Sunday, April 24, 2005

This one's for you, Anonymous

Why do I blog?

I blog to figure things out.
I blog to figure myself out.
I blog to figure life out.

Anonymous reads all my posts. I do not know who Anonymous is. In the beginning, I thought it was someone I knew, just playing around. But then blog ethics got the better of me, and I decided not to try and guess who it was. Actually, it is actually kinda cool not to know.

Anonymous is like me in many ways, and he/she, just like me, writes poetry. I feel compelled to copy-paste a poem here, that Anonymous wrote as a comment to one of my earlier posts 'The real Sayesha'.

Anonymous said...

I read blog after blog
And wonder if I would have said things differently
But the more I read you
The more I feel as though you're writing about me

Is it that you are in my head?
Or are you in other darknesses beyond the ME I always find?
For when the words on your blog spring out at me..
I feel as though someone's just spoken my mind!

Does it freak me out?
Yea - at times. But more in a happy happy sorta way
For Sayesha puts into words things
That I am sometimes too shy to say

We seem to have reached a similar crossroad in life..
'Should I be hard-hearted or should I just be ME?'
We share a similar love for the awesome innocence of our parents
And difficult-to-control levels of hyperactivity...

I have never met her and I know her not
So I would not say that she is a sister to me
But one thing's for sure - With the way Sayesha blogs
Sayesha is like a mirror of ME.
Thank you, Sayesha. For everything.

Sayesha says...

If my blog touched your life even in the smallest way, I consider it an honour. Thank you, Anonymous, for touching my life. Thank you for inspiring this post. And welcome to the club. The club of the different and the similar. We're all very different in many many ways. But there's one similarity.

We're all trying to figure life out.

The best part is that we can never figure it all out. Which is fine, because actually, we shouldn't be able to. That's the beauty of it all, isn't it?


Anonymous said...


I'm honoured that I should be dedicated a blog entry on your much-read blog. Thank you so much for honouring me. As expected, you said exactly what I would have had I been in your shoes. If I may sum up what I stand for, my prime goal in life comes down to this:

To touch each and every person whose life I come into contact with, in a positively enriching way.

And if I have achieved that with anyone, that too, is only because they 'let me in'. =) Thank you for the privillege .. you were an integral part of helping me fulfil my goal.

I don't have a blog of my own but while I may not be an 'active blogger' I find that I have interestingly become a 'reactive blogger' - namely, a person who is simply reacting to others' blog posts.

I write poetry to figure to figure things out
I write poetry to figure myself out
I write poetry to figure life out

There used to be days when I write prose. But lately, I have simply stopped writing.

YOU inspired me to write my first poem in a few months Sayesha. And for that, I will be forever indebted, for it may mean a return to the old-expressive self.. I suddenly feel FREE... I feel like the world is mine to OWN.. go getter - freedom beckons!

- A-Sayesha

Anonymous said...

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