Thursday, January 05, 2006

Jai Jharkhand - Part I

I have always wanted to write a post on Jharkhand. I have spent a lot of my childhood there (when everything was all Bihar) and I have many many memories of that place. So this post is dedicated to Bihar and particularly to Jharkhand.

It's ugly but it's true. Bihar and Biharis have always been considered as 'uncool'. Uncouth, unsophisticated, corrupt, criminals, etc. etc. I'm not a Bihari myself, but I am very fond of the place and the people. I think both are cool. I think what you take from a place is what makes you 'cool' or 'uncool' and not the place itself.

My father was transferred to Patna when I was all of six, with neither a clue nor a single hindi word in my head.

In a school where the teachers explained the more difficult concepts in Hindi, yes, I was screwed. I was saved only by the textbooks, which I read with a vengeance because I was determined to prove myself in spite of the language handicap. (Perhaps that's where I get my enthusiasm for my job from, because I realise the importance of a good book when the teacher is no use to a six-year-old.)

My Mom and Dad did not speak much Hindi either, and were actually worried that they would make my vocabulary deteriorate. Though I fail to understand how vocab that was limited to 'haan' and 'nahin' could deteriorate any further. But yes, I picked up fast, and got better with time, although I suffered many many embarrassing moments, especially when I encountered 'new' words that sounded like 'old words'.

I particularly remember this incident when I made a complete fool of myself when a panicky classmate came running to me and said, "Sayesha, Paromita ne classroom mein ulti kar di. Teacher ko bulao!" ("Sayesha, Paromita threw up in the classroom. Call the teacher!") I promptly went and reported to the teacher, "Paromita has hung herself upside down in the class!" Simply because 'ulti' to me meant the feminine version of the word 'ulta' which means upside down.

I will never forget that incident. And the shock on the teacher's face when she heard my report on the 7-year-old Paromita's alleged suicide attempt in the classroom.

Alongside Hindi, I was picking up the cute little language Bhojpuri as well. My tryst with Bhojpuri started when I heard my neighbour's servant Sudhir say, "Hamaar chappalwa phatat gayil!" ("My slipper broke.") I don't think I had laughed harder that entire year. I prompty went and taught the phrase to my Mom, who was laughing at the statement for the next three years at least.

I started my teenage in Jamshedpur, and was there for two years, of which I recall no happening incident or characteristic to jot down here. Tata steel. Lots of coal. That's it.

And then Dad moved to this tiny town called Chaibasa. A lot of tribals who spoke a language called Ho still inhabited the place. The town was so small that everyone knew everyone. Dad was against the idea of me living in a hostel in another town for my studies. So I joined the only English medium local school. I liked it. We had very qualified and experienced teachers who had been transferred to that town or had asked to be transferred for the love of teaching or just for the challenge. But many promptly left it after a year or so, realising that it really was too small a town. So I got more and more used to things around me changing very fast.

No post about Bihar would be complete without the mention of Laloo. I saw him once. In a helicopter. He was coming down to address a gathering in the big field next to my school. He was rumoured to have said, "Bachpan mein hum bhainsan par baithkar oopar helicopterwa ko dekhte they. Aur ab hum helicopterwa mein baithkar neeche bhainsan ko dekhte hain!" ("In my childhood, I used to sit on the buffalo and look up at the helicopter. Now I sit in the helicopter and look down at the buffalo.") Amazing, huh? That dude is something.

I loved the slow pace of life in that town. I loved going to school. I loved my friends, teachers and my subjects. I loved the tribal culture whenever I came across it. I could even sing some of the songs in Ho that blared out of loudspeakers early in the morning, one of which was 'Jimba aabwe jimba aabwe' which my Mom used to sing as 'Zimbabwe Zimbabwe'. She even had a theory that the tribals in Chaibasa originally hailed from Zimbabwe.

Speaking of blaring loudspeakers, how can I forget the homemade remixes of popular songs done for the local temple, that would wake everyone up, including the town roosters! One of them was 'Main shivji ka hoon bhakt bhakt' sung to the tune of 'Tu cheez badi hai mast mast'. Sheesh.

No wonder I was never late for my 5:45 am bus which I had to catch to go to the next town because my school was only upto the 10th standard. And Dad was still adamant to let me go and study outside. (Look at the irony, he had to finally let me go, that too to a whole other country, that too for ten years!) So I travelled every single day to another town for my 11th and 12th.

