Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The timeless Sayesha

Today was one of those days at work. When schedules go crazy and plans go haywire.

All my friends seem to be flying off to India this week! One's going to tear Antakshari apart. One's going to lose his bachelorhood. Four are going to watch him lose his bachelorhood. And I am stuck here in Singapore. And just when I want to meet them before they go off, all I have time for is sms conversations. And I'm not even used to smsing with the new phone yet! Aaarrghhhhh! :O

It's as if suddenly I have run out of time. There is no time to do the things I want to do. No time to swim. No time to play tennis. No time to play badminton. No time to go to the beach. No time to cook. No time to exercise. No time to write stories. No time to sketch. No time to play the keyboard. No time to sort my MP3s. No time to revise my Mandarin. No time to update my travelogue.

I would like to believe in a rule:
"If you really want to do something, the 'no time' excuse is not good enough."

Except that it's so hard to implement.

But here I am, spending time blogging about the fact that I have no time. Maybe the rule can be implemented after all, isn't it? :)


Anonymous said...

"One's going to lose his bachelorhood."

- would it grow back if he tried hard?
- mebbe he's been preserving it for the "right spinster" when she'd lose her "spinsterhood" same time...
- losing bachelorhood... erm... we're not talking abt this chap's circumcision ceremony or something rite?
- and what's with the cruel 4 friends going all the way to 'watch it happen'... oh man, u have some sick friends! :P

A-Sayesha said...


Just so that there's no confusion, this post is not mine, i.e. not the person whom you have up until now associated with the identity 'anonymous'. You'll note from my comment to your post 'This one's for you, Anonymous', I have signed off with my preferred identity in order to avoid JUST this kinda confusion.

A-Sayesha :)

Sayesha said...


Dear Anonymous,

Don't worry, I won't get confused. I'll always know which posts are yours and which are the actual anonymous posts. You don't have to sign yourself as A-Sayesha. (Jus' in case someone confuses you with me!) :)


Anonymous said...

That's SOoooo Cool :). You will always know when it's meeee. so then, in that case, I shall stick to my original identity ...

Anonymous said...

but... err... well... sayesha... u know who this (the original commenter) is rite? ;)

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! »