Saturday, January 28, 2006

Dell-wale CPU le jayenge

So my new monitor blanks out again. I call Dell Tech Support again and they make me open up the CPU and fiddle around. It looks like the problem is not with my monitor. Could be the video card or something else. Dell is gonna take my CPU away for testing.

I was telling a friend of mine about the computer when I cracked the Dell-wale joke in the title of this post.

And ever since my mind's been full of other similar, possible (bad) jokes.

Dell Toh Pagal Hai
They gave me a new monitor when the problem was not even with the monitor

Dell Hai Ki Maanta Nahin
The tech support guy refuses to believe me when I say that the video card is not loosely connected

Dell Ka Rishta
Two-year warranty

Dell Maange More
When they demand answers to more funny questions they ask.
He - "Is the monitor connected to the power socket?"
Me (thought bubble) - "No, I'm crazy. I am expecting my monitor to work without connecting the power."

Dell Se
What the sticker on their delivery box should say

Hum Dell De Chuke Sanam
After they take my monitor away

Dell Chahta Hai
When they wanted me to monitor the monitor for another day

Koi Mere Dell Mein Hai
When the monitor would spookily blank out on me

Dell Pardesi Ho Gaya
When they sent my old monitor to Malaysia for testing

Dell Kya Kare
When the tech support guy was clueless

Dell Ne Phir Yaad Kiya
When they called to ask when they could deliver the new monitor

Dell Hai Tumhara
When I realised the comp is still under warranty

Hum Aapke Dell Mein Rehte Hain
What my video card is saying right now

Koi Mere Dell Se Poochhe
When my comp is trying to tell me what is wrong using weird error messages

Hamara Dell Aapke Paas Hai
When I call and remind them about my monitor

Dell Deke Dekho
Suggestion by tech support guy

Dell Ka Kya Kasoor
Tech support guy blaming me? :/

Dell Ke Jharokhe Mein
'Windows' error?

Inability to blog

Got any more? ;)


Pi said...

me first. ha ha ha :P

Kaala Kavva said...

im 2nd

(Evil silver-winner type laugh!)

Kaala Kavva said...

shit yaar!
toone saare cover kar liye!
i cant think of no more!

hats caps mufflers t-shirts blazers (bas! aur nahi!) off to sayesha!

Kaala Kavva said...

@the girl!
CHOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Girl Who Sold The World said...


The Girl Who Sold The World said...

ROTFLMAO!!!!! Awesome post!!!! I nearly choked on the Uncle Chips that I was eating...haha.

//Dell Pardesi Ho Gaya
When they sent my old monitor to Malaysia for testing//

HAHAHAHA!!! This was grrreat!

One more: DELL.
Matlab: Everything is Dell's fault. ;)
Kuch Dell Ne Kaha? Ummm...kaha hee nahin...kiya bhi! :P
And Chapaat, itna khush mat ho...I would've got the silver...woh toh meri comment window hee nahin khuli...HMPH!

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

@ Chapaat: Abhi dekha tera comment... X-(
I just donated the silver to you this time! :P

Aur agar Chopsuey khaani hai, toh apne Chapaati restaurant mein banvani shuroo kar de. :P HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Shekhar said...

At a time when I wasn't smiling, your post made me do exactly that. Thanks. :D

N of course, a few contributions from the PJ king:

1. Duniya Dell Waalon Ki: Name of their next Indian campus perhaps?

2. Kabhi Kabhie Mere Dell Mein...(Sayesha finishes) Problems ka bauchaar hota hai.

3. Dell Jo Bhi Kahe...wohi sach hai.

4. Dell ne jise apna kaha, usi ka bhala hua.

n finally, a note to all of us who 'haath dhoke' have fallen after poor Dell:

Dell hi to hai...Maaf kar de.

Negative Creep said...

hahaha... I've read a few things on similar lines before... Anyone got that sms forward about film titles suggested by engineers?? Hilarious shit....

Sahil said...

Yeh Dell. Deewana. Deewana, hai yeh Dell.
Deewane ne. Mujhko bhi. Kardala, deewana.

