Saturday, April 30, 2005


Ok gals and guys, here's a tip about face packs. If you have one on, remind yourself every second that you have one on. I scared myself silly just now, when I walked into a room with a mirror facing me.

Freakin' scary, man! :O


naari said...


Ashco said...

Sayesha! No I am not coming to Singapore until MAY 25!

thanks so much for adding to the blog!

andrian martin dominic said...

what magazine do you edit? haha can send one to melbourne, im bored with aus magazines

Sayesha said...

Sorry, man. Thot it was April, not May. I've posted some recommendations on your blog.
Enjoy your stay in Singapore! :)

The mag is for 9-12 year-olds. I'm referring to mental age, so yes, it's suitable for pple like you and me! :)

Pick up a copy when you drop by Singapore next!

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