Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Call me. Anytime.

I consider myself a 4 a.m. friend.

And yes, I mean it in its real sense and not in the sense that I am only friendly at 4 a.m. and hostile otherwise.

My friends have the 'call me anytime if you want to talk, even if it's 4 in the morning and I have work the next day' token. There are so many such moments when we want to call a friend and say what we will later realise was either silly, or nonsensical or juvenile.

What would we do without our 4 a.m. friends? What would we do if we can't tell our friends the things we want to at 4 a.m.? Some of which really could wait for a more appropriate time, but hell, what are 4 a.m. friends for?

Dumped by your bf or gf? Phone a friend.

Want to dump your bf or gf? Phone a friend.

Going to get married next month, but you're in love with someone else? Phone a friend.

Want to elope but don't know the procedure? Phone a friend.

Upset? Phone a friend.

Very happy for no reason? Phone a friend.

In love with the friend? Phone the friend and tell him/her.

So I don't blow my top if a friend calls me at really odd hours.

Here are some crazy phone conversations I've had at really odd hours.

(And yeah, all of them except the cousin read this blog.)

Convo 1 (with a very dear blog friend)
Friend - Hello?
Extremely sleepy Sayesha - Hreelooaallaao...
Friend - Sash, neend nahin aa rahi. ("Sash, I can't get to sleep.")
Sayesha - Hmmm... So ja warna Sash lori suna degi. (Sleep or else I'll sing a lullaby.)
Friend pronto hangs up and goes to sleep.
Sayesha - What the..??!!

Sayesha resolves to improve her lullaby-singing skills and goes to sleep.

Convo 2 (over MSN with a senior who lived in the same hostel as me in university)
Senior - Hey Sayesha, can you come to my room for a second?
Sayesha - Now? Why?
Senior - I have a situation I need help with.
Sayesha - What situation?
Senior - Errr... There's a lizard in my coffee mug, and I'm really freaked out. Help!
Sayesha - Uhhh... Lizard??? Aur koi jaanwar nahin mila aadhi rata ko meri madad maangne ke liye?? ("You couldn't find any other animal to ask my help with at midnight??")
Senior - Can you come down please?
Sayesha - You're the guy! You're supposed to help me with lizards in my room!
Senior - Can you come down please?

Sayesha goes down to his room and saves life of guy
(who, by the way, was located atop the far end of his bed when Sayesha entered his room). Guy makes milo for Sayesha as a gesture of thanks. They end up talking till 4 in the morning, and in time, become the best of friends.

Convo 3 (with a cousin clueless about time differences across the world)
Cousin - Hello Sayesha! This is me, cousin X. I got your number from Aunty Y.
Sayesha - Okay... err.. hi...
Cousin - So how's life?
Sayesha - What's the time?
Cousin - It's only 11. Oh no, do you sleep early? Did I wake you up? What time do you go to sleep?
Sayesha - At 11.
Cousin - So I just caught you before you went to bed! Cool!
Sayesha - No, it's 1:30 a.m.
Cousin - No no, it's only 11.
Sayesha - 11 for you, 1:30 for me.
Cousin - Oh you have a different time from India?
Sayesha - Yes. I'm 2.5 hours ahead of you.
Cousin - Oh okay! Wow. That's amazing.
Sayesha - Errr.. yeah okay.
Cousin - So how are you?
Sayesha - What the..??!!

Sayesha resolves to call the guy up at 6 a.m. her time the next day.

Convo 4 (with a guy I had a massive crush on)
Sayesha - Hello?
Crush - Hi Sayesha!
Sayesha - Hey, it's you... what's up?
Crush - Nothing, just wanted to hear your voice. Your voice sounds irresistible when you're all sleepy.
Sayesha (heart beating wildly, bigtime goosebumps, no words coming out of mouth situation) - .....
Crush -
Talk to you tomorrow, okay?
Sayesha - Errr... okay.
Sayesha's blushing like crazy and she can't get to sleep for the next one hour.

Convo 5 (with Virdi, who else?)
Virdi: Oye Sayesha?
Sayesha: Haan Virdi... bol...
Virdi: Virdi here...
Sayesha: Yeah I know... kitna time hua hai? ("What's the time?")
Virdi: Yahan 2 baje hain... ("It's 2 here.")
Sayesha: Matlab yahan 4:30 a.m.??!! Kya hua? Koi problem? ("Which means 4:30 a.m. here??!! What happened? Any problem?")
Virdi: Kya kar rahi thi? ("So what were you doing?")
Sayesha: Bhangra aur kya? 4:30 a.m. ko aur kya karte hain log? ("Bhangra, what else? What else do people do at 4:30 a.m.?")
Virdi: Hahahahahahahahaa!
Sayesha: Bata kyun phone kiya? Koi zaroori baat? ("So why did you call? Anything important?")
Virdi: Nahin aise hi. Aur bata? ("No, just like that. So tell me, what's happening?")
Sayesha: Aur bata???????? 4 a.m. ko aur bata??? What the..??!!

