Monday, January 23, 2006

Different and indifferent?

In DDLJ, Raj asks Simran's Dad, "Ek baat bataiye babuji, yahan ke kabootaron aur London ke kabootaron mein aapko koi fark lagta hai?"

("Tell me something. Do you find any difference between the pigeons here and the pigeons in London?")

The reply comes, "Fark toh hai. Yahan ke kabootar mujhe jaante hain, pehchante hain. Yeh meri hi mitti ke hain. Wahan ke toh kabootar bhi paraye hi hain."

("Of course there is a difference. The pigeons here know me, recognise me. They're of my own soil. In London, even the pigeons are not my own.")

The other morning, as I stepped out to enjoy a brilliant Saturday morning, I saw a bunch of pigeons having breakfast near one of the housing blocks. I suddenly remembered the pigeons in India and my experience with them when I was a kid. When I'd go close to them, they would all fly away with a big phurrrrrrrrrrrr! And I'd be absolutely delighted. It had been a long time since I had interrupted a group of pigeons. The last pigeon breakfast party I had gatecrashed into had been in India. Years ago.

So I walked over to say 'hello'.

To my utter shock, they completely ignored me and continued eating nonchalantly. Whatever happened to "Atithi devo bhava?" or rather "Atithi's comin' to get us, fly for your life!"??

Oh wait, these were not hindustani pigeons. They wouldn't understand Sanskrit.

So I waited around, hoping they would notice me soon. Soon I was standing right in the middle of the group, and yet, the buggers were still there, hogging away, not even looking up once. (For a moment they actually made me doubt if I was a ghost or something.) In my head I was singing "Kabootar ja ja ja!" or rather "Kabootar ud ud ud!" but to no avail. My sudden moves (which included a ridiculous form of tap dancing too) also made no difference to them.

No reaction. No phurrrrrrrrr. No phurrrrrrr??!!

Finally I gave up and walked away.

Sigh... Fark toh hai...


American Pi said...

me first

Lalit Singh said...


Lalit Singh said...

No reaction. No phurrrrrrrrr
Did they take u for a kabootari??? :-0

MeAwinner said...

Effectively I am third , as lalit has written twice..

Hhehe.......furrr.....seriously..lagtaa hai kabootaro ko darr lagna band ho gaya hai.. they've adapted to have people around..

The Anonymous said...

Kya kabootar hain wahan par, I am amazed!

Rays Of Sun said...

Woh kya plastic ke the kya? Birds are supposed to fly..wierd wierd wierd..
Wait a minute..Maybe, they treat you a sone amongst dare nahi:)))

Rays Of Sun said...

oops! Lalit said it:(

amit said...

kya baat hai... aajkal 'kabootarbaazi' mein interest le rahe ho.... going by ur last post, i think a paticular pattern is developing....:). meanwhile a rare 'short' post... i m in a habit of reading longer posts.

Vikram H said...

hahaha...its such an irony that the pigeons in Singapore were hogging like they were impoverished!

jade said...

:) looks like they r different and hence indifferent.

Shreyansh said...

Kabootaron ne Sayesha ko ignore maara. :P

A Kodak moment!!

virdi said...

there is this song in Punjabi...

Uud ja kale kaavan tere mooh vich khand paavan... (fly away you crow, I will give you a sugar plum)

did you try this song??? instead of saying kabootar u should have said crow... may be they would have got pissed and flown away...



Harshi said...

Yeah :-). They seem so cool and don't seem disturbed here! Infact, it scares me sometimes....are they just totally trusting or totally unawares?? Koi danger ho toh how are they gonna escape the nth second? Sometimes, I come across them crossing the apartment building pathways and I get so worried, I totally stop my car. They don't even fly away! :-) They just walk off.... :-))

Kabootars having breakfast...
hahaa :-)

Rays Of Sun said...

Kabootar gundi se dare nahi:D

Rohit Talwar said...

Aaaaah what an observation. aur kya baat dialogues yaad rehte hain!


Purush said...

Nice. First timer here, and love your free-flowing, keep-a-sense-of-humor-about-life posts.
This one is particularly good...succinct yet evocative. DDLJ was, in many ways, the defining movie of the 90s, and THE diaspora movie. Still remember the SRK funda of "Zindagi mein har modh pe do raaste milte hain..."

Aethyr said...

laal chasma pehna kar try karna next time....confirm ho jayega..u r visible or not ;)

ursjina said...

mm...globalization and its hazardous effects on singapore breed of pigeons..
will i get phd for this?