Real funny Sayesha, I don't know how you come up with these incidents which somehow turn into awesome jokes!

Dellwale computer lejayenge it seems!

Kaala Kavva said...

@the girl
silk kee kameez!
(woh bhi fati hui!)

khabardaar gustaakh ladki!
khabardaar jo chapaati ka naam liya!

MeAwinner said...

Dell to hai Dell.. Dell ka eitbaar kya kije...
#aise hi monitor / cord kharaab ho jata hai :O
Its interesting post.. majaaa aaya padhke..
Cheers !
MeAWinner !

Thanu said...

So no blogging for a while?

Acha post tha

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Nyanyanyanyanya...*shows THENGA to you* Chapaati Chapaati Chapaati Chapaati Chapaati Chapaati Chapaati Chapaati Chapaati Chapaati Chapaati Chapaati Chapaati Chapaati Chapaati Chapaati Chapaati Chapaati

Yeh ley, ley diya naam...aur poore 15.397583 (approx) baari liya hai! Kya karega?
MUAHAHAHAHAHA (evil girl type laugh)

Anusha said...

Hilarious!! :D

Dell ne tumko, chun liya hai...
...zindagi bhar tang karne ke liye!! ;) (Hopefully not, though!!)

PJ, I know...don't stone me!! :D

Priya said...

jeez.. sumthing with dell..
eerr..*flexing my hindi speaking muscles*
*flexing english speaking muscles*
damn i suck!


Anonymous said...

itna saara faaartt... room freshner khatam ho gaya... huh

Vinesh said...

Dell se aaya mera dost

When the guy comes to take your computer away

Eclectic Blogger said...

Dell Kabootar Khana Hai!!!!!????? ha ha..

Rays Of Sun said...

Dell ka kya kasoor??

Rays Of Sun said...

Oops! dint read that you already had mentioned it!

R said...

Dell Deke Dekho
Suggestion by tech support guy

this rocked the most! write the sexiest stuff ever!

Got more? naah. cant think even a percent like you!!

Just another ... said...

Thaliyaan. Ek se badkar ek :)

Just another ... said...

Thaliyaan. Ek se badkar ek :)

Anonymous said...

hehe bahut accha hua jo tere cpu ki waat lagi...very good..subhan allaah..ati sundar! :P


Sayesha said...

#American Pie,
Wah Amrikan babu, naya gold? Badhiya hai. You look like Bappi Lahiri now. :D

#Ze Ex,
There's an 'evil silver-winner type laugh'?? Hahahahaha!
ps: That was my "Yah ladka toh bilkul khiskela hai" type laughter.

/hats caps mufflers t-shirts blazers (bas! aur nahi!) off to sayesha!

Oye, this is a family blog. Waapas pehen saare kapde! :O

#The Girl,
//Uncle Chips

Uncle Chips? You're having Uncle Chips?? :( Mere liye bhijwa na... India mein ek chips hota tha Binnies Pudina Punch! Ufff!!! The thought of it makes me drool! :P ~ ~

//woh toh meri comment window nahin khuli

Hahahahah! :D


Chopsuey? You're having chopsuey?? :( Mere liye bhijwa na...

#Shekhar aka PJ King,
Hahahaha! "Kabhi Kabhie Mere Dell Mein..." was too funny! :D

Post it on your blog yaar! Hum bhi padhenge! :D

Hahahahahaha! For some reason, I could imagine you singing this! Hilarious! :D

#Ze Ex,
Baap re... tu abhi tak senti hai chapaati ke baare mein? :O

//Dell to hai Dell.. Dell ka eitbaar kya kije...