Sayesha can't remember anything about the conversation, but she remembers not killing him.


Ravi said...

Nice sweet little conversations. Hey you are giving me ideas. Now I will be calling people in unearthly hours to just see how they react!! Haha

Am I first? Is this possible?

Ravi said...

Yes I am. So how about I take the Silver too.

Ravi said...

And the bronze. Sorry I am so filled with greed. I want all three prizes.

rimjhim said...

yaar..saare gold/silver medal ravi ko de de...
mujhe ph number de...actually i ve 'free ka phone' (STD/ISD too..:))in the ofc, so whenever i dnt have wrk(ie 95% of the time...I call up my friends(mostly to disturb/irritate them :p)


Kais said...

One of your best posts!!

I need a 4 am friend who will get up drive over and change my fan speed from 3 to 2 .... any takers??


V said...

Ummm.It's interesting to note that 3 of those conversations ended with "What the...?!?!!"
! about short-tempered 4.a.m friends!
just kidding.:)

viv said...

It's nice to be a 4am friend AND have that fact acknowledged by friends who do call at 4 :) Good on you!

I am a 4 am friend too... but mainly for customers needing tech support :P

Suds said...

Sayesha sahi hai...:) Mein abhi tak hass raha huin..:):) Cool post.. Enjoy...:):)

Sayesha said...

Eeesh! Do what you want but don't blame me when they chase you down the road with a executioner's blade! :O
ps: Chal aaj teeno prizes tere! Khush? :D

Haan haan mera toh dimaag kharaab hai jo I will give you my number! :D

Hahahaha! Good luck finding a friend like that. If you do, could you ask him/her to pop by and turn the pages of my book too? ;)

//talk about short-tempered 4.a.m friends!

HAHAHAHA! Can't stop laughing!

Arre the token guarantees that my friends can call me at 4 a.m. It does not guarantee that I will not say 'What the..??!!' in my head :D

Damn your 4 a.m. friend! I would so lose my temper at that! :O

Thanks! :)

Shuuro said...

had a good laugh after a long time. thanks!

lil _kath said...

haha^_^ hilarious...i know the feeling sayesha,my friends do that too sometimes.Gosh it makes me crazy but, maybe i was born to be a good listener^_~ so they're keep on coming to me haha.But its a nice feeling when someone says that he/she just want to hear ur sleepy voice..isn't sweet naa?i luv that...

sky said...

my sister used to be that 4am call for years when I lived on the east coast and she lived on the west...4.5 hour time difference that she often forgot. My calls were similar..."are you sleeping?" "yeah, kimm, it's 4am...what's up?"

Anonymous said...

Haha...Loved convo 4 the best lols

virdi said...

hello sayesha... whats up??? what are you doing?? are you sleeping?? oh ok ok... ja so ja...

sorry yaar... I was sick that day and slept all afternoon and evening... so was not able to sleep at all... was awake till 2.30 AM so thought of calling you... your bhangra was nice... :-)

slept off in next 15 mins... :-)


Rays Of Sun said...

Glad I read this:)

The Anonymous said...

Let's assume I call.

Sayesha ji:Hello, who's that?

Me:I am uh, well,

Sayesha ji:What's your name??

Me:The name

Sayesha ji:Speak up, you X---censored---X

Me:There is no name.

Sayesha ji: NO NAME????
(....a pause.....)


Pradyot said...

>>What would we do without our 4 a.m. friends?

How about...hmmm...unnn...sleep! Yes, we could all sleep happily dreaming about wonderland.

atul lakhotia said...

hahaha...nice hilarious post...
pass on the phone number to me also...i also need 4 30 a.m. friends..chalega na..

Nandya said...

ha ha..i can think of so many better things to do at 4:am...with the 4 am friend...

Manish said...

Mujhe ek baar hi kisi ne yaad kiya hai 2.30 baje ! With everyone around me sleeping. Khair raat ka time to phir bhi chalta hai subah bole to ek murder hona pakka hai:)

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

//Sayesha resolves to call the guy up at 6 a.m. her time the next day.//
This was HILARIOUS! Talk about sweet revenge!!! :P
By the way, you do Bhangra at 4:30 am? WOW! Is there some special kinda 4:30 am Bhangra? I gotta learn that too! ;)
I read this quote (don't remember who said it) in a newspaper last Friendship Day:
"It's the 4 a.m. friends that matter." :)

V said...

