaking down is GOD's way of telling us it is time for upgrade! ;)

Pradyot said...

Congratz dude! Enjoy.

Pradyot said...

OMG... I just realized that the geek being discussed by the lady (I visited her blog first time today) in her reasons is Robert - The Microsoft Geek, a blogger I closely follow! Damn it's a small world.

PS The above comment is a misplaced one. Please delete/ignore.

atul lakhotia said...

no blogging for 2 days...hw wil u survive without blogging :).u got to go to cafe for blogging..!!!

Rays Of Sun said...

Mein kahan hoon?:D

Thanu said...

take a break and get some sleep. ur body told me that it needs some rest...

Anonymous said...

>Sayesha said...
>I love your comment! It shows in a >really cute way how incredibly bored you >are reading the post :)

I wasn't bored. I just typed out loud. I've discovered your blog quite recently(2 days ago). Good timepass at work. You write well. BTW why do the people who comment here compete to become the first to comment on a blog entry?

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

//'call it a night'// ROTFL!!! :P
Hey this is no excuse! If you want, all the devoted visitors to your blog could go and kill one of the people at Technical support (I'm ready to do the good deed >:D) and then, they'll get scared. Ta-da! PC back to normal! HAHAHAHAHA (in Chapaat style, evil waali hasi).

@Anonymous: //why do the people who comment here compete to become the first to comment on a blog entry? //
Because we love to win gold, silver or bronze medals in the daily comment-a-thon activity at Sayeshaz bar. :D You tried it today but I guess you weren't drunk enough to enjoy it or were you...? :P

!xobile said...

Hu Hu Ha Ha!
aapki (haan haan aap sab kee) to bad luck hee kharaab hai..

hum intezaar karenge..

Lalit Singh said...

I may just decide to marry one of you guys
Do u realise what kinda traffic this is gonna drive towards ur blog..

Harshi said...

Sashy.....maybe this means you need to take the time to rest a bit. I know you will miss the Internet, and we will miss you! You have a relaxing weekend. And go easy on the home"work"! :-(

Starbreez said...

That link you posted had a promising beginning but a rather disappointing top ten list! I mean -- why doesn't she just get a Mac?! He he. Maybe that's my problem. I need to lose the Mac to find the Geek! :p (Kidding! -- I'm a Macolyte for life.)

As for the wonkiness of your Dell -- guess this means you'll clear a week's worth of homework over the weekend, choti bahen. :]

Rohit Talwar said...

They’d love to help out. Geeks are the most helpful friends you’d ever make.
...Not a computer person? OK, here’s the killer. He can also hook up the TV, connect the DVD player and Tivo your favorite programs. He’ll also hook you up with the sweetest sound system you’ve ever heard.

..He’ll make you look so good; you’ll fall in love with yourself.

Aren't you already on n the likes with your profile reading 'GEEK WANTED @ SAYESHAZ'

Geek Freak said...

Wheres the comp? Idhar lao computer. Aur lage haath pandit aur shehnai-wadak ko bhi bulao! =))

Geek Tinku

Rays Of Sun said...

Noooo...that means chatur chaar adda will be deserted this weekend..Noo...waise even I am busy..:P

Sayesha said...

Hey guys!
I'm online from my uni library! :D
Tech Support is sending me a new monitor, but it will only arrive on Tuesday! Arrrghhhh! :/

Long time, girl! :)
Hey, why wasn't your comment there when I replied to Anon before I left work yesterday? Maybe there is a blog bhooooot... :O

I hate word verification myself, but when you get millions of comments that go "Hi, nice blog! Wanna buy a ceiling fan?" you realise what a boon WV is! :D

Oye bewde khotte, tu paagal ho gaya hai kya? Ya wrong blog par comment kar diya?
ps: And no, it's not me! Hmmmph! :/

Internet cafe??? Hahahaha! In my 7.5 years in Singapore, I have never been to an Internet cafe! Do they even have them here? Other than Changi airport of course!

Oh yes, that's another good point. I don't think I can blog from a cyber cafe. I can barely blog from work during lunch hour man! You need that homely atmosphere... that relaxed mood... the Bollywood music in the background... :)
ps: DVD bhej de yaar! Aur bhej hi raha hai toh lagey haathon, send me some other good Bollywood DVDs too yaar! ;)


Dabbit?? Sardi ho gayi kya, Sahil sahab?

Wait lemme answer that myself! :D

Sardi khaansi na malaria hua
yeh gaya yaaron isko love-aria hua

Hahaha! Anyway, how will my comp spew out romantic songs for me yaar? Monitor's gone! Aap suna doge? :D

I swear man! This is one point on which both geeks and non-geeks will agree. I have always believed that if rebooting doesn't help, it's time to get a new one! ;)

ps: For a minute, I was like why the hell is Prad saying Congrats?? How mean! :/ Then I read your next comment! Hahaha :D

Hehehe... now my body has started talking to other people man! :D

Ah! New entry! Welcome to Sayeshaz! :)

//Good timepass at work.