When I applied for the Singapore Airlines scholarship, everyone around me said that I had no chance in hell because I was from an unknown school in an unknown town in a state with the worst reputation in India. But somehow, I got lucky, and was offered the scholarship.

"You're not going anywhere! You were offered the scholarship, we're happy. Now you reject it, and I will proudly tell people how my daughter rejected Singapore! Hah!" said my Mom. Moms and their crazy ideas... sheesh.

"So? What do you want to do? Do you want to go?" Dad asked.

"What?! I get to decide?? And you're willing to let me go?? Dad, there's a 6-year-bond after the 4-year-course, you remember that, don't you?"

"Yes, I know. You decide and let me know."

"Of course she's going!" said my Grandma. "I have to go back to the village and tell everyone that my grand-daughter is going abroad!"

(Yeah, my grandma was not the typical traditional kinda grandma. She was the totally chilled out types.)

My mamaji told my Dad, "You must be kidding me! Send your daughter off to some unknown land for ten years?? Haha!"

A week later, this small-town girl found herself in Singapore.

And with me, I had brought a large part of that small town, and it marked my first few weeks here in terms of people's perception of me and their behaviour towards me.

Which played a big part in making me the person I am today.

Coming soon in part II - why seniors would not rag this freshie and other stories

Read Jai Jharkhand - part II here.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey, Who says Bihar is uncool? The coolest poltu (short for politicians) is Mr. L P Yadav.

BTW, my own shudh-Hindi shocker was: "Isme Vidyut Aata Hai" (a servant describing a cooler which was maaroing 'current')

rimjhim said...

won bronze :)

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Chalo, gold, silver, bronze nahin toh copper hee sahi. ;) Now, let me read. :D

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

HAHAHA!!! Amazing! You made Bihar sound cool...! And come to think of it, it IS cool...weird, yes... but cool too.
That "suicide attempt" incident was FUNNY! Hindi teacher used to say "shubh aprahan" and "shubh prata" (or something like that) instead of "good afternoon and good morning. HAHA!
Waiting for the second part now. :D

Anonymous said...

nice one ~

Anonymous said...

"Main Shiv ji ka hoon bhakt bhakt..."... amazing man! The lyricist is a man after my own heart! :P

// In a school where the teachers explained the more difficult concepts in Hindi, yes, I was screwed.

I can understand how that would feel! When I heard the word "nibandh" for the first time in Std 8, and found out we had to write 2 of those in the board exams, I freaked man!

// ulti-ulta story
That reminds me of a similar story involving my dad, the hindi maestro, arguing with a rickshaw walla that dedh rupiah (1.50) was too much for a ride worth only dhai (2.50)! ;)

I better get coke and popcorn for part 2. That's gonna be full of ROTFL moments :)

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! nice story about the attempted suicide. i can almost picture it (with the bachpan photo on a previous post as template...).

I had quite similar pre-university experiences but in a much cooler (no arguments!) town, pune.

looking forward to part 2 where the action really begins.... :D


Shobana said...

nice post:)
i thought ur mother tongue was hindi. so what do u speak at home?

Anonymous said...

@World-seller-Girl, its "Suprabhaat". "Aprahn" is afternoon .. its difficult to write even in Hindi, with a 'n' nudged inside a 'h'. No wonder English is so prevalent ... 26 characters in all, no matra, no accents, no frills!

Lalit Singh said...

jai bihar
jai jharkhand

nice post

Shriedhar said...


Anonymous said...

You involved with writing children's books? Must be seriously interesting!

'Main shivji ka hoon bhakt bhakt'

oh, they've been doing it since ages, and its one of my huge interests to listen to these "remixes". They've come up with bhakti-remixes of songs like "Kaanta laga" and "Kajra-Re". They go something like "Taanta laga [bhakto ka]" (ok i don't know exactly, taanta means horde i guess) and "Krishna Re, Krishna Re, tere kaare kaare naina"!!

Which played a big part in making me the person I am today.
yes, I feel there's a specific theme of life in every small town and that uniqueness of the manner of living gives a person real strong roots. big cities, in this respect, are more of a mess, I guess, if I see it correctly.

Waise I really liked this post.


The Girl Who Sold The World said...

OMFG! I'm speechless right now...for SIX YEARS, I kept using the wrong words!!! For that matter, my whole class of 50 students used the wrong terms! Oh GOSH!
I'm happy with English...simple language, simpler script.