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Hehehehe.....Sayesha ko kabootaron ne ignore maara? *Points and laughs* HAHAHAHA. Sayesha ko kabootaron ne ignore maara! *Points again* HAHAHAHAHA! Sayesha ko kabootaron ne ignore maara!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Kabootar bhi kaunse? Singapore ke! *Keeps on pointing* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

P.S.: These kinda dialogues in DDLJ were hilarious! =))

P.P.S.: You might have noticed that I leave this P.S. a lot many times...yesss, purani aadat. :P

Negative Creep said...

^^ Dude, chill....

And the dialogues in DDLJ suck ass....

Sayesha said...

#Amrikan babu,

Arre if I was a kabootari, they should have been even more flustered man!

Sigh... you may be right...

#The Anon,
Exactly! Which kabootar doesn't go phurrrrr man?? :/

Sheesh! :O

Huh? Last post and is post mein kya similar hai?? :O

#Vik H,
The way they were eating, I think they were impoverished! :O

Yeah... I suppose so... it was a revelation though :)

Sheesh! If anyone had a camera then, they'd have captured me in blackmail-level ridiculous poses! :O

I'm sure tujhe amuse karne ke liye kabootar ud bhi jaate... bhai log, ud chalo warna punjabi-song singing bacha ro padega! :D

//They don't even fly away! :-) They just walk off.... :-))

Hahahhaha! I know exactly what you mean! :D

Gundi works her gundagardi on humans yaar... birds ko jaane do :)

Yeah, I tend to remember dialogues I really like. :)

Welcome to Sayeshaz! :)
DDLJ had awesome dialogues man! :)

That sounds like a good idea. And can be implemented. I'm sure even if I go pehnao chashma to the kabootars, they won't budge. I may get arrested though.

Hahhaa! Bahut high level ho gaya yaar! :)

#The Girl,
Oye chupppp! Stop laughing! :/

#Negative Creep,
Ah my cynic is here! :)

//And the dialogues in DDLJ suck ass....

Your views, my friend, your views. :)

Waise, tell me something, is there anything in the world that you actually like? :)

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

@ negative creep:
//^^ Dude, chill.... //
I AM chilled, Mr. Cynic (nice title, Sayesha...we know it already:P). Nice new pic...but where's Kurt gone? And the dialogues in DDLJ were hilarious because I liked mocking at them. :D

Vikram said...

I used to love piegons a lot when I was a kid but things changed. The damn thing pooped on me when I was stepping out for an interview!! After that whenever I have seen any peigon, I'll scream at it and say "Happy? You wanna poop some more?"... then it flies away... maybe you should try it next time.. hehe

Sayesha said...

//I'll scream at it and say "Happy? You wanna poop some more?"

Hahaha! It would be awesome if it retorts with a "Sure! If you insist."

Hahahaha! :D

Vikram said...

//It would be awesome if it retorts with a "Sure! If you insist.//

never happened until now, I've been successful in scaring those poop maniacs away... Muhahahahaha...

Rays Of Sun said...

when I was a kid
That means u still like them?? WOW! cho chweet:P

Vikram said...


just what the hell do you mean by that? huh? huh? huh?.... no tell me, tell me now... i want to know... you think i'm still a kid??! :O

oxymoron said...

chh chh sayesha, trying to scare pigeons... bad sayesha, very bad! ;)

pick up someone ur own size :P

Anurama said...

//Oh wait, these were not hindustani pigeons. They wouldn't understand Sanskrit.//

ha ha.. lol :)

Raj said...

I hate pigeons. They are evil. The "gutar-gu" sound they make is very irritating.

!xobile said...

SC!!tu mere se bhi zyada dumb hai!

tinku said...

Dil kabootar khana hai har kissi ka aana jana hai..

Kabootar ja ja ja..

Chadh gaya oopar re atariya pe lotan kabootar re..

Neele nainon wala o mera lucky kabootarrrr luk 13 luk 13 luk 13 luk 13 luk 13 luk 13 luk 13

Mushy to raunchy, kabootars have inspired all kind of bollywood songs. Ab unke bhaav khane ka waqt aa gaya hai to bhaav kha rahe hain, tere ko kya problem hai. Kabootaron ke din badal gaye. Next time try to scare them and they might sue you.

Kabootaron se savdhan!

Sayesha said...

//Poop maniacs

Hahahaha! Toilet-untrained poop maniacs! Hahaha :D

Pata tha tu is point ko pakdegi! :)

Hahaha! Aur lado, aur jhagdo! Maza aa gaya! :D

Oye long time! Kithhe gaye they? :)

//pick up someone ur own size :P

You and me. Outside. Now. Chalega?