Hahahahaha! Sahi bola re! :D

Pata nahin yaar... the monitor goes on and off unpredictably... it's become like life, jab tak hai, tab tak hai... uske baad pata nahin... :D

#The Girl,
You stay in touch bacha... I wanna see how you turn out 10 years later... teri mental age ka lagta hai kuchh nahin hoga! :D

Zindagi bhar?? Oye shubh shubh bol! Meri blogging ki already waat lagi hui hai! :O

Though you did not suggest any new Dell PJs, but your comment sure was HILARIOUS!!! :D

Oye! Log khush hote hain toh dard hota hai tujhe? Hmmph! :/

Hahahahah! Dost??! As long as he repairs my comp jaldi se, I guess I could call him dost! :P

Hahahahhahaha! You know what? I imagined the Dell guys opening up my CPU and suddenly thirteen pigeons flying outta it with a 'phurrrrrr' sound, leaving them scratching their heads! Hahaha! :D

Yes baby, I already wrote it :)

Hehehe... that's one of my favs too! :P Thanks thanks! :)

#Just another,
Thanks! :P

Oye! Kyun ashubh baatein karta hai yaar? Mere blogging se itna kasht hota hai tere dil ko kya? :(

Suds said...

Another good post. Dell se great post...Enjoy

Anonymous said...

//Mere blogging se itna kasht hota hai tere dil ko kya? :(

Haan, bahut kasht hota hai! Issiliye to aata hoon main tere blog pe roz taaki mere ko kasht ho :P IDIOT KAHIN KI!!!


Sayesha said...

Hehehe.. thank you yaar. Dell se.. :)

Hai Raaaaaam!
Daant diya bachi ko??
Woh bhi capital letters mein???
Mil gayi mann ko santushti????


Anonymous said...

Hahaaa :-)
Sayesha, mere Dell mein words nahi rahe.....
Kya post hai!

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

OMG, that was hilarious Sayesha!! How the hell did you come up with all these?

V said...

Yeah.You must have spent quite some time on coming up with these, for sure!

I saw this T-Shirt once at Shopper's Stop, which had "Hell" written in the logo-way that is symbolic of "Dell".
It went on like this:
"Hell With Computers!", with that hell written in Dell's logo.

Kaala Kavva said...

sf = sayesha's friend
cs = sayesha

sf: oye sayesha! kya karreli hai ?
cs: bas kuch nahi yaar.. computer pe baithee hu ..
sf: :O!!! abe tera weight kitna hai ??
cs: 168.387387(approx) kgs... par kyu ??
sf: abe anpad! apne computer ko dekh..

cs ne dekha kee uska computer tukde tukde ho gaya and she started singing
'jab dell hee toot gaya, to jee ke kya karein..'
hence sc commited suicide.

| |
| R. I. P |
| |
| CS |
| (1422-2006) |
| |

Kaala Kavva said...


Raj said...

Dell keh raha hai....tujh se yoon rishta "tod" loon ;)

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

ROTFLMAO @ Chapaat's comment


@Sayesha: Aaj kal shayad voh Pudina munch nahin aata. I can't find it anywhere. :P
And meri mental age toh itni hee rahegi. :D

Sayesha said...

Hahaha! Sash Dell se tera shukriya adaa karti hai :P

Hehehehe... it just happens yaar... sometimes something just strikes you and it becomes a blog post. :P

I wrote this in ten minutes flat yaar! I swear! :D

#Ze Ex,
Teri kheti hai kya??? Mere age aur mere weight mein apni marzi se jo bhi chaha add kar diya?? Kambakht! :@
ps: Maar daala.... maaaaaar daaaaalaaaaaaaaaa :(

pps: And once again, in BOLD letters??!! :(

Arre jab Dell hi toot gaya... :(

#The Girl,
//Aaj kal shayad voh Pudina munch nahin aata.

Sigh... all good things must come to an end, eh? :(
ps: I WANT India wala pudina punch wala chips!!! NOW! :(

Lalit Singh said...

Dell pe mat le yaar
Dont take it out on Dell

Dell ki watt lagi

Dell aashna hain
With so many calls Sayesha's got to know the geek at Dell better [Evil laugh]

Dell hain betaab
The Geek @Dell is anxious to set the problem right and personally deliver the comp back to Sayesha

Dell diya Dard liya
Ever since she gave her Dell to the geek for repair, he's too much of a pain in the 'you know where' for Sayesha...Keeps calling for no reason... sends gifts

Dell-Well Pyar Vyar
Well whats up with Geek@Dell
Pyar Vyar??
[voice = Ashok Kumar]Agle Episode mein dekhengey Hum-Log?[/voice]

R said...

