Monday, April 25, 2005

What if...

Kunal Ganjawala is an important man in my life.

There was a time when Sinnerman and I were so obsessed with his debut hit 'Bheege honth tere' that we would listen to it 40 times on loop, and when finally we stopped, we would be humming it! Those few weeks, the song played in my head ALL THE TIME! Till I had to force myself to obsess over another song just to get this one outta my system, 'cos it was driving me crazy!

Then, Kunal featured again in one of my earlier posts in the list of things that sound right in my head, when trying to guess his age, I made the very profound remark that had Sinnerman in splits. "He must be really young. Old men are not called Kunal!" Ah, well.

And now, this! I happened to find out today that I know someone who'd crossed paths (and voices) with Kunal in virtually every singing competition in his college days years ago. He's Mr. Stranger aka Mr. Talented aka CD guy aka Scwibbles from here. Both him and Kunal had had their shares of wins and losses in those high-profile competitions. I was so amazed! The two of them could have easily switched roles with one twist of fate. Today, Kunal could have been the artist and Mr. Stranger the singer. I could have been having chai and conversations with Kunal Ganjawala, while listening to Mr. Stranger croon "Bheege honth tere" 40 times on loop. How would that be like? One of the millions of the what-ifs of life...

Well, I am having chai and conversations with someone who beat someone who sang something I love.

And that's reason to celebrate! :)


scwibbles said...

my dear souls
'what ifs'...'twist of fate'...hmmm...forgive me if i sound like a drag...ignore or absorb...its just a post! ;)

boy! yeah! am hooked to sayesha's blog from the day i googled my way thru...and gotto say! an epitome of all her posts is getting to know the essence of life! sweet! =)

maybe this might not be the space to add my two cents worth!one can ignore all of it or gain as much as one wants.

keep an open mind when i say this!.
Every soul's life I have touched i try to pass on,(as of now it might all sound meaningless)...the most important bit, i have collected from life, is realising a person's worth when they are around or realistically put, alive. I agree it has no relevance to what the original post says, but am just taking the liberty, to try and pass on what I have gained or lost in life...twist of fate as mentioned...wanting to say a sorry or a thank you or just being in the presence of those really dear, one cannot be with, maybe tomorrow(who knows what life has in store for us?)...not taking all for granted, believing that nothing wrong can happen to us or those dear to us, is something one needs to give a thought to. The importance of one's parents, siblings, family being with you and making you what you are today is something to be appreciated way beyond what one thinks is. Dun wish to preach but even with friends my age (tho am not called Kunal...;P)...( not that age makes a person wiser! duh! ; P)..., i realise they dun give a thought to what they have and how valuable it all is especially when they have differences and argue n sulk with those close to them, on very menial thoughts, thru phone cards or whichever means of communication i.e. What we have is 'today' express what we want to those close to us...might have seen it all in all those forwarded e-mails abt realsiing what relationships are...taking things for granted et al...blah,blah,blah!..and been forwarded with a sigh (understanding for that moment what it all means while forwarding) to all dear to us...

Summarising the whole from all of Sayesha's posts, especially the latest ones, if there's something you wanna pass on to those dear, today...say it today! dun ever think there is a tomorrow when you can say the never know if there is a tomorrow which they might see...

scary thought! yep! but quite true!

and what does this have got to do with Kunal Ganjawala?...=)...erm! as mentioned! twist of fate? ;)
God bless
peace n love

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it!
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