Well, I once talked to a friend on the phone, starting from something like 10 pm going up to nearly 3 AM.

And ofcourse, during last year, me and my friend had converted to semi-nocturnalism, so we would be awake allnight studying, and used to frequently call each other in that time to discuss the subjects.But that is altogether a different scenario.

Thankfully no one has woken me up at those times.Though I agree I wouldn't mind that too for a few people.

Siddhu said...

Trust Virdi LOL!

I think I'll start a Virdi fan club! :D

Oh and yeah, happy new year! :D Celebrated it in the fresh taaza hawa of hindustan! :D Back to firangiland tomorrow :(

spamtaneous said...

whats ur phone number baby! ...
i badly need a friend like u ...


renegadefade said...

abc... phone a friend
lmn... phone a friend
xyz... phone a friend

phone a friend? yeh sayeshaz hai ya KBC? ;)

(ahem... computerji...)

Eclectic Blogger said...

Wut was ur "massive crush'" reaction on reading this!?

American Pi said...

Ha ha ha...
That was funny.
I remember a time when I called you up at midnight before you went to sleep (sometime last year) to speak with you. And you did:) Thanks for that :D

pandora said...

hahahah...too funny!
guess what? same happens here these dayz when a friend of mine rings me almost everyday @ 4 or 5 subah subah!!

tusi funny ho..unlike me :P

Tinku said...

Sometimes calling a 4 AM friend can get you in trouble.A few days back I called a friend at about 2 AM..

Me: Suna tune Intel chhod ke google join kar li..

Friend: haan

Me: kyun?

Friend: Na biwi na baccha, na baap bada na maiyya, the whole thing is that ki bhaiyya sabse bada rupaiyya..

Me: good! bus yahi confirm karna tha. Accha rakhta hoon..

Friend: Aur suna koi nayi taazi..

Me: kuchh khaas nahin. Chal rakhta hoon..

faltu baatein

friend: Abe %@#$*&@$ rakh diyo. Aishwarya Rai kaisi hai?(Aishwarya is a synonym for gf in our friend circle)

Me: theek hai. chal rakhta hoon..

Friend: $%#@$#% %$#$%@ ruk ja. Ganguly ke saath theek nahin kiya tum logo ne..

Me: Kismat kharab chal rahi hai uski. Chal bye...

Friend: Tu bahut %$#$#@ aadmi hai yaar.

Me: Neend aa rahi hai, account mein paise bhi khatam hone wale hain..

Friend : chal tu rakh, main wapas call karta hoon.

Me: nahin, main so raha hoon.

Friend: abe so jayiyo %$#$@. Main call karta hoon...

Me: Kal kariyo.. main switch off kar raha hoon... bye..

next day he called only to abuse me.


Sayesha said...


#Lil Kath,
//its a nice feeling when someone says that he/she just want to hear ur sleepy voice

Yeah, it's incredible :)

Welcome to Sayeshaz! Sisters will be sisters, eh? :)


Oye sorry mat bol! Kaan ke neeche ek padegi! Abhi toh I have to call you at 6 am some day! ;)


#The Anon,
Errr... okay... if that's how duh you think I am. Whatever makes you happy, buddy! :)

Haha! Yeah, we'd surely get a lot more sleep, but it won't be as deep as peaceful as sleeping after realising that when your friend needed you, you were there. :)

Bilkul nahin chalega! :P

Errrr... :O

Hahaha! :D

#The Girl,
//By the way, you do Bhangra at 4:30 am?

Yeah yeah, call me at 4:30 am. Bhangra nahin, I'll show you taandav! :D

A guy on the phone for five hours? Incredible! :O

There already is a Virdi Fan Club, my dear. I'm the President.
ps: Happy New Year to you too! :)

Hahaha! Nice way to get my number eh? You wish! :D


I wonder if he knows what effect his phone call had on me :)

#American Pie,
I remember. :)

Thanks! :)

Geez tujhme toh bahut annoying hone ka potential hai! :D

Tinku said...

Annoying hone ka potential? Kya bolna chahti hai tu? Im very annoying? What did I do?


Sayesha said...

