Friday, April 15, 2005

Things that sound right in my head

Things that sound right in my head, but get me weird looks from people when said out loud.

- I have a vegetarian's face.

- When I grow up, I am gonna do this.

- She's really nice. I hate her. (after meeting my namesake)

- I was so happy I was sad.

- I don't have anything against her. If you date her, I'll just have to kill you. (when a friend says he likes random girl X)

- He must be really young. Old men are not called 'Kunal'. (trying to guess singer Kunal Ganjawala's age)

- I like him so much I hate him.

- He's so egoistic. I love him. (SRK's "Main yahan hoon" song in 'Veer Zaara')

- He's cute but not in the 'cute' way.

- The US is very fattening.

- I really like Afridi. He needs only one bit of improvement. He should not bat so phenomenally well against India.

- His face looks bald. (When I see a guy who has just shaved)

- He had such a handsome voice. (about my eye doctor during my retina check-up -- I could not see him but I could hear him)

- Babies are so cute. And then they grow up. There should be baby bonsais.

- I love babies. As long as they are other people's.

- Indian Singaporean food is very 'loud'.

- What's wrong with forgetting my own telephone number? I don't call myself that often.

- Cricket matches are too long. They should only play highlights.

- I am not angry. I am just pissed off.

Will add on to the list as and when more things brew in my head :)


Aye Kay said...

A vegetarian's face??? How do you make that one out :P

Sayesha said...

Haha! Precisely. It sounds right in my head.

Actually, even my friends of five years, whom I've had dinner with, millions of times, look surprised and ask me, "You're not a vegetarian??" when they see me eat chicken. Every time!

How else do you explain that? I've got a vegetarian's face!

The Village Idiot / Soldier said...

So you mean you are not a vegetarian? I always thought you were. Your face looks like one. Not like a vegetarian, but that of a vegetarian.

Rays Of Sun said...

Oh Dear!!

I know its kinda wierd for someone to post on something that was written way back in April.But, was tempted, girl!! You know why, Coz Kunal Ganjawala rocks!!! I just googled him and saw a link to your BLOG!! I could not beleive it;-) On a nice sunday evening, am listening to this song crooned b him in "Kyun Ki"..."Dil keh raha hai"..and know what I liked about that song''Just the way, he says "Tera jism odh loon"..Oh boy!! it sends goosebumps through me...

I totally understand when you say that you listened to him 40 times, for "bheege honth tere"..we just used to freak out at that, when it was released:-)...

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

//He had such a handsome voice.//
LOL!!! I've said this case of Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day. His voice is soooooo "handsome". :P
//He must be really young. Old men are not called 'Kunal'.//
HAHAHA! Good point, though. Ever heard of someone's grandpa called 'Kunal'?

Shruthi said...

Baby bonsais- oh so cute! :)

Anonymous said...

May be Kunals die young...

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