Rays Of Sun said...

ROTFL at "ulti"
WOW.Youve come a long way babes:) Your hindi is too good:)

Manish Kumar said...


Unknown said...

man....this just keeps getting better and better! dont seem like the types who came out of a small town! And congrats on the pretigious scholarship! That was quite an achievement by itself!...And my level of hindi is just as bad as yours was in your 6th year of existence! :(

Vikram said...


Laloo and his lines...i dig for his quips...he rocks!!...

and 'mein shivji ka hoon bhakt bhakt' is awesome...hahahahahahaha...

toooo much...

Suds said...

Hey first of all.. Sayesha u are cool. I am really impressed from small town in Bihar to Singapore is a great leap...:) I am imagine u are really smart...:)

Regarding: "Store related to Ulti..:
Man I read the post while in office(in US). Here noone understands hindi. I was laughing for good 2 minutes that too loudly and my colleague next to me is asking why was to I explain to him "Ulti"...... Enjoy hahahahhahaha

Rays Of Sun said...

hey baby:)
I laughed my guts out after reading the heliocpterwa and about the shivji incident:)

Sayesha said...

Yeah man! That poltu is something!
ps: Vidyut? Wah wah! Impressive! :D

Kyun re? Prize uthaya aur nikal chali?? :/

#The Girl,
Thanks! :) Yeah, the second part will need much more work... lotsa things to remember and jot down :)

#Anon gal,
Thanks! :)

//The lyricist is a man after my own heart!

I think he's slightly more talented in the lyrics department than you are! ;)

LOL @ nibhand! I remember the sandarbh, prasang, vyakhya, etc. that we had to do! Sheesh! :O

//with the bachpan photo on a previous post as template...


//looking forward to part 2 where the action really begins

Oh yeah, you would love that, wouln't you? To see what this senior of yours went thru before making you guys go thru worse (did I?) :P

AT home I speak a blish-blosh of every language learnt in every place I was :D

//with a 'n' nudged inside a 'h'

I remember that! The name Jahnvi is also written like that! Poor Jahnvis of the world! :O

Thanks, man! Jai Jharkhand! :)


#The Anonymous,
//You involved with writing children's books? Must be seriously interesting!

Yeah, I am. It's awesome! :)

//Taanta laga
//Krishna re

Eeeeshhh! :O

//uniqueness of the manner of living gives a person real strong roots.

Totally agree :)

//Waise I really liked this post.

Thanks. Chalo kuch toh pasand aaya, warna har post mein hum dono ladte rehte hain! :)

#The Girl,
Hahaha! :D

Hmmm se aage kuchh nahin? Dedh rupaiya for your thoughts? :)

#Vikram H,
Thanks! :)

Yeah man, Laloo rocks! :D

// 'mein shivji ka hoon bhakt bhakt'

You know, after listening to this, I could never listen to the original the same way again? :O

Thanks! :)

ps: Yeah, the laughing thing happens to me too when I catch up on reading people's blogs during lunch hour at office. Sometimes I'm like grinning widely at the monitor, hoping no one is lookin' at me! :P


Thanu said...

I believe we all have a part of the place that we grew up in us.

The ulti-ulta was classic.

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

//Yeah, the second part will need much more work... lotsa things to remember and jot down//

OOOH! Lotsa things? Yipeee...smells like a grrrrrrrrrreat post. ;)
*Grabs a packet of chips and some coke and gets ready for the new post* :D

Rays Of Sun said...

Cooly ignore maara mere comment ko..Hmphhhhhhhhh

Adi Oso-Groot Finch said...

lovely :)

Sayesha said...


#The Girl,
Gosh now you guys are bringing on the stress! Will try and write it over the weekend! :)

Alle baby gussa mat kar.. I thot I'd address both your comments together, but I got so excited by the second one, I forgot the first one. Muaafi ho? :(

//WOW.Youve come a long way babes:) Your hindi is too good:)

Thank you thank you! :)

Chatur chaar ka bhrashtachaar
Chalta rahe bas isi prakaar!

Thank you :)

Angelsera said...

woow...thr is so much history behind ur comin here :) cool!

Ravi said...

History! Well I too have a connection with Jharkhand. I was born in Ranchi & spent 2 yrs of my formative years there. Nice little hill station. Dad especially liked some of the food from there. He recalls enjoying "Jhal Moori" (Moori in kacha sarson ka tel) & some form of Brinjal curry.