Pudina wala chips!! delhi mein milta hai!! *evil smile*

Aj said...

Wow !!
Dell ki watt laga di :)
agar woh pad lenge toh has has ke pagal ho jayege!

@lalit ... u also did a great job :)


The Girl Who Sold The World said...

KAHAN PAR???!!! :O Mujhe toh kabhi nahin mile! Name the shop. *Looks menacingly*

Sayesha said...

Hahahahah! Fantastic job yaar! :D
I thought of one more before I went to sleep last night.
Sheesha ho ya Dell ho, aakhir toot jata hai... :P

WHAT??!! Bhej naaaaaaaaaa! Pleeeeeeeeease! :P ~ ~

//agar woh pad lenge toh has has ke pagal ho jayege!

I hope they only laugh and don't sue me for defamation... :O

Nahin toh I will sing...

Sue kar mere dhan ko...

And Sayesha successfully cracks another bad one! :D

#The Girl,
Tujhe mil jaaye toh please das-pandrah packet idhar bhej dena bacha! Yum! :P ~ ~

Lalit Singh said...

one more
Dell to hain dell
dell ka aitbaar kya kijiye

Thx aj

virdi said...

dell diwana hota hai.... mastana hota hai...


virdi said...

duniya DELL waloon ki...



Anonymous said...

Virdee - logon ne dil ka dell kiya tune pyar ka dell kar diya ....kya yarrr! mast aadmi hai tu! Ek main bhi chitka hi deta hoon...

dell ka aana hai hai,
dell ka jana hai hai,
ye aaya ye gaya,
jane kahan kho gaya,
dell pardesi ho gaya


t said...

Wow Sayesha-di too good!!

I got one!!!
"Phir Wahi Dell Laya Hoon"
- when the tech. support guys get the job done (but actually havent)

Sayesha said...

Oops that one's taken already by MeAwinner! :P

Eeesh! Yeh wala totally off tha yaar! Bacha we're spoofing 'dil' not 'pyaar'! Arre koi samjhao re isko rules! :P

ps: Duniya Dell walon ki is taken by Shekhar! :)

Hahahaha! I sunaoed Virdi too! :P

Arre Dell pardesi ho gaya is taken by me! :/

Hehehehe! That's a good one! Perhaps my 'new monitor' is not actually 'new', eh? ;)

I have another one I have another one!

Dell aisa kisi ne mera toda... :P

Lalit Singh said...

Sayesha to Geek @Dell

Dell cheez kya hain aap meri jaan lijiye
Bas ek baar mera kaha maan lijiye

lols :-)

Ravi said...

The problem:
Dell ke armaan aansuon mein beh gaye...

The Hope:
oh mere Dell ke chain,
chain aaye mere Dell ko Dua keejiye...

The solution:
Dell cheez kya aap mera Apple leejiye...

Lalit Singh said...

Geek unable to rectufy the problem

Sayesha: Tune Dell mera toda
kahin ka na choda
sanam bewafa hoooooo sanam bewafa

ok enough!!!
i solemnly vow not to come up with stupid lyrics n situations

Ravi said...

What is this?

Your blog is behaving very strangely these days.

Anonymous said...

//Arre Dell pardesi ho gaya is taken by me! :/

ohh accha.. chal fir..

dell ke badle mein dell de
ye sauda humse kar le

tech-support guy giving u the replacement option hehe


Shriedhar said...

"dell deewaney dil sayesha ke maanenaaa!!!"

whatta cute post !!!

Vikram said...

Me wanna play the game too...!!!

My answer is :


Right answer? Theek tha na?

Yes, I knew it.

Sayesha said...

You're brillianto! Simply brillianto! :D
Wah! :)

//Dell ke armaan aansuon mein beh gaye...