Yeah, I hate that sound too! :/

//tu mere se bhi zyada dumb hai!

Tujhse zyada dumb? That's a physical impossibility, my friend! :D

Sayesha said...


Yeah man, ye inne inne se kabootar, breakfast ke saath saath bhaav bhi kha rahe they! Hmmmph! :/

ps: Arre wah, tujhe itne saare kabootar songs aate hain?? Sayesha is impressed! :)

Kais said...

You should have read them your
"10 things I look for in an ideal pigeon" list.....that would have scared them away for sure! :)


Sayesha said...

Great idea! Let me make the list. I think 5 points should be good enough.

1. Thou shalt phurrr on demand.
2. Thou shalt not annoy my friend Raj with the gutar-gu sound.
3. Thou shalt not scare my friend Harshi when she is driving.
4. Thou shalt not poop on me or my friend Vikram.
5. Thou shalt feel free to poop on my friends Virdi and Chapaat.

!xobile said...

Poop on chapaat!!!

To aaj toone apne man kee bhadaas nikaal hee de!!!


kya yehi padne ke liye mainay PC khareeda thaa!!
isse pehle mere PC mein 503 worms kyu nahi aa gaye!!
Yeh sentence padne se pehle meri aakein andhi kyu nahi ho gayi! mere taangein langdi kyu nahi huvi! meri tongue gungi kyu nahi huvi!!!

priya said...

if sumone as khatarnaakh as priya comes near them.. whichever desh's pigoens they maybe.. they're gonna fly away in terror!
be afraid!!
be very afraid!!


Vikram said...

//Thou shalt not poop on me or my friend Vikram.//

Vikram is very impressed. :)

But one more point.

Thou shalt poop on ROS every time she steps out the shower. Muhahahaha

Rays Of Sun said...

Thou shall not listen to 'Poopy Vikram".Muhahahahaha

Vikram said...

//'Poopy Vikram'//


Thou shalt understand jokes easily.... Muhahahahahahaha

Now that's a killer blow, what say sayesha?..

*Vikram leaves feeling victorious*

Rays Of Sun said...


Thou shall love perfumed letters and thou will deliver them to his lover too:P

And ROS looks at her nails coyly (Sayesha Shtyle)

Vikram said...

Holy Poop.

No way... Thy shall prefer poop to letters... hehehe..:P

Thou shalt fly to the coldest state in the US... Nebraska... and drop frozen poop on ROS...

*vikram leaves after delivering the final blow*....Muhahaha

Sayesha said...

#Ze Chapaat,
Muahahahahahahaha! :D Yeh din dekhne ke liye hi Sayesha ne PC khareeda tha! Muahahahaha! :D

Hahaha! Chal maan liya, you have the leverage! Tujhe dekhne ke liye toh bechaare kabootaron ki gardanon mein moch aa jayegi! (Let's see you translate this one, babe!) ;)

ROS ke shower mein pigeon rehta hai?? :O

Sheesh... Achha yahan chup chap baith. Sayesha ek gyaan ki baat batayegi. Brahma is the creator, Vishnu is the preserver, Shiva is the destroyer. Hai na? They all have their roles. Know your role, baby. Viks and I are the joke-creators. You are the joke-destroyer. Don't try and play our role. Stick to your own role, baby. There's a reason why it was given to you. ;)

Samjha diya ladki ko, aage se shaanpanthi nahin karegi! :D

//And ROS looks at her nails coyly (Sayesha Shtyle)

What?? That action is copyrighted!! :O

Sayesha looks at her nails coyly, looks up at ROS and says, "Hmmmph!"

Beta tujhpar bhi ROS ka asar ho raha hai lagta hai... ROS tuney kya kiyaaaaaaaaa.... mere joke partner ke sense of humour ki waat laga di?? :O

Rays Of Sun said...

Hmphh..mein yahan se ja rahee hoon apnee blog pe..wahan mein rani..yahan pe koi mujhe pyaar nahi karta..
and ROS leaves with a latkofied face!
Thanu where are you
Sayeshaz world has been converted to Poopland by Poopy Vikram:D

oxymoron said...

o madamji, hum to yahin the! chup chaap madhushala ki raunak dekh rahe the!
//You and me. Outside. Now. Chalega?
aa dekhain zara, kisme kitna hai dum ;)
one sided contest that'll be :P

trups said...