Sayesha said...

Haha! Yeah, we never really had a chance to talk about my origins, did we? :)

Ooh I LOVED Ranchi, used to go there for inter school painting and essay competitions!

And I totally dig jhaal moori, with LOADS of jhaal (mirchi)! The kind jisse aankhon mein aansu aa jaayein! Sob sob! Yum yum! :P

Deepa said...

Is this a trend ....
I get to meet so many Bihar's...
One of my good frmdz happen to be a bihari..boy!!!! the Jackfruit pickles...and aloo parata...I'd never dare to miss it.

Anonymous said...


"You know something? You say it best when you say nuthin' at all."

even nicer. aren't we a darned ray of sunshine?

Sayesha said...

Oooh, jackfruits!! I used to actually climb jackfruit trees! Oww! :D And yes, the jackfruit pickle and jackfruit sabzi, both rock! :D

Sorry girl, I had to say the "You know something? You say it best when you say nuthin' at all." to you in my last post. Sometimes your innuendo is too much for me. :(

Anonymous said...

How abt doing a follow-up post containing 'experiences' of all your readers who might not be worthy of posts individually*, but collectively do deserve a post.

*: Its the posts I am talking about, not your readers - dirty mind, what were you thinking ;-)?? Athithi Devo Bhava

Neha Sinha said...

:o too! :O
arey mai bhi Bihari hoon!
n who says Bihar is uncool??..they have some gr8 ppl like u n me!! bolo hain naa.. :P :P
whew..i can't beliv it....yippee..i found a Bihari!

laloo ke kisse hum pratidin yahan sunte hain ;)

anyways..eagerly waiting 4 part 2 :D

Pi said...

part 2 : i am waiting for that too. :) I hope u remember all that we made you do. :P

Sayesha said...

Hum aapki baat kuchh samjhe nahin. Maaf karna bhaiya, hum Jharkhand se hain! :)

//they have some gr8 ppl like u n me!!

Muahaha! Tu toh 100% Bihari hai, mijhse bhi zyada great! :D

//anyways..eagerly waiting 4 part 2

Sab waiting, Sayesha panicking :P

#American Pie,
// I hope u remember all that we made you do. :P

Hahaha! Strangely I don't remember you ragging me at all! So you were either too nice to me, or concentrating on the Bangalore chicks! ;)

debubhai_bole_to_ said...

Sayesha....ur language is so evocative i cud almost see lil sayesha running to her are wht you are....simple yet rich!!
when is the 2nd part comin?

virdi said...

I am very impressed with Laloo... no seriously... he is a clown but he knows what he is doing...

Laloo is the Railways Minister in the present government and Indian Railways made profit for the first time after Independence...

Everyone in the political scene is a cheat... Without cheating you cannot survive... but poor Laloo because of his circus tricks is always under the scaner... He is a leader of the mass...

And yes people of Bihar have a very nice way of talking, they never say "TU or Tum" always use "Aap" :-)


Raj said...

You didnt speak hindi till you were six? I never could have guessed that. Your hindi is extremely shuddh. So which language did you speak before that? Just English?

Raj said...

@Virdi: Yeh 'aap' bolne ka tradition sirf bihar ka nahin hai. Hamare UP main bhi Aap hi bolte hain :)

Kathy said...

That's cool smart you are^_^ I love your stories very much yaar!


Unknown said...

Surprising ,though i 've met a couple of interesting people from Bihar who were nowhere close to the bihar projected to us in the rest of India. Reading your post Bihar definitely sounds "Cool".

Awaiting your next post...


Anonymous said...

Cool... so finally you have come up with a post on Bihar! I faced some issues with language too... but my problems were exactly the opposite of yours. Right upto third standard I knew only Hindi. Hell even English at St. Karen's and Prarambhika was taught in Hindi! Really!! So when I moved to B'bai I was completely lost in my school where everyone spoke English. I remember going to class without doing my homework and getting a 'remark' in my diary just because I had no clue what the teacher had asked me to do :D

But yeah, I agree with you about Bihar being cool. I think it was great fun growing up in Patna... loads of freedom and very friendly people. Its sad to see Bihar deteriorate so much.

A great post as usual :)


V said...

Improvisation at its very epitomical best!["Mein shiv ji ka hoon bhakt bhakt..."].

Cool Post for a cool Bihar!

Actually, though generally I am[was(?)] of the popular opinion as far as Bihar is concerned, but I do know one thing for sure: some Biharis are very hard working.

pramod said...