Hahahahahaaha! :D

//ok enough!!! i solemnly vow not to come up with stupid lyrics n situations

What?????? Just when your creativity was at its peak??!! :O Aisa zulm apne fans par?? :O

Haan yaar... kuchh timing ka prob lagta hai... and some comments don't show up! :/

Haan yeh wala sahi tha boss! :D

Hehehe... thanks! :P

Eeeeeshhh! I have one thing to say to you:
Somebody... I won't tell you who... but I think you know him very well! Somebody...

Vikram said...

//Somebody... I won't tell you who... but I think you know him very well! Somebody...//


I'm gonna call children's aid. :D

And even though it takes them 23 mins to get home, I'll wait outside. hehe :P

Vikram said...


just to go in tune with the post :

Dell toh hai Dell,
Dell ka aitbaar kya keejiye

I hope I got the lyric right. :P

Zubair Farooqi said...

I am new here folks ... just stumbled on this blog .. sayesha rocks man...

Meri bhi Dell ki aarzoo thi koi Dellwaali mile ...

Ae mere Dell kahin aur chal ... Sayesha has given me enough trouble.

Dell dhoondta hai phir kahin fursat ke raat din ... excessive blogging.

Mere Dell mein aaj kia hai tu kahe to main bata dun ... thats exactly we service guys want to know..


Negative Creep said...

" //Somebody... I won't tell you who... but I think you know him very well! Somebody...//


I'm gonna call children's aid. :D

And even though it takes them 23 mins to get home, I'll wait outside. hehe "

Russell Peters is the man...

Anyone seen the sketch on how everyone's gonna be beige 300 yearsfrom now??

So, you can run, but sooner or later, we're gonna hump you.... :D

Deeps said...

Great post and here are some contributions from me:

1) Badi mushkil he, khoya mera Dell he
2) Yeh dil, Dell ki duniya me aisa haaalat hota he (yaadein song)
3) Churake Dell mera goriya chali (yaha pe munda chala :-D)
4) Hai hukku hai hukku hai hai, ye ladka mere saamne mera DEll liye jaaye jaaye jaaye..
5) Tasveer teri Dell me jis din se utaari he (mera bechaara Dell phatgaya :-D)
6) Kuch Dell ne kaha, kuch bhi nahi, kuch aisi bhi baatein hoti he, aisi bhi baatein hoti he
7) Na jaane mere Dell ko kya hogayaaaaaaaaa
8) Jo haal Dell ka idhar ho raha he, woh haal Dell ka udhar ho raha he..
9) Maane na mera Dell deewana
10) Kabhi tum kaho, kabhi me kahoo, ke mene tumhe ye Dell de diyaaaaa..

Thats it, I'm stopping at 10 :).

R said...

@The girl..

Kyon, You will come here from Chandi..? :P

Pujya said...

dell lena khel hai delldaar ka...
washing my hands in flowing ganges

kaushik said...

how abt dell hi dell mein!!!! two baffeled dell support officers munching on the de(vi)ll(ish) problem

Anonymous said...

Angreji ka sher sun..

Roses are red, scarlets are blue,
I was waiting for the next post, where is it

jo sher rhyme nahin karte unmein jyada depth hoti hai, bahut deep hote hain vo, deep bole to dunge..

chal fir issi baat pe ek chatkulla bhi sun...
what are the names of Dell's tech-support people?
The guy is Dellip Kumar
girl..Dellpreet Kaur
Sardar..Deller Mehndi

hmmm..And what about the Pakistani?



Anonymous said...

ye maine violet ko scarlet kyun likha?? bahut ajeeb se style ka typo hai...hmmm..


Kathy said...

Hey Hyper Kawaii^_^ hilarious one hehe..what if one employee of Dell ask to marry you??^_~ or the owner itself coz you made all those jokes and made them commercial here.Not bad huh? Sayesha's can have first sponsor...think of it yaar haha(jokin')
have a nice day sweetie...


Sayesha said...