O Tinku pyaare chill re... meri galti hai... I lost the thread of the conversation after the 'faaltu baatein' and thought you were your friend and vice versa... so your friend has potential to be annoying, not you! Khush? :P

Tinku said...

ohh accha accha... vaise maine socha you wanted to say 'annoy hone ka potential'..and I thot you'll come back with "yes you are very annoying"... instead you gave an explanation...very good very good...bahut accha laga mujhe..mast ladki hai tu :p


Deepa said...

Phone a Friend !
For me Invention of the phone was one the best thin' that cud be done(for instant access amoung frndz).
I'd talk this opportunity to thank our friend Alexander Graham Bell.

Harshi said...

Hahaaaa....hilarious Sash :-)
Btw, us lizard ka kya kiya tumne Sash??? I am terrified of lizards. If there is one on the wall, there is no way I can even be in the same house and close my eyes :-)).

A 4am friend is a blessing! Awefully nice of you to be that friend :-).

The Anonymous said...

Oh come on, what I write makes me "duh", if it does, not you. I was kidding!

Sayesha ji, aap to bura maan gayi.


Sayesha said...

Chal tu expect kar hi raha tha toh I will say it. "Yes, Tinku, you're very annoying." Ab khush? Hahaha! Kidding kidding baba! :)

//mast ladki hai tu

Hehe.. thank you thank you! :P

Yep yep, Bell Bhaiya ki jai ho! :D

I'm absolutely TERRIFIED of lizards too. But when a cute (ahem! yeah, he's reading this) guy asks a girl for help, you have to let go of all fears and be the knighte in shining armour! :D

//Btw, us lizard ka kya kiya tumne Sash???

I put a newspaper on top of the coffee mug, inverted it, and then dumped the whole thing in the trash bin.

#The Anon,
//Sayesha ji, aap to bura maan gayi.

Sayesha ji itni jaldi bura nahin maanti. Thodi aur mehnat karo. :)

//what I write makes me "duh", if it does, not you.

You said it man. I was being polite. ;)

oxymoron said...

i can recollect a lot of phone-a-friend (p-a-f) situations from uni days:
bhook lagi, maggi banane-khane ke liye company chahiye - p-a-f
bored at midnight, wanna go to 7-11 - p-a-f
next morning exam, no tut solutions, p-a-f
sleeping @ 4 b4 8:30 lec, need wake-up call, p-a-f to ensure he/she wakes u on time :)
the list toooooooo long!

Raj said...

Thankfully, I've never had to call anyone between 12:30am - 6:30am ever.
I sleep during that time :)

Lovely post, btw.

I love how you can write a great post about anything n everything.

k, enough buttering for today :P

fao said...

somebody ought to cut off free ISD from the surd's phone! no wait, i wanna wake u up too. ll need the surd's phone for that. n i'll play shreya ghoshal in the bg. just for your pleasure, my lou! :-)

Sayesha said...

Geez, I've been trying to guess which one of my juniors from uni you could be... hmmm... someone who used to attend 8:30 am lectures... who on earth could it be? Hmmm... don't worry, I won't ask you :)

Lucky dude! I haven't had a full night's sleep in soooooo looooong!

//I love how you can write a great post about anything n everything.

Hehe... thanks thanks! :P

//enough buttering for today :P

Arre bas itna hi? Ho gaya? Damn! Achha come back tomorrow, okie? ;)

You wanna wake me up at 4:30 am to make me listen to Shreya when I can listen to her anytime of the day?? I don't think I want such a kind of lou... Virdi, bachaaaaaaoooooo your colleague is ragging me again! :D

Angelsera said...

I remember back in 12th my classmates used to take the liberty of calling me up at odd hours in the night! And ask me wierd maths/computing qns..

oxymoron said...

u are trying to guess thru the worst possible behavioral characteristic! firstly my overall attendance for lec in 4yrs of ntu was less than 10%.
830 lec were the last resort type things. it was done when no other lec grp was available and in the first week of the sem when thr was some enthu to attend lec.
some day you might just guess which junior. anyways, real-world identity doesn't matter in blogosphere!

Vikram H said...

LOL...the only friend who calls me at odd hours is one who works in a BPO and who's brain has lost track of time and time zones!

Harshi said...

>>>I put a newspaper on top of the coffee mug, inverted it, and then dumped the whole thing in the trash bin.

OMG,(shivers) you are brave :-))

Mary said...

I can fully relate to that lizard incident! How come it's always the guys that need rescuing? great post :)

fao said...

shreya mite sound better from her homeland. n at that hr, she'll seep bttr into your unconscious. you NEVER appreciate anything i do for you, sasha! x-(

oh, wait, wait wait...was that a veiled attempt to give u a diff kinda lou at 4:00? you speak my language...

