Saturday, April 16, 2005

One of its kind

Today I traded in my Nokia 3310. My first mobile phone. My favourite phone. Millions of sms messages and calls later, several accidental dropping-on-the-floor incidents later, it still survived. And each time, it emerged sturdier and better than ever.

New models hit the market every other day, but I clutched on to my 3310 for years in spite of people asking me why I had such a 'dinosaur' and 'ancient' and 'old-fashioned' phone. One of my friends even refers to it as "the blue brick". But I loved the phone.

But I guess it was time for me to move on. My new Samsung phone is pretty. Flips open. Is light in weight. Looks stylish. Probably works. I have not yet figured out its workings. I suppose that's gonna take me a while.

You can add all the cameras and MP3 players and radios to the mobile phones of today, but you can never make another Nokia 3310.

Parting shot with my companion of the last 4 years


Ro said...

will miss the lower case smses that came from your 3310.

Sayesha said...

Haha, sorry about the rude-looking uppercase sms messages! :P

I'm sure the new phone has the lower case smsing feature, just need to figure it out :)

Lehmunade said...

It was my first phone too - nothing like it!

Keshav said...

4 yrs is a long time with that phone..I have the same piece here but its 3390...been having it for 2.5 yrs ....every one makes fun of me for having the phone but this phone "works" like a phone and I dont ask for more :)...with some other phones u can do things like taking pictures, shoot videos, browse internet and all that but the reception sucks, purpose not served :( !!

Anonymous said...

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