Hey this is Deepa's friend...
Putting comment on ur blog...hope you will not mind...this is a good post...Keep it up...

Anonymous said...

Ladaai? You said you wanted to see how fast can I mess up the impression, didn't I succeed?? :D

Anyway, ok no fights, you mentioned about Laloo. If for some time we forget about scams and all, he really is a wonder of a person! Kya bandaa hai yaar, sahi mein!

atul lakhotia said...

nice post...that "ulti" incident was really funny...
and u also learnt the hullalooloo language of tribals...congrats...

ur lucky that u hav a chill grandma..

Bhole said...

Jharkhand reminds me of Jharkhand Mukti Moorcha :)

LOL @ ulti

I like Chupke Chupke alot :)

Agni rath laupat gamini - such a small word for train :)

patiala pataka said...

I lived all my life here in Singapore but I speak Bhojpuri with my parents and with my siblings. But why did you laugh at the servant's remark? No offence Sayesha, but any language sounds funny to a non native speaker. But it seems Bhojpuri is ridiculed because it is spoken by very simple people. I see this happening whenever I visit India.

P.S It is suppose be "Hamaar chappal phat gayil" .

Anonymous said...

Very interesting! :)

Never knew there is a language with a name that can be spelled with one alphabet and one vowel. If it was called Ha instead of Ho the angrej log wudn't have found it that embarrassing. HOHOHO..err..HAHAHA!

Hum agle postwa ka intezar karat rahin! :p


Sayesha said...

Thanks! :)

//you are wht you are....simple yet rich!!

I wish I were rich! ;)

I use a lot of 'aap' and 'hum' too! :)

Thanks! :) I let my actions speak for me! Muahaha! :D

Hey, you're from UP?? Wow. My Dad's posted in Lucknow now! :)

I'm more smartass than smart, but thanks, girl! :P

Thanks! :)

Aapne kasam khayi hai kya ki jis post mein Sayesha Bihar ko mention karegi, aap uspar hi comment karoge? :)

//loads of freedom and very friendly people.

Yeah. Totally agree. That just about describes Bihar/Jharkhand :)

//Cool Post for a cool Bihar!

Thanks! :)

Welcome to Sayeshaz and thanks for commenting! :)

#The Anon,
Impression ka ladai ke saath kya lena dena?? :O

Thanks! :)

//hullalooloo language of tribals.

Hahahahaha! :D

Yeah, sometimes we used to have school holidays because of Jharkhand Mukti Morcha Andolan! :O

Chupke chupke rocks! :)

Cricket = Lamb dand gol pind dhar pakad pratiyogita! :O

#Patiala Pataka,
I think you're being unnecessarily defensive. I never ridiculed Bhojpuri. I just related how my first encounter with it made me laugh. You guys laugh at me all the time. Do I take offence and say you're ridiculing me?

//but any language sounds funny to a non native speaker.

Yes, I agree. So what's your point?

//P.S It is suppose be "Hamaar chappal phat gayil" .

Well, he said 'chappalwa'. Why don't you look him up and ask him?

// But why did you laugh at the servant's remark?

Because I was six and it sounded funny to me. Ho gayi tasalli ya kuch baaki reh gaya? Ab bachi ki jaan lega kya? :)

Thanks! Agla postwa is on the way! :)

R said...

seriously. laloo is something. and don't forget his wife.

'ulti' incident.. funny!! :D

[waiting for the next post!]

patiala pataka said...

sorry yaar got a bit carried away. Usually I'm not like that...must be the rain...I really didn't want my first comment on Sayesha to be critical ;)...By the way Zinda releasing next going?

Kaala Kavva said...

oye sayesha.. nice story
the ulti was the best!

and so was chappalwaa!!!

Anonymous said...

Ab mat ladiye Sayesha ji please!! :D

Eclectic Blogger said...

LMAO at 'Main shivji ka hoon bhakt bhakt' .. and ur 'Ulti' incident..

Anonymous said...

Very interesting Sash. Reminded me of this little scenic Orissa town called Damanjodi that we lived in for 4 years. Have some of the best memories from here. I had picked up an Oriya folk song too....
"O Rongobotiii Re Rongoboti..." LOLOL
(wish I could write the tune here) :-)

Sayesha said...

Yeah man, Rabdi rab rab kardi toh duniya dardi! :D

//waiting for the next post!