Hope you meant it as a compliment man. :/

//why do the people who comment here compete to become the first to comment on a blog entry?

Cos we're all bewdas here... and they're sufficiently high on OJ all the time to have random competitions :P

#The Girl,
Put down that gun, girl. They're sending a new monitor over! :)

#Ze Ex,
Haan haan! Khush ho le... Tuesday tak CS tera baal bhi baanka nahin kar sakti, hai na? That's what you think? ;)

Gosh! Hahahahahahahahaha! Hadn't thought of that! Hahahahahahah! :D

Yes babe, I just had the ECG and blood test done. ECG is okay, blood test results will come on Monday... will keep ya updated :)
ps: And I really plan to sleep like Kumbhu this weekend! :D

Hehehe... you're talking to another Mac Maniac, girl! Anyway, I like the current state of affairs, Mac at work, PC at home... :)

Choti behen?? Wow, someone's been going thru her Hindi revision notes, I see! ;)

Hahahahaha! Me on Can you imagine me on I will waat lagao all the prospective candidates Hahahhaha! :D

#Geek Tinku,
You wanna marry my computer??? Sheesh, you truly are a geek. Tujhe Sayesha ka haath nahin, uska computer chahiye? Hmmmph! :/

I hereby christen you 'Geek God'!

Chatur chaar has been chup chaap for a while now... lagta hai kuch karna padega... ! ;)

Chints said...

Thank God Jhatakmani, you saved my life!

otherwise this jhataka would have killed me! :P

ps: u have never met/seen me otherwise 'And no, it's not me! Hmmmph! :/' would have been different. arrogance? nah!

Vikram said...

//though the cheekier side of me would have wanted to insert the phrase 'call it a night' somewhere! ;)//

Hahahahahaha, let's have some more of the 'cheekier' side... :D

Veena said...

Hi Sasha...

I am new to this Blog..
This is the first time am commenting...Seems one more Veena is there in this Shayeshaz...:-)

Sayesha said...

My monitor comes to life now and then for 20 mins or so! Blog bhooot ki jai ho!

Theek hai theek hai... Kabhi mil lena humse... dekh lenge hum bhi... arrogance jaayaz hai ya nahin! :)

Hehehe... :P

Arre so you're new entry Veena? Welcome to Sayeshaz! :) My Veena original has really disappeared then! :)

tinku said...

//You wanna marry my computer???



lil _kath said...

Do rest kawaii sayesha^_^ need that break sometime.Take care yaar...


Manish said...

funny u & ur computer :)

freebird said...

hey, not a new visitor to ur blog, been reading urs since a pretty long time :)...thot it was time i came out and posted a comment :D...and also to ask u a favour, since u're the one who inspired me into blogging( pretty flattering,huh?) i'd love it if it was u who first who visited my blog...lets just say i tend to go a li'l emotional with me here it is...

freebird said...

thank u very much...:D

Rohit Talwar said...

try to karo!! results post yahan kar dena!! :D

DeePDiveR said...

Joy to the geeks! Shayesha's back...great blog u have!

Pradyot said...

Actually a friend of mine got an internship he has been waiting for I don't know since when. The comment was for him. BTW you have been tagged!

Sayesha said...

Monitor woke up again! YEAYEAY! :D Lemme quickly update before it blacks out again!

Arre khud hi toh bulaya pundit ko, shehnai waadak ko aur dulhan (!) ko, aur ab mandap par hans rahe ho?? :D

Thanks, sweetheart! :)

ps: Long time! :)

Thanks, girl! I checked out your blog when my monitor woke up for five minutes yesterday :)

Hahaha! I should appoint you as my agent! Kya bolta? :)

Welcome to Sayeshaz and thanks for commenting! :)

You won't believe I actually allowed myself to be tagged! Read the newest post for details! :P

tinku said...

Theek hai theek hai maar liya tune point (and it was a good witty one), ab baar baar mat hans :p

Waise maine tera *haath* isliye nahin manga kyunki tere haath pe virdi ka dil aya hua hai =))


Sayesha said...


ps: Sorry, couldn't help that one! ;)

RCL said...

oh! well thats an exciting thought ofcourse but i would have to get my wife's permission ;-).

Sayesha said...

Err.. what's the exciting thought? :O

MeAwinner said...

Hey Sash..
I wish you find ur type of guy,,:)
you've been tagged,, for something.. on my blog..

Hehhhe Enjoy !

Sayesha said...

Yeah, saw it. Will do it! :)