Haan re that was a sensible dialogue in the movie :)

And u remember the scene where amrish puri smells the letter he gets via post from India?? :) woh bhi sahi tha na :)

tcr_79 said...

Very cute...

Shriedhar said...

Hey sayesha!
u shd perhaps hv tried wid

"hey pigeon fly fly fly
hey pigeon fly fly fly"

took a small brk 4 some refreshment n got it for sure :)

eh! said...

oye kamaal ki baat hai ..apne kabootar jaante hue bhi ud jaate hain ..aur ye firang version ko koi fark nahin padta hamari strangeness se!

anyway, nice observation ..just wat u`d expect from the niche lot ;)

PuNeEt said...

oooh finally u can conclude that kabutars r not scared of u ;-)

they were hungry yaar...
tu bhi na


Negative Creep said...

Cynicism rocks \m/

and the dialogues in most hindi fims are so overdramatic and histrionic... It's amazing how something as normal as getting your girlfriend flowers can be converted into a matter of life and death, or even worse *shudders* a five minute song( did i mention hindi songs esp. the movie ones are pure torture).... Here's a perfect story for a Bollywood movie...

Boy: Hey baby, sup??
Girl: Get lost..
Boy: What a bitch... i think i'm in love with her...
Girl: What a jerk.. i think i'll let him chase me for a while and then i'll fall in love with him...
And they live happily ever after, or at least till they get married and have kids and the woman gets fat and loudmouthed and keeps nagging Munnu ke papa, who in turn starts cheating on her and poor Munnu, Chunnu, and Tunnu grow up to be psychopaths who murder their parents... Of course, they don't show that part in the movie...

Or here's another, which, unbelievably pathetic though it is, actually happens in real life... Some desperate sexually frustrated jerk smiles at a pretty girl on the road, and unsuspectingly she smiles back and the retard turns to his friends and goes, yaar, i think i love that girl... she's the love of my life, i'll do anything for her... Ughhhh!! just don't get me started on either "LOVE" or Bollywood...

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

^^ HAHAHAHA! Poor Bollywood...have you ever spared something? Or someone???

Negative Creep said...

^^ Nope... And i won't spare you for tagging me!!!

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

^^ Ha! Threatening me? That too on someone else's blog? HAHAHA. I'm ssssccccccaaaaaaarrrrred..... *smirks*

atul lakhotia said...

ya to those kabootars were not scared of u now(strange..!!!) or they all were did not show any intrest in u.:)

Suds said...

Sayesha another good post. Are u know what there are no kabotars here in NC, US. Me and Swati were just talking abt it the other day. In Mumbai u could see them everywhere...

Maybe they did not feel threatened by u..:):) Agli baar woh kabotar dikhe to bol dene ud jao warna gabbar aa jayega..:) Enjoy

lil _kath said...

Hey kawaii..pigeons in Singapore are not fond of tap dancing hehe^_~ and they simply love you to be around (like we do)so...that't it^_^

loverBoy said...


Haan, fark to zaroor hai!

pingoo said...

lol ! that was hilarious :)

Starbreez said...

Um, you know pigeons here (more exactly, their poop) can give you a fatal disease, right? Hence, their self-assuredness ...

Sayesha said...

Alle baby, gussa ho gayi? Ruk hum log Thanu ko bhi apni side kar lete hain, kyun Viks? ;)

Achha achha! Aajkal bahut chup chaap rehte ho yaar.. kya baat hai? :)

//one sided contest that'll be :P

Egg-jactly. I'll kick your ass in no time! :D

Hehehe... I thought that was too much :P

Hey, you're still around! :)
ps: Thanks! :)

Hahahaha! I'm guessing this song had to be sung in the 'Kabootar ja ja ja" tune? Hahahahaha! I should try the Chinese version too! :D

#The Moghul,
Yeah, kya karein... yahan ke toh kabootar bhi paraaye hi hain...

Hehehe! :P I was also hungry yaar! Yet, I stopped to say 'hello' to the buggers! :D

#Negative, The Girl,

Sheesh! Why does everyone seem to have the kabootari theory?? :D

Hahahaha! Well, if "Ud jao, Sayesha aa gayi hai!" didn't work, I doubt if the Gabbar line would! :P

Sheesh! :O


Long time man! :)

That explains it!!! :O

Rebellion said...

Aawwww.. that was a cute post Sash :)

No phurrrrr?!
hehehe.. Hota hai bacchha hota hai..
Bade bade deshon mein aisi choti choti baatein, hoti hai :P

Take care,