But I know that it will take you exactly three minutes to go outside, and in those three minutes... somebody... :D

//I hope I got the lyric right. :P

Oh dear, two people already took this one, but very impressive nevertheless! :)

Welcome to Sayeshaz! Sahi waqt par aaye ho! :)

And your spoofs rock! :D

//how everyone's gonna be beige 300 years from now??

Hahahaha! Yeah, seen it! :D


Here's a song for you from the movie 'Dus':

Dus gaane likh ke le layi Dell!

Ladki, tujhme bahut talent hai, bahut aage jayegi, mera aashirwaad hai! :D

DCH style - Pudina punch khaane ke liye hum kahin bhi pahunch sakte hain! Kyun, The Girl? Sahi boli na Sayesha? ;)

//dell lena khel hai delldaar ka...

Hahahaha! :D

//washing my hands in flowing ganges

Hahahaha! Mera influence ho gaya? :P

Hehehehe... Bechare Dellwale... must have blacklisted me man! :O

//Roses are red, scarlets are blue,
I was waiting for the next post, where is it

Wah wah wah! Masha allah! Subhan allah! Kya sher mara! Wah wah!

Ab jawaab sun (utna hi besura, taaki tujhe complex na ho jaaye)

Roses are red, scarlets (scarlets?) are blue
I can't blog because I'm heartless.
Mere paas Dell naam ki cheez hi nahin hai.

Wah wah wah!

ps: Chutkulle mast they waise :P

//bahut ajeeb se style ka typo hai...hmmm..

Gosh, I made a weird typo once! I had to type 'b' and I ended up typing '6'. And they are nowhere near each other on the keyboard. They only look kinda similar. Was kinda freaked out about that for a while... lekin lagta apun dono ki wavelength matching-matching hai! Kyun Bhidu? :)

Sayesha said...

//what if one employee of Dell ask to marry you??^

Not a bad idea... all comp probs will be auto-resolved! :)

//or the owner itself coz you made all those jokes and made them commercial here.

Hmmm... man, we should sell these jokes and earn royalty from Dell's competitors! :/

Anonymous said...

Ms V ke blog pe chipka hua hai tera vo typo. Maine dekha tha. Aaj kal main bahut blogs pe raid maar raha hoon. Soch raha hoon main bhi ek blog bana hi doon lekin usko maintain kaun karega...bahut fight ho jayegi! Aise`ich theek hai.


Anu said...

ha ha..

Dus bahane karke legaye DELL legaye DELL.. hena hena..


Unknown said...

How delliberate! ;-)

virdi said...

DELL kabootar khan hai...
Har kisi ka aana jana hai...


Lalit Singh said...

Geek urging Sayesha to sing
DELL ki girah khol do chup na baitho koi geet gao

to which Sayesha retorts
Jab haal-e-DELL tumse kehne ko main milne aati hun ...

oh no here i go again

PuNeEt said...

that was great stuff sayesha...
u seem to be too pissed off with Dell ;-)


The Girl Who Sold The World said...


Kyon, You will come here from Chandi..? :P

Haan...I visit Delhi every 3-4 months. Hahaha...Pudina Punch khaane ke liye, I can go there even more frequently. :P
Jaise ki Sayesha ne kaha. :D
Pudina Punch is yummmmm.......mmmmmmm.....


Sayesha said...

Oye! You e-stalking me all over blogsphere eh? :D

//Soch raha hoon main bhi ek blog bana hi doon

This is amazing! I was just telling one of my friends today, "I'm beginning to like this Tinku guy. He sounds like someone smart and really really funny." Tera blog bahut mast hoga! Start one! Seriously! Phir hum sab teri waat lagayenge! :D

Hehehe... I sang something similar a few comments ago :P

Long time, girl! :)

Hehehe... Dellwalon ke office ki beizzati kar di? :O

Ya allah! Now you're jus' makin' stuff up, aren't you? :D

Nahin re... not really pissed off with Dell... I just want my comp up and working yaar :(

#The Girl,
Oye don't forget to send my hissa! Mere ilaake mein rahegi toh hafta toh dena padega! Har mahine ek peti bhijwa de! Chips ki! ;)


Arre yaar! Bhool gayi kya? My comp's conked off... there is no display... gaayab... it's gone, chole gechche!