Coming soon! :P

#Pat Pat,
Hota hai hota hai. Frankly, I don't mind people getting critical, but questioning a 6-year-old on why she laughed at something is perhaps a bit too much? :P

//By the way Zinda releasing next going?

Celina Jaitley? Hahaha! You must be kidding me! Even a John Abraham can't pull me to a Celina Jaitley movie! :D

#Ze Chapaat,
Thanks! :D

#The Anon,
Okay, agyaat ji! :)


Hey, two of my cousins studied in DPS Damanjodi!

//(wish I could write the tune here)

I know the tune! ;)
I lived in Orissa for a couple of years too!

Rongoboti rongoboti kanaklata

Hahahahaha! :D

Anonymous said...

Oh really??? WOW. I was in DPS Dmjd! I might hv known/heard about them!? We moved to Delhi from there after I finished my 8th grade. Gosh, those were some of my best-est ever times in school :-).
It was just charming, being there. The school was built like a fort, at a higher altitude, and there was a long uphill road leading to it. There was a short cut thru a field. We used to go thru that sometimes for fun, and come out of it with thorns and wet mud sticking to us :-). During rains, we used to catch those cute red makhmal ke bugs from there and have them walk on our palms :-). It's lovely to recall those times.

Anonymous said...

Hahaaa....u know the tune!! Amazing :-))

Anonymous said...

Jee haan... maine exactly wohi kasam khyi hai :D

Pi said...

harshi >>
you were in DPS dmnjd? - which i am guessing is Damanjodi. During high school, I remember taking part in a national quiz where we met teams from DPS damanjodi - besides other towns and cities from India.

The only thing I remember about the team from DPS Damanjodi is that it had three very cute girls. :P

Jina said...

tears in my eyes..u made me all senti..
n can i dedicate this post to my bihari roommate...she wud love it..

ritzkini said...

:) it late...
hey chick ! listen yaar,maybe you can catch up on bhojpuri movies...i saw a lotta posters in mumbai's local stations...apparently,it's the rage...atleast amongst the bhaiyyas !
movie name list..and i swear,i am not joking..
1.Darogaji,I lob yooo..
2.Firangi dulhaniya..
3.ghar aaya pardesiyaa...
etc etc...will come up with it as and when i remember...
you could make out the whole story just looking at the poster..vidhwa ma,2 kids,lotsa blood,guns and crazy looking villains..wah wah !

Sayesha said...

Yeah, my cousins could not stop praising it too! :)
ps: Yeah, I know the tune! :P

Shabash mere sher! :)

#American Pie,
// that it had three very cute girls.

For all you know, Harshi was one of them! ;)

Ideally I should be the one dedicating the post, but hey, go ahead and do it, whatever makes ya happy! :)
ps: Glad you liked the post :)

Naah, I dun like Bhojpuri movies! I only like Karan Johar type Hindi movies. The kind you hate.

Anonymous said...

Sash, Am Pi, :-)) I wasn't one of them in the quiz show. And you have quite a nice memory to have remembered that. They must really have been Cute! :-))

Btw, was this the annual Meet you are mentioning, where DPS branches from all over India would collect at one branch for a period of about 2 weeks, and compete with each other? Those meets are part of my fave. memories. My participation was in choir, dances, and sports. I remember we had lost miserably in Kho-Kho once :-)). We had bagged prizes in the cultural department though :-).
It was quite an honor to be winning, given the number of schools, and the talent around. But it was great fun, regardless :-).

Btw, were you in DPS too Am Pi? Which one?

Pi said...

Sayesha >> None of the girls in that team were called Harshi, but then I am guessing that Harshi is not her real name, like how Sayesha is not your real name (though I know how much you would like it to be;)) I think the girls in that team had names that sounded like Twinkle, Dimple, Simple, Bunny or something like those.

Harshi >>> I did not go to a DPS. I was in another Public School. But this event was not an All India DPS meet. it was something else..

Anonymous said...

Ohok Am Pi.
You remember how their names sounded like too? Wow :-)
My name's pretty real btw :)

Sayesha said...

//And you have quite a nice memory to have remembered that. They must really have been Cute!

I'm sure they were! Warna... a guy to remember that many many years later? Impossible! :D

#American Pie,
//Twinkle, Dimple, Simple, Bunny

Haha! Are you sure you did not make these names up? They sound like the nicknames you give people! ;)


Anonymous said...

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