The Anonymous said...

Aur mehnat? No please! I am not that hard-working. Not that I wish to work hard in that direction either.

Thanks for the politeness though!


amit said...

every second day i visit ur blog n hope tht i wud be first to post a comment sumday...... but considering ur speed as well as 'commenters' i am always left behind.....:).

i too once had an 4:30 am conversation with a friend, who was really upset when her GF dumped him. first i was consoling him n later when i myself lost patience i told him,'chod de yaar, koi nayi dhoond le. bhagwaan ne terko mauka diya hai aur yeh mauka sirf kismet walon ko milta hai'

a jane said...

..the prodigal reader returns :D
how are you Sayesha amma? Happy new year and all that! aaj jaake tem mila to catch up on all i missed in cyber world. have you finished slugging your 24 cans of OC OJ since x'mas?!'re at the wrong bar, babe. yahaan sirf OJ miltha hai, woh bhi thanda!! virdi ke coffee house mein shaayad kuch milega. lekin free mein nahin. kanjoos surd pe bharosa rakhna bewakoofi ki baat hogi.

debubhai_bole_to_ said...

tooooo gooooooood yaaar:)))))
virdi convo tops the list!! 'aur bata' at 4am!!!! hahahahaha:))))

fao said...

OJ...but i lluurrrvvve OJ...what a body! what a body! m sure hez into snm too...although the jury is still out on that.

a jane said... have become wayyy too cross eyed lately. OJ is an axe murderer. where hast thoust discerning taste gone this new year? am gonna solely put the blame on surd for this.

virdi said...

Fao & AJane>> hey come on I am not that kanjoos... i treated u with hot hot chai and with a drive to East Coast Road...

and also dropped you to your place... Remember???

and Fao remember I also treated you with Good-Day biscuits???

see see I am not kanjoos at all...



fao said...

so hez a hack. so was i...b4 i joined this godforsaken place! i think its the meeting of two souls n blades.

m not v. discerning this yr. the hobster's bf is back in town...shez left me out in the cold...m not gonna get picky from now.

Surreal Kid said...

Good ideas to trouble others..
nice cute conversations...

Jay said...


Aethyr said...

hey happy new year..though late.
mere saath toh tragedy hoti rehti hai..ek bari mere ek friend ne phone kiya raat ko 3 30 baje aur ghaali dena shuru..kuch suna nahi, bola nahi sirf gaali diya...baad main pata chala papa ne uthaya tha.. =)

Sayesha said...

Hahaha... so you were 'that girl', huh? :D

Tabhi toh! I was like mera kaunsa junior 8:30 wala lecture attend karta tha??!! :D Chal koi baat nahin, I'm in no hurry to find out who you are :)

#Vik H,

Eeeeks! Even the memory makes me shiver with fear! :O

Thanks! The guys may act hunky all the time, but really, it's them who need to be rescued, and we always do that, don't we? :)

You know something? You say it best when you say nuthin' at all.

#The Anon,

Wow! Bhagwaan ne mauka diya hai it seems! Hahaha! :D

#A Jane,
Hey welcome back! So Fao let you off on a ransom huh? Yeah, I am still on my OJ, three more cans left! :)


#Fao, A Jane, Virdi,
I choose to ignore your comments.

#Surreal Kid,
Thanks! :)


Bhole said...


Angelsera said...

err not really..I was NEVER 'that girl'.

I was the ony one who wud not swear at them for calling at that time in the night...unless of course they asked me anything in physics(which I used to flunk)

Sayesha said...


I never really liked 11th and 12th standard Physics either! :P
In spite of being 'that girl'! :O

Rohit Talwar said...

so many What the...??

what stops you to complete it? :D

Sayesha said...

I never say the last word. I believe "What the..??!!" has more impact! :)

Also, I don't want to pick up the word in case I accidentally say it around someone's (mine included) parents or kids. :)

Ankur said...


Sayesha said...


Sahil said...

Aap ka Virdi bhi na - bilkul paagal hai.

Calls u at 4am just for the heck of it.

Only a very select few people can get away at calling me at 4am without any reason.

Yeah, you're one of them Sayesha. :)

Sayesha said...

//Only a very select few people can get away at calling me at 4am without any reason. Yeah, you're one of them Sayesha. :)

What?? Me call you at 4 am? And waste my so-called irresistible sleepy voice on you????

You wish, Sahil! You wish! :)

Bivas said...

//Want to elope but don't know the procedure? der a well defined algorithm for this!!! wow :D