I'm replying to comments from a friend's place yaar... can't really write new posts yahan se...

If my comp works tonight, will post something new... Waise bhi is dard-e-Dell ke chakkar mein mera Dell-o-dimaag khaali ho gaya hai lagta hai... no new blogging ideas... :(

Lalit Singh said...

//you're jus' makin' stuff up

you mean the earlier stuff was true??

Sayesha said...

Nahin yaar... I meant that all the others were spoofs of actual movie/song names... but your last few ones sounded like you made up the song names and then spoofed them! :P

Tarun said...

Dell liya Dard Leeyah?
Dell deke dekho Dell deke dekho Dell deke dekho ji.....O dil lene walo Dell dena sikho ji.
Thanx Sayesha I remember comenting ages ago on your DDLJ post...

Anonymous said...


Now that is a great reason to buy a Dell.

(I haven't yet figured out any other - apart from the fun of using the online configurator - which I do once in a month at least - makes me feel good that my Apple is actually not overpriced - once I add in all the stuff I get with the Mac! He he he:-E)

Great post Sayesha.

Sayesha said...

Hey, welcome back! Thanks for commenting! :)

Thanks! :P
ps: I'm the wrong person to take a side. I have a PC at home and a Mac at work :P

Arun Prasath said...

awesome lines

Sayesha said...

Welcome to Sayeshaz and thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Jass said...

Hahah ! Super hilarious! Dell wale should read this post :D

Unknown said...

Wow, thanks for pointing to this really nice post.
I guess, now anybody searching for "Dell" on google will land on this page. :D

Kanan said...

hehahahaha! Dell jeet liya aapne bhai.. (that's when you've won a Dell)

Dell kabutar khana was so funny I laughed out loud.

Some more that I could recall -

Dell Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere (this would be when you fall in love with the tech support guy) :P

Dell Ki Baazi (gambling for a Dell)

Bade Dell Wala (that's opposite of chhote mobile/cell wala)

Phir Wohi Dell Laya Hoon (tech support guy refuses to replace your Dell)

Dell Kho Gaya (you lost it while traveling :|)

Dell Apna Aur Disk Parayi (LOL!)

Har Dell Jo Pyaar Karega (or rather Har Dell Jo Kaam Karega - imagine no Dell will ever break! lol)

Rehna Hai Tere Dell Mein (bugs wanna stay in your Dell only)

Dell Well Pyaar Vyaar (when you wanna commit suicide in a well near you after your Dell breaks down)

Kehta Hai Dell Baar Baar (when the tech support guy keeps saying same thing, over and over without resolving any problems)

Salma Pe Dell Aa Gaya (Salma = tech support lady?)

I can't stop laughing.. fun post!

Pranay said...

LOL...i stumbled upon this crazy writeup randomly. good job girl. Actually i was searching for my colleague in dell bglore.

PS: I work in Dell, Austin

Raja said...

Arrey, kya fundu blog hai ye !

Just stumbled upon it when I was searching for "Rongoboti Rongoboti Rongoboti". :-)

Have spent hours on it - it is just brilliant ! I also grew up on the border of Orissa/Bihar so I can relate to quite a lot of stuff here.

Your Dell quips deserve a Gold Mein-Dell. Here are a few more :

- Mera Dell bhi kitna Bun-Dell hai
- Dell to hai Dell, Dell ka aitbaar kya keeje
- (to the CPU of the box) Dell mein tujhe bitha ke, kar doongi main band aankhen (agar tu kaam karey - pooja karoongi teri)

I think I will stop here. For a first comment here, I think it is better not to be too Sehwag-like. :-) Thoda "settle" ho jaaon toh phir aut baat hai.

Keep it up, Sayesha. Glad I stumbled upon this blog.