Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Things that make my life worth living

Inspired by a post by my friend the Sinnerman, I'd decided to come up with my list of things that make my life worth living. It took a while, but here it is!

- My independence
- My family and friends
- My music
- Blogging
- Looking at old photographs
- Discovering a real connection with someone
- The sight of the first printed copy of the new issue of my magazine
- The smell of soil after the first rain
- A genuine smile on a friend's face
- Letters from young fans of my magazine
- The night view of Singapore from an airplane
- An sms/email that contains just a smile
- Missing people I love, when they are away from me
- Finding that perfect pair of black shoes
- The look on a friend's face after he/she unwraps the perfect gift from me
- Rediscovering old friendships
- Silent moments with special people
- Sms messages that are too precious to be deleted

- One-word sentences
- Thinking about the exact same thing at the exact moment someone special thinks about it
- Sitting in the front seat of a car and going for long drives at high speeds when someone I trust is at the wheel
- Bollywood
- Pani puri in a leaf bowl at a roadside stall in India
- Chinese food cooked the Indian way

- Sea beaches
- Breezy days (when I am sporting a short haircut)
- The Internet


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naari said...

Its the countless tiny moments of happiness that add zing and life to life...many a times we miss out on these small moments in our pursuit for "bigger" happy events and miss out on precious life......."yeh lamha filhaal jee lene de..", "baatein bhool jaati hain, yaadein yaad aati hain..."

Durga said...

I accidentally bumped into your blog. Its FABULOUS. You write so well.. keep it up.. Things that make our lives worth living is really worth quoting somewhere.. it made me think. I think am going to save it, if you dont mind. For days when things look a little too bleak. You can mail me at Would be nice to know you i think.. :) Good luck in life.